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on January 1, 2010
My wife? Cuddly as a panda cub. She sweetly bought me a Kindle DX for my birthday, but as my late-night reading habit brought unwelcome lamplight to our bed, her temper became violent, mafia violent. "I can't sleep! I'm going to smash your new toy!" she growled one morning with the force of crossed gods and dying suns. A chill swept over the planet. Birds stopped singing. Children paused in playgrounds.

Enter the Kandle. Now I can read in bed (my favorite place in the house) with barely any light spilling over onto my wife's eyelids. The bedside lamp stays dark. No more threats against the Kindle or me.

Suggestion: Clip the Kandle to the side of the DX to illuminate its larger screen. (The bottom of the page is a tad dark if the Kandle is placed along the top of the DX.)
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on January 27, 2010
OK. I like it, and I'm going to keep it, but just because, IMO, it is better than the competition doesn't mean that it's perfect. From all the 5 star reviews was prepared to think it the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The clip is good. It will fit on the kindle and is versatile enough that even with a cover will either fit over both or slip between the cover and kindle. I'm a little worried about how durable the "spring clip" is. It's a clothes pin design.

Mine did come with batteries installed, but no extra many people have mentioned that they received. It takes two 3V CR2032 batteries. Pamphlet says they last 25 hours. I did look up and Amazon sells 25 for $5.81, so not bad. However, to change the batteries you have to have one of those tiny philips head screw drivers to open and close the battery compartment.

Also, I have the smaller kindle. It does not have hot spots nor areas it doesn't cover, but there are certainly areas that are darker than others. It makes me wonder how it would do on the DX.

I know that I've pointed out the negatives, but there are many things that I like. They've been pretty well covered in the 5 stars, but one thing I do like is that when you close it up, it is sturdy. I would feel comfortable just sticking it in my pocket and it being comfortable that it wouldn't get damaged. I think that's a huge plus.
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on April 16, 2010
I'm adding to my original review as this is my second one and it's a better product. The first time I bought this light several years ago it was just a light with two batteries. The new packaging of the Kandle book light includes the very handy screwdriver (you need this to open the battery case) and a nice drawstring bag. The original didn't have either. My original review mentioned this and I'm pleased they made the change. Thank you for improving an already good product!

I love the way this clips onto either the Kindle or the cover. Most booklights only clip onto the cover. The light is bright, gives full coverage of the Kindle, including keys at the bottom for us ancient kindle 2 users! I like that the LED's were a little farther apart from each other than other lights I've tried. That allowed it to have a broad light range but didn't make it so bright that it was distracting. And after 2-3 years of use it's was still working great until I left in in a hotel.

I wish it plugged in, as I read an hour or so a night, but a set of batteries last me 3-4 weeks so it's only slightly more battery hungry than my other booklight that takes a AAA. Only downside the batteries aren't standard but then again I wouldn't be so small if they were.

All in all this is a great new design and I am glad I gave it a chance and the new packaging and extras make it a perfect choice for any e-reader.
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on September 20, 2010
Note: the TLDR version is at the bottom. :-)

I have the second gen Kindle with the "official" Amazon leather case, and the Kandle works great, both with the Kindle alone and with the case on. Note: while using the case, you may have to push the Kandle a little to the right, but it fits fine and the case even closes over it.

The lighted part is on a hinged mechanism, so that you can lift it up when you need it, and fold it flat when you don't. It's great when you get it: you can read while holding the Kindle up like a normal book, and the hinges hold the light out so that you can read perfectly. As you can see from the images on the product page, the Kandle is shown with the arm sticking straight out. Some people will complain that the light isn't as bright at the bottom, but it's always been perfectly readable to me.

Changing the batteries is a snap as long as you have a tiny Phillips screwdriver, and the batteries are fairly long-lasting and cheap. I have used the Kandle a lot in the last 5 months and have only had to change batteries a few times.

Here's the problem, and why I marked it 2 stars for "durability" and only 3 stars overall. The hinges that hold the light up worked famously for awhile, but after a few months, the hinges lost their holding ability so that the light won't stay up and just sort of flops back down. Just for perspective, I bought it in April, and by August it had turned, well, floppy.

What this means is that I cannot hold the Kindle up normally to read it if I want to use the Kandle. Those nice little images on the product page that show the arm sticking out and the Kindle held vertically? Forget about it. Instead, I have to have the Kindle pretty much horizontal and flat, or even with the top tilted down a bit in order to keep the light up. If I tilt the Kindle up at all, the light bar on the Kandle just flops down.

In addition, the clamp that attaches to the Kindle has been getting progressively looser, and the Kandle tends to fall off a lot more than it did in the beginning, but this loosening is not nearly as pronounced as that of the hinges.

I would say overall that this is a really great product for the first three to four months; in fact, I would have rated it five stars if I'd written the review when I got it. It's light, compact, tends to stay put, and in all ways is a nifty (if slightly overpriced) accessory. However, having the light bar go floppy after a few months means you'd have to keep buying a new one a few times a year just to be able to read upright. With so many other book lights and LED lights of various kinds out there priced much lower, I can't really recommend this.

In short:


Fits the Kindle well, with or without a case.
Light is bright enough to cover entire reading area.
Item is compact and very lightweight.
Batteries are long-lasting and inexpensive.
Clamp stays put fairly well.


Light arm bar stops working after 3-4 months.
Can't hold Kindle upright and read after light arm bar stops working.
No obvious way to repair the hinges.
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on February 6, 2013
I normally don't write reviews, but I have used the Kandle so much that I think other Kobo mini users may find it useful as well. The Kandle's width is exactly the length of the viewing screen of the Kobo mini, and the 2 LED lights are enough to illuminate the entire Kobo mini screen all the way to the bottom. The light does get dimmer toward the bottom, as expected, but it is still enough to read by. Because the back of the Kobo mini slopes and tapers at the edges, the Kandle's clip ends up aligned with the sloping part of the back. Although this position seems precarious, the Kandle actually grips very well and will stay put on your Kobo mini unless you jostle it too much while turning the light switch on/off. Although others have commented on the small size of the light switch, I don't have a problem with it (if you have nails, it's easy to hook onto the switch). The small, streamlined form factor of the Kandle makes it perfect for travel - I just clip it onto the free edge of my ereader cover. The only slight issue I have with it is that because it uses LEDs, the light is a bit more blue than my natural daylight lamp and thus harsher. But, a natural spectrum booklight that works well doesn't exist (the Verilux travel light is heavy and obstructive) and I much prefer the Kandle's light to the yellowish light of other booklights.
So, if you are a Kobo mini user like me and want to retain the small form factor but add light, the Kandle is perfect.
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on May 1, 2010
I got my Kindle for Christmas and I bought a Mighty Bright book light to use with it. I was never really happy with the Mighty Bright because of the longer arm on the light. I had to position the light in odd ways to keep the glare off my Kindle screen. When I saw the Kandle and how it fit on the Kindle in a lower position, I decided I would order one to give it a try. It arrived today and I'm totally happy with it! I was worried about how well the Kandle would clip to my Kindle in the case that I have, but it works very well. I have this case:

Amazon Kindle Black Leather Cover w/ strap (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle)

I keep the Kindle in this case all the time and just fold the front cover to the back when I'm reading. The Kandle will clip over the front of the Kindle and over the back cover of the case with no problems. I had read some other reviews about how evenly lit the Kindle screen would be with this light, and it's true that the top portion of the screen gets more light. However, there is plenty of light to read the entire screen in a dark environment with no trouble at all.

The Kandle is a perfectly suited companion to the Kindle!
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on May 10, 2010
This is the third book light I've tried since getting my Kindle and while the Kandle is the best, that's really not saying much. The best part of the Kandle is how compact it is, it folds up when not in use so as to not damage the light and also to make it more portable. This is a great feature as most of the other lights I've tried haven't been nearly as small when folded up as this is. My biggest problem with this light is essentially the same problem I've had with every book light I've tried, the top of the page is extremely bright but then the bottom third is very dark. As I said though, this is the best book light I've been able to find so far but that by no means makes it perfect.


Very compact
The light can be angled to adjust it to your needs
The battery lasts a pretty long time
Comes with extra batteries


Leaves dark spots on page or Kindle no matter how you angle the light
Fairly expensive
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on March 27, 2011
I purchased a Kandle about a year ago. At first, I thought it was much better than other available book lights, mainly because it 1) fit on the Kindle without slipping, and 2) the bar of LED lights lit more of the page than the single lights. It was decently bright, even though the light didn't uniformly light to the bottom of the page; still enough to read the bottom reasonably well. At the time, the only issue I really had was that it takes an unusual battery (CR2032) that isn't cheap to replace, usually requires hunting down a drug store that sells watch and camera batteries, and requires a tiny screwdriver to replace the battery, so not very convenient when traveling (don't even try getting one of those tiny screwdrivers on a plane with you).

Over time, however, I've found that the light has gotten dimmer even with a fresh battery in it. As I reposition the light, I notice it will change in brightness, like something has come loose inside or shorted out near one of the joints. Unfortunately, unless I press just the right spot the whole time I'm using it, it is now too dim to read by at all, and I'm back to hunting for another suitable book light while reading by lamp rather than book light again. Actually, I've been on the hunt for a few months now, so expect this light to only have a lifespan of about 6-9 months with regular use. This was never the "perfect" book light, but it was a vast improvement upon the others I've tried. I really can't figure out WHY it's so difficult to design a light suitable for a Kindle or other e-reader, but there is a real paucity of choices on the market. Considering the price of less suitable lights, you might consider this one anyway, noting that it's semi-disposable, or you might want to keep searching for something more durable.
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on January 19, 2013
When I bought a newer Kindle for myself, I passed my Gen 2 Kindle on to my husband. We both usually read for a while before going to sleep. I now read on my Paperwhite 3G and do not need to use the lamp we keep above our headboard. But it still had to be on for my husband if he decided to read longer than I did or vice-versa. I saw this product at Amazon and ordered it for his Kindle. He loves it! In fact, we both do because we no longer have to have that glaring light on if just one of us continues to read later than the other. This is a great product! It doesn't weigh a lot and attaches to either the top or side of the Kindle. I've tried other detachable lights with clamps but they never seemed to open enough to fit the Kindle without popping off at the slightest touch. This is a stronger, wider clamp that does not cause a glare on the reading surface. I chose the white to match his white Kindle but they also offer gray, graphite, and black. They do offer other lighting products but this one is perfect for our purpose. You can also purchase them used at Amazon for a lesser amount.

Kandle by Ozeri LED Book Light in White -- Designed for the Amazon Kindle (1st and latest generation), Sony Reader and other eBook readers.I highly recommend it.
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on September 6, 2010
For Christmas of '09 my husband bought me a Kindle (2nd Gen.), which was a very nice surprise. Really the only problem I had with it was a lighting issue. The issue being I liked to read at night before bed, and he liked to just go to sleep when he got in bed. So for a couple months I tested out other book lights, but they all put this terrible shine spot in the middle of the page I was reading and I was constantly having to adjust it. Then one day I found out that Kindle had created the Kandle (I'm not usually a sucker for play on names, but I did really like this one). I decided to give it a shot and am very glad that I did. Since it's more of a light bar, instead one solitary light, it illuminates the whole "page" and I have had no problems with shine spots.

The only problem I have with it is that it is very, very bright. Some nights that is okay, but then some nights my husband can't fall asleep as easily and it bothers him because it does shine beyond my area. I just wish there was an adjuster for the brightness. That would make it great.

I'm not sure how long the average battery lasts; I am still on my first one. I have had it for a little over a month I think and use it a couple times a week for at least an hour and it's still going strong.
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