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on January 12, 2010

I ordered another one because I liked the sturdy quality... and I wanted to keep the look of the rig symmetrical. (Check out the pictures.)

This second L-Bracket was in much better quality (see my original review below). The glue job on this one was top notch clean. I looks great. The 2 brackets combined makes the whole rig look really good and the setup is very secure. I like! Now 5 Stars. (and Adorama has been great for all my other orders/items as well...)


I just recieved the L-Bracket today in hopes of using it w/ my Canon HF-S100 and the Rhode VideoMic. Well... almost.

Build Quality - billed as "Heavy Duty", well maybe.
* The metal "L" feels substantial/sturdy and is flex resistant.
* The shoe mounts are also metal/steel of the same sturdy quality.
* The rubber guide pad surrounding the section where the mounting screw slides seems adequate, but the glue job during attachment looks sloppy. It'll do its job to buffer between the bracket and your equipment, but QA should have been done better to make it more professional finish quality.
* The mounting screw-nob feels a bit on the "cheap plastic" side - the nob itself. The screw is metal (of course) and seems to have enough thread to screw securely into any photo/video device, about 3/8" of thread available. Mine came "attached" within the guide, unlike the product picture, and does not feel like it can be removed without using some force.
* The rubber grip exhibits the same poor glue job as the rubber guide pad. Glue is clearly visible along the seam with some overflow that looks like someone tried to wipe it off! The grip itself is substantial and has a nice hard rubber touch.

Form - simple design, perfect execution, for specific sizes!
* Most important measurement for video camera use: From inside of the grip to the center of the mounting screw at the furthest setting, maximum distance is 4" in length. So, open your LCD screen on your camcorder, measure from the bottom/outer most edge of the screen bezel to the center of your mounting hole... if your are under 4" then your good to go, otherwise, S.O.L!
* The horizontal bar is about 4.5" in length from elbow to end and 1" wide. (Not accounting for the rubber grip which shortens it by about 1/4".)
* The rubber guide pad glued onto the horizontal bar is 3 1/8" in length and also 1" wide and about 1/8" thick.
* The bend between the horizontal & vertical bar seems to be between 95 to 98-degrees, maybe even 100-degrees?
* The vertical bar is 4" from elbow to the slight bend where the first/vertical shoe mount is located. (The grip itself is about 3 3/4" in length.)
* The shoe mount sections are both about 1" in length. (The first/vertical shoe mount section bends "straight" to a 90-degree angle from horizontal.)

Fit & Function - if it fits, it will function!
* Canon HF-S100... Nope! (.com for you KROQ fans!) If you mount it with the vertical grip on the LCD side you won't be able to open the screen all the way. I have to angle the bracket forward to allow the LCD screen to flip open to its full extension. If you mount it the other direction with the vertical grip on the hand-strap side of the Camcorder, you won't be able to fit your hand through the strap without cramming a couple of fingers - you need to angle it here too! The best way to use this L-Bracket with the Canon HF-S100 is to mount it to a Tri/Monopod with the vertical grip on the hand-strap side and forget handholding the camera.
* Nikon D40... it works/fits in all directions, but i'm not sure why would I ever need it for the D40? Extra lighting maybe???
* Canon PowerShot SD780 IS... Yes, of course! This camera is too small for me, but perfect for my wife, and fits perfectly on the bracket. The bracket actually made it easier for me to handle, especially when taking video. (Look for my review of that camera here as well.)

If you looking for a sturdy L-bracket w/ 2 shoe mounts and have a camera that fits the dimensions, then this will do the job. Maybe you'll be lucky to get one that does not have a poor glue job like mine.

Even though it does NOT fit my HF-S100, I'm still going to keep it and mount it on a tri/monopod facing the strap direction - it'll serve its purpose of holding my accessories and balance out the camcorder on the opposit side of the LCD screen when it's flipped open. (I was prepared to accept this alternative...)
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on May 8, 2015
The Adorama L bracket is a bag of hit and miss. I got it so my camera guy/and I could do some video recording/tech reviews and interviews at some up coming events.

It does the job of holding the camera and my mic and if need be a small light. But if your camera's screen is on the left side then you'll be staring at your hand instead. Look into a right handed bracket instead. Also this can be put on a tripod but its not work it as the mic will lean the camera over. For my regular (non camcorder ) camera it is fine and does the job. We still use it as it is lighter than some of our other camera hand and shoulder mounts but look into how you will hold it and place it on your stand.

Pros: Well built, at least mine was.
Its easy to attack stuff to, it comes with a screw that will work on your standard cameras and it has 2 hot_shoe mounts.

cons: need to place the hand grip higher but other than that it is fine.
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2015
Awesome gear to put my 5DM3 on to carry my flash away from the usual middle spot above the lens. I also like the grip it allows me to shift the weight. Other than that, I don't have much to explain but, that each equipment is based on personal preference. With longer lens, this helps to shift the light and avoid getting flash casting shadow near the subject.
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on April 20, 2012
Ordered two of these to be used as a multi-light/mic rig on my Canon 60D. As other reviewers have said, these are generic import brackets (Best Kind "brand" was listed on the invoice, meaning any brand of comparable specs/quality, i.e. what's available and in stock), and for this reason you might find yourself stuck with some quality issues. In the end they work very well for their intended use and can also be used in conjunction with other brackets to make them even more effective. A couple of points worth noting:

First: The smell. It is the distinct smell of vulcanized rubber. Imagine yourself in the automotive department at Walmart or something. That's what these smell like. The smell should fade with time, but it is pretty strong brand new.

Second: The hot shoe mounts. These are not secured very well and as was the case with one of my brackets, one of the screws was missing entirely. A trip to the hardware store for a new screw should do the trick, but JB Weld will also work well if you need to make sure these are on tight (especially if you're going to be attaching heavier flashes or lights). I'll go ahead and say it, if you're going to attach an expensive Speedlight to this thing, take the hot shoes off first, apply JB Weld, and reattach. Or consider spending a little extra money. To the reviewer who said they were mounted on backwards...well yes and no, it just depends on which side of the camera you position it on. These aren't meant for your SLR! In fact, they are intended for MiniDV cameras.

Third: Bracket Size. These brackets give you about 5 inches of clearance from the center of the 1/4" mount to the inside bottom edge of the handle. Don't expect to be able to shoot with this bracket installed on the shooting side of an SLR, at least not comfortably. These brackets are definitely intended for MiniDV style cameras. You will want to pick up a straight bracket to extend this out a bit further if you intend to use it on an SLR. Adorama makes a decent straight camera bracket and there are others available online as well.

Overall, I'm very happy with the look and feel of these brackets. They are definitely worth the $9(!). Certainly a handy-man's bracket, meaning if you get one that is slightly defective or not to your liking you might need to work with it a bit. Instead of shipping it back in a fit of rage, calmly set it aside, consider the little money you spent and think about it some more.

UPDATE: My review stays at 4 stars, simply because the quality of the extruded aluminum, the comfort of the grip, and the stability of the 1/4" mount make up for any problems with the wimpy hot shoes. After further inspection, it appears that one of the two brackets I received had some adhesive applied to the hot shoe mounts around the area where each screw is set. It was low-quality adhesive, as even the weight of one of my lamps was able to break the bond free. The other bracket didn't have any applied (this one was missing a screw coincidentally). Additionally, the screws used in manufacturing are definitely not the proper size nor type to secure the hot shoe mounts. The thread diameter is almost identical to that of the diameter of the holes that are drilled into the aluminum, making them nearly pointless as they slip in and out of the holes with very little resistance.

I removed all of the hot shoes (use a micro-flat head screwdriver, applying lateral force to the shoe) and scraped off the paint where the hot shoe is seated, then applied JB Weld and secured each shoe in place with a small clamp (clothespin or similar should do the trick too). This created a very strong bond which allowed me to securely attach lights to the bracket. I haven't bothered to re-set the screws considering they don't really do anything. If and when I do, they will also get some JB Weld applied to them before they are screwed in to make sure they don't ever pop out. An even better alternative would be to replace these screws with slightly longer machine screws and fit a hex nut or similar to the end reaching out the other side. This will prevent the screw from ever pulling out and will securely fix the hot shoe to the bracket. Unfortunately, screws and nuts of this size are not commonly found at hardware stores, so it may require some extra searching. JB Weld, in the meantime, works just great!
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on May 12, 2016
It's nice to have this for hand held photography / videography.It's nice that you can use the cold shoe on top for flash, but it didn't work so well when I popped a Cactus RF60 flash on it and tried using my Cactus V6 transceiver on my camera.
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on June 30, 2012
For $8 nobody should expect the cadillac of L-Brackets, but this isn't that bad at all really. In FACT, I'm actually impressed with it. I didn't know what to expect and this is my first day using it, but there are a few things that stood out right away about it.

a.) It's solid metal, so I won't have to worry about bend or wear on it.
b.) The ergonomic grip is decent (not amazing) but quite nice to have.
c.) The hot shoe mounts are sturdy (although the side facing one is angled a bit weird...)
d.) The slide bar is really nice as you can adjust how far you want your mounts to be from the camera.
e.) It's got a good weight to it so you could use it to stabilize your shots in a tight spot. (Obviously not a sub. for a steadicam, but quite nice.
f.) It looks professional.

a.) Gross industrial plastic smell to it (The grip I assume)
b.) The side facing hot shoe is not horizontal, it's angled slightly higher. Not a big deal, but looks dumb.
c.) Does block the camcorder viewfinder, but you can always change the side and any external MIC worth a darn should have a cord long enough to accommodate that design flaw.

As you can see the pros far outweigh the cons. If you are considering this, just do it. You really can't get a better deal for $8. Add a bit of authenticity to your photography and videography with this neat gadget. It looks and has a professional feel to it.
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on February 24, 2012
Item is okay, Initially I thought it was gonna be hands down one of the best items I've ever used. It is great if you are doing handheld work but if you are going to be using this in conjunction with a tripod, maybe not so much. Let me start of with the Pros.

Pros: Adjustable 1/4" Screw to adjust the grip on the L-bracket. Fits nearly all newer cameras regardless of the size. 2 additional shoe mounts. Rubberized grip for comfort. On the bottom of the 1/4" screw, there is a 1/4" screw hole to attach onto a tripod.

Cons: The shoe mounts are only held in by tiny set screws so they become loose and you have to tighten constantly. Once you put onto a tripod, it will make your camera setup lean in the direction of the grip with more than 8 oz. Depending on the accessories you will put on here, other than flash, the metal will bend (note: description says nothing about weight limit.

And that should tell you what you need to know.
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on August 10, 2012
My Pentax K1000 would have benefited from a grip like this one. Light, strong, and "sticky" to hold makes this grip a very worthwhile piece of equipment for any photographers bag.
I read most of the reviews that others posted before I bought the grip, and wonder what some were thinking about when they wrote. The so-called "odor" issue was a non-issue; I had to hold the bracket one inch from my nose to catch the smell of.........................well, rubber! That's right, rubber - the stuff auto tires are made of! The odor came off the bracket just through my handling of it.
Also, the remarks made about loose flash shoes certainly didn't apply to my grip/bracket; I tried to loosen the shoes by prying them with my bare hands, but couldn't get them to wiggle in the least. I own five different flash units, and would use any of them on this bracket with no concerns about losing one.
Also, someone wrote that the handle was on the wrong side in relation to the orientation of the cold shoes - wrong; the handle is bent so it can go on the right side of a camera which uses a winder, leaving the photographer's left hand free to adjust the lens (there are still many who prefer the advantages of film to digital in some circumstances).
A cheap price and prompt shipping make this transaction one of the better ones I've made this year!
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on November 26, 2012

Reeked so badly of petroleum that it was rendered useless

I didn't encounter any of the problems listed here by others. The mounts were secured firmly. All of the parts seemed more than capable of dealing with frequent use. And my various flashes and microphones all fit well.

My problem was the rubberized grip smelling so strongly of petroleum that it is useless. It gives anyone who is within ten feet of it a splitting headache from the stench. I soaked it in dish detergent. I soaked it in Oxyclean. I scrubbed it. I let it sit out on the deck in the sun for two weeks. Nothing I did got rid of the smell.

It is a completely unexpected, but no less lethal, problem for the product. I'm assuming that most people have not encountered this issue, so I am proud to be the first. This is a completely unusable product.
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on March 25, 2015
This is a really great piece of equipment. I use it to mount my field recorder, camera, and mic all in one nice handheld rig. All of it easily can screw onto any tripod or shoulder rig.

My only complaint is the quality of the screw. It can be extremely difficult and nearly impossible to unscrew from your equipment if it is on too tight. Very slippery as well as painful to undo.

*UPDATE* - The screw that it came with is not long enough, and its weak brittle threads snapped and my unit fell off of it. Thankfully nothing was damaged, but I almost busted my D750 and Lens. If the screw was not so darn cheap and too short this product would be amazing.
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