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Style Name: Tabletop|Color: Stainless Steel|Change
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on October 5, 2016
Wow, loved it until we hated it. Looks well designed, fires right up, relatively good heat distribution. On the second use the attached side tables which slide in for storage fell apart. A small weld that was just too cheaply done. Thought I could fix it eventually. On the next trip set up the grill and one of the grill hinge assemblies fell completely apart, the parts lost and the hood hanging and difficult to operate.

I looked at the reviews on Amazon and others and thought I had made a good choice with this grill. Then I noticed sever posts saying good design but cheaply made in China. I don't think things made in China are necessarily bad but this thing is a low end piece of crap :-) sorry.

Below is a picture of what I did with this grill after it's 3rd use and second breakdown during a recent RV trip. The trip was great. Thanks Lincoln State Park for having a dumpster near by. Move on... you'll thank me later.
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on May 19, 2017
The side shelves look like a good idea but it is something you have to remember to pop them out before you turn the grill on. There is a great amount of heat lost from the sides of the grill where the shelfs retract into. Grill lid came right off during use. The pins that keep the grill on fell right out.
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on November 28, 2016
Worst grill ever. I used it four times for football tailgates. On the second use one of the clips that hold the side tray broke off. It is extremely cheap construction with a very light spot weld on the bracket which would never hold up to any kind of use. The third time I used it it has large holes on the side and it was windy outside and the flames came through the side vent and caught the propane hose and casing for the ignightor switch on fire. Disappointing to spend money for the grill, cover, skillet tray, and hose adapter to not get any use out of it. There is no adjustment of the grill surface and the way it's designed its impossible to prevent flare ups from grease.
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on July 9, 2017
A little history first. We have owned this grill for a year and a half for camping purposes. We love the fact it fits under the tonneau covers of our trucks. We set up quite a cooking area so this grill is always covered and out of the weather. We take the grill apart every 2 or 3 cooks and clean it including vacuuming it out with a cheap shop vac. I seasoned the grate in our oven several times before the first use and oil it before every cook. By the way, we haven't stayed at home since May 1 this year.

Now for the good part. We love this grill! I can set it on 325 degrees, 375 degrees, 425, whatever, and it stays there as long as a gale isn't blowing. It cooks evenly, it lights first try, it leaves nice grill marks, etc. The grate cleans easily since it is always maintained with olive oil. The trick to avoid flame ups and out of control cooks is the cleanliness of the unit. Burn off what you can below high (never run grills full high, it destroys the burners and diffusers), scrub the grate a little and set aside, disassemble diffuser, vacuum, wipe, scrub diffuser, put back together, fire up, oil grate, and cook. This whole process, only every second or third cook, takes about 10 minutes. It sounds like a lot but maintaining this grill is key to perfect running. In fact, this should be done with all grills.

We have many cooking devices. We have a charcoal grill, Cuisinart pizza oven, portable Traeger smoker, King Cooker fish fry, Cowboy Campfire Rotiss and a small stainless grill dedicated to rotisserie. All units have a special purpose. This Cuisinart has become my favorite grill for maintaining a steady temp. It works well for sirloin strips, burgers, dogs, boneless skinless chicken, etc. Again, the key to this grill is cleanliness.

Now for the downside. Not a 5 star rating because it has no shelf above the grate for rolls, potatoes, peppers and onions, etc (nice to have the baby charcoal fired up). The cooking area isn't very tall either. I have yet to experience the complaints of the one star ratings, but I baby all my cooking equipment. In all reality it should get 5 stars.

Buy this grill, have patience (stay away from high), and keep it clean. You will love it.
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on May 29, 2014
Wow, if this thing continues to bbq as good as it did after my first try, we will be in good shape. My wife (who has never bbq'd) even wants to start using it. To break it in, I did a combo of pork shoulder steak, pork sausage, and a couple of veggie kabobs. There were some very minor flare ups but they quickly extinguished as the fat rolled down the cover over the burner and into the drip cup (which I lined with foil).

Assembly was a pain. Needed my wife's help in order to put the grill on the stand. There is some chain hanging off the left side that is not mentioned in the manual and I have no idea of its purpose.

Following the directions, I attempted to heat the grill for 15 minutes on high to break it in. NO LUCK. The electronic ignition did not work. I removed the grill and burner cover and no spark was produced when attempting to light it. It lighted easily with a long fireplace lighter. I will be calling Cuisinart tomorrow.

Also, this grill is affected by wind. When doing the break in, I noticed the temperature varying 125 degrees. Whenever a slight breeze came up the temp dropped. When the breeze subsided, the temp continued to climb. But it never got over 500 degrees and the gauge goes to 600 degrees. I was able to cook perfectly around 350 to 400 degrees.

I also ordered the hose to connect to a 20lb tank and that worked fine as does the cover (sold separately).
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on November 6, 2014
The grill is amazing! It heats up fast and gives a great sear on a steak. It gets so hot that even high smoke point oils still smoke quite a bit. I've actually had people stop to make sure nothing was on fire before during my steak sears. It's great as all the flavor and juices get locked inside and leaves beautiful grill marks. The only complaint is the cast iron grate is tough to clean. I guess if you put several hours into properly seasoning it you'd be good but I didn't put that much time into it so it gets tough to scrape all the food off.

Edit: After using this thing for about 6 months it broke on me. I was changing out the propane tank and the valve that transfers the gas from the tank to the burner snapped in two. There was no heavy force applied at all it just seems like a weak point in design and got brittle after heavy use. I'll be contacting Cuisinart customer care tomorrow to see if they can send me a replacement part or something.

Edit2: Customer service was VERY helpful and stated they'd send me a new regulator at no cost. I emailed them the attached picture and my address with a copy of my Amazon invoice. So hopefully I'll be grilling again soon!
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on June 11, 2016
Review of: Cuisinart CGG-200 Portable Outdoor Tabletop Propane Gas Grill, 12,000-BTU

I’m past 70 and have seen a lot of grills come and go but this one’s a real standout. This gas grill comes down to three descriptors: Convenient, Economical, and Convenient!

After decades of lugging heavy bags of coals home, getting some of the nasty charcoal to the grill, squirting starter fluid on the coals, igniting the coals, and waiting half an hour to begin cooking in an oven without effective controls, I have decided that Cuisinart has a better idea with the CGG-200 gas grill. Turning a knob to ON and waiting ten minutes before starting to cook beats past practice hands down and there are other benefits!

Feature wise, the grill’s built-in thermometer seems responsive and accurate and the temperature control has excellent range enabling relatively tight control over interior temperature. Two side trays fold inward for a slim profile that doesn’t take up too much space on a tiny deck. When used with optional stand and cover, this grill seems to be a nearly perfect design that is very quick and convenient to use. Everything went together easily and worked the first time. I chose to use the system with 15# gas LP tank from Lowe’s. I chose a Coleman gas adapter hose because I initially felt I would need one that was 5-feet long. Later in my thought process, I decided to buy the stand after all, which negated the need for a 5’ vs. 4’ gas adapter hose. If you’re into tailgating, camping, or picnicking with a mobile grill, this grill again shines because you can pick it up off the stand and take it anywhere for mobile cooking.

I readily recommend this grill and it’s stand and cover because for me this turns grilling on its head and allows me to focus on food preparation and cooking in lieu of grill preparation.
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on January 18, 2013
This is a great grill if it is used properly. I assembled and screwed the 1 lb propane tank on hit the igniter and it lit on the first try. I left on high and came back in 5 minutes and it was already up to 500 degrees.

Propane Note- the 1 lb bottles have filtered propane which means that there is no trash to clog the regulator. However the 20 lb tanks are not filtered so if you hook a 20 lb tank to this grill you must buy a propane filter. You can get these at Lowes hardware and other places that sell the 12 foot hoses. If you use without a filter it will clog the regulator and your grill will not heat up like it should.

Assembly Note- the only thing I had problems with is lining up the 4 holes in the grill with the base. To solve this problem all you need to do is use a small 'round file' and elongate the holes in the back of the grill enough so that all four holes will line up with the base.
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on January 7, 2014
I moved to a townhouse so I had to downsize my grill. I did a lot of research on the smaller grills and this one had the best reviews for keeping even heat etc.
This grill does not disappoint. I have grilled chicken, steak, and vegetables and everything comes out perfect. I love the side tables that fold out and the grill tray that comes with it.
The grilling surface is very large which is a plus.
I did as others suggested and seasoned the grate before use (brushed both sides with olive oil and baked in oven at 400 for about an hour). Really makes a difference. Nothing sticks.
I did get the grill stand as a gift. It is nice as well, but I wish it had wheels on the bottom. It is kind of a pain to carry the grill outside and then go back and carry the stand out.
I prefer to use the small bottles of propane (easier for me to manage), although with the stand you can hold a large tank.
The small bottle lasted through 3 or 4 times of use. I just keep a spare on hand so I never run out.
I am so happy with this grill. it works well and looks great too!
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on July 14, 2014
i waited awhile using before this review...there are many pros and cons to EVERY barbeque no matter which brand...this barbeque is alright...nothing spectacular as others have's good size for a family of four depending on what you are's not meant to cook for an does not have a holding area like an elevated rack for warming or slower maintains an even heat as far as i have has a cast iron grate, electronic light, temp gauge which is good and a vegetable roasting plate gets crowded when using that veg. plate...some users cure the grill and some say it's not needed...choice is yours...i cured mine just for the heck of it...some complain about the gas leak from the hose when connected to a tank instead of a gas bottle...but just use plumbers tape on the gas connectors and that should solve the problem...but always check for leaks to be on the safe's a big clean up after each cleaning, it's tight in places not to mention the plate over the burner is an extra handling...i finally place aluminum foil inside to cut down on the cleaning...don't put it on the plate covering the burner...the flames will melt it ...if you notice the weber barbeque, the frame pattern slots of their grate are placed strategically covering over the burners so that the drippings do not go on burner clogging need for a plate to cover the burners like the will need to tighten the screws holding the stand time to time...if you prefer, you can buy a cuisinart stand and a propane hose for a tank which is extra and can only be bought mail-order...only a cuisinart hose will work...but make sure it is for your model...thus, you have spent over $200...there many fine barbeques in this price range offering's light in weight not cumbersome and depends on what you want, can't have both...some barbeques weigh 100lbs...does it cook good?...yes, depending on the way you attentively slow cook, the type of tender cut of meat and the marinade/season use...i bought because other reviews stated it is well designed and should last long...yes like anything, if you keep it inside and take care of it...the cuisinart barbeque are not sold in stores so you cannot see the product before have to depend on the last barbeque only lasted a few years because it was left covered outdoors and cheaply hopefully, this will last a little far so good...
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