Customer Reviews: Carhartt Men's Yukon Arctic Quilt Lined Zip to Waist Biberalls R33
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on December 6, 2010
I purchased these puppies couple nights ago from Big R in town. I wanted to share my experience with them. I ride my motorcycle to save on gas here in Colorado. It feels like this is the coldest place on earth. Sometimes I google temperatures around the states and some nights we have the coldest freakin cities in the mountains. Cold weather, high elevation, riding the motorcycle creates a lot of wind chill as well.

I wanted to save money so I started dressing in layers (before I bought these biberalls)... it took so much time to dress and undress at my destination, that I finally gave in and decided to buy something. Well...

I logged onto and purchased their 12oz duck coveralls. I figured they would work pretty good and had a 5 star review. I got them in... and they are pretty warm... but not as warm as I wanted riding in 3 degree weather. I ended up returning them and going to Big R and buying the Carhartt biberalls. Oh my goodness... they are freakin WARM. Wow... yea they are worth the money for sure.

They are stiff, so if you want comfort and softness go somewhere else. Carhartt is for the working man boys.

They are awesome. Heavy duty zippers. I read on one review that the zippers were crap. That reviewer must have been an idiot. Everything on them are high quality.

If you need the best protection from the cold, then buy them. If you are gonna complain about the stiffness then dont buy them and quit reading these reviews.
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on November 20, 2011
I ordered the men's Carhartt 36 X 30 extremes arctic quilt lined black biberall (style #R33 on the Carhartt website) from Amazon on a Saturday with standard shipping and received them at my house on a Thursday. These are the best and warmest biberall's Carhartt makes. Carhartt has a company owned store in my state which I did visit and bought my Carhartt extremes arctic quilt lined coat from, but they did not have any of the extreme biberall's in stock on October 30th 2011. The Carhartt company store referred me to Cal Ranch who did have them and I tried on several different sizes there, but they did not have the exact size I needed. Cal Ranch had the 36 X 32 size which was the best fit overall for me except they were a little too long and the 34 X 30 size I tried on was the perfect length, but a slightly tight fit around my chest and stomach area. They did not have any of the 36 X 30 size that I knew would be the perfect size for me. The perfect fit is critical when buying Carhartt clothing gear and I recommend you only buy the best size for you because Carhartt clothing is extremely long lasting and you will own them for a very long time. Since I had such a hard time finding the exact size I needed locally I ended up ordering these biberalls from Amazon. They arrived in four shipping days and the 36 X 30 size fit me perfectly.

Why did I buy the Carhartt brand and why did I want the warmest heavy duty biberalls they make? I have had outdoor jobs for the last twenty two years, so I am out in the extreme cold for eight hours a day during the winter months. I used to work outside as a switchman on the rail road at a steel mill and I bought Carhartt brown coveralls with the black quilt lining (these were the heaviest weight and warmest they made at that time) 20 years ago after spending an eight hour graveyard shift freezing half to death on an extremely cold night when the wind was blowing about forty miles an hour. I was dressed pretty warm that night, but not warm enough for the wind chill factor. The older more experienced guy's that I worked with on the rail road recommended that I buy the warmest heavy weight Carhartt's. This single brand was the only brand recommended to me 20 years ago by the guy's who worked with me outside in the cold on the rail road. Carhartt's are wind proof. I have wore the same Carhartt coveralls every winter for 20 years and they are still in good condition and keep me very warm every time I wear them! There are no rips anywhere on these 20 year old Carhartt coveralls even after climbing up into steel rail road cars for eight winters. The only wear they do have is the bottom of the coveralls have frayed where they touched the ground (the rail yard was filled with a larger size of rough gravel). These 20 year old coveralls I have are beyond tough. I never have owned a piece of clothing that lasted this long ever. 2010 was the last winter I wore these still good old Carhartt coveralls because they are a little too small for me now with the layered clothing I wear under them. I was 23 years old when I bought them new and I am 43 years old in 2011, so I'm a little bigger now then I was back then. I still kept the old coveralls if I have to work on a greasy car in the winter. The brown color of the old coveralls I have looks very dirty since I have always had dirty jobs. They have a black dirty staining on them which will not come out and I always washed them in regular detergent without bleach. My friend sprayed spray and wash stain remover on his Carhartt coat and it caused the material to fray in the areas around the cuffs where he sprayed spray and wash on the coat (do not use it). I wanted the black color on the new ones and I wanted the Carhartt extremes arctic quilt lined biberalls with an extemes arctic quilt lined coat instead of the coveralls (I bought the style #C55 Carhartt coat). The black color will still look good when they get dirty and the coat with biberall is actually superior to the coveralls when the temperature warms up a little too warm for wearing Carhartt gear. You can take the coat off and keep the biberalls on. I wear layered clothing under the Carhartt's. I have been wearing a sweatshirt with a light Polartec fleece jacket under the new black extremes arctic quilt lined Carhartt coat when it gets really cold outside. Under the biberalls I will usually wear thermals and blue jeans. If it gets really cold I will wear thermals with a pair of Polartec fleece sweat pants I have. The biberalls and the coveralls both fit over the Sorel Glacier snow shoes I own which are rated to negative 100 below. Those Sorels are big shoes and the Carhartts fit over them just fine. These extreme Carhartts are very stiff when new, but they get softer with age and washing them helps. My old Carhartt coveralls were very stiff when they were new also, but they are very soft now after 20 years of wearing and washing them.

I would like to thank Carhartt for helping me keep warm for the last 20 years and making the toughest cold weather gear I have ever owned. I will only buy the Carhartt brand due to it is worth every penny. This brand lasts and it is hands down the best you can buy for tough working conditions. If you work outside in the extreme cold weather then I cannot recommend anything else but the Carhartt brand to you because I know it works better than anything else. I would also like to thank my friends again who recommended Carhartt's to me 20 years ago.
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on January 8, 2015
Compared to other overalls that I have Berne,Polar King and Dickies I don't see that the artic description fits these any better than those. In fact the Polar King would fit that billing better but are awfully heavy.
That's the one thing that sets these overalls apart from the others. The weight.
After wearing the traditional canvas insulated overalls for a week of work my back and shoulders feel terrible. It's like I've been carrying a heavy pack all week. The Carhartt extremes are noticeably lighter and leave me feeling fine. If you have to wear insulated bibs for hours at a time walking and climbing in and out of things don't jack around pull the trigger on a pair of these. Plus they are better in rain and snow for water repellency. If you're going to be sitting around or only wearing them for an outing in dry weather go ahead and save some money and try the tradition canvas ones.
I usually wear a 38-30. I ordered 42-30 because I wear a lot of layers. They fit like 3XL. I went to 40-30 which fit like 2XL. I then got my regular size 38-30 and they were what I should have ordered at the beginning. Fit like XL in other brands. The length was pretty much spot on with my usual 30 inch inseam. That's right about the short size in the others brands I have.
I read reviews about the snaps not lining up but didn't encounter any problems. Another review had concerns about the zipper stopping around the waistline. The internal storm flap is the culprit and merely has to be pushed down to allow the zipper free movement.
The front pockets are nice and deep but the chest pockets are pretty useless when wearing a coat due to their entry location.
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on January 8, 2010
Very warm and fits great. Pay attention to the sizing suggestions, they were a little long in the inseam until I drew in the suspenders all the way. Not the traditional "duck" material-all poly so I doubt they will ever "break-in" like the other carhart stuff I own. Only complaints-the suspender latches come undone when you get in the truck and the upper portion of the bibs are very stiff and will hit you in the chin when sitting. Welders-these babies will burn up quick from the sparks.
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on October 25, 2013
This is a 5 start product the reason why I give it 4 starts is because the sizing ..this is a great biberall good durable material ..u will like it ...just be careful with the size specially if u have belly offense ..I'm 5'8 180 pounds so I got size 34 waist 32 long ..keep in mind this will shrink when u wash it and dry it ..
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on January 6, 2011
Very warm and comfortable bibs. Inseam sizes are dead on so I recommend you not buy them long so you are not walking on the bottom of the legs while not fully zipped. They have handy snaps on bottom to keep them closed while walking/working, and the double zippers on legs make it easy to reach inside pants pockets. I work outside most of the day here in Montana and I love this product, look no further.
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on June 2, 2014
I own two pairs of these. Because I work outside doing water based construction year round. These kept me very warm and dry during the polar vortex when wind chills were reaching -30F. But is a big issue with the zippers. They don't last very long. If you get road salt on them and don't wash them right away they will break off
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on March 19, 2013
This product is right on with Carhart quality. Don't be afraid to pay more for Carhart. You will get your monies worth back out of it. My husband likes the zipppers down the legs. I liked the sizes available as he is shorter than most. He also has the duck bibs. The arctic is warmer and more water resistant for those cold rainy/snowy days.
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on January 13, 2016
These keep me so warm and clean, I was shocked! I work at a large animal veterinary facility mostly outside and in ocassional barns. In the teens and twenties I was super warm with just pants and a sweater. Water beads off and goopy liquid medications, spit, slobber, urine, and manure wipe or spray right off. Kneeling on freezing pavement or mud is much easier- the protection and padding keep my knees comfortable and no cold seeps through. They are tough- sharp edges and getting kicked and hay bale wire don't make a scratch.

About the fit- it's odd and difficult to select. I'd advise trying on in a store with intended underlayers and purchasing on amazon for cheaper. I am female, 6ft, 150 lbs with 25in waist and basically straight hips. My inseam is 37in. I've learned with previous bibs that men's inseams don't account for the extra 2-6in you get with the low crotch. I got a 32x34. The torso was not baggy at all with a tshirt and medium thickness sweater on (Patagonia better sweater). The inseam length was perfect and just touching the ground with boots on. Boots fit easily and zip and button legs are versatile. The shoulder straps however when shortened all the way are still too long. I criss-crossed them at first until I shortened the straps with my sewing machine. The top of the chest of them still comes up to my clavicle but it's perfectly fine with me.

They are stiff. It was a bit difficult getting in and out of my car at first. Bending down etc requires working against some resistance. I don't find it cumbersome and I expected it to actually be thicker than it is for how warm and functional it is. It is a little difficult to smash them down to the knees when using the restroom. My only current minor peeve is how flattened the legs were front to back making the legs struggling to stay wide and flat and causing lots of swishing noise when walking. I now store them in a "creased" side to side flattened position under my once-again-useful 120 lbs of vet school textbooks on the floor.

I dont find the weight fatiguing- they feel lighter than I expected. And I'm on the move 14-18hr a day. Don't expect to want to keep them on if you come inside frequently - you'll roast and I don't actually think I'd wear them if it's 30 degrees F or more unless it's sleeting/raining/windy.
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on January 25, 2016
I wear a 38-30 pant, and ordered these in 42-28. I'm an avid Carhartt devotee, all my rough use gear I have to rely on for work is Carhartt, and these continue the tradition. I expect to keep them a few decades. I bought these for a trip to Canada where I've been warned of the cold. I recently used them in a snow storm on the East Coast in 20 degree weather with 30MPH blowing snow. They are Waterproof and warm. I chose them over the regular duck insulated bibs for the waterproof option. It's worth the extra money. The material is just as tough as the normal duck, and they are beyond warm. I was out in the weather with a light jacket, these bibs (shorts underneath), and gloves. A hat and coat made it too warm and I would sweat. I would easily recommend these for constant below 0 weather.

I ordered them 42 in width to give room for layering, and they're loose but not too loose. I could wear another 2-3 layers and be fine and unrestricted in movement. I recommend the 2 inch shorter inseam so they don't drag the ground wearing boots. They sit just above the heel this way so they don't gather snow and you can get your boots off easily. They would still cover a 3/4 or full length boot top with ease (think 5-10 inch hiking boot). The looser fit also leaves room for a wellington type boot inside the leg without bunching or restriction. If you are worried about room in the crotch with the shorter fit, remember you can loosen the suspenders to make more room in the midsection and inseam, while not sacrificing the benefit of not having built up snow at your feet.

All in all, great cold weather gear, even if it is wet out.
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