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on June 11, 2009
I wouldn't call the leather on the cover high quality by any means. To my eyes it looks like cheap leather. However, the cover does what it's supposed to do well. And there are no cheaper alternatives. There are a couple of sleeves that are cheaper but these leave the DX unprotected when you are reading.

The DX cover has a strong magnet that keeps it shut (no need of straps etc). Also unlike the competing M-edge cover that sells for the same price this locks along the hinge instead of using straps at the four corners which I think lead to a much cleaner and nicer looking interior. The hinge system is very easy to use and I recommend that you don't buy other covers that don't have this technology. The DX has a relatively big footprint so I like the minimalist nature of the cover, it doesn't really increase the footprint of the device any more than it has to and fits nice and tight.

The cover can be folded back completely if you want to read one handed (although the DX is quite heavy and not easy to hold with one hand unless you lean it on your arm).

The interior is a nice soft suede material and feels nice on the hands. This is great when you've folded the cover on itself, something that I like to do.

I give it four stars rather than 5 because the look and feel of the leather is not that good, it looks a little plasticky. But this is still, in my mind the best available option as a cover.
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on June 20, 2009
Unlike other reviewers, I don't mind paying $50 for a good cover for my Kindle DX. I don't object to the mediocre quality of the leather, either. What I object to is the weight. The Kindle isn't that heavy, but with this cover it is. Also, as other owners have noted, this case will quickly break when you accidentally open it from the back. At the very least, this cover should be re-engineered so it can't be damaged by trying to open the back cover. All it would take are some sort of corner clips that keep the device attached to the back.

So I'm looking forward to a 3rd party supplier that comes up with a cover that protects the screen without being heavy, flimsy or easy to break.

UPDATE: I recently purchased the Black Fabric Neoprene case for the Kindle DX from Amazon (BargainCell). Perfect. Not heavy. It zips fully closed for added security when carried. The Kindle is held in place by elastic on the four corners. An easy cloth handle. Under $10. An inside pocket.

Did I mention it's not heavy?!
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on June 12, 2009
This is a nice simple leather cover that I would recommend. The leather has an attractive texture and the construction and stitching is neat. It does not smell noxiously like the Kindle 2 cover (does have a faint plastic chemical smell, but not that noticeable unless you hold it to your nose).

The biggest improvement comes from the magnets that 1) hold the Kindle to the back cover and 2) keeps cover shut. It doesn't take a lot of force to open, but holds it shut securely enough in normal situations.

I read the other reviews about the weight of the cover, but disagree. The cover itself is actually fairly light weight. I have a hard time imagine it being any lighter unless it's made out of a different material or made smaller. It's basically just leather, thin padding, and a felt-like inner surface plus the magnets and the clasps. While the DX is much heavier than the Kindle 2, most of that weight is from the DX itself and not from the cover.

I like this cover for its simple and understated design. The padding is thin, but thick enough to protect the DX. The felt-like inner surface is soft and won't scratch the screen or backing.
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on August 5, 2009
I have not received mine yet and the reviews have scared me because I do not want the inside holders to crack my new DX kindle.
I can not say enough about the original Kindle and cover it came with and I even bought another one for it. I still love the memory card feature on original but decided to try the larger one for two reasons
and one was of course size and the other was amount of time on battery charge.
But if it cracks my new expensive Kindle when used properly will your company replace it?
Why have you not just added a cover like the cover you get with the original one as it can't be beat.
I loved the way it has the elastic closure and is so light weight so it would be an ideal one for the DX
as I have heard it is so heavy and ( compared to weight of a hardcover book) so the cover for original would be perfect for a DX at it's light weight. Plus there is no way for that cover to crack anything because it fits great and the elastic keeps it closed and the balance is perfect so you can flip it back
and read your Kindle when open and attach a light and I have had mine since the first one came out and the cover is just perfect. Why do you have to add anything to hold it in place that may damage it
when the original is such a perfect one and if you had one for the DX or the #2 I have found that original cover flawless and very perfect for any Kindle. Very worried about the problem with cracking
from this and I have never had a problem with the original cover which four corners do not do and
is just such a perfect fit. Seems as if you could have one for this one sent with it as you did with original one. My original one is still in perfect condition and I owe that to the included cover. J.R.
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on May 8, 2017
This case not only protects my Kindle but provides a school looking item. It sort of reminds me of a office folder that some professionals use on their way to important meetings. Also, the inside attachment is solid which helps me to maneuver the Kindle when in use.
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on September 18, 2009
With some trepidation, after reading literally all of the reviews a couple of weeks ago, I went ahead and hit the purchase button for the DX leather cover. As an engineer, I figured I could come up with some kind of work-around for the dreaded bracket-clip stress cracking problem.

When I received the cover, I did a careful inspection of the mechanism to try to get an understanding of what all the complaints were about. With a careful look, it is intuitively obvious how to attach the Kindle to the cover.

I had read in one review that simply having the cover attached, with no handling, caused stress cracking. I don't believe that is possible unless the person really mis-handled it during the attachment process. If the cover is installed properly, I can pretty much assure people that there is absolutely NO stress on the attachment points WHEN the Kindle is laying flat on a table with cover either closed or open to the left. With no stress, and with the fact that the mechanism is exactly at the proper height with regard to the slots on the Kindle, then the integration of cover-to-book cannot cause cracks in the plastic - it simply won't happen.

However, with mis-handling, stress can occur, anywhere from minor to severe:
1. There could be a small amount of stress applied to the attachment points when the cover is folded all the way back. This is something that I believe will diminish over time as the binder area looses some of its stiffness from being brand new.

2. The Kindle is secured to the back cover by the internal magnet(s). However, there is not a lot of holding power when the Kindle is held somewhat upside-down on an angle. So, some amount of attention needs to always be in play to prevent the Kindle from flopping loose on the right side. I suspect that a major cause of stress damage that others have reported is when this caution has been disregarded.

3. As the attachment brackets are metal and FIXED in a right-angle position, everything is relying on the weakest point, which is the Kindle plastic, when stress is applied. Similarly, as others have mentioned, DO NOT ever open the Kindle when the back cover is UP (Amazon tag down), as this will create the same stress.

Unfortunately, this slightly upside-down angled position is most used by my wife. Due to back injuries and operations, and neck issues, she can read only by laying in bed with books (or Kindle) angling down while propped up on pillows. So, we have already had a lot of discussion about the pitfalls in mishandling the leather cover while reading and also when opening and closing it.

She has been reading with it now for a couple of weeks and I quizzed her as to Pros and Cons. FIVE STARS!! She loves it with no complaints whatsoever. As suggested by me, she is NOT folding the cover back, but instead is using her left hand to secure the Kindle with her hand mostly close in to the binder on the felt. And her right hand kind of grasps both the Kindle and the cover which should prevent any occurrence of the Kindle flopping loose from the right side. She likes the textured feel of the pigskin leather, which was a primary reason we bought the cover -- to eliminate the super smooth feel of the back of the Kindle. And as others have also said, the interior felt is soothing to her hand.

As for the quality - I am quite relieved to find that it is of excellent quality, including the leather. There has been much ballyhooing about the "cheapness" of it. I find it to be just the opposite. Also, the leather does NOT appear (IMO) plasticized as some have said. Those saying that must be unfamiliar with leather with a pigskin texture. This looks (except for it being black) and feels no different from an NFL football. (I have fond memories of owning my first "The Duke" football when I was a teenager).

Once again, this is my first impressions of the cover. The reader must weigh this against the fact that we've only had it in our possession for a couple of weeks. I will update this review in a few months. I give it 4 Stars simply because it DOES require proper handling to prevent damage. Otherwise it would get 5 Stars in a NY minute because, as for "form, fit, and function", the design is quite impressive. Make no mistake, the "flaw" is NOT in the cover, it is in the KINDLE itself due to the fact that the Kindle lacks reinforcement inside the small slotted areas on the left edge. I expect that the next generation Kindle DX will have reinforced slots.
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on September 4, 2009
I love my Kindle. I purchased this premium leather cover to protect it--the cover is a very nice looking accessory. Unfortunately, the hinges attach to the Kindle case in a way that causes a lot of stress on the Kindle case, especially when the front cover is opened wide and folded back against the back cover. The cover seems to be designed to allow this and it makes using the Kindle with one hand quite easy. Unfortunately, over time the stress placed on the Kindle case caused the case to crack.

Amazon quickly replace the Kindle--awesome service I have come to value. I attached the case to the new Kindle and, at first, it looked like it was going to be fine.

A week, or so, later careful inspection revealed that the same process was occurring. Pressure from the hinge was beginning to cause the case to bulge where the cover attaches to the Kindle. It was obvious that after a few more weeks the pressure would again crack the case.

Amazon handled the situation quickly and effectively by refunding the money we had paid for the cover and the customer service representative suggested that we try a different cover. So, Amazon is wonderful in the way they handle situations like this, but beware--the cover will damage your Kindle unless you are willing to open the cover and hold it with two hands, like a book, instead of folding it fully so the Kindle and cover can be held with one hand.
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on December 30, 2009
My first review of anything, but potential purchasers should be told upfront that this cover likely will damage your Kindle. I bought it, installed it properly on the Kindle, then watched as a design defect in the top hinge cracked the case on my Kindle six weeks later. The only good thing was that Amazon quickly replaced my Kindle and gave me a credit on the cover. It was only then that I took time to read all of the existing reviews for this item which described exactly what happened to me. DO NOT purchase this cover. The deception is thinking that your Kindle is somewhat like a page between the front and back covers of this item. It is not. The Kindle must lie firmly on the back of this cover, which is impossible, or you will create a bind in that top hinge. Why Amazon is still selling this cover is beyond me, but please read all of the other critical reviews that describe this problem well. I replaced this cover with the M-Edge Platform and love it. I find that I actually far prefer the flip-back front cover of the M-Edged to the one here. But, this review is not about what cover to buy; it is about which one not to buy.
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on July 1, 2009
The cover Amazon offers is efficient and in terms of function just right. I read an early review saying it was hard to get the Kindle DX into the cover. I have to surmise that might be the case if one ignored the installation graphic that is packed between the covers. It's simple to install: Lay the cover open flat. Lay the DX onto the right side, top upward. At an angle, slide the Kindle so that the cover spine's bottom tab enters the bottom slot on the the Kindle's left side, and then rotate the Kindle toward the cover spine, pull the spring tab downward a bit til it will insert into the top slot, and release the spring tab. Ta da, it's locked in. Very clever.

Now that's done...

The web page for this says it's "premium leather." Probably not. But it's fine. The little Amazon Kindle badge on the front could be a touch nicer; it's just a glued-on thing.

The cover fits perfectly, though, and feels good in the hands. It does add weight, though, so that the entirety is approaching two pounds.

The magnetic closure is nice--makes it feel very secure.

I rate it a 3 because its fit is excellent, but its material is not excellent (though good), and the price is high.
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on September 13, 2009
I bought my Kindle DX about 2 months ago. Because it was so expensive I wanted to protect it and bought this case.
I treated my Kindle like gold and kept it on a shelf near my bed, where I do most of my reading.
I noticed when I went to open the cover, that at times the cover would open backwards, i.e. the back cover would open exposing the back of the Kindle.
Both front and back covers work by some sort of magnet so if you hold the back cover with one hand and the front cover with the other and pull them apart, the same way you would normally open a book, you have a 50 50 chance of the back cover opening first.
I thought nothing of this until yesterday when I started to see cracks in the white plastic frame around the screen. The cracks occurred near the top of the left side of the Kindle, where the top metal hook from the case inserts into the Kindle. I was very upset, remembering how much I paid for the Kindle. I called customer service yesterday and they said, "no problem". "We will overnight a new Kindle and a new cover to you." Great customer service. Now today I am reading about the lawsuit against Amazon and this issue. And now I realize how the times that the Kindle started to open from the back cover must have been damaging the Kindle.
Folks, it's important to know how [...] I am about taking care of things. If I could have caused this kind of damage to the Kindle by opening the cover, it could happen to anyone. I would bet that most people are not nearly as careful with their Kindle as I am.
There is no reason that the back cover of this case should be allowed to open as easily as it does. It is a design defect and it will ruin your Kindle.
I still don't understand why they continue to sell this cover and why they are sending me a new one.
I can guarantee that I will not put this on my new Kindle when it arrives. No way.
The cover is great otherwise, but this huge flaw makes it terrible!
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