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Tera Online - PC
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$23.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

Til this day, this is still my favorite MMO I've ever played. I did finally got tired of it once a while after they became F2P and I saw a little too many SNSD and Japanese schoolgirl outfits, which really is a bit of a shame, though I also understand it's also a selling point for some other people. The combat system is just one of the most slick and snappy I have encountered. I keep trying to search for a successor of Tera, tried Guild Wars 2, FFXIV, even Black Desert. Still none of them has got me hooked as much as Tera did.

The character customization is one of the more versatile ones in the MMO world. If you're creative you can easily make a character that's relatively unique, but still you would see a similar face to your character now and then. But compare to GW2 and FFXIV. Tera's customization wins me over a little more. Though, some of their costume designs are really unnecessarily skimpy. I really don't think that helped with the game's image in NA. Black Desert hands down wins everything else in character customization, if you've seen how crazily customizable their character creation process is, you know what I'm talking about. So there's that.

The combat system really reminisces fighting games more than traditional MMO style. After playing Tera, I found GW2 and FFXIV's fighting action to be way too slow for my liking. Black Desert is similar to Tera in regards to its combat system, but it still lacks a sort of user friendliness and smoothness to it. I desperately wanted Black Desert to be the Tera 2, but I won't be playing that game until they fix their cash shop problem. And killing mosters and bosses are simply much more enjoyable in Tera than in Black Desert, albeit how awesome the graphic Black Desert offers. So really, nothing beats Tera so far. Since Tera is now F2P. There really isn't any reason not to try it, especially if you like MMO but never find the more mechanical combat system attractive to you. And extra fun if you play it with a controller instead of a mouse. Tera is a lot of fun especially when you team up with another person. Just be prepared for a lot of out-of-world costumes.
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on January 28, 2016
TERA is easily the best F2P MMORPG in circulation at the moment. In fact, it surpasses many paid MMOs in terms of graphics and engagement in the games combat. The unique fighting style used in TERA is real-time and reaction based, so prowess in battle is not necessarily based on stats and gear, but rather the player's own skill and experience. In addition, the game is not at all pay-to-win. The only things you can buy with real money are costumes and mounts, which, however stylish, do not give an advantage in the game. The only downfall of this game is that it is extremely graphics intensive and takes up a cool 40 GB of space on your hard drive. If you are interested in starting up an MMO and have the rig to do it, this should be your first pick.

You may be wondering why I bought a hard copy of the game when TERA is free to play. Well, it so happens that you get a permanent Founder's Account upon entering the code inside the box. It is a pretty effective way of clearing the shelves. A Founder's Account provides a few of the benefits that an Elite (paid) Member gets– namely more character slots, bank slots, and cool mounts– without paying monthly. Don't forget to enter the code in backwards for an additional reward. For more details, you can check out the En Masse website. I highly recommend you give this game a try.
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on April 10, 2013
this is one of the best MMO's that i have played. I will list all of the pros and cons. firstly there is a factory defect on some of the hard copy cd's that you buy, on disc one. what this means is it will instal to about 15% then stop saying there is a data loop and wont instal any further. a few people that ive talked to said they had the same bug. its not on every single copy of tera just a few here and there so be aware of this. i had to down load the game from the tera web site then use the key that came with the game i bought.

with that aside here is my review.
1. the game is very very stable, i have seen virtually no bugs or errors so far with the game itself.
2. the game is extreamly large, out of all the mmos i have played it has the most land mass i have seen, so much so that they have 280 speed mounts, and the flight paths use teleporters to get you to point B faster.
3. its beutiful X 100000000000 i have never seen such beuty put into a game.
4. the monsters have a great AI they respond well to the players actions.
5. the best feature, the game requires skill, there is no tab targeting in this game and it playes like a 3rd person shoter.

1. see the issue stated above, down loading the game using the stream down loader is the best way to get the game however.
2. you cant use the mouse to click skills on the task bar you have to macro everything. this is a bonus to those who have key pads or like to hunt and peck on a keyboard but there is a learning curve to get by.

All in all the game is really fun to play and if you buy the game from amazon / where ever and use the key that comes with it even if you are F2P you get the founder benifits. this game is a must for those that want to play a game with great graphix and skill needed. i highly recomend it.
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on April 23, 2014
After playing a few hours of this game, i made up my mind on getting the hard version for the founder benefits. If you want to see the benefits, here is the link [...]

When you enter the activation code, make sure to enter it the second time backwards to get the founder status. Having the 8 character slots makes buying the hard version worth it. You'll spend more money if you buy one character slot at a time which is $5.

The game itself is pretty good. If you log in daily, you'll get reward for just logging in. Leveling up is pretty fast too. I made it to 11 quick. If you are looking for something to play, definitely try it out.
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on March 9, 2013
The focus of this game is very much the combat, it's active and starts out slow for you to learn the ropes, becoming more challenging as you reach higher level areas. The battles become quick-paced, and require strategy as well as reflexes. The game world is beautiful and detailed in most places, though there are a few barren lands as well. I often find myself charging into battle just for the fun of it, especially the larger monsters that usually require some assistance. The classes are varied in play-style and strategies, and rather well balanced.

The equipment system is fairly standard for most RPGs - offering a few ways to personalize. Armor appearance can be transferred to other equipment without changing the stats, so this allows for a bit of visual customization. Add in enchanting and crystals you can socket into your armor, offering upgrade options and a little more customization.

On the downside, quests are nothing new, the typical "Kill 20 of this type of monster nearby" are quite common, but they are generally easy to locate with your map and markers above the targeted enemies.
The story did not draw me in at all - this may be different for others, but I did not find it very engaging. I don't bother to read the quests outside the main storyline, 'cause there's not much there.

Aside from that, Tera Online makes for a fun game to battle monsters in, and with the many options, combos, skills, and strategy, there's quite a bit to keep things interesting.

Summary (TL;DR version):
-Awesome action combat
-Standard RPG equipment system with a fair bit of customization
-Dull quests
-Oh yea, and silly boob physics. They're made of jello!
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on June 6, 2013
This is my favorite online game. Thank you Amazon for having this amazing title available as no other retail stores are carrying copies as this title has gone free-to-play. I see me spending tons of my free time. I've played a few MMOs, most of which were made famous by the Asian market. From Lineage, to Aion, to Guild Wars 2, and Diablo 3, this is by far the best well made title I've played to date. I cannot recommend it enough as it has shown a great number of intuitive features that have evolved from earlier titles. The developers who worked on this project must be fan favorites that coded the gameplay in such a way that they "Got it right". Can you tell I really love this MMO? Graphically, the game looks amazing. The movement keys takes a bit of getting used to, however I was able to get over the curve and it no longer feels awkward. The group instance is what I really love about this game (think of D3). You select the instance and the system auto picks other players and when the que is filled, they are teleported to the instance. In other words, no more begging or waiting for your guild members to be online. There other other features that outshine the previous MMO's but until they come out with something better, I'm glad I own this game. This game is free to play; pay once and that's it. No monthly fees.
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on May 6, 2016
I love tera great game , its tons of fun , love the char custimization and the graphics of the game world and the combat just a great overall game , last patch though has messed the game up a bit , cant really make gold now but other than that great game , would deff say to try it out , its free to play now though , so head to the tera online website and get it for free
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on July 16, 2015
-True action combat
-Different classes have a very different gameplay feel
-Attractive character and environmental design

-Terrible default controls... you attack the direction your character faces instead of where the reticule is pointed. Can be changed, at least.
-Lackluster character customization compared to many MMOs of this type.
-Forgettable story/plot
-You can't cancel an attack once started, making combat less fluid than it could be. (For example, you can't decide to dodge while you're in the middle of an attack).

PRO or CON (depends on your taste)
-This game is "free" to play. As with all F2P MMOs, this means that it's free to try, but you'll get nickel and dimed to death if you want the full experience. At least you can get a free mount early on, unlike many games in this genre.
-Strong Asian sensibilities, although not an anime art style.
-Both male and female costumes/armors are designed to be more sexy than functional.

For those interested in an action MMO, I highly recommend trying this game out. It's the only true action combat experience I've found so far, and it costs nothing to try. The introductory area gives you a good idea what your experience will be like playing the rest of game. If you particularly care about story, it's probably not for you, but if you enjoy the combat, there's a lot of entertainment to be had.
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on April 9, 2018
This boxed copy was well worth my money. Gives access to extra character slots and bank tabs on all servers, an account wide mount, and the founder title. It gives more too I think, but those are the things that I really wanted. I had played Tera without this code on and off for awhile, but with the extra bank and character slots it is much more fun to level.
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on December 11, 2013
Nice, fun game. Don't bother spending money at the pay shop. Buy this first and put in the cd code just like posted, normal then backwards. Once done you get everything unlocked and 2 mounts that sell for very good money, its a lot for a new player. Once you sell one or both then you can have fun in the market and buy some pretty cool items right away, instead of waiting many levels to get enough gold to buy anything.

Also, almost any item in the pay shop can be bought in the game's auction house. So your $20 for the Tera game can really translate into $100s of dollars of shop-only-items for free that everyone else paid lots of REAL money for. These game codes can be used on an account that is already in use, no need to start new.

Don't make a noob mistake, buy this first and be happy. In comparison, just to add one character slot cost $5 real money, to open up 4 bank slots instead of 1 cost $12 real money. With this you get 8 characters, all bank slots open, 2 sellable mounts, all auction slots unlocked and more.
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