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on April 1, 2010
I was initially hesitant to buy this camera since there were ZERO reviews to be found, either here at Amazon, or elsewhere on the internet. But, since I've owned two previous Nikon Coolpix cameras (an old 4 MP camera, and a really old 2 MP camera) and both were great, I wasn't too worried. And I was right to buy it: it is working great and taking great photos, after several days of playing around with it.

First of all, it is very user-friendly. The menus and controls are completely intuitive, and make sense even if you have not cracked open the manual. ("cracked open" being a bit of a misnomer, since the manual is electronic only; the paper manual that comes with it is just a "quick start guide")

Second of all, it is a gorgeous piece of machinery; cute and cuddly and shiny and impressive. I'm afraid my girlfriend is going to try to steal it, it is so cute. I may have to buy her one to preemptively stop that from happening.

But, most of all, it takes great pictures. I walked all over town the first day, putting it through its paces, and scrutinized the photos on my computer when I got back home. If I was going to have to return it, I wanted to do so quickly, but I don't need to. The photos are great.

It is a point-and-shoot, which means that you don't have direct control over shutter speed, aperture, etc. But, you do have a dozen or so "scene modes" including Beach, Museum, Sunset, Panorama, Action, etc. These are very handy. I haven't tried them all yet, but they seem to be well designed.

The second day, I put the camera through its paces inside the house. No problems; it takes great indoor shots, providing excellent exposures both with natural light and with the flash. The wide-angle 4.9 mm lens (equivalent angle of view to a 27 mm lens in a 35mm format camera) was especially nice: you can stand in a corner of a room, and get the entire room into the photo! Nothing left out. That is pretty unusual in an inexpensive fixed-lens camera.

My third day test was to take the camera to the beach on a bright, contrasty day. It performed admirably, maintaining both shadow and highlight details, and rendering the deep blues of the sky and water, as well as the bright sand, equally well. This one's a keeper, folks!

Another nice plus: there is a "16x9" mode available in the "shooting mode" options. This doesn't quite use all 4000x3000 pixels; it only uses 3968x2232 of them. But the images are perfect "HD" format, and completely fill up a typical wide-screen monitor without any stretching. Somehow, they look all the more impressive on a computer screen than the typical 4x3 ratio.

Final tidbit: I bought the camera from Amazon, which was $10 cheaper than the local big-box store, had no sales tax, AND allowed me a 30 day return period with no restocking fee (which would have been 14 days AND a restocking fee at the local store; they need to get a clue).

Anyway, as an overall impression, five stars easily for the Nikon Coolpix S3000........JC
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on August 16, 2010
Before I bought this camera I did a lot of research on digital cameras. I narrowed it down to three brands. Canon, Nikon, and Sony. It took a very long time to make a decision since I didn't want to buy crap. I eventually settled in the Nikon brand because I am very familiar with its features and camera functions. I was replacing a cheaper older model of a Nikon Coolpix L10. So, I was definitely going spend a little over $100 for this camera, but then again cameras have come a long way since the 2007. Even if I didnt buy the S3000 I knew I would get something better than my older camera due to the advancement of the compact camera technology.

This camera is great for everyday/events picture taking. After having the camera for a few days, I tested it out when I went to a family reunion. I got many compliments and inquiries about where i got the camera from. I believe I took about 100 pics in the two days spanning the family reunion.

Camera Features:

I took pics using a wide variety of the camera's features. The micro mode was pretty cool, the camera was able to focus on the subject and the picture did not come out blurry.

It was pretty easy to take a pic in panorama mode. At first when I took the pics that would make up the panorama pic, I wasnt sure how the whole pic would come out, but the panorama maker software that comes with the did wonders. Once you out the pieces of the panorama pic in the correct order the software makes the panorama picture for you. Now that I know that I made a great panorama photo I will be using this feature very much in the future.

This camera definitely tells you if someone blinked in the photo after the photo has been taken and you can always opt to take another pic. Continuous shot selecter is also a nice feature. You can choose to take 3 continuous shots or 16 continuous. Pics in low-light or darkness are excellent and always give light exposure buy the flash and orange light on the front of the camera. I took a picture in my room with the only source of light in the room being light from a television and the picture came out as if a ceiling light was on.

Other features that are nice are skin-softening, smart portrait(recognizes faces), 17 scene modes including panorama, subject tracking

For a compact camera, the video quality was great. The sound quality was also excellent inside the video too. Playback on my laptop was seamless. You could hear words and sentences very well in the background of the video. It's NOT HD, but I could make out everyone in the video and nothing at all was blurry.

Battery is a plus since you can charge it, as oppose to change AA batteries all the time. The charge is very short as well.
Definitely get a case for this camera, it is very compact, slim, and small. I have a case logic compact digital camera case. I bought my case at Walmart for $7 and cents. I feel like my camera is very well protected.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase of the Nikon Coolpix s3000. Its a great everyday camera for the busy college student or for someone who just wants to capture life's moments.
Definitely buy this camera, it well worth your money and you will not be disappointed.
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on July 27, 2010
What a GREAT camera. I had been cursed with the kodak easy share (older model) for years now and no matter what, I could only take about 10 pics before the battery died. I love the Nikon its small- light weight and perfect fit for me! Im not a professional photographer but I can take some great pics with this camera. The options that the menue gives you for photos is amazing! I would highley recomend this camera above kodak! They made everything VERY easy for inital set up also! Once I opend the package, did the camera set up, I was ready to take pictures within 3 minutes (once I charged the battery fully which only took about 30 minutes). I bought this camera because I was going on vacation and was tired of going places with an unreliable heavy camera and now feel so lucky to have this one! Ive never taken so many pictures before that its like a whole new world for me. This camera will also give you and option for "blink protection", "auto correct", and so MANY other options. Great camera, great price compaired to Walmart, Target, and other store/web-sites. Also Amazon was the only place I could get this cool green color. Stores werent carrying this color yet (only the purple, black, and some of them had the orange). One last thing I want to mention is the speed of taking the pictures. What I was used to was press the button wait about3-4 seconds then wait about 8 more seconds before you could shoot your next one-not so with the Nikon. I can practically take pic after pic with it - its great!
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on April 13, 2010
This is a great low price camera. I was going to take a trip to Chicago and wanted an affordable camera with high resolution and that would take pictures very quickly. Some digital cameras flash 13 times before actually taking the picture, this one is so quick and accurately determines if a flash is needed. I had read some reviews on this camera from other sites and some of the compliants were that the pictures were blurry. If you just read the manuel and use the flash when fuzzy pictures. I took pictures while I was walking and the pictures still turned out crystal clear. Great camera at a great price point. Would definitely recommend. Although, I do now wish I had sprung for the extra $70 and got the S4000 - that is the touchscreen version of this camera which would have been cool. But this camera is great as is!!
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on January 22, 2011
So my favorite little point and shoot camera is stolen and I'm about to go on Vacation. I like to carry a point and shoot camera as well as my DSLR because that's how I roll. I needed something in a relatively low price range since it was a spur of the moment purchase, and I came across the Nikon Coolpix S3000. It has great features and an even better price. The reviews seemed to be mixed, so I decided to go for it. Here's what I think:
I really really like this little camera. This is saying a lot since I primarily shoot Canons (Gasp!) I really enjoy the no fuss automatic features of the camera (hence the term "point-and-shoot" (duh), but I also like how easy it is to switch modes in case I was on the beach 10 minutes ago and then I want to take a picture in a cave in the pitch dark now. I've read peoples' complaints. One I agree with is the zoom trigger on the shutter being a little wiggly. It is. But I think that as long as you treat the camera with love and care and not wiggle it as if you're trying to get out a loose tooth, then no big deal. It certainly doesn't feel like it's going to come off. To the people who complain about it taking blurry pictures, well, learn how to use the camera. Take a minute and read the manual. I happen to be a photographer and I know how cameras work. The technology of the camera these days is amazing, however, they are not miracle workers. If you shake like a crack head while taking a picture it will be blurry. The automatic settings aren't programmed to handle you chasing your child while they are running and jumping and such. This camera does give some options and modes to help this. Same to the people who think the colors came out all wacky. There is white balancing to correct it, or for the auto focus, that is programmable, too. The first place I played with this camera was a trip to Mexico (in the sun) and I never had a problem with a glare on the LCD screen. I also put a screen protector on it so it wouldn't get scuffed as easily.

The only complaint I had was it seemed to lag a little when saving photos, but I also have it set to save large sized files. So, it's probably my own fault. But honestly, I like this little camera. Great flexibility, great battery life, and super cute! I'm still a canon girl, so don't tell anybody, but I love my little Nikon!
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on May 7, 2010
I'm a photographer from way back, old school, always a proponent of film cameras. This is my first digital, bought it specifically so I can shoot images and upload to sell on eBay.

I'm a believer. This camera is very easy to use, easy to set up, and takes really good photos. I picked it specifically because it was 12MP, for better quality images, and Nikon, because their optics have always been so good.

It's user friendly, intuitive controls. I barely looked at the instruction booklet. And, a snap to upload images to my computer.

Pictures are really sharp, almost look 3 dimensional. I'm having a lot of fun just playing around with it.

Was a great value for the price, too.

If you're looking for a quality point and shoot digital, you can't go wrong with this one.
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on June 16, 2010
Pro: Excellent camera for the price. Beats Walmart by $20!
Was able to train non-photographer on various settings quickly.
Excellent vibration reduction and picture quality.
Works even with Class 2 cards (though I would recommend Class 4 or 6)
2GB cards are more than adequate! 505 estimated 12MP (4000ppi) photos per card.

Cons: Manual settings disable too many other features.
Like any point-and-shoot, 12MP isn't really the same as on a larger CCD.
Lack of a regular viewfinder. LCDs are what drag the battery down most.
Shutter button and tele-WA switch are loose and "rock around."
No real constant showing of remaining battery, although it lasts quite well.

This camera arrived with a totally DOA charger. The light on the charger doesn't even come on.
The LCD did not have the typical static-plastic cover, but did have a fingerprint. Makes you wonder if these are seconds or returns.

Pretty rare for a Nikon product. I guess that's the value of local purchase since returning to Amazon or Nikon is a time delay I don't have right now--and the shipping cost. The camera and cable charge fine through a computer USB port.

Fortunately, I bought the EH-63 external charger also. This is highly recommended anyway. It gives you the opportunity to buy and charge a spare to keep with you.
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on August 23, 2010
Has lots of features for a small camera. Not a lot of zoom ability, but there's some. Perfect camera for my daughter's use. Its a lot at first to figure out, but she loves it, and most of the time just uses it in auto mode. Nikon's Auto settings are really good, even for a small camera. But she's learned how to alter her flash and scene settings, and practices around the house in different lighting and focus points to see what the camera can do. Great for snapahots of friends, and scenery when on vacation. took some nice photos at night on vacation, but just keep people within 10-15 feet for best shots. Flash is good, but is not big, so its a recommendation to keep your subject within a decent area. Camera has settings that can shoot up to3200 ISO, and adjust white balance.

Bad thing is there's only a digital guide on CD, so everytime you need to refer to something when learning how to use it, you need your computer around to read it. You can't just keep a small copy of it on you. I had to print the basic pages so I can keep it with the camera.

Definitely do your research before buying. Buy for what you really need the camera to do. If you don't need a lot of the special features, this is a great purchase saving several dollars from the next version up. Nikon really delivers with a small camera with big camera features for less than $150, and that's with some accessories added.
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on August 25, 2010
First of all I think its a great camera for the price.
I have explored other cameras in this price section and finally chose this.
I am happy with the choice that I made.
Its very slim and very easy to carry around.
The best part that I liked about this is the ability to charge from PC USB port.
It has some latest features like blink detection, smile detection, enhanced lighting etc.
Infact, these are some of the driving factors to settle for this.

Of course, is fair to not expect everything for this price.
Nonetheless, the drawbacks should be listed so that people know what they are into.
The drawbacks that I feel are
- Low light photography is not that good
- Difficulty in auto focus in some scenarios
- Shorter battery life (I think 200 shots). Can't expect more from a small battery.
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on September 3, 2010
Got this to replace an older 5MP Casio that started corrupting photos.

Solid (but cheap) build
Big, bright LCD screen

Too many options
Slow shutter
Facial focus option is tricky

There are about 100 different things you can customize on this camera, and that's ridiculous. If you're using a $100 camera, you probably just want it around the house to take pictures of your kids and out and about for quick snapshots. Your best bet with this camera is to set it on 'Auto' and set the autofocus to 'center.' Set this way, you find focus using a box in the center of the LCD screen, then adjust the composition and press the shutter. If you set it the the facial recognition, you'll get a lot of out of focus shots (like I did). The facial setting is great for parties and weddings and anytime people are posing with nothing in the foreground of the picture. If anything is in the foreground (for instance, you're shooting your kid on the sofa, but part of the coffee table is in front of him) the camera will focus on the coffee table and your kid will be out of focus. Better to center focus on your kid, change composition, and shoot.

And speaking of shooting, the shutter is fairly slow, so you need to anticipate action a little more than usual.

Overall, I'm happy with this little guy. Great price and good pictures so far.
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