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on December 10, 2011
I needed to replace a full-sized leather wallet that I had purchased in Germany back in 2006, which had a two-compartment, zippered coin pouch. My biggest concerns in ordering this replacement wallet were (a) the single-compartment coin pocket wouldn't hold enough coins to be useful, (b) fewer card slots and (c) the durability of the lamb skin leather.

(a) The single coin pocket is large enough to hold two or three dollars worth of coins, and actually holds the coins more securely due to its flap closure with a snap fastener.

(b) There are enough slots (3 in front section + 3 in back section) for my most-frequently used cards, plus a separate drivers licence location. I pared down the cards I use less frequently to populate the clear plastic card holders, displacing a few of the cards that I used to carry (mostly store customer loyalty cards). This resulted in a leaner, slimmer wallet, which is actually a good thing.

(c) I haven't had the wallet long enough to assess the durability of the lamb skin leather, but it's definitely thinner than my old leather wallet. It also seems to be softer and stretchier than traditional leather, which allowed me to slide full-sized cards into the six slots without stressing or ripping the openings.

Not many: Fewer card slots and thinner material are the only ones that immediately come to mind. Considering the price, these minor drawbacks are not unexpected.
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on October 17, 2013
I've bought a lot on Amazon and Reviewed a lot. But, I've not experienced a conflicting item to Review like this before. Right out of the package I could see this wallet is sub-par. I've bought Amity and Buxton wallets in the past but couldn't find Amity and, Buxton doesn't make the coin pocket anymore. Well, I had to force the credit cards into the barely wide enough slits for them. The wallet is on the small side measuring about 1/2" smaller on width than most. The photo holder is a joke as it falls out upon opening the wallet. Don't really need it anyway. I was so disappointed in this wallet immediately (and prematurely) got on the website and processed through a return for it. Then I put it in my right rear trouser pocket and got in the car to go to the store for some household things. Well, amazingly it felt rather comfortable - not bulging and grotesquely overstuffed as my old Amity was. I had to significantly "lighten the load" on this one due to its smaller size. When I got in the car and sat down, I noticed/felt something I hadn't experienced in quite some time - comfort on my backside not sitting on a bulging wallet. Due to its smaller size it seemed to find its place in my jeans rear pocket somewhat off to the side so I wasn't sitting directly on it! Damn, that was nice. Heretofore I usually took my wallet out of my pocket when driving or sitting for any length of time so as not to experience a "dent in my butt". For something just a short time before that I had thought I disliked a lot, I had just found a new respect for this wallet. It still is smaller than I'm used to - but with less in it it's much more comfortable in my pocket. I think I'm going to experience a "period of adjustment" with the wallet and it and I seem to be heading toward a compatable relationship. I did however order a higher priced coin pocket wallet from Amazon and I'll compare it against this one when it arrives. I may just switch back and forth between the two as events may require. Or, this one (or the one I just ordered) may totally grow on me for permanent use. I think that being leather, after a half dozen or so inserts and removals of the cards in the tight fit slits, they may stretch the leather some and the fit will loosen up some. At that point I'll come back to this rating and improve it by a star. A very strange turn of events for such a simple purchase as a wallet.
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on January 3, 2013
Upon reading many reviews and researching extensively, I settled on this wallet for my sweetie. He had been needing a new wallet for a while now, but he was very specific in his desire to replace his current one. Had to be only bi-fold, not tri...had to have a "change purse"...had to have enough credit card slots...and enough room for money and reciepts. You'd think that might be too extensive of a list for a silly little wallet. But he was particular, so my research evetually landed me on this wallet. It had it all, and even the little picture sleeves. Plus it's got three separate areas for money, receipts, and even a little zippered area along side. Plus plently of little slots/pockets for business cards, etc.
I read something in a few of the reviews about the "smell"...which was simply NOT an issue...he loved the leather smell, and it seems to be dissipating the more use he gets out of one would expect. And I smelled it myself and don't thinks it's a "bad" smell....just leather. So I'm not sure what the complaint was for the others.
I also read that the credit card slots were too tight...again, this was easily over come. He simply put his credit cards in and moved them around a bit to "stretch" out the slots a bit, and in just a few minutes, they were perfect.
The ONLY reason this wallet did not get 5 stars, was because there are a couple spots that look a little "cheap", or at least cheaply put together...which may mean it doesn't last as long as his last wallet...but we'll just have to wait and see. And maybe I'll update this review if/when that happens.
For now, however, this was a great value and a nice wallet -- and a big smile on Christmas morning for my Hubby. :-)
I highly recommend it...if it can pass the test with my honey...I think most would be perfectly happy with it. ;-)
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on December 31, 2011
This is a very nice wallet. I used the express shipping and it came around 10 in the morning just like the website said it would. It comes with 6 credit card pockets and 3 bill compartments. It has a place where you put the change you get that you never seem to know what to do with. It also has 4 picture slots. The only problem with it is that some of the credit card compartments are a bit tight and you have to wiggle the card in, but they still fit. Overall, it is a very nice wallet.
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on June 6, 2012
I was looking for a well constructed wallet that had a coin purse and would hold some cash and all my cards. It does all that so what's to complain about? What I offer now is, I hope, constructive criticism that will help the manufacturer produce a better product.

First, the picture case was worthless. The tang that slides into the wallet was only about 1-1/2 inches long which is insufficient to keep the picture case in place. Also, the picture case construction was faulty and within a couple of days one of the pages had fallen out. I wanted to used the picture case for cards that I shouldn't have to remove from my walled but might need to display frequently, like insurance cards. There was plenty of room in the slide in compartments under the credit card slots for these cards so I just tossed the picture case.

The second issue is not a quality issue, but a design issue. The wallet holds lots of cards, which is what I wanted, but when full of cards, the right side of the wallet does not fit around the rest of the wallet. My wallet, when loaded is about 1-3/4 inches thick. When folded, the right side of the wallet is over an inch shorter than the left side and I would prefer that they lined up.

My comments do not reflect regret in the purchase. Before ordering the wallet I looked at all the wallets in several stores and couldn't find one that would satisfy my needs. This wallet works for me.
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on November 13, 2013
Solid quality, and its a wallet. I found it a bit thick, as I was accustomed to a simple bi-fold, but these are nice and preferable to a tri-fold wallet. I threw away the picture insert. Not so sure about the use of the coin purse section, except now I stow a back-up key in there; sometimes for my house, sometimes for my car. It will need a little breaking in, like any wallet.
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on February 25, 2011
I think this is fine. It's a basic no frills wallet. I didn't think it was cheap at all. For the money I paid for it got what I expected and I have to say I'm quite satisfied with it. I agree it's a little tight when you go to place your credit cards in it but I'm sure it will loosen up. I did toss the plastic holders, though. Otherwise why would I pay $30 for a designer name wallet, that's only going to be hidden in my pocket most of the time, when this one does just as good a job?
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on August 29, 2013
a men's wallet with a coin purse, photo sleeves, and multiple credit card slots.
I would have preferred it to be in a bi-fold style rather than a billfold style, but it holds quite a bit of stuff and seems to be made of real leather. Unfortunatly I can't tell the difference between real leather and bonded leather until it is worn out, so I won't be able to say for sure until then.
Update 5 months later... it did turn out to be real leather and that portion is good, but the photo protectors are falling out and the area for bills is too small. even when I have only a few bills to put in it the edge sticks out of the wallet when folded. I also noticed that several of ny credit cards have split, probably due to the tiered card partitions. original rating was 5 stars now downgrading to two stars.
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on January 7, 2014
I was looking for a wallet with a coin compartment. For some reason these are hard to find. Unfortunately I did not like that particular wallet. It is poorly made and poorly designed. It was too small. The bills kept sticking out of the compartment. The leather is thin and of very poor quality. It had this totally unnecessary zipper in the middle compartment which was pressing against the leather creating unsightly bump on the surface. This is exactly the kind of wallet you could buy for 5 dollars on the streets of New York. You do not need to pay to get it shipped on Amazon. At the end the wallet I ordered ended up in the garbage can.
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on September 8, 2015
The wallet started falling apart 2 days after I got. It smells HORRIBLE. The picture holders kept falling out, and they don't even fit normal wallet sized photos. Card slots are way to small, I had to shove one of my cards in it and wound up ripping the leather a little. All around HORRIBLE PRODUCT. I highly recommend no one buys it. Not to mention, I saw the same exact one at the flea market for $5. No wonder it was a piece of crap.
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