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on November 1, 2009
In short, I love travel. I always have at least two cameras with me. But I needed a camera for those times that I didn't want to look like a tourist, but I still wanted great photos. You know, those dress-up events and such. Or even those wonderful photo oportunities that you may stumble upon. This camera covered the need precisely. It has some features that even my larger cameras don't have like Face Detection. My only real advice to anyone who buys the camera is that you ALWAYS use the hand strap. This is a tiny camera that has a touch sensive screen with many buttons on the camera's edges. So you have to gingerly hold it and it may slip from such a grip. Otherwise, this is a GREAT camera that can fit into a pocket. But do get the Sony brand carry case. You can use it or leave it behind. But always store the camera in this case to protect the viewscreen. And be very aware to keep the lens over the flash clean. Any "gunk" over this screen can be heated up by the flash to a permanent coating that will change the flash values. And may I also add, the time from "power on" to first picture is very brief. That's important to me.
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on August 28, 2009
I received this camera a few weeks ago and have enjoyed it ever since. It was an upgrade from an older 7.1 MP Sony camera (DSC-P200). This model is a tremendous improvement over my previous model. I compared it to similar price level models from Canon and Nikon and found this models interface to be more user friendly, admittedly this could be due to my familiarity with Sony products.


Great vibrant photos
Good crisp images when not using zoom
Compact yet sturdy
Nice display
Great interface-I love that you can browse photos by date as it makes organization much more fluid and intuitive.


Zoom is not on the level of other similarly priced models (though models with better zoom are bulkier-you have to pick your preference when selecting).

Touch-Screen can be a little tedious, Sometimes the touch-screen will not
recognize or respond to my actions and I do not have large fingers/hands. I would imagine someone with large hands/fingers could have a problem with the touch screen responding to a particular command when multiple options are present on screen.

With all that said me and the Mrs. are very happy with the purchase. Others who have used it have been impressed as well-her Aunt is actually talking about ordering one now. It's great as a point and click camera and is compact enough to be carried effortlessly. We are still wanting a DSLR camera, but this camera will hold us over until we make that transition--and even then, I know the DSLR will never be a full everyday carrier type of replacement!
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on July 6, 2014
Very nice, solid unit - with excellent image capture and stabilization.

Unfortunately I can't see the details yet because I got it used and there was no patch-cord with the unit.

The patch cord I ordered separately after the camera arrived, and it kind of bugged me that I had to do that.

If you DO find one used, it's well worth having, but be sure it comes with
1) A charger
2) A battery
3) An upload/download patch cable.

*There is an optional 4 Gb memory card available for it, but the unit has 12 Mb of internal storage out of the box. I will send for one of those next month...
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on October 5, 2010
I purchased this camera only 6 months ago. It was terrific! Beautiful pictures, very portable, adorable design, love the touch screen and all the features! I didn't even use it that much, carefully carried it around on a vacation and a couple of family reunions. Now, 6 months after I had this, the touch screen just all of a sudden went pitch black! Teh camera trurns on, you can take pictures, zoom, anything, but you cannot see a thing on the screen... I contacted local sony support (I live outside the US), and they say the screen is done and needs replacing. I never dropped the camera, never handled it roughly, it doesn't even have a scratch, it looks new! I can only wonder how come the screen went dark if i didn't drop it...
Tech guys tell me that repairing it will cost TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!! (which by the way is only 25$ short of what I paid, as I got it on sale, and half of what it costs now)...

So disappointing, how can it be dead after almost no use and only 6 months!!! I was also told that the warranty may not cover this.
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on December 26, 2009
I am a serious amateur photographer with a techy background. I have had 4 Canon Powershots inf 5 years and currently own a DSLR Canon XTi. I love Canon because of the user interface. I bought this DSC-T90 for my 11-year daughter and decided to change to Sony after having had different screen failures in all four Powershots. I am very pleased with the Sony interface... it's very friendly. Screen is touch, which is great and the size is pretty good. The Intelligent Auto Adjustment and Scene Recognition features are just great. It can automatically take an additional picture under special conditions with different settings to try to get the best picture possible. It records movie at 1280x720 (HD) in MP4 format. Included software (Picture Motion Browser) has a very nice organizer capability with detection of special conditions in pictures already stored at the computer: smiles, one-person, multiple persons, etc. A good thing is that Memory Stick prices are much more reasonable now.
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on December 2, 2015
This is a great camera! "It takes a lickin and keeps on tickin." Mine looks like it went though a hammer mill but it takes pictures like it was new. It has so many features that I have to get the manual out if I want to do some non-traditional photography. It's had to beat for a point-and-shoot camera.
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on May 11, 2017
Has worked all these years just fine but dated now. Still regardless of the megapixils in phones this camera takes better pics in my opinion.
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on January 9, 2010
Loved this tiny, little pink compact darling--and the pink leather case that is made for it, is fantastic (it screws into the tripod place_and it makes holding the camera easier.) The Touch Screen is so easy to use you will get spoiled quickly. So it killed me to that the image quality was so bad that I had to send it back. Indoor pictures with natural or indoor lighting haloed and ruined the images. Outdoor was ok but the sharpness was not as good as my old Sony p200 or my husband's W290. I wish Sony would get this camera improved so the images were good because all the other wonderful functions make this camera great. (and CUTE!)
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on October 24, 2009
We bought this camera for our daughter for her birthday as she wanted something smaller than her old Canon DSC. This little camera is amazing. It is easily carried in a pocket and produces great photos and HD videos (720p). She loves this camera and as a photography enthusiast using Canon digital SLRs, I have been very impressed with it's performance. The touch screen menu system is intuitive, and works well. As long as you don't have a problem with using a Sony Memory Stick instead of a SD card, you will love it!
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on January 28, 2011
When my camera supplier first suggested I try the Sony Cybershot DSC-T90 as a still and video camera for my underwater shooting needs, I thought he had gone off his rocker.

Here we have a credit card sized, ultra-slim camera that can literally fit in my wallet. Then, there is the underwater housing which is only the size of your average pocket camera.

"What can this midget do for me?" ran through my subconscious.

"Try it," he said. "Then bring me back some video so that I can do some store promotion."

This was two years ago, he got his promotional DVD to show his customers and today I am still addicted to this tiny titan.

Every weekday I shoot underwater videos and stills professionally as a SCUBA diver. I have used over two dozen cameras underwater of different company names and models. When I say that this is the best camera I have ever used for instant action underwater scenarios...believe me!

It has the best automatic underwater white balancing for video and images that I have come across. Whatever magic Sony used, it accurately captures the vibrancy of underwater reds like no other. As any diver knows, the deeper you go, the less red is visible. This makes for interesting challenges as a manual red filter at 30 feet will not render the same red light recovery at 60, 90 or more feet under natural light conditions. (The underwater housing is good to a depth of 132 feet!) Changing filters underwater is impossible for most cameras and challenging, to say the least, for others. The 'Underwater Automatic White Balance' setting on the T90 seems to continually adapt to changing water conditions and renders reds as they should be.

It can zoom while shooting video making for very intriguing, original and unique scenes and angles to grab and hold the viewers attention. I can zoom-in to tight frame on a subject, like the eye of a fish and zoom-out without stopping my recording to set the surrounding scene.

How many cameras do you know of that can lock and hold focus on an object through 100 feet of water?

The Sony Cybershot DSC-T90 can do it.

It does so without focus wander or losing valuable time trying to lock on.

Another great advantage of the T90's slim profile is that I can carry several spares in my diving vest's (BCD) pockets and still have room for other diving accessories.

Why, you ask, would I want to have several cameras with me?

There are a number of reasons. With two compact T90 cameras on a rack mount, I can shoot HD video (1080x720) with one while simultaneously taking 12.1 MP stills with the other. Using several cameras I can also film multiple angles at once. (You cannot shout "Cut" to a fish and retake the scene.) Should batteries run low (video is a power hog) or I fill up a flash card, I can grab another fully-charged camera without having to surface! (This is a big deal for SCUBA divers.) Additionally, (Heaven forbid) I make a mistake and flood a housing, I do not have to end my dive and lose picture sales for the day.

Oh, yes...the camera gives me professional quality stills and videos by pressing just one button.

Not having to fiddle around with a bunch of buttons and settings is crucial underwater. Fish are always in motion and scare easily to boot. If I do not have to fiddle with controls it means that I can capture a unique scene instantly. Plus, less hand and finger movement means that I am less likely to startle the fish.

Did I mention that it is tiny? Very tiny. It is so tiny that fish rarely notice the camera. Anyone who has worked around fish know that they can get very uneasy about objects in a diver's hands. The bigger the object, the more likely a fish is to feel threatened. The T90 solves that problem by being almost unnoticeable. It is also small enough that it can be slipped inside crevices of coral without touching and damaging this delicate species.

You may wonder about light handling capabilities. Have no fear. Even with such a tiny lens and aperture opening, this camera manages to have excellent light gathering ability. I have used it underwater on cloudy days and at night without dive lights to capture the subtle glow of plankton and other bio-luminescent life.

The videos taken with this camera have allowed me to produce documentary DVDs, commercials and more. Post-editing videos to do color correction is an extremely time-consuming chore. I have rarely had to color correct T90 videos. With the sharpness of the imagery and the excellent contrast and color rendition, most people assume the videos were taken with a much larger and more expensive camera. They simply cannot believe me when I reach into my pocket and show them the T90.

I totally recommend this powerhouse little tyke to anyone who ventures into Neptune's realm.
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