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on March 7, 2010
I have two dogs, and have owned Dyson, Kenmore and other vacuums, none have lifted dirt and dog hair like this vacuum does at a fraction of the price that I had paid for the Dyson. The vacuum easily comes apart and all parts can be cleaned. The self-propelled feature is necessary since this is a heavy vacuum. The best feature for me is the ability to fully remove the agitator brush roll to remove the pet hair. Well-designed and easy to assemble and operate. Unfortunately, due to poor shipping, the vacuum box was damaged and the unit itself received some exterior damage. It might be better to find this product on sale in the store.
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on October 5, 2012
I have 3 cats in my house so you know I do a lot of vacuuming. I also have a variety of floor surfaces and in every situation I find this vacuum does an outstanding job of keeping my floors, stairs, and furniture clean. I also like that the brush agitator stops turning when you are using the hose. Some cheaper models keep the brush spinning which is a hazard in my opinion. My only complaint is that is a heavy model so do yourself a big favor and get an extension hose for working on stairs and other hard to reach areas. I'm so glad I have the extension. Also, there are some companies that make replacement filters coated with something (maybe Teflon) that makes it easier to clean off the removable filter. The little hand brush works really well but you do need to pop it open frequently to remove material that wraps itself about the brush. Also, when using the small hand agitator brush you need to find just the right angle so that the brush keeps spinning while still hitting the carpet. It takes a little practice to find the "sweet spot" but when you do it does an excellent job.
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on January 21, 2018
This vacuum has worked for many years. Love it because I can empty all the stinking dog hair into the garbage. Will not buy another vacuum that uses bags anymore. The only problem I have is that, after being repaired, it now sucks up too much. Have a hard time vacuuming with it now. It does work fine on shorter naps of carpeting, but not on the longer naps. I have always bought Hoovers and I think they are great machines.
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on January 31, 2011
I have been using this vacuum for approximately two months now. I have two dogs and four cats, so my carpet can get pretty hairy. It works excellent on picking up dirt and hair, I usually have to dump it out twice each time I vacuum my living/dining room. Although the power works great, the design of the dirt cup is horrible. I don't think the person who designed this vacuum ever vacuumed with it. It has two filters--one a mesh screen and the other a cylinder hepa filter. The dirt does not dump out easily and gets trapped in the cup, so you pretty much have to dig it out with your hands. It says just to turn the knob to clean the hepa filter, but it gets so dirty it never gets clean. Every time I vacuum I take off all the parts and have to wash them with soap and water because the dirt will not come out on its own. Overall, if you can stand this it is a good vacuum.

Powerful, picks up a lot of dirt and hair
Self-Propelled works good
Has light that tells you when the dirt is gone from the carpet
For a powerful vacuum it is not obnoxiously loud

Dirt cup is terrible--have to wash it with soap and water each time I vacuum and it is nasty! Impossible to clean hepa filter
Hose could be a little longer, if you have a high ceiling you'll need an extension
Pet hair clings to the outside of the vacuum, I have to wipe it off each time
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on September 15, 2011
I'm really liking this vacuum cleaner. I mostly wanted this special 'pet hair tool' thing it has but I've found that the self propelled feature is very nice even though I originally didn't see the need for such contraptions. The cord is very long and flexible. Long enough to reach perhaps 2 rooms. The hose is very good and very long for being so compact in storage. The hose is made of good materials and can nearly extend for a full flight of steps, though I will probably pick up the extension hose to get the last couple steps more comfortably.
The cleaning power is quite good and it removed a big lump of fluff from the first 3 square feet of carpet when I had seen no visible loose fluff before. The pet hair tool worked well at removing the matted monster hair that was coating the carpeted basement steps. I couldn't even scratch that stuff off with my fingernails.
The self propel feature works without any forethought. It has a sensor built into the handle so when you push or pull on the handle like a normal vacuum it senses it and applies the corresponding amount of thrust to make the machine move as fast as your arm. It's like moving nothing at all and I don't think I'll go back to the un-propelled type after trying this even though I've never had trouble pushing a normal machine. It moves as fast or as slow as you move your arm.
If I have to pick some gripes about this thing it would be that it won't dig the stuck-on stuff out of a carpet, even though it devours pet hair and carpet fluff. The pet hair tool has a thing inside like a water wheel that operates on the suction power. This then drives a spinning brush to remove pet hair from surfaces and this is a good idea but since it has a lot of parts you will have to pop it open and dig out strings and stuff that will stop the mechanism from spinning. That is easy to do though and since the machine is already running you can pull the strings out and put them into the suction hose so it's not messy. A third gripe I have is that I thought that this would have a sort of vortex filter since it is bag-less. It does not have one of these but I'm not completely sure it would have made the system better. It would also have made it take longer to dump the dirt out.

Over all I say that this is most likely the highest quality product that I've bought in a very long time. From the design to the material selection I really like this vacuum cleaner. I would rather have this than the 1300 dollar unit that my mother has.
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on October 24, 2010
+ Picks up dirt and hair very well you will be shocked how fast it will fill up the first time

+ all the attachments work well, I clean my car with them all the time

+ Bagless,easy to clean out, and long power cord.

- its heavy and the handle feels like its going to break off any day now

- the auto-propel function can get away from you FAST, I found myself constantly crashing into walls and furniture.

Still great vacuum and worth the price.

Unfortunately this broke on me after about three months of use. As with the other one star reviews I have determine their is a major flaw in the design. It started losing suction power to my dismay and I realized that it was slowly getting clogged. Their is a trap door that opens and closes every time you vacuum. The trap door as well as a very narrow curve into the vacuum can easily cause clogs that are very time consuming to fix. It takes about thirty minutes to unclog, you have to have a star wrench not allen to get off the screws. It will stay unclog for only a week before it gets clogged again. By reading the poor reviews I can see I was not the only one. I gave up and I'm very upset I paid all that money for it, it runs for 190 now. Will never buy another hoover and bought a cheap bagless dirt devil one that is already superior to this product.
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on November 6, 2016
I have hardly used this vacuum since I've had it from 2013. The suction when the brushes are not turning is so poor that I have a hard time picking up paper from my shredder that I accidentally spilled onto the floor. It wouldn't even suck up a 1 inch by 1 inch piece of paper. I have continued to use my older vacuum that I have had forever. What a total disappointment. I even took it apart to see if something was blocking the passage way to the collection container. It was clear as a bell. It's no wonder that I don't see this model offered on Amazon anymore.
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on November 27, 2012
I have had this vacuum for over two years now. All in all, I'm really glad I purchased it. I did a lot of research beforehand. Dyson and Miele were out of my price range at the time. I also have two cats that I am allergic to and live in a mostly carpeted apartment, so a good vacuum with a HEPA filter is absolutely essential.

I chose this one because of a combination of a Consumer Reports rating and Amazon ratings... and the pet hair tool was a plus. I'm pretty satisfied with it. As other reviewers have mentioned it is quite heavy. I don't have stairs to contend with so it is not too much of an issue for me. I also found that almost all HEPA rated vacuums in this price range (bought it for around $200) were similar in weight.

It does a really good job of getting up cat hair and other dirt without releasing allergens back into the air. There is a noticeable difference for me after I vacuum. It is also still shocking the amount of dirt/hair/etc is in the chamber after a minute or two even when vacuuming twice a week.

The pet hair tool attachment does a fantastic job of getting pet hair up off of couches, chairs, etc. However, it is prone to get stuck with human hair (longish human hair) or threads, etc which require you to take it apart to remove those things so that the brush is free to spin again. The dirt chamber also requires a lot of emptying. It fills up fast, and the way the vacuum is designed, the collected dirt/hair blocks air flow and decreases suction. My carpeted area is approximately 550 square feet, and to get ideal suction I need to empty the chamber at least twice, maybe three times in a go. It does not bother me that much because the benefits are really great for me (namely, I'm not sneezing and blowing my nose every three seconds), but I could see how this would be annoying to some.

Unlike a few other reviewers I have had no problems with parts breaking frequently. All I have had to do was to change the filters as expected.

All in all, it does what I really, really need it to do, which is remove allergens, mostly cat hair, from the carpet and couch for a really decent price.
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on January 15, 2011
I have had a Dyson Animal for almost 10 years that I loved. Unfortunately the beater brush quit working and all the newer Dysons are outrageously priced and have very small dirt containers. With a bloodhound and 4 dachshunds in the house as well as a woodstove I need something that will pick up animal hair as well as small wood pieces and wood ash.

I just received the Hoover WindTunnel UH60010. It does a fantastic job on the carpet and picks up very close to the baseboard. However, when using the hose it does not pickup anything. The pet-hair tool does not even spin except when you are holding it in mid air. I love the way it vacuums the carpet, very nice self-propelled action. Not sure how accurate the dirt finder is I felt some areas were probably dirtier than it indicated. If you do not use the hose connection this is a great vacuum,if you utilize the vacuum hose as much as I do you may want to reconsider another vacuum. I suggest not to even waste your money on a hose extension for this model.

My Dyson still works except for the beater brush. I think I will keep the Dyson and use it for those hose clean-ups. Really disappointed in this Hoover.

*****UPDATE******* ********UPDATE*********

Well I figured out the problem with hose vacuuming. Be sure you empty the dirt container, if it is half full or more the hose suction is limited. However, if the dirt container is empty it is FANTASTIC and the pet tool works! So I threw out the old Dyson whose beater bar quit since I figured out the hose problem I don't need it.

This vacuum has made my carpet look so much better than even the Dyson did. So far it is handling anything the pets can dish out as well as the dirt, leaves and wood that is tracked in from using a woodstove.
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on June 19, 2010
Purchased this vac after adopting a stray who seems to shed everyday! Easy to put together out of the box and boy, does it pick up the dirt and hair. The pet tool also worked great on my sofa and loveseat to get the dog hair all off. Highly Recommend.

04/13/2011 Update
I LOVE this vacumn for its suction power. I have a dog who sheds ALOT and this vacumm is great for getting up her hair and dirt she brings in from outside. The belt broke and I used my old Bissell while I was waiting for my new belt, and could not believe the lack of suction power compared with this Hoover. The pet-hair tool is a MUST for every dog owner. I used it to go over my furniture covers in between washings. Gets all the hair. Still highly recommend.
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