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on August 7, 2013
I've done live sound mixing and professional audio for over 20 years so I have had the chance to try, and of course own, dozens of headphones and ear buds. I've previously owned a $150 pair of Shure in ear buds and $90 pair of Etymotic Research in ear buds. The sure's were tinny and uncomfortable and the Ety's were quite good and I loved them but I lost them.

So why didn't I buy the Ety's again? Well, now I ride a motorcycle and wanted to be able to have as much noise isolation as possible from the engine of my bike. My regular ear buds and the stock earPods make listening to music on my motorcycle miserable and spoken word like news or podcasts impossible.

In the Box: A nice semi-hard zippered case with a mesh pocket in the lid. 5 pairs in 5 different sizes of rubber rounded tips, 4 pairs in 4 different sizes, and on pair of the rubber tapered tip. It also comes with a an earwax reamer for the tips (not your ear :-) and of course the earphones.

Construction: Top grade manufacturing. Though they are obviously plastic and rubber, everything form the case to the design of the anti-tangle wires is high quality. The angled jack is also a great design choice because it means longer life on the chord and less chance of loose connections from bending. I just rotate it under my iPhone and it doesn't stick out and cause stress on the wire or the phone jack.

Comfort: No skimping here. It comes with 10 different tips to use in your ears. I chose the foam ones and even those had different sizes. You should have no issue finding a perfect fit and comfort between the 3 styles and multiple sizes. If you can't find a fit you are probably Dumbo or Obama, uh, but I repeat myself. The foam tips are not washable so I just bought a couple replacements to have on hand. Because of the way you need to insert them to get the proper sound (see below) you can pretty much guarantee they won't fall out. So jog, sprint, use a jack hammer, or any kind of

Volume: When properly inserted the drivers in these things are unreal. I almost blow my eardrums when I forget to turn down the volume on my phone from the stock Apple EarPods. The volume levels can be at least 30% less with these.

Noise Isolation: I bought them primarily for this feature and I was not disappointed. On my motorcycle I can even listen to classical or podcasts and barely hear the whine of my motor and the noise of the road. Unbelievable. The experience on a bicycle or motorcycle is almost surreal. Throw on some Rush or Coltrane or ___________ and hit the open road with these babies and get ready for amazing. I also find them useful for working in a cafe as they completely knock out the external noise.

Sound: Always very subjective and it depends on what kind of music you listen to because matching the music to the earphones is not a bad idea. To me the goal of an engineer/design of earphones should be to make them as transparent as possible and to not color the music one way or the other. That is why I can't stand Dr. Dre cans and some other bass heavy products. The Westones won't do that. They are amazingly transparent and clean in the sound. The mid-range is incredibly crisp and so music or spoken word never sounds muddled. The bass response is excellent but not superior. And the highs are perfect. These are honestly the best set of earphones I have every heard. The sound is incredible.

WARNING: Many reviews dis these earphones for not having a good bass. The issue is not the earphones but how you are inserting them. I can easily be lazy and just push them into my ears with no technique and get a really crappy sound with anemic bass and no highs. It will sound like a phone call. This is what happened to me when I first bought them and I was ready to send them back. Then I read the effing manual. Turns out you must properly compress the foam tips (if using them) by rolling them in your fingers, position the buds in a special way with the wire facing away from you, and literally rotate them into you ear canal while pulling on your ear lobe (top or bottom). This ensures you seat the earphones properly. For extra measure I hold it for a few seconds while the foam expands. Once I did this I was blown away.
Now the caveat of course is that you might not want to wear these at work or where people are always interrupting you because it is a big deal to take them in and out. They literally create almost a suction in your ear canal and so do you have to remove them slowly. This is the only drawback I can say about these earphones, but the quality more than makes up for it to me.

Hope this helps and looking at the price now I see they are less than the $122 I paid for them in 2012. At that price they were totally worth it so at the current $95 I highly recommend them.
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on December 4, 2014
Holy moly. These things sound beautiful. I bought them because I own a pair of Sennheiser IE80s (another expensive pair of IEMs) which I love, but I miss a little sparkle in my music. The IE80s are fun and boomy, but not especially sparkly. These Westones are better. There is still plenty of fun in them, but they have that sparkle I wanted.

The trick with treble is to have enough of it without having to endure ear-stabbing sibilance. These W4r's get you there. I can tell they are just on the edge of being sibilant on some tracks, but they never go all the way. Instead they are bright, happy and balanced, with enough ear-comfort to let you listen all day. Nothing in them is so bright it hurts, but they still sparkle. And the bass is there too.. tight and quick and precise, never muddy, and never too much.

The IE80s are great, bassy monitors, with a lot of detail and a slightly diffuse, afterthought of a high end that makes them feel relaxed and loungy, like old bourbon and a fine cigar. These W4r's, on the other hand, do everything well, have even more resolution than the IE80's, and a bright, alive sound that makes listening an activity rather than passive stuff. You'll want to listen to what these things have to say with your music.

I'll keep and use them both, but if I were asked to part with one pair, I'd be left with the W4rs.
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on January 1, 2014
Let me start by saying that this is the FIRST review that I've written for a product on Amazon in over 10 years of purchases. I purchased these (Westone 4Rs) in an attempt to replace my UE triple fi 10's, which are awesome but so uncomfortable. Having owned several "high-end" earphones and monitors in my time, I thought I knew what quality sounded like. After my initial use of the Westone 4R turned into a 3 hour workout, I have found myself listening to my Ipod in places where I haven't before. These monitors offer a superior and crisp sound unlike anything that I have heard before. Compared to my UE triple fis, I found the highs to be cleaner and more clear. These are a must try, especially if you've considered buying "Beats" or any other overprice headphones.

It was a plus to see that Westone offers a 2 year warranty on their products as well. Having had issues with monitors failing before, this is something that companies rarely offer. I simply melt now when I hear music that I've heard a thousand times before, and its all because of the awesomeness that Westone's 4 drivers bring to my ear hole! If you love you music and spend any measurable amount of time listening to it, consider taking the Westone's for a spin. Even with a $400 price tag I don't think that you will be disappointed.
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on August 13, 2013
Amazon credited me the difference on these for 50$ as I just bought them last week when the price dropped on me, so thanks for that one Amazon.

Headphones are great; I'm not an audiophile but I enjoy good gear and this is just that. You know the sound of these things is something special and you will judge all those fools walking around with the travesty that is the bose on-ear garbage. what a waste of money those were and I used them for only 8 months. 8, long months of background noise violating my music and leak from my music violating passer-bys.

The case is kind of too much; it will definitely keep your buds safe but it is bulky and cables or plugs tend to get caught when you try to close the box.

I like that I can change the cord further down the line as in my opinion this is where these things fail and when spending this kind of cash it is good to know the biggest point of failure that goes through the most flex can get switched out. Also, you can jump on ebay and spend between 50$-250$ on upgraded cables with silver/gold/teflon but I'm not quite there yet :)

Had these shipped abroad via Amazon Exports because in the UK prices are at 600$+ USD (no joke) so it was cheaper to just get these shipped and pay 80$ on top of it VAT for import and save 200$ USD. Ended up paying about 283£ vs 390£ retail in the UK

Sound is fantastic. I listen to a wide range of music and detail is captured that I didn't know existed. The sound quality is great and you will hear poor quality soundtracks. I'm not going to pretend I can comment in detail like some other audiophiles will here, but my view is the sound F*in rocks.

This might be helpful also, others tell me they can't hear ANYTHING when these are maxed out even while sitting next to me in a quiet office. Additionally when I'm on the tube or walking around I can't hear a thing including shrieks when I step on people's feet in the carriage or knock into someone while rushing by.

The plastic bit moulds and stays how you bent it over your ear, acting as a hook giving you extra support and making these very comfortable. A plus over the 4s.

Four stars because they don't look the part for what they cost, design could be a bit sharper looking. Also the case could be more compact and practical when closing. That's where the star went. Functionally they're fantastic and they are comfortable.
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on September 3, 2014
Glad I got these before they were discontinued; have been using them for about 6 months now and they are the best IEMs i have used. I had the ATH-CK99, Shure SE215-CL, Klipsch S4, and others; while these didn't sound bad, and were half as expensive as well, the dynamics and quality of highs, mids, and lower are not even close. The bass is tight, mids are equally detailed in the mix and the highs are clear and articulate. Aside from the crisp, clear, articulate phonics of this IEM, it has proven to be quite durable. I use them at the gym and I tend to sweat a good amount - this has ruined other IEMs I have used, but the Westone 2s have held up to the salt punishment. The right angle jack and twisted cable add to the durability and prevent tangling (wiring only occasionally gets caught around the ear pieces). Regarding the ear-pieces, they are designed to have the wire loop over your ear (great for working out), this also prevents the wiring from pulling directly on the attachment to the ear pieces. Overall, this IEM has been solid in design and has excellent quality. It was well worth the $200 paid, I can't speak for the newer design ( I guess the W20? ), but I would say give it a go if you want high fidelity IEMs that won't clean you out completely.
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on July 20, 2014
First of all I am not an Audiophile. Upon receiving the Westone 1s I tried to use them with my Casio Commando 4G LTE. They sounded flat with no bass. I then downloaded the EQualizer App. Viola! the sound improved significantly. I had an old Boostoroo amp lying around that I hadn't used in quite awhile. Plugged that amp in-line. Viola! sound got even better. These are single driver IEMs so you can only expect so much bass out of these. When I went for a run through the neighborhood, I had to use my wife's iPod shuffle because she borrowed my Nano for a trip. Anyway, the sound was flat with little to no bass when paired up to the shuffle. I'll have to wait to hear how the Westone 1s sound on the Nano as there is a EQ on the Nano. Using them on the iMac with iTunes was also good. Again, you have to use the Equalizer to fine tune the sound and to get any kind of Bass out of these things. Select the Bass Booster with the Preamp on and you will get Bass. Maybe not enough to satisfy some people. But, again these are single driver IEMs. I bought these because the majority of reviews were positive and my Bose IE2s failed after less then 2 years of use. The Bose defiantly had deeper Bass out of the box. Again, Westone 1s are single driver IEMs. I don't know what the Bose IE2s are but I'm guessing dual driver? I would suggest trying these out first from a friend if possible. Not everyone's going to like them as evident by the reviews. Also, make sure you take the time to swap out the earpiece and find the right size for your ears. Too big of a size will hurt your ears and will ruin your listening experience. Too small and you will not get a proper seal and hear very little Bass. I'd give these a 3 1/2 stars if I could. They're not great, but not bad either. Just my two cents. By the way, running with the Comply foam earpiece installed I did not experience that usual "Oops" falling-out-of-the-ear I have to stop and fix it episode. The Bose IE2s were really comfortable, but, would sneak out when running. That's all folks.

Update: I still like the Westone Single Driver IEMs. However, I'm disappointed that they are made overseas, especially for the high cost. Also, you need to keep in mind that if you choose to exercise or run with these, keep in mind that these are not open air types. You can't easily hear cars approaching from behind. Also, the cords are kind of stiff so they don't just hang down, thus they can easily get caught on other objects during body movement pulling the IEMs out of your ear.
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on January 18, 2014
I have been using Monster products like Miles David Trumpet, Turbine Gold and Copper. Within those three IEMs , I love the Turbine copper the most, but when I get the Westone 3, so I must say the W3 is better than the Monster copper. Most Monster products are pretty much tend to bass heavy; I love it ; since I listen to Rap a lot, but when I listen to other genres of music, I love the W3 more! The W3 is still has kinda heavy, boomy punchy bass, so It's still great for Rap and hip-hop. The mid is super clear, and you can hear separated-clear music instruments, Monster Copper cant achieve this, I think the MTPC doesn't separate sounds of music instruments well . W3's high is awesome! you can hear the sound of cymbal super clear, so it's good for Rock I think....MTPC doesn't have good high when compare with W3 ( Sorry Noel Lee, you claimed that we can hear the sound of cymbal pretty well with MTPC, but it's not true!)
BUT , the W3 starts to hurt my ears after 2 hours of using..... zzzz it's bad , that's the thing I regret about this "true-fit" product.
Anyway, I still give the W3 5/5, since the sound quality is SUPERB
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on August 24, 2013
I am not a hardcore audio expert who can talk about impedance and all those technical terms, but at least can call myself an audiophile who definitely explore, search and use receivers that normal people wouldn't go beyond. I've used sennheiser, bose, dr.dre, and finally westone, one of the top tier earphone companies along with ue, phonak, shure, etc.

Before, my world was all about bose. bose ie, ie2, bose qc15, sounddocks, and for the first time, I tried westone 4r just because I was drunk and somewhat impulsively purchased it (lol). I've also purchased bose qc20i as I'm a bose fanboy and compared it (which is available on bose qc20 amazon review).

I was impressed and realized I was missing out. Because I have an experience where I was personally disappointed with dr.dre studio which seemed to have been overrated, I thought this was going to be one of them which it wasn't.

-I wasn't really comfortable as it's my first time with in-ear kernel earphone types. I felt suffocating and didn't feel like wearing them. Answer is, get a smaller foam tip and try it for at least three days.
Oh the joy. It's very comfortable and fits exactly right in your ears. Just give it a few days.

Sound quality
-at first, I was biased and disappointed as I wanted to defend bose. After a few days of listening, I had to forfeit. This earphone is amazing. Very well balanced compared to more bass that bose has, but more clarity, and there are instruments playing and going on everywhere in every direction inside your head. I recommend you to try 'Higher Ground by RHCP'. Amazing.

I will give it a month and see how it is, but I want to tell you that this is amazing.
review image review image review image review image
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on September 28, 2014
My daily IEMs. I use them in the office, at home, walking, lounging, etc. I'm not an audiophile so I apologize if you were looking for that type of review. Overall, they're a great balance. An audiophile friend that knows what I normally listen to recommended these as I listen to genres that are opposites of the spectrum. High precision & treble with little to no bass, and then heavy bass with light treble on the other end.

I listen to music ~8 or so hours a day of various genres, so here's my feedback from what I've heard.

The quality of the music is astounding. I started to hear aspects such as guitar string slides to slight cracks in vocalists high's. The bass came across as much cleaner than most that I've heard before, although for my taste: a little soft on the hits. Then I picked up a DAC and the bass now hits a bit harder, enough to make them perfect for daily use. I do want to stress this as well, though: all of the music was fine without the DAC but the bass for my taste. I only use it for the added bass hit.

I switch off between these and my Fostex TH600's for my day to day - depending on my mood regarding bass and genre in general.

Therefore, to close this out with my main point as a non-audiophile: great pair of dailies for all around use. Bass was a little lacking, but with the DAC in place it's in a good position for everything for me.

Oh, one last point - the included orange hard case is awesome. Perfect to take these on the go but still keep them safe.
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on January 13, 2014
This is my first review for Amazon, and I felt these headphones are worth my time not only because of the product itself, but because I was once on the fence of buying these and delving into the hours..if not days worth of research. Reviews on Amazon should be taken lightly, being how everything is preference, but I would like to give a straight forward perspective of what these headphones ARE.
Firstly, I am not an audiophile or a bass head. Any review will tell you that if you want the thump over consistency and clarity, go with Dr. dre Beats. This does not mean these phones lack fact they are provide ample bass for someone who listens to Nine Inch Nails, Neil Young, Slayer, Pink Floyd, Wu Tang, Johnny Cash, Beck etc..etc..etc.. and some technical electronic music. For natural bass tones, for instance double bass drums or bass guitar, I can slightly hear the contact points on the drum head and the plastic against the steel strings. There is virtually no delay in the bass like I noticed with the sloppy Bose IE2. Its an organic, non-forced or spited bass sound.
When I'm listening to an ambient album such as Pink Floyd's 'A Saucerful of Secrets' or Tool's 'Lateralus', the music gains an extra dimension. This is probably partly due to the tight seal the silicon tips provide, but also just great quality. I can clearly hear voices, undertones, random instruments and vivid syncopation. They just breathe life into classic tunes. Speaking of quality these headphones are solid. I wear them to fall asleep to( perfect for binaural beat therapy) and wake up to a tangle free pair of phones..unscathed.
My favorite part is the clarity of the vocals. It's amazing..period. The Bose IE2 will not touch these in this aspect, or any other aspect. I listen to metal like Lamb of God and Opeth, and the low growls from these vocalists ripen to crystal clarity.
From a musician's standpoint, these phones bring warmth and an aura to my synthesizer, I honestly wasn't aware of how good my Korg actually sounded until I unplugged from the mono amp and hooked into the Westones. All in all I'm brilliantly impressed. For 100$ there is no going wrong here. I know Shure offers a pair at the same price, but I also understand their fragility. In no way am I an audiophile but I appreciate great musicianship and appreciate it even more hearing it how its meant to be heard. A+ for days...sorry for the lengthy review. Don't hesitate anymore, just buy!
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