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on March 4, 2010
I just want to add my two cents concerning using the Scosche Earphones/Mic for my iPod Touch 16GB 2nd Generation.

First, AMAZON CUSTOMER SUPPORT HAS BEEN UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENT RESOLVING WHERE POSSIBLE. I bought several months ago the Scosche IDR350m $49-79 Earphone set with mic. Only thing when arrived was that they were missing the extra earbuds and (like wise on 1st IDR650m replacement) got little credit towards IDR350m since was just over 30 days policy. Other than that they work well since September 2009. [Driver 10.7mm Frequency response: 17Hz - 20kHz]

Now these top of the line Scosche IDR650m $79-$99 [Driver 11mm Frequency response: 15-20kHz] two replacements given me, 1nd return defective on one ear bud has a 'crackling noise' when re-adjusting to ear canal. The 2nd replacement was Mic intermittently didn't work properly.

The newest Scosche IDR655m, promises to be a better Mic and Earphone set. (has same driver and freq. resp.) Lets hope so otherwise I would NOT RECOMMEND these at all sound is Ok, but touchy!

Looking into pair of Sony Sony MDREX38iP (less than $50) [Driver 9mm Frequency response: 6-23kHz] though smaller driver but other reviews on Apple site seem pleased.
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on February 3, 2010
I have owned and / or tried many mid-priced buds and these are by far the best for the price. First off, they only lost 1 star due to perceived build quality. I have no idea how long they will last but I would feel a lot better about them if the cord was more substantial. The drivers sound excellent. Finding the correct size and shape earpiece is CRUCIAL to getting the right sound out of these. Luckily they come with 6 sets of adapters to find the right fit. If they sound 'tinny' you need a bigger adapter and / or push it further into your ear. When the fit is right, they should be comfortable (not like they are stretching your ear) but block out most background noise. They are far better than my old Shure's and far more comfortable.

+++++++ Update 7/14 - As I feared, the cables are just too flimsy. The connection at the switch have pulled and expose the copper. I am also getting a lot of distortion in the left bud due to a connection issue inside the driver. Going back to my stock Apple buds which don't sound quite as nice as these did out of the box, but I've had those for 2 years and they have held up fine.
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on March 2, 2010
Got this a month ago. Without music, I was a little disappointed by the scratching noise it made when I inserted the buds into my ear - it makes sounds like something isn't properly fixed in place... not a big deal, but I never experienced this with other buds I've owned. Comfort is good. Sound is good.

But the remote/volume button is a piece of plastic junk, and the button functionality is worse overall compared to the apple shuffle default buds. What's the issue? One, it broke after a month. I click volume up, but the sound lowers, then pauses, then goes up, back down. When it worked, I had to click on the VERY edge of each end of the volume up/down buttons for volume to change. What's more frustrating is that when you click on the center of the volume up/down buttons, you still feel a "click" as if something happened... but no.

The pluses are that it was pretty ok when it was working properly (I've heard better with other buds). I also liked the play/pause button b/c it had a fatter area and was easy to press. I was a solid 3.5 star customer prior to the volume not working at all.
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on September 4, 2010
As I type this review there is a party going on in my ears. I bought the IDR650's last year to go with my new Ipod Shuffle. The earbuds went with me to Afghanistan and I had them in my ears when the MRAP i was in hit an IED so to say these things are durable would be an understatement. Unfortunately about a week ago and nearly a year after buying them the right earbud died while in the airport in Denver so I contacted Scosche via their website to request information for support. Much to my surprise I had an email back the next morning with an RMA#!!! I shipped my earbuds to them with the RMA# on the outside of the package and in less than 4 days I received the new replacements... Upgraded replacements no less and Scosche even apologized for the trouble in the email they sent wit the RMA#. In my reply to them I explained that the problem with the right earbud in no way tarnished my high opinion of them and their product.

My only regret is not submitting a review for these sooner but then again I was in the middle of the desert for the greater part of my ownership of these great earbuds. In fact I bought these buds on Amazon when without one review being available it was a bold leap given the price but one I do not regret.

If you are looking at the IDR650's you owe it to yourself to check out the IDR655m's they are without a doubt a great design. The cable is nylon wrapped almost like a thin shoe string. The cable is light but seems very strong the tapline control is much improved as well.

Thanks Scosche for the great product and fantastic support! You have a fan for life.
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on December 12, 2011
I got not one of this, but 5 pairs, all because my first pair was under 10 dollars and it lasted probably almost a year. fully compatible with my iphone 3G and my 3GS, I was able to control the volume, and the microphone worked fine. When I first pair broke this product went on sale and I think it was 2 dollars, so I bought 4 pairs, the next pair I used broke after 2 months, the 3 third one after 4 months and also was compatible with my iphone 4.
In conclusion, you get what you pay for, but honestly I feel that I spend less than 20 dollars and I was able to replace it every time I wanted if they broke, also I dont treat my earphones well at all, I am always pulling them, stepping on the and all that, so I needed something cheap but that was also compatible with my iphones, so because of it, I may buy one of this pairs again. They may break in 2 months or a year, but I totally take my changes instead of paying 150 dollars and have the pair break in 3 months.
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on February 22, 2010
Took a risk and bought these to use for hands-free calls on my iPhone 3G
The product site says the "tapLINE" is for 3GS only.
But then the latest Apple headphones say they only support the 3GS, and I've tried them and they work on the 3G.

So I just got them and the mic works fine. woohoo. They sound pretty good too (maybe a tad more bass than I'd like).

Here is what works on the iPhone 3G:

- iPod App (click button to pause/resume/skip-ahead/skip-back)
- microphone for making phone calls
- click button to end phone calls
- microphone for recording voice memos

The volume control doesn't work (but that's expected as the original iPhone 3G headphone doesn't have volume control)

Basically, these sound better than the original headphones and are a nice replacement if you've lost/damaged them.

Also, for iPhone 2G users, the jack is narrow and will fit in your phone.
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on November 13, 2009
***UPDATE 4 years later: These still work great four years later after going through the wash twice. They sound just as good as the day I bought them and they're very durable. They're also compatible with my new iPhone 5.***

I wanted a pair of earphones that I could wear while mowing the lawn and when traveling on an airplane. These are perfect for both. They do an excellent job of sealing the ear canal and blocking ambient noise. It comes with a bunch of rubber ear adapters so any one should be able to get a comfortable fit. I can listen at normal volume levels and the lawn mower is barely noticeable. Same goes when airplane engine noise.

The best thing about these is that the small remote is completely compatible with the new iPhone 3Gs. Volume up and down, pause, next track, restart track, answer and end calls, and voice commands are all availble with the 3 button remote.

The sound quality is about the same as the Apple earbuds with maybe a little less bass. I had to turn bass booster on my iPhone with these and I didn't have to with the Apple earbuds.

If you're like me and want decent sound while blocking outside noise than these are perfect. If you're expecting high quality sound then I suggest you pass on these and spend a little more.
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on June 28, 2010
i got these to replace my bose quietcomfort on hot days because of the heat and my ears would be all sweaty..
these scosche had a promise to it until i started knowing the little annoyance it had..
for example the button for the mic was always getting stuck on my shirt collar and my jacket zipper and my headphones would pop out of my ear. not cool
after 5 months the cable that connect to the tip that connects to the audio port started tearing and the left channel was going in and out..i put electric tape and it did the job but the tape didn't last either...
i upgraded to the scosche ones that cost 49 and it comes w/ a clip and lanyard.i wish i had known this before hand...any how if you don't travel and commute by train and putting iphone and headphones in pocket go and get these
but if you are a constant on the go pay the extra cash and get "Scosche Increased Dynamic Range Noise-Isolation Earphones with tapLINE II Remote and Mic"
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on January 21, 2010
I bought these headphones because I go to sleep listening to music and I wanted a set of earbuds with a remote control to change the volume or tracks. With an iPhone 3Gs, the touchscreen makes it next to impossible to change tracks without looking at the screen.

I love these earbuds. The high end is clear and the bass response does not leave you wanting more.

When I first listened to them, I was worried that the low end was over powering. I found that once tried a few of the different silicone earpieces, there was one that sounded just right. In fact, I had the bass boosted with my old earbuds, but got great sound when I returned the EQ to flat.

Bottom line: I had a hard time going to sleep the first night, because I was enjoying the sound of these earbuds so much. I was hearing nuances in Rickie Lee Jones' voice that I hadn't hear before. The clarity was wonderful.


Sad to say, I started having issues with the controls on these earbuds. The iPhone doesn't recognize that they are plugged in and when I hit the clicker, the iPhone does recognize the earbuds, but the controls don't work consistently. Too bad. They are GREAT sounding earbuds.
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on November 1, 2010
When I first got the earphones, I was very happy with them.

The sound was great, I liked the fit, all the buttons worked with my iPhone 4. By the third day, the volume buttons were either not responding or doing the exact opposite of what they were supposed to, i.e., the down button increased the volume and the up button decreased the volume. By the fifth day, the volume buttons stopped responding altogether.

The multi-function button continues to work perfectly but now I feel it's just a matter of time before that goes too.
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