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on May 24, 2016
The lenses are larger than I thought they'd be and they scratched 2 days after I got them. I bought them to wear while playing golf and I was not impressed. The Maxx HD glasses sold at the golf course are more stylish and cheaper
Update: As I stated, the glasses scratched within 2 days and after I noticed that the lenses are easily removed, I thought I'd contact the company to order a replacement lens rather than buying a new pair. Amazingly, when I went to the website, I found the company doesn't even have a telephone number for customer service, so I sent them and email asking if I could order a new lens and they never even responded. For their nonexistent customer service alone, I'd avoid this brand.
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on February 18, 2017
I thought these were really great sunglasses because the company backed them with a warranty. The problem was when I bent down to to pick up a ball on a plush field of soft grass the lenses got scratched. The frames might hold up but I have had cheaper sunglasses whose lenses are much more scratch resistant.
I wrote the company for I only had them for two months and they gave me the "automatic" response of lenses are not covered.
I would NEVER buy or recommend these sunglasses.
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on September 16, 2017
To these are really comfortable. I can wear them all day driving and almost never know they're there. My biggest issue with them is the rubber. The nose piece fell apart. I contacted the company and they do sell it make replacements for them. I still wear them occasionally and now the rubber on the rest of the frames is disintegrating. These are cheap, they come with a lifetime warranty but that warranty only covers the frames if they break. You get what you pay for with these.

I did contact the company and they apologized and gave me a discount code to order more from their website. No thanks.
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on June 24, 2014
Great value. Would never pay the premium for Oakley's after owning a pair of these. Fit was great. Very comfortable and great for golf. The only knock is the lack of even a cheap carrying case--which is why I knocked it one star. Would allow me to store them in my golf bag without worrying about them getting scratched up. Just something to protect them. Nothing fancy. Similar priced pairs from competitors include a small carry case for lens protecton. While it won't prevent getting crushed, it does help prevent potential scratches. With that said, they're versatile enough to wear out for casual use. So maybe I'd never keep them in the golf bag anyways. I found them on sale (about 60% less than retail). Not sure I'd quite pay retail. But if you can find them for 50% of their list price, they're work it.
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VINE VOICEon September 4, 2014
In my search for new sunglasses I purchased both these JiMarti JM01 and Hilton Bay A728 Sunglasses. The similar styles are good for comparison, and an extra pair comes in handy.
My first time with this kind of half-frame style has proven they are good. The glasses can be so much lighter.

I really liked the Hilton Bay sunglasses, and they are cheaper, but I also really like these JiMarti.
I got the Black & Amber colors, which looks really nice. In reality the lenses don't look nearly as orange as they look in the picture, but they do make the world a bit amber. Almost brown... but not quite. So the colors of nature still come out very nice.

I was skeptical about the nose-guard, as it's huge, but in wearing them I've noticed nothing. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and stay on well.

I wore these sunglasses driving, walking, and swimming, and they performed remarkably.
Driving: I was so tired of driving with bad sunglasses that let sunlight in through the side. It's hard to change lanes when you're blinded by the sun. The design of these sunglasses takes care of that with the extra length, and your whole eye is protected.
Walking: Well, they look nice and they work well.
Swimming: Surprisingly, these make excellent swimming glasses. Why? They don't really spot. As in yes they spot a bit but it's hardly noticeable. Happy happy me!
Also they clean up nicely.

My perfect pair of sunglasses that broke *cry* were ~ $75-100 sunglasses so I was resigned to shelling out almost as much for a decent replacement pair. No need! These JiMarti sunglasses are perfect. If you want something a little cheaper and a little smaller, and don't have long hair, I recommend the Hilton Bay sunglasses; otherwise, definitely go for these JiMarti.
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on March 5, 2017
Its just ok, not great but not bad either. I wish the lenses were a bit darker. After 6 months, one of the nose cushions tore loose, a comment posted by others too. I have asked the seller for a replacement but they have not yet responded. Fortunately, with both nose cushions removed (they are a 1 piece injection molded integrated into the frame), the glasses still work ok.
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on October 16, 2017
They are wonderful glasses, except... they do scratch easily, which you kind of expect for plastic. But the deal-killer is that the nose guards fall off. I've bought EIGHT pairs, and every time, the rubber nose guards fall off the two little plastic posts that are supposed to hold them in place. Then you have to buy another pair. I finally contact them, and they (ta da!) offered me 10% off the next pair i'd buy another. Look for something else!
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on May 23, 2016
Like the P82's I had previously, the JM01 fit my large head comfortably at temples and bridge of nose. They fit touching / close to my eyebrows (still very comfortable) and can touch the eyebrows depending how you wear them. I had them touching my eyebrows for about an hour on a bike and had one instance where a couple beads of sweat rolled down the inside of the glasses. Except for this instance, sweat must have been routing away from the lenses. However, after this, I did pull them a fractional hair away from my eyebrows and no issues (and they stayed put). So I think not really an issue. These are very comfortable, good value for the money, plus they have the lifetime replacement. I used that replacement previously on the P82's and it was quick and easy to get the replacement. The JM01 are a very good replacement for the P82's (get JMP01 if you want polarized like the P82). More on that below. I first tried the Jimarti TR15 Falcon but had to send them back as they were just a tiny bit smaller which made them too tight for me.

On this go around trying to replace the P82's, it is literally the first time I have intentionally bought sunglasses by the same manufacturer. Because of my issues finding comfortable sport sunglasses that fit me properly, I purchased 4 pairs of the JM01 (2 blue frame /green lens, 2 black frame / smoke lens) once I confirmed they fit properly.

The green lens is very nice. I wore them in bright sun but found them quite good at dusk, mornings, overcast conditions, and when riding through areas changing from bright sun to shade and back. Normally I'd be tempted to take off my glasses in lower light, but these were great. The lenses are not overly dark (the picture is a pretty good indication of what you will get) and the green tint also improved contrast in reduced light. I normally wear black/grey tinted, but I really like this green. Colors are relatively undistored (not perfectly of course as the lenses are tinted green after all), but vision is sharper with them. My first time with green lenses and I am a fan.

The smoke/grey lens is a little darker than the green, about "medium". Nice and clear, great in bright sun, colors remain undistorted. I am very happy with these also. I'm writing less for these only because everybody knows what grey/black sunglasses are like.

I had a pair of Jimarti P82's that I loved. I have a big head and most sunglasses are too tight especially sport sunglasses that are made to not fall off during running / cycling etc. The P82's fit comfortably so I was bummed when I lost them. Jimarti discontinued the P82 so I asked for a pair that would have similar fit/style. They recommended the JM01 and JMP01. (the JMP01 is the polarized version). The JM01 fit great and similarly to the P82.
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on November 29, 2016
These are cheap sunglasses, that for the price seem to be holding up well. I have had expensive sunglasses before, and for the last few years I would buy $10-$15 walmart pairs once or twice a year. Inevitably the frame would break off at the hinge point, or further down where the plastic would change to a rubber tip. Tired of this I looked for unbreakable lenses on Amazon. Found these, and so far they are holding up. Style is fine. I will update this review if they break.
As for the sun blocking part, these are not as dark as the typical off the shelf glasses I used to buy. They still seem to work fine, but they just don't seem to darken things as much. Not necessarily a bad thing. The only other odd thing is that there is a slight color variation from the top to the bottom, ranging for everything being blue tinted to everything being more brownish when looking through the glasses.
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on February 27, 2017
Bought these for husband to use on at work daily. After several months one of the lenses broke at the tab where it pushes into the frame. I contacted the company and they did send a replacement. Very quick to respond and try to correct the problem. However, the same issue just happened with the new ones. The lens cracks right at the point where it connects to the frame. They say its unbreakable, but what it does it tear in a sense.

I really liked the sunglasses, If I could give it 2.5 stars I would. The glasses we wonderful when they worked, but just break altogether too quickly. At that rate I am buying new sunglasses every 6 months.

I am not looking for handouts so I didnt contact them again about the glasses. I believe it was a 1 time replacement lifetime guarantee. I think the issue is with how the frame bends.
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