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on May 11, 2010
This is an amazing screen, simply put. The picture is simply wonderful, and as the CNET reviews have said, there is no ghosting or weirdness that would cause you to dislike the picture. The technology is sound. For MBP users, the best quality seems to come from connecting everything, putting the macbook to sleep, and then waking it up. It also works as a second monitor, if you want.

The reason I took off a star is there is a little fussing necessary to get it to work well. I have a MBP 2009 13" unibody with a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, and it thought my computer was a DVD player. I had to calibrate the screen a little (from the MBP preferences panel), and take off the weird blue tint that it is preset with (from the syncmaster menu). After about 5 minutes of fussing my screen looks great, and I have a picture quality unparalleled by anything below the $600-$800 range.

In my opinion, if you are looking for a budget screen to watch movies, edit documents, run video games, and anything else that would merit an amazing and large video picture, get this screen. Fussing aside, this is the best screen that I have ever owned.

On features, the buttons are touch-sensitive (but aren't very sensitive-use flat of thumb to push them) and light up on the front only when you are using them.

It comes with a DVI-dual to DVI-dual cable, and a DVI-single to VGA adapter cable. No HDMI included (be sure to get a $10 category-2 HDMI cable if you go this route). On the back there are more than enough ports for anyone's needs.

Also to note, the screen is quite light and thin, and can's be adjusted from its stand in any way. Since this means I can take apart the stand and travel with it more easily, and since this also means weight and/or desk space won't be a problem, I really don't care. Just make sure you don't bump it off your desk. Picking up the screen and accessing the back is quite easy. There is no mount on the back, so I will do some jury-rigging for that when I have the time.

Now I will sit back and watch some mind-blowing graphics.
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on May 5, 2010
I found this as a recommended product on CNET, and personally i find it to be a good monitor. When it's on fastest refresh rate it works perfect for any game, no ghosting or lag. The buttons are a little hit and miss but they work. The colors seem ever so slightly off, particularly on the bottom. The main problem I have is that the bottom has a little backlight bleed, which I was hoping to be spared of by it being LED, and the angle from the TN panel is a little lacking but Ive seen worse. Otherwise Ive had no problems and I use it all the time for games, videos, and even text looks great on it since I'm a programmer. The Hdmi, dvi, and vga all work perfect. Its a little bright even at low but its general quality is good enough to be worth looking at.
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on August 4, 2010
After a week's use, I find this model to have been a very smart purchase. Setup from stand/panel assembly to image calibration was pretty quick and simple. The image is superb, and thankfully, no dead pixels. With a bit of settings tweaking, I have deep blacks and bright colors/whites living happily side by side. Of course, no ghosting and no input lag = awesome for my twitch gaming needs. The only downsides are minor. The inner bevel at the edges of the screen are very reflective, so images at the extreme edges (right/left mostly, but also at the top edge depending on your viewing angle/height) of the panel are mirrored on the bevel. It bothered me at first, but now I just ignore it. These bevels should have been given a matte of some sort to prevent this. The other detail is the power/menu "buttons" which are sensors rather than actual buttons. This works, but isn't extremely accurate in the sense that I often have to do a little extra "touching" of the spot to get it to respond. Here again, I've already come to ignore it. The provided MagicTune software to allow image tweaking via software rather than the somewhat awkward sensor buttons works, however, on my XP machine, crashes every time I try to reboot. Once calibrated to my general likings, however, I just uninstalled it. On my particular panel, I do have one backbleed hotspot at the lower center. It isn't anything worse than I've seen on most other monitors of this grade, and fortunately, it's only noticeable when the region of the screen near it is pretty much full black (though this will be the case with movies that don't fill the vertical area of the screen--i.e. those with top/bottom letterbox strips--it hasn't bothered me, but I view movies from a lower angle than I view the panel during work or gaming, so it tends to disappear). Overall, a solid product with far more pros than cons. While not perfect in all respects, it gets 5 stars (though if I could, I'd go with 4.5 just to acknowledge the minor quibbles).
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on July 25, 2010
I purchased this monitor and then 3 days later is started acting up. The screen would constantly 'blink' 'shutter' or 'flash' whatever you want to call it. Then on the 5th day it would start to turn off so I would have to hit the power button wait 5 or so seconds and turn it back on that wouldnt always work as sometimes I had to wait 2 or 3 minutes before it would come back on but it would happen again 15 minutes later. I asked amazon for an exchange and they sent me one and sent the defective one back. The game is great for video games such as Americas Army, Team Fortress 2, Starcraft2 beta, and Medal of Honor Beta. No ghosting crystal clear, and bright. There different setting that you can hit so when you are just reading websites it will go to those setting you have preset, when watching a movie it will change to those, gaming and so on. The touch sensative buttons are much better on this monitor then on the defective one I had as well. Since getting the replacement I have had zero problems with this one. I would have given this 5 stars but since I got a defective one and Ive read other people having the same problem it cant get the complete 5 stars. Id recommend this monitor cause of the price ($280) and perfomance if you get a good one that is, if not make sure the place you get it has a good exchange policy so you dont have to wait on Samsung. Just get it from amazon. You dont have to pay for the defective one to be sent back to you and they send you a replacement right away.
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on July 11, 2010
I purchased the Samsung 1080p HD monitor as an upgrade for a 23" Sony Bravia 720p HDTV that I was using as a my computer monitor and HDTV. Since the Samsung monitor does not have a built-in tuner (like the Bravia it replaces), I am using a Samsung DTB-H260F purchased over a year ago as an external tuner to retain the HDTV viewing capability at my desk.

The impression I had when first using the Samsung monitor was that it was very bright and much sharper than the Bravia HDTV (it was 720p vs. 1080p, so this was expected). After turning down the brightness and loading the Samsung device driver, the monitor upgrade seemed well worth the cost. The Sony Bravia is now a bedroom HDTV; and the Samsung monitor seems well utilized as a computer monitor, since there is currently no 1080p HDTV programming on my cable provider.

I've read reviews that say the Samsung is a good choice for a gaming monitor; this was one of the reasons for getting it as a computer monitor. Gamers tend to be very particular and technically informed about the technology behind their hardware.

I am very happy with the upgrade; my computer has a Radeon X1650 video card (old entry-level gamer card) and the monitor compliments it well.
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on May 4, 2010
I've had my 2nd XL-2370-1 for over two weeks now. I returned my first one after the lighting mechanism failed on the 3rd day of use (power light was on, connections were good but the screen went permanently dark during use on the third day).

For the price, it's a beautiful monitor. It is much thinner than my Samsung SyncMaster 245T or my LG Flatron W3000H LCD monitors. The housing for the XL-2370-1 stays remarkably cool due to the LED lighting.

The colors are great, the refresh is insanely fast and the brightness is greater than I expected. It really is a beautiful little monitor.

However, I really don't like how the monitor hardware is non-adjustable. There is no height adjustment nor swivel. After you plug the base into the LCD screen, you are left with one complete rigid product. The monitor face is tilted up slightly but then you are left to adjust your chair height if you want your eyes to be at the perfect level with the monitor.

The electronics also seem to be little flaky. Like I said earlier, I had to replace the first monitor because of an electronic failure (with the lighting). And even with this new one, the monitor will occasionally act like the DVI cable is disconnected (the monitor displays a "searching for signal" message). This happens randomly and about every other day. I swapped the monitor between two computers to rule out a faulty graphics card but the behavior is the same.

So I don't know if Samsung just went on the cheap with the manufacturing for this model (my other Samsung monitors and Samsung HD TV are wonderfully flawless) but when it's working, it is an impressive little 23" display.
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on July 29, 2010
I bought the item from Amazon. The item wasn't shipped in a timely fashion due to amazon's security measures they take to make sure I actually did buy the item myself. However, Amazon did waive the shipping charge since it was late. So I was happy about that. Now to the monitor, Packaging was good. Monitor came in a big box with the original packaging inside of it. The monitor is great so far, had it for about 4 days. After changing some monitor setting, it blew my mind. I'm very happy with my new monitor. I have my monitor hooked up to my macbook pro. I have my screens brightness on 3 on a scale of 0-100, and its still looks awesome. I did a lot of research on this monitor before i bought it. I haven't seen a bad review yet. So if your considering buying this monitor. I'm pretty sure you'll be happy with it.
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on August 19, 2011
The image of this monitor is outstanding if you find the right settings to it. I am a hardcore gamer/watch you tube videos/movies on my PC and I must say I am extremely satisfied. I already own 2 of these monitors and order one from Amazon today coming my way next week to have my triple screen setup attached with the MatroxTriplehead2Go.
The only downside of this monitor is the stand can't raise or turn the monitor the way you like it. To me it is not a big deal. I only like my screens on landscape an not portrait like some do.
It is Eco-Friendly, doesn't use much electricity, and image/specs are superb.
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on November 4, 2010
Pros: Crisp, Vivid, Hdmi, 2ms response time, led, nice design

Cons: Little Backlight bleed at bottom but hardly noticeable and def not a deal breaker, I guess the touch controls can be annoying at times

Got this monitor for 280 shipped, and really like it. I think the black levels are amazing and movies look like they should. The colors are really nice too after calibration. I've plugged this into my ps3 and the picture looked washed out but after calibration it looked great; Pc games look even better and response time is fantastic. So i definetly recommend this to anyone that surfs the web, watches movies, or plays video games.
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on September 27, 2010
I love my new monitor. Yes, as people have said before about this monitor, the base is unstable. I would not, say, enjoy using this monitor on a flimsy ikea desk as the two combined would be too much. However, on a sturdy wooden desk, this is not a problem.

In fact, the picture quality is brilliant, and the wide viewing angles mean I almost never have to touch the monitor when watching movies!

My only wish is that the on/off button was actually a button and not a vaguely painted area you have to hope you are correctly moving your finger against. But given the price and quality of the monitor, I really can't complain.
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