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on April 26, 2017
I'm really disappointed here. The product worked OK initially, but then had problems holding a charge. I bought this for my mom who basically wanted to listen to audio books on it. Two weeks ago the iPod completely lost the ability to hold a charge. It would power on, stay on for 2 minutes, and that's it. This thing was brand new, and didn't even last a full 5 months. $170 down the drain. I did contact the seller; they responded very quickly saying that this was outside of their 30 day return window. They wouldn't even take it back. I'd even be OK with a re-stock fee; but now I have a crappy paper weight. We took the device to the Apple store as well. They acknowledged that it was new when purchased, but they weren't much help either... it's $100 to repair the battery - which they said was faulty. I'd be really cautious here if you're about to buy this.
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on May 21, 2014
I bought the first of these two devices a year or so ago. It recently died and will not turn on. Even though it is a discontinued model, since I liked it's form factor for exercising I bought another through Amazon. It also died recently. I just came back from the apple store where they said that they couldn't give me a new one because it was purchased in 2005. That is when Amazon purchased it, I bought it just three months ago. So, since apple doesn't care when I bought it, and Amazon only warranties it for a month or so, I am completely out of luck and you will be also if you but this product and it breaks, which it will.

I'm done with Apple products as of today, and I am extremely disappointed with Amazon. Our family purchased at least a few things a week from Amazon, but I'm going to have to rethink that now. This has all been extremely frustrating.
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on April 2, 2013
I'm so excited! I currently have an iPhone which I wear in an armband when I go to the gym. It lets me keep up with the time and listen to music, but because of how active I am, I have had to replace the armband twice from snapping the ring on it. It also makes movements kind of uncoordinated and keeps me available to friends and family when I'd rather be focused on my workout.
I've seen the 6th generation iPod nano and the sporty watchband and been tempted to try out the smaller size and lighter weight. I thought that by now I'd have to pay $200-$300 for this version of iPod, but Joe Benton was gracious enough to post one on sale for... I think $114? Perfect price!
I ordered this iPod (in my favorite color) March 29. The estimated date of delivery was April 9. It arrived today in perfect condition. It still has the plastic wrapper on it and the package includes the charging cable, and earbuds. No dents or nicks anywhere.

This little gadget is about the same size as my wrist watch. It measures about 1.5x1.5 inches. It's very lightweight. I believe it's made of aluminum. The screen is glass. There's a spring clip on the back to clasp to clothing or lock onto a watchband. The charge port and earbud port are on one side while the volume and power buttons are on the opposite side. Kokkia makes a Bluetooth adapter that is half the size of the iPod (it's $50) and I intend to buy that next. You can plug this into your iPod to connect to a stereo Bluetooth headset. I bought the Avantalk headset for this purpose.

The iPod is only so small so it provides only the bare necessities. This was EXACTLY what I had hoped for. When I'm in the gym, I don't want to be staring at the screen. That's not what I'm there for. The iPod nano 6th generation has the iPod library (8GB) and a local radio app. So far I can only find FM stations. I'm not sure if it's AM compatible. The radio app has a pause and favorites button. There's a Nike Fit app... I'm not sure if I want to by that gadget even though I have the shoes. It's easy to set the time and date. There's a photo library... Not sure what that's for. There's a podcasts app and of course the settings app. In settings you can change the wallpaper, the time/watch appearance, which apps are on screen and how they appear (small or large), and the language. You can even calibrate the iPod to your Nike Fit gadget (if you have one).

I do wish this ipod had been built with bluetooth inside, but I'm still deeply satisfied with this purchase and the seller. I'd highly recommend both to friends, family, and gadget hunters. Anybody looking for a perfectly fit mp3 player for an active lifestyle.
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on March 27, 2015
I read reviews on this before buying, the negatives were that if a runner/exerciser you had to keep it away from the body as it couldn't handle moisture as in sweating heavily with in a pocket....I think one runner said it was worn on the arm but still took on moisture. I have been very careful to protect it from any kind of moisture accordingly. About half an hour ago I opened my clothes dryer to hang the jeans and there lay my iPod. My heart dropped....ALL my music is on this little had gone through a 15-minute wash set on heavy for the jeans, then through the dryer for about 15 minutes because I dry my jeans just long enough to loosen the wrinkles then hang to dry. Well dang it! I plugged it into my laptop can't not at lease hope can you? Unbelievable! It started right up and is still playing! If it stops and won't play again I shall edit this post of the fact. Meanwhile, to the runner/exercisers, I suggest rather than moisture maybe it was activity/jogging/jumping that caused you iPod to fail.
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on July 19, 2012
I bought this as a XMAS gift for myself as I was intrigued in the radio and pedometer features (BTW I went to an Apple store to physically look at the nano BEFORE purchasing--I knew I wanted to buy from Amazon--I wanted to see it and feel it. So far I haven't used the radio nor the pedometer. I would use these features it's just that it's easier to set up my playlists and listen to those while working out or gardening.

The bad:
My biggest beef is with the button functionality. Six months into gentle use and the sleep/wake button got stuck(the small design makes me feel like it's gonna break if you just look at it, and by the way, my IPOD classic, 6 years old now, has seen FAR worse treatment including dropping it and it's a beast still working). A little research on the Internet revealed that the buttons rely on double-sided sticky tape on the mechanism that makes contact with the switch on the controls (volume and sleep/wake). With a price of $150 you would think Apple would use epoxy or something other than double-sided sticky tape--to me that's just shameful. Some folks reported that the sleep/wake button got stuck on their Nano after just two months. Luckily, my nano was still under Apple's limited one year warranty. I contacted Apple via their online service and they replaced my nano with another one free of any charges including shipping. If your nano is not under warranty apparently you can use the headphones that have volume and shuffle controls on them--this might be my only alternative if my nano decides to crap out after November when my warranty runs out. If the buttons get stuck you can still plug the nano into the computer and it powers up and functions but if the sleep/wake button in particular doesn't work, your nano will play music you just can't manage it via the sleep/wake button (you can't wake it, shuffle songs, etc.).

I should explain "gentle use": I garden outside with my nano clipped to my jeans pocket (no trouble with accidental song forwarding, unlike the wheel buttons on the iPod classic if I didn't put the iPod facing in). My workouts are low impact (treadmill walking, no running, again the nano clipped to a pocket and it has never fallen to the ground, unlike my iPod classic which fell out of my shirt pocket several times while gardening). I also listen to music while doing household chores--again just gentle use.

The eh, it's OK:
I like that with a single click of the wake/sleep button you save battery by turning off the display. In fact, I hardly ever used the screen to forward songs. The shake-to-shuffle is fun, IF you have the display on (so this forces me to use the sleep/wake button to forward a song--no way around not using the sleep/wake button, huh?). I have big hands and never really felt I couldn't handle the buttons/display. I love minimal design (three buttons total, earphones) and you can set up your nano to display as little or much as you want (photos, podcasts, etc.--which BTW I never use these). I like the Nano's compact design but at $150 for the 16G, the problem with the buttons after such a short time, I don't think I would ever buy this again. I would fork out the extra $30 for the classic or buy a cheap MP3 player (problem is, iTunes has grown on me--there's always something isn't there?).
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on September 30, 2013
I have officially owned every iPod made by apple, and I have loved them all. I purchased this one strictly for running, because it can be worn as a watch. There are some down sides that I understand, but I don't necessarily agree with it. Several reviewers complain that this device is inferior to the one it replaced because it's not functional for workouts because of it's small touch screen. I believe that everything touch screen can be a pain, and so I understand. But did they not know when they purchased the device that it was a nano??? The smallest of all iPods????? (Well it's a hair bigger than the shuffle, but believe me not by much. I still have mines; I accidently washed with my clothes, but I still have it). I don't know what they expected. I used the device to track my run this past weekend. It came already loaded with Nike+ which was great. It was accurate in mileage, and I wore the device as a watch, (please see my review of NaNotch watch band for iPod Nano). The new update enlarged the icons so selecting the wrong icon now is nearly impossible unless you're just clumsy. I will say the convenience of the scrolling wheel of the old nano is missed but not so much so that I would replace this one with the older model, ( I owned that one too by the way, and I loved it as well). Anywho, make your own decision, but I love this little thing almost as much as my iPad.
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on February 15, 2014
I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my husband as his was stolen at the gym. I believed by the description that I was purchasing a brand new iPod nano 6th gen (discontinued by Apple) and I paid more then when they sold for brand new when the were carried in stores. The description said that it was brand new. It arrived in white jewelry box with a piece of paper with instructions from Apple on how to register! I easy pretty upset. It was a factory replacement iPod. Not brand new in packaging from Apple. This was not disclosed in the description when I purchased it. I had to give it to my husband for Christmas, no time to find another and return this one. Buyer beware!
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on August 9, 2016
Personally, I love this thing. though the device has never had an issue hanging around my gym sweat, I have been mindful about how wet my wrists get just in case. Still, the only reason to own this thing is to use at the gym. Since you'll likely have your phone with you anywhere else, the mp3 player is redundant.

Don't let the watch faces fool you. The fact that this has accessories that turn it into a wrist watch is cool but, after buying 3 different kinds of wrist straps in various sizes and materials, I can testify that it is impossible to make the nano look delicate on a female's wrist. Even at 2 inches, it's still pretty big for that and so are the straps. It might work on a man's wrist though.

5 Stars
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on November 25, 2013
The iPod nano 6th generation is my favorite iPod model. I'm pretty much addicted to listening to music while using exercise machines at the gym or solo hiking or snowshoeing. The 6th gen is small, holds tons o' music, and clips onto my clothing or pack when used out of doors.
(The early clip-on iPod Shuffles were just as good for my usage, but somewhere along the line Apple changed the iTunes software so that the 'play statistics' no longer updated correctly for the earlier models. The current iPod Shuffles are just too small in size to be easily handled.)
The iPod nano 6th generation functions exactly as I need it to.
Editorial comment: Apple tends to take a perfectly good product, i.e., early model Shuffle or Nano 6th gen, and then 'improves' it, in the process making the newer version less useful than the older version.
I liked my original nano 6th gen so well, that after a while a bought a 'discontinued' 6th gen on Amazon to preserve the original as a 'backup'. Then my newest 6th gen went on the fritz after a year or so of hard usage (on-off button was stuck), so purchased another new 'discontinued' 6th gen on Amazon. Meanwhile, I had my broken 6th gen repaired, so now have three of the iPod nano 6th gen models. Call me a hoarder, but I think the iPod nano 6th gen is the highlight of the nano models.
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on December 8, 2015
Works well. I broke my last one and was happy to be able to find this. I use it with the watchband from Scott Wilson so it works as my main watch, I've been using it like this for about 5 years. Too bad they don't make it anymore, it makes for a cheap apple watch, to have time and music on the go.
Lots of swiping for the interface though, I wish there were more shortcuts.
Also, this was made to be portable and for sports, etc...I wish it came with a cover for the interface port. When using it as a watch, I basically have to take it off and put it in my pocket if I think it may in any way get wet. A drop of water in there will be sure to be disasterous
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