Customer Reviews: Crusoe: The Complete Series
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on February 22, 2009
Strong characters, high adventure, a beautiful backdrop, appropriate flashbacks, historical value...this show is a gem. What a refreshing departure from the usual network fare of reality shows and crime dramas. And how often does a modern TV show or movie present a lead character who doesn't have a dark side, but has total integrity and honor. Winchester's protrayal of Crusoe is admirable, as is the character himself. Can't say enough good about this show. And I agree with those who'd like to see a movie made to tie up the loose ends at the end of season 1. Anyway...bravo Crusoe!
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on July 1, 2009
An action packed television series loaded with pirates, cannibals, flying musket shot, and a dog called Dundee. Crusoe: the Complete Season is a swash-buckling tale based on the famous novel of which almost everybody has heard but almost no one has read. However, if you are searching for an exact portrayal of the story, you will be disappointed. Or if you are merely wishing to be entertained, love adventure, don't mind a smattering of romance, enjoy seeing committed love between a husband and wife, and take delight in two friends who are as close as brothers, then Crusoe is definitely a movie series you will enjoy time and time again.
For the most part, Crusoe is very family-friendly. There are a few scenes with bloodshed, and once in a while a lady tries to romance Crusoe (a very forward pirate lady in the first episode and another in the later episodes), whom he gently tells that his heart is given to another and he will remain faithful to that one. I was amazed to see his steadfastness in this area; few movies/television series have this theme continuing throughout the duration. Another caution for parents is that there is a nude scene with one of the women; nothing sexual takes place, but Crusoe has fallen down a cliff side and needs to get back up, so she's trying to make a rope with everything she's got on . . . a rather awkward situation. It happens to be in my least favorite episode (in which Friday falls ill from eating poisoned honey). In fact, I personally believe it is one of the more stupid programs, but every television series out there has at least one boring installment. So those are my warning to parents. Adults, of course, view at their own discretion.
The main underlying plot of the story is for Crusoe to figure out a way to get back to his family in England, taking his friend, Friday, along with him. By the way, he is called Friday because Crusoe cannot pronounce his real name, a fact Friday seems to love resurrecting. While he is desperately searching for some means of returning home (quite a few opportunities arise, and at least once he must choose between leaving Friday behind and/or being left behind with his friend), an evil in England is trying to destroy the small family he loves so much. Of course, if I told you who the bad guy was and just why he's the bad guy, that would ruin the story completely.
My last thought on this particular television series, is that though they call it the Complete Season, it is far from finished. The last installment leaves the viewer hanging, not knowing what happens next. So, my hope is that enough people will enjoy the few episodes there are and a general outcry for one more (only one, maybe two are needed to consummate the series) will prod the producers of Crusoe into finishing and airing the last show. That way Friday will stun the modern world of that time with his Einstein-like intellect, and Crusoe can finally be with his family and the wife he loves.
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on February 21, 2009
I just stumbled upon this show when it was on TV and was lucky enough to see it from the very first episode all the way through (thanks to Tivo -- it wasn't easy to find it otherwise with all of the scheduling changes it went through). I am so happy to see that it is being released on DVD! It will be fun to watch it again. If you haven't seen this show, or if you missed some of the episodes, I highly recommend it. It's a lot of fun and a great family show too. I hope the DVD set includes some extras not seen on TV. It would be great if they made some kind of movie to tie up everything not resolved in the series. Or, continuing the series to another season would be even better!
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on June 29, 2010
We bought this DVD set and have enjoyed it tremendously as a family. Our son is 11 and each time after watching an episode, he would charge around the house with his "pirate" sword stuffed into the waistband of his jeans/shorts as they do in the movie!!! What WONDERFUL characters to emulate.... full of integrity and honour.
We are South African and have lived happily in Canada for 3 years now. This series was filmed in South Africa and the scenery - oh the beauty of Africa..... Buy this and watch it when it is minus 40 degrees outside!!! It will take you around the world... all from the comfort of your living room.
Do yourself a favour and watch this - it is money well spent.
*Did I mention the eye-candy??? Oh Yummy.....
However, the word 'sex' is never mentioned (we're on episode 8 or so)- how refreshing???? We need more of this, we honestly do. Not that I am a prude, but it is wonderful just to be able to watch something together without ME worrying what the next scene is going to bring....... and then have difficult questions to answer!!!! "Mommy, what does XYZ mean when he says..."
This man REALLY loves his wife and his children. We need to see more of this too instead of people just falling into bed together. This is true commitment - true commitment.
GREAT characters - incredibly well acted - BEAUTIFUL scenery - exciting action sequences - McGyver type gizmos - and of course, the eye-candy!!!
Hope you enjoy it too.
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on June 27, 2011
I started watching this show when I was in the hospital, and ended up ordering the entire season. Its really good - it figures, you find a decent show to watch, and they cancel it. Anyway, this is truly worth the $5.00 I spent for the whole season's episodes, plus it came with a paperback book of Robinson Crusoe. Not too shabby : )
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on November 22, 2012
I would recommend this for anyone to try. Gorgeous cinema, swashbuckling action and compelling human drama, all rolled into one. I had concerns based on a previous review that the excitement would be broken up by long, boring stretches of "the wife back at home" but in fact those scenes are woven very organically into the storyline and compelling in their own right. (Like such intelligent films as "Usual Suspects" and "Memento" it behooves you to pay attention to the trail of little clues that's laid in those scenes.)

The acting overall is excellent, with such well known names as Sam Neill and Sean Bean and I can't say enough about the lead actors. In a show based on two men trapped on an island together the chemistry is all important and these two have a palpable brotherly bond. In addition their physicality adds a tremendous dimension of realism - it appears to me they perform much of their own fight and stunt scenes. Are some of the gadgets and gizmos improbable? Perhaps, but you're too caught up in the adventure to care.

In this day and age of reality tv and maybe two basic genres of shows produced in a neverending supply, this was a a great find and it's depressing that such a unique drama was killed after only one season. As other reviewers have pointed out, however, that shouldn't deter you from watching as the story arc was brought to an emotionally satisfying conclusion and the one season is complete in its own right.

The dvd package art is beautiful and it even comes with the Robinson Crusoe book! (Follow-up Note: I ordered this item as a Christmas gift and this time it wasn't packaged together with the book. A little disappointing as it makes a nifty gift presentation that way. I'm not sure why it came with a book last time and not this time or if there's a way to pre-determine that when you order.)
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on December 9, 2013
Crusoe is one of the best television series that you've never heard of. In its short, one-season run, it effectively creates an atmosphere of excitement and adventure. One part 'Lost' and another 'Gilligan's Island,' Crusoe remains true in theme with the novel. Robinson's ingenious inventions always capture one's attention, and the sets and surrounding scenery are always beautiful.

The chemistry between the lead actors conveys a humorous-yet-serious attitude. The relationship between Crusoe and Friday is incredibly believable, and brings a depth to what is occasionally an over-the-top series. The supporting cast just as excellent, sporting industry names such as Sean Bean and Sam Neill.

The series is very clean and family-friendly, supporting strong family values, faith, personal commitment, and morality.
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on February 4, 2011
Crusoe is a short-lived television show which ran for only 13 episodes. It was filmed primarily in South Africa, with some bits done in the UK, and overall it was a very fun production, with a lot of swashbuckling, pirates, cannibals, and other exciting island adventure. The writers were very creative, inventing new scenarios each week to keep the stories entertaining. While the storyline did not follow the original book, it was a very well done series, and I'm sorry it didn't run longer. The DVD set has no extras, but the episodes themselves more than make up for it. There is nothing really offensive about this show (no nudity or swearing) so it's suitable for the whole family.

I've seen big budget movies that weren't as good as this series. I can think of a few modern films about pirates and the carribean that look like pathetic garbage compared to this intelligent work of cinema. Why this show didn't take off is anyone's guess. I suppose it just didn't find enough fans in its time slot, or some other logistical excuse. That's the way a lot of good tv series seem to die.

I put this series up there with "Firefly" in the pantheon of slaughtered television shows that should have run a lot longer, but for whatever reason weren't given a fair chance. Unlike that brilliant sci-fi show, however, I don't think they'll be making a movie to conclude Crusoe. At least they left it in a decent place, and not with some cliffhanger.

I would certainly recommend this show for everyday viewing.
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on October 17, 2015
This is a wonderful, if fantastical, reimagination of the story of Robinson Crusoe. I watched it on television when it was in prime time and was pretty devastated when it was cancelled after one season (or maybe in the middle of the season?) The relationship between Crusoe and Friday is delightful and equal, and there's quite a bit of social commentary about race and status, as well as an interesting overview of some of the issues facing England at that time. Better, I was able to watch this with my 9 year old son and, though there are a couple of scary/rough moments, we both delighted in its appropriateness and fun, adventurous spirit. I can't say how much I love Philip WInchester and Tongayi Chirisa- both lovely to look at and wonderful actors. Sam Neill is also terrific and chilling. Glad I ordered this and will watch it several times before passing it on to my nephews.
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on September 1, 2012
I just spent a week watching every episode with my mom, nieces, and sister while house sitting. Brought the dvd along in case there was nothing worth watching or,heaven forbid,we got bored pretending to be together while staring at our laptops/phones. I had bought the series because it was a great price,vaguely remembered that I had fully intended to check out the show while it was airing but never did, and because Philip Winchester is in one of my fave series, Strike Back. We enjoyed dinner and 2 episodes a night, and even though we each have different tastes in tv and movies, we all loved every minute of it. The characters were developed beautifully, scenery was amazing, and the dialogue could be very clever at times. We were disappointed that we'd never get a chance to continue the journey with the characters as it never reached a second season, but we don't regret going along for the ride.
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