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on June 26, 2015
The thing cools my CPU amazingly for an air cooler. And, best of all, IT'S SILENT. Even when its at full speed it's barely audible. Which is awesome. Under the most intensive loads, my CPU temps have never gotten above 50°C. Compared to the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, (Which is what is installed on my fiance's computer), I honestly have to say that this is a better option. And I mean that as far as cooling goes. Sound wise, this is definitely quieter and more efficient. But, if you're looking for a little more customization, then the Hyper 212 is a better option because this CPU cooler has a proprietary fan, and on AMD CPU's, it can only be mounted facing up or down. (Which realistically, the only way you'd want it facing is fan side down, so it's blowing the air out of the top of your case because heat rises.)
Which is also something to note; the fan is a push fan, not pull. So make sure you have it oriented the correct way. I'll have an image included so as the reference the proper orientation.

All in all, great CPU cooler for the money. Highly recommend.

Edit (6/27/15): I also forgot to mention something. As far as AMD CPU's go, depending on your motherboard, this cooler will somewhat block your first DIMM slot. It seems like you MAY be able to squeeze a card in, however, I don't (or need) any other RAM sticks to try it out. Just another thing to consider.
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on December 20, 2014
This is a pretty decent cooler for the money. I recently bought 2 and have had a couple of them on machines I had a few years ago.
temps a pretty low with this cooler.
There are 2 issues with this cooler and an Asus Sabertooth Mark 1 Z97 board. If you have the cooler orientated to blow out of the back of the case, the lower right corner of the fan shroud hits the plastic armor on the motherboard which mean the fan doesn't clip onto the cooler properly.
It stays on and shouldn't fall off. The fan also covers the 2 of the innermost ram slots so if you have tall memory it won't fit.
I have tall Corsair Vengeance memory and I have them sitting side by side in Single Channel mode due to the fan.
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on February 16, 2017
I have an Intel Xeon w3690 with 6 cores and 12 threads @ 3.46 GHz, that runs very hot. With my previous cooler I got idle temps of the mid 40's and under 100% load I got temps of 70-71 which is fine. As you can see in the picture my previous cooler (on the right) compared to the ARCTIC Freezer (on the left), they both have a nearly identical number of pipes and fins on the heatsink, and nearly identical fan size although the ARCTIC is a bit bigger. Temps are almost the same, in fact the ARCTIC cooler temps are roughly 10 C higher at idle and full load respectively, BUT, the ARCTIC cooler is quieter. Although the cooling is a bit worse, the noise compared to my previous cooler is a huge difference but only at idle. When playing games or doing anything else that uses a lot of my CPU the fan is deafening with either cooler. Currently as I am typing this I am running a Prime95 torture test to put my CPU under 100% load on all the cores, and the fan is about the same at 100% RPM in the noise department. I did use the pre-applied thermal compound that came with the heatsink vs. Arctic Silver Ceramique on the previous cooler which is a superior compound. I will try some of the ceramique for a few days and see if the temps are any better, and if not I will revert to my old cooler. All in all, not too impressed with either the sound or the cooling efficiency. You may have a different experience than I using a consumer chip with a much lower TDP and heat production than my server chip. If I am able to get better temps with a better thermal compound I will raise the score by 1 because the sound at full RPM is pretty loud and I was expecting it to be much quieter than it is, as that is one of the selling points which I based my purchase decision on.

Edit: Well I figured out the problem, even trying different thermal pastes the temps were still way higher than my previous cooler, was playing some Fallout 4 and with just 60% cpu usage the cores were getting into temps of the high 80's. Turns out the copper plate under the heatsink is not big enough, and doesn't cover the entire CPU lid, which is where the high temps were coming from. I guess my xeon is too big for it, or perhaps my mounting hardware was faulty, I'm not sure. All I know is this didn't work well for me.
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on December 2, 2016
For several computer builds, I thought the stock intel cooler was good enough. I am not a game player, and the stock cooler kept temps plenty cool. However, when I started building HTPC's, I wanted something quieter. After poring over the reviews, I selected the Arctic Freezer 7, although I was concerned about possible installation difficulties based on some reviews. Admittedly, the first installation took a little getting used to. I was amazed how quiet this thing is.

After running it a few months, I was so thrilled with its silence and cooling capacity (although temps are not that much different from stock), I bought three more for builds and remods. After I had done the first one, the next three installations were a breeze, and love that I can use it on a variety of socket types 1150, 1155, and 775. Even better, I loved the fact I did not have to remove the motherboard on upgrades. For the price, these can't be beat, and I won't use anything else at this price. The only improvement I would suggest to the manufacturer is the ability to power the fan off completely under low load and temps, like my Corsair RM550 PSU, which hardly ever runs.
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on February 8, 2017
I am using this cooler in a tight space configuration because it is on an ITX board. I have a silent power supply and an HFA 915f case. I am a long time hacker and all my computers must run at a very high level of stability. At present and over the course of the day I have no less than 60 windows opened.

The design of the Arctic Freezer 7 pro is robust. Its seats easily on my AMD platform. The fit for memory sticks is tight. Metal jackets on sticks must be removed in my case. Then they fit. All memory slots are full. The cages that hold the fan in place has rubber vibration mounts to isolate it from the heat sink. Some people would call that cheapo but they must be delicate because the fan vibrations would be measured in very small energy units. Don't break the clip.

It comes with a four prong plug so the bios fan controls can adjust the speed as variable. In my case I adjust it to quiet. My cpu an AMD 2+ runs at a cool 41 degrees.

As for quiet, anything beats the buzzbomb stock AMD fans. So from that perspective it s a big improvement, though to be sure you can hear the fan. Previously I had a passive cooler in the device that worked fine until the fins became oxidized. In ITX boards the CPU heat is not generally as troublesome as the onboard graphics chip. The graphic heat sink is too hot to touch for but a second. The heat at the base of the cpu due to this graphic chip caused the original AMD plastic mount to become brittle and fracture. Thus the CPU fan is forced to deal with the heat off that graphics chip heatsink. Most of the problems with cooling come from dumb board design. Each cpu cooler is faced with an array of other issue not simply CPU cooling.

A gamer on the other hand is listening to so much headbanger noise that a fan sounding like a chain saw is fine as long as it cools the melting lava pouring out of their overclocked cpu. I use my machines for productive enterprises. I use hot swap drives and have 50 different hard drives with various operating systems used for very selective purposes. Some are for broadcast servers, media servers and streamers, cad, mathematics, and other uses. This fan keeps the hardware preforming smoothly. Nothing is less fun than heat induced errors and lock ups.

If you are a power used like me with a slightly aged computer that still performs well then this fan is all you will need. My computers are on 24/7, I have identical clones of every machine so I can recover instantly from catastrophic disruption no matter how severe in minutes. So I have two of these fans. The only reason I did not give it a 5 star rating is because my definition of silent is soundless. I have solid state drives, fanless power supplies and I don't want to hear a CPU fan at all. This one I hear.
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on March 13, 2017
Was concerned about getting this as first as there was conflicting information regarding whether this would fit the new AMD AM4 socket or not. Official specifications on the box state AM3, the website states AM4 but with an * next to it. There's no footnote to indicate what the * meant. I was very pleased to see this did indeed fit without issue on an AM4 stock clip.

As for performance, it handles the stock speeds for the Ryzen 1700x, but start to overclock it and this struggles to keep up with the heat load. This cooler was an emergency stop gap until my water cooler bracket comes in for AM4.
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on June 23, 2015
-Great performance and an incredible price.
-Installation went smoothly, though it didn't go as fast as installing a stock AMD cooler.
-Looks pretty nice, nothing fancy, though.
-Included Thermal Paste is Quality stuff (MX-4)
-6 Year Warranty

-The Installation might be a little tricky for those without a foldout motherboard tray, my case does, fortunately.
-Although not a con for everyone, the fan's wire is about a foot long, and kind of unnecessary.

Other Thoughts: I bought this to replace my aging and fouling Arctic Freezer 64 Pro. The bearing was going and making an awful noise. The fan lasted quite a long time; close to 5 or 6 years. I figured going with another Arctic CPU cooler was a solid choice, and I was right. When first opening the box, the heatsink and fan may feel a bit cheap, but rest assured it gets the job done admirably. Temperatures are about 6-7 degrees lower under load and the fan is much quieter. In fact the only time you can hear the fan on this baby is when it's spinning near 100%.


CPU: AMD FX-6300 @4.2GHz (1.375v vcore)

Ambient Temp: 73F
Idle Socket: 35C
Idle Core: Room Temperature!

Load socket: 58C
Load core: 48C

Installation Tips:
You have to remove the plastic retention bracket from the motherboard to install this heatsink. This is extremely easy and involves removing 4 screws. If you remove all four, however, the rear mount on the motherboard will come lose and could fall out of place. Instead of loosening all 4, loosen 3 (remove one piece of the bracket). Then place the plastic spacers and install the new metal bracket on one side. Then proceed to remove the final 4th screen and remaining plastic bracket. This ensures the rear mount doesn't fall or move out of place.

Overall, very happy with this purchase. For the price, the performance on a decently overclocked CPU is impressive. Would absolutely recommend.
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on March 23, 2017
Seller "C&D Savings" sold me a defective (ARCTIC Freezer 11 LP CPU Cooler for Intel) that I couldn't return. Amazon told me I have to contact the manufacturer to exchange for the exact same thing that doesn't work. Amazon said the product has some parts that in certain states Amazon will not accept it back. AVOID this seller "C&D Savings" and ARCTIC unless you have money to waste.

About the actual product (ARCTIC Freezer 11 LP CPU Cooler for Intel). This cooler doesn't cool anything and it doesn't fit over two of my 1155 motherboards (ASUS P8H77-M PRO and ASUS P8H61-I LX R2). I don't even know if it made contact with my cpu. My 2600k cpu was idling in the 50s and at full load was around 70s. I wasn't even overclocking and my ram was running at 1333. I should have bought another Dynatron T450 low profile cooling fan for Mini ITX that worked great for my other ITX built. You best be avoiding this like the plague. You're been warned.
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on March 30, 2017
I bought two of these for a dual-socket LGA1366 build. I picked them because they are known to mount directly to the backplates that come pre-installed on many workstation and server boards (looking at you, supermicro). Mounting them was very simple. They have just enough height clearance to clear my RAM, they're quiet, the sleeved fan cable looks great, and they keep my hexa-core xeon E5645s below 40 at idle. The fan bracket uses one clip per side to mount to the heatsink, and because of this it's much easier to remove the fan from the heatsink in tight confines than my 212 EVO is with those four clips way down near the bottom of the heatsink. I purchased the pair of coolers with no expectations, but I am very happy with them, and I would buy them again if I ever build another system that required a cooler(s) smaller than a triple-140mm one the size of a basketball...
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on January 12, 2016
I bought this heatsink to replace my intel i7-4790 stock fan. I'm going to list my pros and cons:

I bought this small heatsink because it fits perfectly in my case and very compatible to my MOBO (LGA1150). That being said, I use this pc for streaming on twitch and to edit videos to upload on YouTube. With the stock fan my computer would reach temperatures between 30c to 65c, and now it's running between 24c to 48c. I also used artic paste for this installation.

To setup this heatsink it took some customization and some Macgyver work. The actually mounting is perfect but to hold the mounting to your motherboard is GARBAGE. It's not even a screw but plastic things that insert into another plastic pocket to hold your mounting. Here was my problem, my MOBO is a bit thick so the plastic wouldn't hold the mounting in place and when i tried to put some force into it, the dam thing broke. I have installed many heat sink in my life time but this is the biggest piece of garbage i have ever seen. So if your looking for a quick installation be aware of the fact if your motherboard is to thick that the "plastic screw" won't work for you.

From my stock heatsink that holds the fan to the heatsink it has 4 tiny screws, that i took apart and used it to hold down the mounting to my motherboard via the metal bracket that holds the cpu in place. In other words, in this format the thing won't EVER move even if i throw it to the floor. At the end it's a great heatsink with alot of potential and it keeps your cpu cool but be ready for some MACGYVER work. My advice would be to the manufacture to provided metal screws to easier install this heatsink, because plastic is cheap and turns away potential customers.
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