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on March 16, 2010
I owned the first generation of this camera, so when the lcd broke on the other one after an accident, I was pretty confident that I would love this one as well. Not so.

The worst problem is the addition of the touch sensitive controls. It's very easy to accidentally push any of the buttons. I'd read about this in reviews before I got the camera, but it ended up being way worse of a problem than I expected. The only actual button on the back of the camera is the record button, and it must be way too easy to press as well, because in the short time that I owned it I recorded well over 3 hours of footage from my pocket. This even after I turned it off and disabled the quick record option. Call me old fashioned, but I think you should be able to put a "pocket camera" in your pocket. Also, I never had this problem with the first generation. Let me also say that I was really disappointed that they cut the amount memory in half from the first generation of this camera, and still without adding the option for a micro-sd slot to add anymore memory. Lastly, it may be a bit superficial, but they changed the wonderful mat finish of the first generation to a glossy finish on this one, and it's covered in fingerprints after only a couple minutes use. Plus, the new design on the front of the camera is just plain ugly.

On the plus side, the video quality is pretty good for the price range and given that it's a pocket camera. It definitely captured the colors well and in stunning resolution (though I would love to see them add options for 60fps and better image stabilization). The sound quality is about what you would expect (not so bad), but I love the addition of a microphone jack (for using an external mic instead of the built-in) and I wish I could've tried this out! Also, they added the option to choose your exposure level with this generation, which made me very happy, because the first generation definitely needed it, and so this camera works much better in lower light. Not great, mind you, but better. The added option to to take pictures instead of video was also a nice surprise, and the pictures came out pretty well as long as you could hold the camera relatively still and choose the correct exposure amount.

Overall, I was very unhappy with this camera. Mine ended up having some sort of issue, so luckily I was able to send it back and get a full refund; I would not have been happy had I been stuck with this one. I was happy with the video quality, and some of the new options were a step in the right direction, but creative definitely took a number of missteps with this camera that make it almost unusable. The biggest drawbacks of this camera were definitely the addition of touch sensitive buttons and the cameras tendency to record while in your pocket. Creative has definitely fallen behind the pocket camera market, and I do hope they step it up and come out with a camera that can compete a little better. At this point, I'm probably going to be getting the Kodak Zi8 instead.
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on April 7, 2016
I purchased Vado camera a couple of days ago and it has arrived
2 stars on shipping the product in a timely manner..
The camera had video footage on it already:/
of a baby, someone foot and a person at work
so I took a star away...
The camera is dirty so I took a star away
The back of the camera body looks like it's going to pop open
and even though I love how quickly they ship the product out
they could of package it better
Also the camera is missing 20 minutes of storage
I have other complaints but that has nothing to do with the seller
I don't like the fact that you have to use a usb to charge it
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on April 22, 2010
I had the camera for a few days and figured I'd throw in my share of comments. This is my umpteenth video camera.

The quick verdict is that this is a neat little gadget which is definitely useful but far from a regular HD camera. However, I do not believe it is aiming for that but it is the form factor that makes it intriguing and an everyday device.


First the bad: The camera shakes quite a bit if you do not find a way to stabilize it in some way. If you just pull it out of your pocket and think you can hold it up and capture some decent video you will likely be disappointed. You will have to place your arm or the camera on something solid (or better, use one of the miniature tripods). If you absolutely cannot - all the low priced video editing suites (Magic Movie Maker, Adobe Prmeiere Elements, Cyberlink Powerdirector, etc) have image stabilization functions which you will then need (and degradate the image). This also implies that the bundled software is probably not going to cut it if you plan on putting together a DVD - although a Youtube upload will be fine.

The front buttons on the camera are a minor nightmare. In order to ensure that the camera would not accumulate the usual hand-oil-grime Creative did away with mechanical buttons there altogether and replaced them with touch-sensitive surface areas. While this keeps the camera switch areas clean it is not easy to handle and it takes getting used to.

I tried the camera on three different 64 bit Win7 machines and it was not recognized. I resorted to XP. I'd say that a firmware update is in order (and maybe available by the time you read this).

The good: The picture quality is better than you would think. Considering the tiny lens and CMOS sensor the picture is sharp, the colors adequately balanced and low light sensitivity excellent. I expected a lot of noise in poorly lit environments but it does a pretty good job.

The double-duty external mic/headphone jack really lifts it a notch above the competition. You can get a little Sennheiser mic which plugs right in and sits atop of the gizmo and enhances the quality for ~$20 if you are so inclined but the sound from the built-in mic is acceptable already. The same plug accepts a headset. Nifty considering that playback sound from the camera is not-so-good. (Note the HDMI output, though, which I did not yet make use of).

The display is excellent. Brightly lit and identifiable enough for full daylight scenarios.

The camera only does 720p as already noted but I am not aware of any other camera in this form factor and price range which does 1080p. Even then, I'd rather have good-looking 720p instead of poor 1080p. I can only emphasize that the quality of the picture is what sets this camera apart. I disagree with the notion that the lack of 60fps (due to the limitations of the sensor) is a real drawback.

You can take stills and it may come in handy here or there.

So is this a full-fledged camera you will take on your trips to once-in-a-lifetime locations? Probably not, it just doesn't cut it for that. Is it a toy and only useful for some web video? Absolutely not. It is definitely usable and well-suited for your casual shoots, be it when you go see a band with your friends or tape your kids playing socker or what-not. You just don't want to lug around something that doesn't fit into your pocket all the time.

I'd give it a thumbs up and it you are looking for something of that sort - this camera seems to outperform similar models like the Flips.
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on November 20, 2010
I bought this Vado HD 3rd gen pocket camcorder from Creative because I wanted something small and simple with a reasonable price tag. It meets all of these criteria and it takes really nice video. It's very easy to use although the included instructions don't fully explain all the possible functions as well as it should. Going to the Vado website doesn't give you more info. If they fixed the touch sensitive buttons I would give it five stars.
Low price
Good picture quality, works well in low light
Ease of use*
Small as a cell phone and very light weight
Video files can be transferred very easy and quick

* The touch sensitive buttons to zoom and adjust brightness are way too sensitive - regular push buttons like the recording button in the middle would resolve this (what were they thinking at Creative?)
Although the picture quality is good, there's no image stabilization so you need a firm grip to prevent shaking
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on November 28, 2012
I bought this camcorder in spite of all the negative reviews i read, because I wanted an external mic input for better sound quality in my videos, and most pocket camcorders have fazed out the external mic option. So this camera is from a couple years back I guess, but I got it brand new in the box, not a refurb, for 80 bucks Shoots in hi-def and widescreen, and the videos come out beautiful, even in regular hi-def mode. There is also an HD+ mode, but you only get half the recording time, about an hour. No kidding, this thing beats my FlipCam 8 ways to Sunday. I did have to spring an extra 25 or so for a tripod, since the VADO is pretty slim and won't stand by itself, but having a tripod only increases my options. It's got a rechargeable battery that will run about an hour and a half, two hours tops. One thing, the price on this thing fluctuates wildly. I got it for 80, when I looked the next day it was a hundred, and the day after that, $120. This from the same vendor. Bottom line, I'm glad I ignored the bad reviews. Most of them were about the battery. I had a battery problem too at first. Thing just would not charge. I read the advice about making sure the battery was installed correctly, but I *knew* that couldn't be the problem. I'm not one of these morons who blows a simple instruction like how to install the battery, and I made specifically sure I was installing it correctly. After a lot of frustration, I finally opened it up, and sure enough, I had put the battery in upside down. After turning it over, no problems since. Buy it for the beautiful HiDef widescreen video. The external mic input is just a plus. Like I said, you can't find them on pocket camcorders, and the next cheapest option with an external mic input will run you at least 300 bucks.
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on March 11, 2010
I originally bought the Flip Ultra HD from Newegg. I had all kinds of issues with the Flip Easy Share Software. Flip acknowledged the issue, but couldn't provide a solution. So I went to return it to Newegg and was informed that wasn't an item eligible for a return. Lame! They did make a 'one time exception' after I explained the problem. But lesson learned, I doubt I'll purchase anything over $20 from Newegg in the future.

Anyway this Vado is significantly smaller than the Flip Ultra HD, and the lense is better due to the wider angle it can shoot. With the Flip Ultra HD I always felt like I had to take a few steps back to whatever I was trying to record to fit into the picture. The sound quality also seems better with the Vado.

On the downside, the buttons on the Vado are poorly designed. They can get activated by barely touching them or brushing against them. It's also advertised as being able to take still photos....yes it does, but the quality is poor, there's no anti shake technology, so mine are all blurry. It would probably work if I had a tripod..but I don't.

It's a fun camera for the price point.
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on February 18, 2011
I got my Vado 3rd gen yesterday. This is my first pocket camcorder and so far I'm loving it! I read a lot of reviews before buying, so although I did finally settle on the Vado for it's wide angle lens and lowlight capabilities, I had a few concerns, but I'm happy to say upon recieving this product that the pros for this device actually greatly outweigh the cons.

The touch sensitive controls that some people have complained about aren't as annoying as I thought they would be - yes, it is easy to accidently hit play while you're just holding the camcorder, but that's not a big deal. As long as you handle the device carefully while you're filming, it's fine.

I walked around my house filming last night, and the shake wasn't too bad,'s like any camera, if you walk around with it, you're going to get some shaking - that's why professional film makers use steady cams. But just standing in one place, it was easy enough to hold it steady enough to get no shaking at all, because it's so lightweight...even with my old mini DV camcorder I would get shaking because for me it was a heavy object to hold for a prolonged period of time.

The audio is fine as far as camcorders go. I wouldn't say that it's any worse than the audio from my old camcorder. It is very sensitive, and picks up sounds that I can't even hear. But anyway, it has an external microphone jack, which if you want to do some serious filming with this thing, you'll probably want to use. With any camcorder, you're going to get better sound with an external mic.

I was also worried about the shiny, smudgeable finish that everyone complains about. Basically, it seems to have a finish similar to that of a Sony, don't get a black one, basically. I got the purple, and it's fine, the smudges don't show up too badly at all.

I was also impressed with how easy and quickly you can get your video files off of the camera - it was a great improvement over how I had to do it with my last camcorder, having to have special software and cables and having it take so long to do...with the Vado, it's as easy and painless to move your files off of the camcorder and on to your computer as it is with a still digital camera - just drag and drop, and a few seconds later, you've got your file! Very happy about that.
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on January 11, 2012
I did literally tens of hours of research on pocket/budget camcorders to find the best one for me. And what I learned first of all - all budget camcorders have their drawbacks. They either don't have certain functions or don't perform well, or they're made shoddily and are defective or soon exhibit technical problems. So I guess I should not be surprised or dismayed that the Creative Vado HD 3rd generation camera did exactly what hundreds of people online said it did to them - it wouldn't charge or turn on.

I was thrilled to finally come to a decision on which camera would be best for me (this one got good reviews for low-light function and for audio function). And when I ordered this one, I certainly hoped mine would not be one of the "lemons" out there. But alas, I was wrong. I did everything everyone online suggested, but it would not charge nor would it power up.

So I'm returning it. I was so taken by the positive reviews of this camera, however, that I guess I will throw caution to the wind and order another one to give it one more try. I don't think I will bother ordering from the same company, though.
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on November 10, 2011
I was looking for an inexpensive HD camera to film short scenes for training videos I do at work. I did a ton of research, and found this camera to be the best suited for my needs and budget.
This camera is GREAT for basic shots at a distance, but not close up. The video playback quality is really good on a subject 4+ ft away. As you get closer than that, the quality suffers, but then again, this camera was not designed for that. If you want to shoot closeups in HD, then you need to look at the much more expensive cameras. The thing I REALLY liked about this camera is the ability to plug in an external mic. Not many HD cameras in this price range allow that. I'm going to do some on camera interviews with this, and being able to use a wireless lapel mic will be invaluable.
The zoom feature is a bit choppy if you zoom while recording, and although it does have some image stabilization built in, you still need to remain quite still while holding the camera by hand.
I believe in reviewing an item against what its intended purpose is. For this reason, I give this an excellent review. For the money, this is a fantastic camera. If you are looking for substantial image stabilization, high zoom levels, up-close HD, then you need to go with a more high end HD camera. If you are looking for a basic, inexpensive yet still versatile (external mic) camera, then this is the one for you!
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on October 31, 2011
Okay, I realize that the price of the VADO camcorder varies day-by-day, but I got to admit, I was lucky when I viewed this camera on October 20... the Cyan version was selling for $29.95. I thought it was a misprint, but here it is, about a week from ordering and I'm using the camera and loving it! Well, let's be frank about this: it doesn't take video near the quality of my Panasonic HDC-TM700 Panasonic HDC-TM700K Hi-Def Camcorder with Pro Control System & 32GB Internal Flash Memory (Black), but for less than $30, I am amazed! It is still Hi-Def. Let me give you some Pros & Cons:
Even at under $100 this camera is a steal.
Compact size
Hi-Def video
Weighs less than a pound
Color is very accurate
All the controls are intuitive
the USB connection is built in (and comes with an USB extension cable)
Comes with a HDMI-mini HDMI cable (this alone was selling for $30 at my local store)

A bit pixely around the curves
Panning the video camera produces jumpy video
4GB of storage MAX and with the included software, really only about 3.5GB storage.
No SD-HD card input
Sound is tinny, but jeeze what do you expect for $30?

All-in-all I am amazed at this video/still photo camera at the price I bought it, even at the full retail ($179), it is a pretty cool little camera. But, I got a steal at $29.95! Thank you Amazon!
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