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on November 23, 2015
I have purchased this stainless steel sippy cup and the Pura Kiki 11 oz natural stainless steel sippy cup and both products are good, but I recommend the Thermos for younger kids that like to throw their sippy cups on the floor from the high chair. The Pura Kiki cannot tolerate hitting tile floor and the bottom has warped, but is still totally functional and is not my on-the-go cup. I have a one year old son that bites everything he puts in his mouth and the sippy portion of both of these can tolerate him very well. Unlike the Nuk sippy cups that he completely bit through in five minutes. I highly recommend this product to someone who is looking for a smaller starter stainless steel sippy cup. My one year old can hold this sippy cup much easier with the handles compared to the Pura Kiki and it tolerates hitting tile very well. Word of caution for people who want a product with absolutely no hard plastic. The handles, blue screw on top, and the part that holds the silicon sippy part into the blue screw on top is hard plastic. This was not a problem for me. The Pura Kiki has no plastic and is simply a stainless steel container with a stainless steel screw on top and the silicon sippy mouth piece.
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on January 15, 2015
Its a good sippy cup BUT... we've owned two of these. And in both cases after a few months of use it grew black mold on the silicone part. No way to get it off as far as I can tell.. Very disappointed as I liked that it was stainless steel and not plastic.
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on June 2, 2016
First I give the cup itself 4stars - removing one for how soft the sippy valve is. A teething toddler easily bit through the tip. It's easy to clean and assemble and handles falls and throws well.

The seller I purchased from is fantastic. 5 stars for their service.

The one star comes from the poor manufacturer customer service you'll receive. In trying to order replacement parts you're really stuck contacting Thermos or paying 13plus dollars for an otherwise 2buck part from third parties. I've been on hold well over an hour numerous times (yes, during office hours they provided) and the email side is attrocious in how unhelpful they are. I've been told in 5 different emails know how much a part is and how I can pay (that's in every mail...) but no one in the two different reps I've been through has been able to tell me what other "phase" pieces are offered for this model (straws, straw-lids, flip tops etc). So I've heard numerous times I can order a sippy replacement while they've utterly ignored my other questions.

You see, they make more money selling whole units than by offering you clear info or easy access to the interchangeable parts. The "phases" nonsense was my entire reason for buying this model and it's been a huge, frustrating time sink.

Currently this expensive cup is only being used as a bath toy or to water houseplants. Be warned before falling for that interchangeable parts and "phase" bit - it's been two weeks for me of numerous calls and mails and I'm no closer to replacing anything than the start of it.
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on November 9, 2016
We bought this sippy cup mostly for the vacuum insulated feature. It does keep the milk cold and I no longer have to tote around ice packs and insulated bags. The problem with this cup is it LEAKS like crazy! Initially if you turn it upside down it doesn't, but after he has taken a drink out of it there is milk everywhere when turned upside down. I disassemble and reassemble it every single use just to make sure the valves and lid are secured properly. No matter what I do we end up with milk all over our cars, our beds, floors, toys, etc.
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on April 9, 2016
This is pretty nice, but needs adjustments. I am glad that liquid is only touching stainless and silicone, but the valve system needs adjustment. The valve was tight and required a lot of vacuum to draw liquid, which my boy doesn't like. I was able to adjust it all the way to free flowing (by removing the valve), but with a partial fit it doesn't flow, but draws easy. Now, the valve part is plastic, but I can live with that since it isn't bathed in liquid, I'd prefer it was all silicone or metal inside... Tough to find one like that...
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on November 6, 2016
Gold standard in sippy cups. The negative reviewers seem not to understand how mold works: if you store something with many interlocking parts wet, it is almost guaranteed to mold (unless you live in a very arid environment). We've been rotating three of these for over two years now and they've stayed pristine... that is until my husband put away the dishes one day, assembled a sippy cup tightly and put it in the cabinet. It was moldy within a week, of course.

Normally, I fully disassemble them to wash and let dry in the sun completely before reassembling, OR store them in pieces and only assemble before use. This is how you prevent mold, people.
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on August 15, 2015
What a waste for us. Anyone who is planning on purchasing this for a baby/child who is teething, curious or creates movement in general, wait for a windy day and just release your money to the the wind. It is great how few parts there are for cleaning, and that's about it. The silicone spout is so flimsy, one poke with a tiny finger or pull of the teeth and it is swimming in the cup below. I'm really surprised at all the high ratings. Am I missing something? It comes with a plastic piece to seal the silicone spout for transport and the actual silicone spout, that's it. The first time we used it my seven month old had loosened the spout and dumped water all over herself within minutes. I tried at least a dozen times over the course of two months to see if her ever-changing development stage and the stars would align to make this cup work... They did not.
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on September 30, 2016
WARNING If you do buy this cup, be sure to entirely disassemble and clean all parts every night to prevent mold growth!

I really loved the idea of having a steel sippy cup, and was very excited for my baby to start using it. He was able to figure it out right away, at a little over 1 year.
Two downsides: 1) The plastic piece on the inside sometimes gets dislodged, making the water leak. I just made sure to check that the piece was pushed in every time I refilled it. Not really a big deal, except I don't want to take it anywhere. It stays at home.
2) More seriously, I didn't realize I needed to remove the silicone spout part from the plastic outer shell on the lid in order to clean it. After about 3 months of use, I discovered that the inside was covered in black mold. In spite of boiling it, leaving it in the sun and scrubbing it, I could NOT remove all the mold. This picture shows what was left after all of that cleaning. The last straw was when I discovered more mold inside the spout itself. There is no way to get in there and clean it. I believe this product would be far better with a clear plastic lid, to allow light to penetrate and inhibit mold.
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on February 2, 2015
After buying my Grandson one of these, he refuses to use any of his other sippy cups. He loves it. Consequently, Grandpa has had to buy him a couple more. Haven't had any of the leaking, trouble sipping or any of the other complaints about which some purchasers have knocked these. Make sure you get the magic cleaning wands to ensure you clean them properly. I also purchased him a few of the containers, and his mother loves those too. I don't work for Thermos as an employee or in any other capacity and do not stand to benefit in any way from your decision to purchase this item. If you are on the fence, I recommend you buy one and let your little hard-nosed consumer put it to the test.
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on November 2, 2015
I have a love hate relationship with this cup. My 11m old holds it well- actually better without the handles. But she likes to chew the spout which makes a huge mess because the milk sort of collects inside the spout if she doesn't suck it all out. (I put about 3 bibs on her to catch the spillage...) For example, after she drinks some, you can turn the cup upside down and pour out what's left in the spout. So leak-proof, yes, but the spout spills, if that makes sense! The quality seems good tho and easy to clean with bottle cleaning accessories. It has survived quite a few throws onto hard tile already! If your kid doesn't chew the will like it just fine. :-)
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