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on June 19, 2015
This thing is awesome!! The pneumatic wheels make such a difference, and you can manage much more than you can with a wheelbarrow. There is much less upper body work. The cart is made of plastic, and you can tell if you are dumping it, because the curved portion will give slightly, but it has not broken, and I've been using it to shift around some dirt and move landscape pavers around my yard. It has been full to the brim on several occasions. If I feel it can't handle it, I empty some of the load. I've never estimated the weight, since that doesn't really matter to me. I just wanted something easier than a wheelbarrow that would do just about everything a wheelbarrow can do. This is easily by far one of the best birthday gifts my husband has given me! Would love to have a fleet of these babies!
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on June 27, 2015
It's hard to write a review for this product. In concept it is ingenious and helpful. Mostly, the construction is sturdy and of good quality (although time will tell how it holds up). The axe I have to grind is that this was probably the WORST item I have ever had to put together in all of my many years of putting things together. Not because of poor instructions (which is often a cause with products) - these are pretty clear. Because of LOUSY HARDWARE!!! NUTS AND BOLTS! The hardware was made in China (isn't everything these days?) but the nylon-bushing lock nuts do not screw on the carriage bolts easily. In some cases, not at all. It requires a huge amount of torque to get the nuts to turn, while trying to hold the bolt with the screwdriver (or vice versa). First, forget the "usual" Phillips screwdriver - you need a BIG Phillips Screwdriver. After failing with 3 "usual" size Phillips screwdrivers, I ran over to Home Depot and bought the biggest one they had, which made assembly possible. A standard sized screwdriver cannot resist the torque motions needed to tighten those nuts on the big bolts! It just strips the slots. Secondly, you need a standard size socket wrench - a smaller wrench will not work. I would give this manufacturer a single star for the nuts and bolts provided, but the quality of the product (if you are able to get it assembled) raises the overall score. It took me about 4 hours and 2 runs to the hardware department to assemble this cart - all because of cheap nuts and bolts. If you can find this cart for sale already assembled, do it!
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on May 3, 2014
The first thing I noticed when the cart was delivered to me was the odor....something like naphthalene (moth balls). You might want to assemble it in a garage or take it outside when you have it together. It stinks!!! Then, I had to get someone to help me put it together. The directions were OK, but the nylon that coated the bolts made screwing on the nuts an ordeal.

Many of the places the bolts were supposed to go had virtually no room to tighten them. If you had the right tool it might have been easier ... maybe. If you were not careful, the screw head could easily be stripped. But, it did finally become a finished product. That took 2 1/2 hours.

As solid as the metal frame is is overshadowed by the plastic carrier. Why the company puts a 600 lb. rating is ridiculous. While it may hold a bale of peat moss or 2 and possibly 3 bags of fertilizer or soil conditioner, anything more I would be reticent to try. Even a toddler could be dicey. The walls to the cart are not sturdy. I realize there have been some reviews that said the cart was great for kids. I would be careful. Your child's safety is more important than a ride in this cart.

So, as long as you are strong enough to put this together, I wish you well. The finished cart is certainly good for the purposes of transporting bags of soil conditioner or lots of other stuff. Just be careful!!!
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on January 26, 2016
I can't write a full review of this product, as I haven't used it yet. But I did just spend the last 2 hours assembling it. Why so long? I'll be glad to tell you...

Now, I'll admit I'm not the most handy person. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being Bob Villa and 1, being, I dunno, a dead person) I'm about a 4 on a good day. That said, many a product has been easily assembled and happily used in this house. The actual assembly of the cart wasn't the problem, it was the tolerance of the screws. For those of you who forgot what you learned in shop class - good for you! Tolerance relates to how easy/difficult it is to screw something in. A light bulb, needless to say, has a very low tolerance. Whereas the bolt that hold the space station together should - I hope - have a very high tolerance. Now, for reasons I'm unsure of, the tolerance for the bolts for this simple cart seemed to be just a shade below that of the aforementioned space station. I had the proper sized wrench and a large Phillips screwdriver. Holy CRAP they were hard to turn! Why!? It made the whole process into an irritating ordeal rather than just a simple task. I stripped a couple of them in the process. Another few got the "good enough for the remaining years I likely have left on this planet" pass. Busted open a knuckle too. My recommendation? Get two strong people to put this together. Doing it by yourself is about as much fun as riding next to a smelly person on a long bus ride.
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on September 16, 2014
This cart is great for light loads but doesn't do well with the heavy stuff as advertised. One of the rear wheels had to be replaced within a month of purchase due to bearings becoming defective (the vendor was very good to replace the tire assembly under warranty.) It is hard to empty the last of the load, this has to be done manually. If filled to the suggested weight limit it would be too hard to move if it could be moved. Bought the heavier duty model but question if the lighter duty would have worked as well for normal use. Not the best purchase.
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on July 19, 2016
We now own three of these smaller wagons (which are still larger than a red wagon for kids) and we have three of their large wagons too. With tons of abuse, these wagons last five years, for us. That is with hauling more firewood than you could imagine. And hauling garden soil and dump truck loads of mulch. Heavy usage. Plus, sitting in the hot sun for years. The only thing that broke one, was some moron came and used one of our wagons, without permission, and threw several solid cement blocks, weighing way over the weight limit, into the wagon, with such force, they popped one of the tires. Now this was after the wagon was five years old and weakened from being out in the sun and rain with no protection. We put on another tire and it still lasted a good while, until my son was cutting down a tree and managed to crush it. The other one is still going strong, after six years. Now we have this brand new one. I saw it on sale for Amazon Prime day and I jumped on it quick. Amazon's everyday price on this wagon is still lower than the price at our local stores. I will use these wagons as long as they are available. They are real power horses. And now that they have gone to a rounded off wheel, instead of the flat edge ones, they seem to last much longer. This is the best wagon I have ever used.
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on May 24, 2017
This dump cart meets my gardening needs. I can easily cart around my tools/soil/plants, etc, as it is light, easy to maneuver, and has a great dumping function. On the other hand, the body is not the strongest (though it generally meets my gardening needs) and I would definitely not test the manufacturer's boast of 600 pounds. I've loaded the cart with three bags of soil and the sides were already bending. It was a bit difficult to put together (devil of a time getting the bolt to thread through the locknut manually - ended up borrowing friend's tools). The one thing that I cannot stand is the rusting nails. The nail heads sit in the wheelbarrow and when they've rusted (within one season), I hesitate to cart around soils anymore. This would be perfect for me if they included galvanized nails instead.
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on July 9, 2013
Depending why you are buying this, a wheel barrow might be a better choice. I bought it to haul heavy items such as marine batteries, tools, and other items from a parking area to the lake, about 1/4 mile.

No solid thumbs up on this item. It is OK.
Assembly was easy.
No way this is rated at 600 lbs. Off the cuff I give it about a 250 lb working capacity.
Grade 2 nuts and bolts
Terrible wheel spacers, and a likely failure point
The weakest part of the assembly are the dumper sub frame and the handle. Both important.
Handle is to short for anyone taller than 5' 10" requires you to stoop.

If you are doing light work around the yard, and plan on storing this inside most of the time, this wagon is OK, if you plan to be doing harder work consider a higher grade wagon or a good wheel barrow.
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on March 15, 2016
My back yard isn't accessible by truck, so I wanted a cart to move garden soil and mulch to the back yard. I have a wheelbarrow but it can be too heavy for me. I'm 5' 2" and female.
First off, the assembly of this product is TERRIBLE. The product smells, it is HARD to put together, and the instructions are minimal. I consider myself a pro at assembling items and it still took me some time and several tools not shown on the instructions. Also, the cotter pins are flimsy and I had one break on the first day of use and the wheel and washer fell off suddenly (I replaced the cotter pin with a twist of wire).
However, the cart does what I need it to do. I can load it full to the brim of garden soil, compost, or mulch, and pull it relatively easily to the backyard along the decomposed granite pathway. It also dumps dirt out, more or less, there's a dump handle which is easy to use but the cart isn't tall enough to dump out everything efficiently. I had to drag it up into my raised beds to dump the dirt in the right place. It hasn't broken or cracked.
If you want to move rocks or really, really heavy stuff, pay for the upgraded model. For moderate yard work, this is fine.
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on April 29, 2017
OK, this cart seems pretty good, I haven't had a chance to really use it yet. The instructions while not the easiest to follow (no words, just pictures) weren't that bad. They could have been better. Not as good as IKEA's pictogram instructions, but not as bad as some I have seen from Chinese manufacturers.

One thing I will say, and this is why it gets 4 stars, forget the listed tools needed to assemble this and use these. A socket wrench, a pair of heavy duty vice grips, and a pair of needle nose pliers. The reason I say this is, the cart is awkward when assembling the base. Half of what you are doing is blind and holding the bolt tight with a screwdriver while tightening the lock bolt is damn near impossible. What I ended up doing was holding the screw head with the vice grips locked down on it, while tightening the lock nut with the socket wrench. It was a thousand times easier and went much faster.

Seriously the tools they list, while doable, are NOT what I would recommend using to assemble this. If you don't have a larger pair of vice grips and a socket wrench set, you might want to think about getting them before trying to put this together

The cart seems solid. The tub is plastic but looks pretty heavy duty. I haven't used it in the yard yet so I can't comment on durability. It looks pretty tough though and definitely strong enough to haul mulch, dirt, sand and other light materials. I have 4 yards of gravel arriving on Monday so we'll see how it holds up moving it from my driveway to my backyard.

One gripe I do have is one of the support braces was a little off. I had to bend it slightly to get it to fit. Nothing major and it didn't effect that carts function, just a build quality gripe.
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