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on September 10, 2011
I am only posting this so that others who have been bitten by this HP Touchpad craze do not run out and order this, thinking it will charge their TP. I have tried it twice and each, I have gotten a message to use the charger that came with the device. I do not know why folks are griping about it being OEM; this is why it costs so little. The one I received is in good shape - and if nothing else, I have another wall adapter for the many portable electronic devices I have already, although I do not really need one. Oh well, it is not worth sending back for $4.00. At least, I like the quality feel of the cord.

Even thought it does not do what I want it to do, I cannot downgrade the rating for that. I cannot stand when someone gives a product negative reviews because THEY mistakenly purchased the wrong product.
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on December 20, 2010
I first purchased this from The OEM Shop and received a unit with a faulty USB cable. Normally I wouldn't care, except I need the Palm USB cable to fit into the touchstone. After a lengthly resolution and a refund, I found that it was cheaper to buy the AC Adapter WITH a USB cable than the USB Cable alone (what?)

So, why not buy another one? These things just seem like a good idea to have around.

My order from BTO came in working perfectly. Plugged it in to my touchstone at work and now I have a nice little charging dock - just what I wanted.

So everything appears to be palm-branded exactly like my original charger - but I noticed that the AC Adapter is somewhat smaller than the one that came with the Sprint Palm Pre (bought on day 1). Perhaps Palm was able to shrink the size? Or its a very well-done knockoff. Either way, it does exactly what I need it to and has the same specs.
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on September 27, 2010
I received my Palm Pre charger from the seller BTO today, only 2 business days after ordering it. Thanks to the USPS for delivering it so quickly!

It seems to be an original charger, and was well-packaged in a small plastic bag and bubble wrap. My only disappointment is that this charger isn't as small as the one that originally came with my Verizon Pre Plus. Unfortunately, this means that the adapter I bought on Amazon can't be plugged in next to another plug on my power strip. This wasn't a problem with my original charger, so it's a little annoying. Without actually timing it, it seems to be charging the phone just as quickly as my original charger (at least, it's faster than charging via USB), but I'll have to test it later with my Touchstone, in case the charger itself isn't up to its own manufacturing specs.

It sounds like the particular charger you receive will vary depending on your luck and/or which seller you buy from. Another reviewer mentioned receiving the adapter which is physically smaller. I personally would have preferred that one, but for less than eight bucks, I can't really complain too much.

After doing some looking, I found that there are 3 model numbers for the Palm Pre chargers: 157-10108-00, 157-10124-00, and 157-10130-00. According to the Palm Pre Owner's Manual from Verizon Wireless, you can use any of the three chargers with the Pre, and the rated output for all of them is 5V 1A (1000mA).

The one I received was 157-10108-00. My original (smaller) charger was 157-10124-00.
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on March 5, 2012
I have purchased a total of 15 of these over the past year (10 from "Seller1on1" and 5 from "The OEM Planet") for the shipped price (about $3.50/ea), they really rock. You can buy 5-7 of these chargers/cables for the price of one OEM one or similar OEM one at Best Buy or similar B&M store. I keep a couple in the office for the other guys to charge their phones and one in my coat to charge as I go station to station if my phone needs to get topped off. I also have them around the house (kitchen, computer room, exercise room, bedroom x2), at the in-laws place and in our various travel bags/backpacks etc. I sold a couple to my co-workers whose chargers broke at their house.

The high current (5v 1 amp) is good for quick charging any of the current crop of smartphones. I have found them to be better than most of the chargers that came with my phones. It will not charge an iPad though since the current is too low (you need a 2.1 amp charger for the iPad). These Palm chargers are top notch and are exactly the same as the one that came with my Palm Pre. I currently use it to charge my Samsung Epic Touch (Galaxy S II Android smartphone) and my wife uses it to charge her Blackberry Tour. I also use it to charge my old Samsung Epic (Galaxy S that I use as an alarm clock and general purpose device), Apple iPod Touch (2nd gen), and a Sprint Palm Pre.

The cable is a standard USB to microUSB cable that measures 58"(4'10") that has these chromed sliver discs that tell you which side is up so you don't have to look at the end of the cable to figure how to plug it into your phone.

The charger is cylindrical (as in the picture) and the prongs flip in for easy storage and stay out of the way when you have it in your bag.

The quality of both the cable and the wall unit are excellent. The strain relief on the cables are great. I have purchased cheap overseas stuff in the past looking for a bargain and the cables usually fell apart after about 2 weeks and the chargers usually have a fail rate of 10% (out of the box) with questionable power output.

Overall, it's a great product from 2 great sellers (the ones I dealt with) and I wouldn't hesitate to get another 5 chargers if I had the need.

Specs printed on the charger:

Input: 100-240v, 50-60Hz, 0.2A
Output: 5v, 1.0A
Made in China
AC/DC Adaptor P/N: 157-10124-00
Foxlink LPS ITE power supply
UL Listed 10AG E212020
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on February 7, 2013
It's a USB charger with folding prongs. It's about an inch and a half tall and comes with a micro-usb to regular usb cable. I don't know how the cable actually is, because I haven't unwrapped the cable. I bought these just to have spare USB chargers around the house, not for a Pre.

The charger and cable came in a plastic bag. I don't know if these are really OEM or not because two out of the three I ordered didn't work. I tested them the day they arrived and when I found they didn't work I emailed the company for an RMA immediately. They responded promptly and shipped out two replacements without requiring a return. The two replacements arrived quickly but I was disappointed to find only one of the replacements didn't worked. When I emailed the company again, I was offered either another replacement or a refund. I took the the replacement. Fortunately this replacement worked.

I don't know why so many of them failed, but I was impressed enough by their service to order three more. I just got them yesterday and one of them didn't work, so I will be requesting a replacement. I'm in no hurry, and the price is great for a small portable charger with folding blades that it's worth it to me.
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on September 28, 2012
The touchstone charger has a pretty small hole that most microusb plugs won't fit into. Also, I believe it is somewhat picky on what chargers it will accept so you can't plug it in to any old usb charger. These worked perfectly. For any of you doing the same mod I did, it is pretty simple to do but I couldn't wirelessly charge through a case so that is kind of a deal breaker for me. I'll keep it around so I can use it if/when my microusb port breaks.
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on April 21, 2012
Yeah it's only a charger; but a lot of thought went into designing and producing it by the folks at Palm. Remember, phone makers have standardized on the micro usb connector. That really opens up your choices if you want or need a new charger. You don't have to buy a charger from the maker of your phone. These are mostly interchangeable now. But there are some subtle differences.

Why do I like the palm charger? For one, it's very small. It also has folding blades. That makes this a great travel charger. It can fit in the tightest of outlets. Second, the charger puts out 1a of power, which is more than enough to quickly charge up the latest smart phones. Third, the USB cable is about 5ft long. And it's a high quality cable. It plugs right into the top, making this charger an efficient user of space. Finally, the charger is in the class of units that are the most energy efficient currently available. That means that if you leave this wall wart plugged in when not in use, it won't suck as much energy as most other chargers will. It will save you a little bit of money over the years. You can tell if a charger has the highest rating if you see an upper case V somewhere in the product description. This unit has that designation.

If you can find this charger at a good price, you will be getting a great product for the money.
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on October 14, 2011
I am using the USB AC adapter part of this to charge my iPhone 3GS, and it works well. It's slightly larger than the white block that came with the iPhone, but it is much cheaper and I like the cylindrical shape. The OEM Shop initially shipped the wrong product (they sent a Motorola phone charger by mistake), but they ihmmediately sent out a replacement when I notified them. Kudos to OEM for great customer service.

I'll test this with my iPhone 4S arriving today (!) and update the review if it works with the 4S as well.

I'm not using the cable that came with the charger, although it does look like a standard micro-USB to me.

Update 6/13/13 -- I now have two of these, one for each of my carryall bags. Both work well for the iPhone 4S. I do believe that the ones I got are OEM products -- some guy did tests on the electrical power coming through various types of USB chargers and found that the ones actually manufactured for Apple, Palm, and Motorola produced more consistent power (no spikes or frizzing) than both the brand name third party suppliers (e.g. Belkin, iHome) and -- by far -- than the generic knock-offs that look like OEM products but aren't.
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on February 6, 2015
As far as I can tell, these are the real deal. They practically exude quality! ANY small device can be charged using them. Just supply the right cable. USB means Universal Serial Bus. Nice long cord with a standard USB male on one end and a Micro USB male on the other. Chrome spots on the plugs so you'll pull on them and NOT the cable!
!20-240 Volts so they work in Europe with the right adapter plug. One amp output so they won't charge an Ipad! Made in China. Mine say Flextronics on them. Surplus stuff I guess. Get them while you can.
I got mine from Redonkulous. They arrived in two days! Apparently as advertised too.
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on July 18, 2012
I have bought and used 6 or 7 of these chargers and I would recommend using electrical tape at the base of the charging end that goes into the device because the rubber wiring casing tends to break and expose some of the charging wires. Use the tape FIRST THING when you get it in the mail. You will extend the life of this charger by 4 or 5 times its intended life span. Using electrical tape will not only keep you safe from the exposed wiring, but also prevent the extensive bending of the charging end that tends to occur with everyday use. Other than that this charger is good because it is a charger as well as a data transport (because it is USB 2.0 as well. This way you can charge your phone and transfer data all with the same cord.
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