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on January 31, 2014
I like the fit and finish of this Sony. It has enough memory and speed for Amazon browsing, Email, and casual document processing. This is my second (now I have a spare battery, HD and power supply). The DVD drive works great for backups.
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on May 22, 2014
Only thing wrong was the color lol. Not Black enough. Other than that, after restoring Windows 7 cause it was used it worked like a charm.
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on August 22, 2011
My laptop is so amazing. Granted, the only thing that truly matters when it comes to having a computer is the ability to use certain software. This computer has never failed me. Runs everything I ask it to
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on February 28, 2015
I have had this laptop since Black Friday 2009, I got it for around $400 i think. It has been 4 and a half years and this laptop has done so well!!! I could not be happier! It has been with me through a lot, I purchased it in high school, now I'm about to graduate college and it got me through everything. It has gotten many viruses, resulting in reinstalling the OS and restarting everything 5 times. (I think it was the OS..I'm not too tech savvy)... the keyboard is great, feels nice. i even dropped a sugary drink on it the New Years after I bought it. It spilled over the left half and got soaked. the keys were sticky for 6 months or so, but it's worked perfectly since then.
and for about the last year, the fan has been really load (but this is because somebody took it apart and messed it up by accident). it's so loud tho...i can't even go to the library with it. all the programs have slowed down. internet pages take 10 seconds or so to load.

lasted 4.5 years so far
durable keyboard, keys feel nice.
textured track pad
key placement
bright screen
good graphics
incredible memory

loud fan after years of (ab)use
trackpad will stop working for 1 minute...happens once a day
maximum volume is low
slow programs
over heats
randomly restarts after flashing to blue screen
heavy and big

all in all, it does what i need it to do. i can have google chrome open with 10 tabs, they load kind of slowly but its no big deal. i can have spotify running in the background. open basic photo editing software when i need it. skype works decently. the sound of the fan is really annoying, and the lack of speed can be frustrating.
but this computer was a great deal that i'd definitely buy again
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on June 23, 2016
Bought this laptop on Black Friday. I'm guessing it was 2009 since that's what all the other reviews say. I can't remember it's been so long. So nearly 7 years later, my Sony Vaio VGN-NW265F is still running. I've formatted the hard drive 2-3 times but overall it has been an extremely durable laptop. I've dropped it so many times. One time from far above on the corner, on concrete and it has kept going strong. The monitor did black out after one fall, but after taking the monitor trim/cover off, it was just the main monitor plug that disconnected.

Hard to believe that for $425 or so, I got this laptop and 3 free Bluerays at the time. And 6.5 years later it is still going. The battery failed about 2 years ago, so I bought a new battery for 30$ off eBay. No other issues over 7 years. And the HDMI output on the laptop has been a huge plus as well. I've owned a lot of different laptops over the years, HP, Toshiba, Dell, and this Sony has by far exceeded my expectations of a $425, Black Friday deal.

I am debating getting a new laptop as this one is finally starting to slow down every now and then. I may just reformat it again. I am kind of curious how long this laptop will last.
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on March 9, 2016
As many others have stated I got this as a black Friday deal back in 2009, This laptop has stood up to the test of time for me, I am currently typing this on this 6+ year old laptop running windows 10, and a Samsung 128 gb pro SSD. The SSD makes a world of difference. much faster, boot up to open chrome browser is ~15-20 seconds. The only issue i have had is the battery it stopped holding a decent charge about 2 years ago so this laptop is never far from a plug ( >30 mins on battery power).
I even had my back pack <bold> ran over<bold> with this laptop in it back in 2010 called Sony they sent someone to my house to fix the screen.
Good overall laptop I am replacing for size and graphics.
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on November 14, 2010
I purchased this laptop Black Friday 2009, so I've owned it for just about a year now. I must say it's probably the most durable piece of equipment next to some of the older Lenovos. I work on computers for a living, so I see my fair share of models and manufacturers come back. Sony by far is the least that I see come in for manufacturer defects or any other issues. Obviously software based issues are a different story, and mostly user error anyway :P

I've dropped this thing a few times, once on my foot, once while open, spilled a full glass of cheerwine and captain morgan, and the thing didn't even flinch. The T4300 is a decent middle of the road processor, but it provides plenty of power along with the other laptop specs. I don't use the blu-ray as much since I have a PS3, but the HDMI out is perfect to stream college basketball games on a 46" TV from my home team that I don't get to see on regular cable.

I would say overall this is one of the more impressive Sony Vaios. I will definitely stick to Sony laptops in the future. I know there was a review on overheating, but honestly I haven't experienced this thing get hotter then body temperature, even after having it plugged in for a couple hours while playing COD black ops and downloading stuff at the same time. I understand the bad reviewer's frustration, but every model has that 1 bad apple!
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on November 23, 2010
I'm not sure what the guy with the heating issue is doing with his laptop. I push mine very hard and I don't have any heating issues. It may get a little warm at times, but no heating issues. I love the blu-ray and HDMI. It's like having my own home theater.

I've had this for a year and it's done everything I've asked it to. No complaints whatsoever. It looks clean and cut. No complaints here.
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on March 12, 2012
I have had this laptop since 2009 as well, bought at Best Buy on black friday. It has survived Daytona Bike week, Myrtle Beach Bike week and Laconia Bike week 4 times. Been in backpacks traveling 80+mph with extreme vibration, all with no issues. I have never had an issue with it overheating, it does kick the fan on from time to time, but even when it was sitting on the bed, it still didnt have an issue. BluRay works great, speakers arent as bad as everyone says, I use headphones as well however, just due to ambient noise.
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on August 18, 2011
Like the title says. The only downside is the sound quality, but I fixed that by using headphones. Still worth a 5/5. I paid $600 for mine from Best Buy back in November for Black Friday in 2010. Now you can get laptops with twice as good performance for that price so buying this laptop will enable you to save even more money. I didn't want to write a major review like others because the specs are all there for you to read on your own. You can't go wrong with this laptop, you've got my word on it.
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