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on August 11, 2013
I purchased the blush (pink) and the Rouge (red) for my wife and I

I've owned about 4 pairs of V-Moda headphones unfortunately i've lost all of them. I've had these headphones for about 2 weeks and I love them. Excellent Bass and great Mids and Highs. I listen to mostly rock and punk and it sounds great, they are bass heavy but it does not drown out the mids and highs. I imagine anything Bass heavy would sound amazing. I also listen to a lot of podcasts and all the voices sounds clear.

The remote placement is a major improvement over the stock apple headphones, wether those be the ones that come with the 4/4S or the improved versions that come with the 5. the microphone is right below the split so you always know where it is and is easy to reach. The buttons are easily distinguishable so you don't have to guess what your pressing. the remote works just like the above mentioned apple headphones. Volume up and volume down and the middle button 1 press for play or pause. 2 presses for next track and 3 presses for previous track.

the over the ear adapters make them great for the gym and for running. Also they came with 4 clear and 4 black ear gels. so you should be able to find the right size. The gels create a great seal so they do block out most ambient sounds so be careful wearing these while running on the streets

My only complaint is that in the dark they are hard to distinguish between the right and left ear piece in the dark.
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on February 18, 2013
I love V-MODAs. I have always bought a less expensive model, but these were on sale for the same price. I am glad I tried them out. They block even more sounds out than the other model (which I am in love with, still,) so I don't need the volume up as loud. The only downside is not being able to hear cars as well while running outside. In the gym, however, these are fantastic.
The controls work with my Ipod, and the shirt clip is great. I used to run the wire down my shirt to my pocket, which would sometimes cause pulling while working out, and now I don't have to worry about that. The wires stay out of my face. I haven't tried the sport ear attachments, because these are light and stay in my ears without added support. The rubber ear inserts on all V-MODAs I use are quality and hold together, unlike the gummy kind other brands use. One of my ear canals is very small, and I cannot use the standard in-ear phones that come with Ipods. These are not bulky, they stay put and don't wriggle around, and they look nice. They don't get in the way, and I forget I have them in. They don't cause discomfort after long periods of wear, or cause moisture or sweat to build up around them.
I have owned (and still own) several pairs of this brand, and I have ran hundreds of miles in Iraq, Germany, and the U.S. with these. I cannot say enough good things about these...I LOVE them!!! I am extremely hard on headphones, and they don't fall apart like every other brand I have tried, and I have tried a LOT of them. V-MODA is the only brand I use, and once you try these or the $30-ish price range phones, you will probably agree. V-MODA is the only way to go.
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on October 19, 2013
Appreciate that I can consistently find this on Amazon, unlike the Apple stores. V-Moda has been a stand up company for offering free 2 year replacements and 50% of any replacement purchase. What started out as a single V-Moda purchase has evolved into me buying over a dozen V-Modas for my various devices and friends! If you use Android devices you might be better off with V-Moda's single button headphones (Revamp). Google Android devices don't fully support Apple's patented 3 button interface. If you are looking at the nylon/kevlar/cloth covered wires skip it - creates too much static and cord fabric snags too much. The Remix Remote is a smooth plastic wire that has survived a huge amount of wear and tear (like 24/7 for over a year).
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on July 31, 2011
The V-Moda Remix headphones are excellent for the price. I paid $65 and am very happy with them. Now that they have dropped to $32 on Amazon I am getting another pair.

I have had dozens of headsets over the years; Sony to Shure to high-end Sennheisers and UEs. The sound quality of these is good in the $60 range and fantastic in the $30 range. I have some $30 Sony's that remind me of the pure-midrange speakers in my 1979 GMC Sierra 3/4 ton pickup. The Vmoda's blow the Sonys away in this category - producing full high and low-end.

1. Sound Quality - fantastic for the current $30 price range. Slightly hot on the boomy-bass side, as most modern hiphop-tuned headphones seem to be.

2. Durable: I use these running/weightlifting and pour sweat on them. I also wash them occasionally in the sink. I do not baby them. I throw them in and out of bags and motorcycle jacket pockets daily. Zero failures.

I read the bad reviews before getting these, and decided to roll the dice on price - very glad I did. I'm guessing many of the bad reviews come from these simply not fitting correctly for some ears, like any ear buds. For durable EDC headphones you can bang around, but have decent sound - these are it.

Protip - I don't use the "sport ear hooks" to hold these in place. I wrap the cord over the top of my ear and plug them into my ears with the cord-connector of the earbud pointed up. They stay in place very well and I rarely have to push them back in.
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on September 3, 2011
First off, I bought the rouge model and the wires are red, like you see in the product description, not black, like you see in the pictures.
These are very nice headphones, and seem to address the main problem with headphones; that they aren't all the durable. Add excellent sound quality, in-line controls, and a price of $35 at time of buying, and you have a definite winner for someone who likes to take their music everywhere.
-VERY good durability. The cord feels like what it basically is; a long string of kevlar. I will gladly buy a new pair for anyone who has actually managed to tear these in half.
-Good sound quality. These rival earbuds in the 100-200$ range easy.
-In-line controls & mic.
-Despite the buffed-up cord, these remain lightweight and relatively flexible.
-Elegant looks, nice colors, shape, and overall design. {Putting the controls where the cable splits is unique to me, and i like it.
-The jack does a cool 120* angle thing, which allows you to attach it to your ipod without actually pushing down on where the wire connects to the jack, which is also where nearly all earbuds break.
-This may be a problem with my laptop, but the earbuds don't work with it. Apparently they are only compatible with Apple products, I dont know about Blackberry/Android.
-Packaging is difficult to open. Comes in a box, with everything encased in plastic that took about 10 minutes to open fully.
-Only a small letter on the underside of the buds to distinguish right from left. I got around this by using one of the lighter ear gels on one side(it comes with 8 sets of gels in 2 colors)
-The sport clips are pretty much useless. Just wrapping the cord over the top of your ear works just as well, and is faster and stays on longer.
All in all, a very good pair of earbuds. Perhaps there's some major flaw that I'll run into in the future but I doubt it. These are a solid pair of buds, and I would recommend them to anyone.
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on February 1, 2011
Purchased these for my iPod 3G Shuffle after going through three sets of Apple Ear Buds in two years. The Apples just don't hold up. I'm not that hard on them either. One ear would stop working out of the blue. Well they are all in the trash now.

Upon arrival I was pleased with the apparent build quality and the "extras". After using them for two days I am very pleased. Nice crisp sound with non-distorting bass. The silicone fits snuggly in my ears but not uncomfortable. I have yet to have them loosen or fall out, and thats without the ear clips. Seems V-Moda has hit a homerun on this one.

I can't testify to the durability as of yet, but they sure feel alot more substantial than the Apples. Time will tell and I will follow up and report any issues.

If you need the in-line control, these can't be beat.
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on February 3, 2016
When I got these they were the best bang for the buck.

I compared them to be@t$ and b0$e buds. Significantly cheaper and sounded better. Break them in for a better sound. I'd say at least 2-3 nights at loud volume.

2016 update
They still sound nice. However, I have passed them down to the wife. I am not using another pair which imo sound better.
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on August 5, 2013
I purchased these headphones to replace a cheaper pair that I'd only had a few months before they tore up. I'm not sold on needing a $100+ pair of earbuds, so when I saw these earbuds in black (nero) for $51 I jumped on them. As far as the headphones go, I'm very happy with the product.

Design: The earbuds are comfortable, with 4 different sized rubber tips to find the perfect size for your ears. The 3-button control hangs a little low, and consequently the mic hangs a little low for phone calls, but there is a clip on the cord that allows you to clip the microphone a little higher if you are making a call. I also like the plug coming out at 45 degrees instead of straight out of my iPod.

Feel: The kevlar wrapped headphones have a rubbery feel to them that makes me thing they wouldn't stop a bullet. But the rubber is soft and comfortable when wearing the headphones, so I can deal with not having the bullet stopping power.

Sound: I'm very happy with the clarity of the sound, especially compared to the freebie headphones I've been using since my $20 set tore up. I can also say, these are worlds better than the $20 set, also. The notes all come through, and there is enough bass in them to hear it. I personally would like a little more bass on some songs, but with my eclectic collection of rap, country, pop, rock, and classical, having too much bass would ruin some of my favorite songs.

Compatability: I used these on two products, my 5th Gen iPod Nano and my Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone. The controls all work perfectly with my iPod, as expected. The controls do not work with my Galaxy S2, also as expected. The middle button will answer or hang up a call, but if you push it why the music is playing on the phone it launches the Voice command on the phone, so not useful there.

Look: The nero has a nice clean black finish with the shiny highlights. The clip (which is removable) is a little bulky, but I leave it on for when I'm making phone calls.

Price: I'm not happy with Amazon's pricing, but I'm not going to downgrade the 5-stars because I think the product itself deserves them. Amazon's pricing is all over the place depending on which color you want. If you want the pink hadphones, these are a steal for around $34, but if you want the black, you're going to more (I paid $51, but I see the price has jumped to over $60). The red fetches MSRP at $79, and the silver are sold by a third party vendor for $99. When I asked Amazon about the pricing differences, the first repsonse was that the descriptions of each product are a little different. I replied, letting Amazon know that according to the manufacturers website, the products were identical in all but color, and the variance in descriptions is because whoever set up the listings at didn't do it consistently. The response then said they would look more closely at the price difference. I haven't heard anything since, probably because the real reason is that people like the black and red better, so they charge more for them. So I'm not happy with, but the product itself is still worth the investment.
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Enthusiast: Minecrafton March 9, 2013

-Music Control can skip tracks on a Ipod touch 4g. And Play/pause/reverse/fast forward/volume+-
-BASS: so awesome, packs as much and more bass than Dr Dre Tour In-ear headphones. And Rivals the Dr. Dre Studio Over-ear Headphones.
-Silicone Earbud Fit: Was scared these would fall out of my ear from walking/running, but they stay in tight like the Apple In-ear headphones. The provided ear hooks increases this stability. They only fallout/comeout when I tug them with 10 pounds of force. So they stay in real good. :D !!!!!
-The Music control acts as a remote and cable divider. So the remote hangs like roughly 3 inches from my chin when i wear them. Looks like a necklace in a way.
-Buttons on Music Control: High Build-quality! They are built even sturdier than the Apple in ear remote. The remote is a cylinder casing with "Silicone" buttons and are Sensitive to response. Buttons don't feel awkward when using and are easy to access. You don't need to apply a lot of pressure, just enough and the remote will respond quickly.! Awesome! Other Cheap brands require you to pinch really hard on the buttons for a response, these DON'T!
-Silicone Earbuds: The ones that came pre-packaged with the Earphones were a perfect fit for my ears! They also come with 7 pairs of Silicone earbuds in different sizes. (2 pairs of each size L/M/S/xS)


-Earbud Design: The weird plastic part of the ear bud that encases the metal interior with its jagged edges rubs against your ear and feels prickly. I notice it sometimes on and off but isn't a deal breaker in my opinion. Feels like a toothpick rubbing against your skin.


-Overall Build Quality: The ear piece drivers are encased in a metal encasing. This really helps preserve and enhance the bass where you really feel it go "THUMP"/"BUMP"/"Etc."
-Wires are thick enough to not tangle as much as my Apple In-Ear Headphones. But aren't tangle free like Dr.Dre Tour In-ears.
-My Music Control remote didn't have that metallic chrome-like band like in the Product image, but is completely black. "I LIKE THIS!" It makes the wire look completely flush BLACK.
-The TOTAL cable length is longer than my Apple In-ear headphones. Some people said it was too short, but this length is perfect when listening to connected to your mp3 player in your pants pocket.


-These buds stay in my ear tougher than the Apple In-ears'. The Dr.Dre Tours fallout so easily that I'm fed up with'em even though they have awesome bass.
-Music Control main selling point to me is TRACK CHANGE! It sucks when I have to pull-out my Ipod everytime I need to change a song.
-Enhanced BASS at the same time preserved vocal quality. Some people mentioned about the two being muddy and wasn't able to perform, but I disagree. I play the majority of my songs at 192-320 kbps and they sound FANTASTIC. I even tried to play the crappy low-quality songs at 128 kbps, and they still sound good. The enhanced bass muddle the music where it lacks, so it actually helps enhance the listening experience.

I highly recommend this to someone looking for Good IN-Ear earphones, with Music control remote, and Awesome Bass all at the same time. And ones that stay in your ears. Rock Safely!

5/25/13 Update >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Have used this product for a total of 76 DAYS. Roughly 3 hours every day/5-6 days a week.
-Still don't need to use those nice designed ear hooks. Earbuds stay in my ear even during running/jogging/walking upstairs/downstairs/exercises.
-Once plugged in and the music is pumping (50% volume on Ipod touch 4G) you can't hear people talk, cry, or walk next to you. Hardly hear the bus zooming past me either when walking down the street.
-Only time I actually heard some-one when there were two people who were arguing REALLY LOUD. Like basically screaming at each other.
-Fantastic build quality, still extremely functional and no wear-or-tears.
-2/10 times did the cables actually tangled, 8/10 times i pulled the bunched up cable out of my pocket and untangled neatly due to the thickness of the cable.
-I took really good care for them in the beginning, now I use them ruggedly like shoving them into my pocket, backpack, and I don't use the included leather bag. Still no loss in audio quality. Gun-metal build quality is extremely solid.
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on December 31, 2013
I purchased these earphones in red for about $28 off here (Amazon) at the beginning of 2013.

These are all around great earphones. They have effective noise isolation, full sound with crisp treble, solid mids and deep bass (not overwhelming). Unfortunately, the cables that V-Moda touts as extremely durable kevlar frayed in two spots within a year. Thus, the remote stopped working so I had to ship them to V-Moda to have them replaced (under ther two year warranty). Aside from the rather flimsy upper cables, the build quality of the earphones is excellent with solid metal housing. Also, the rubber ear tips do tend to fall off easily and get lost. Thankfully, V-Moda includes a bunch of extras in different sizes.

I'm not entirely sure that I would pay full price ($79) for these due to the shoddy upper cables. If I paid $79 for these I would probably rate them 3/5 stars instead due to the cables failing. However, the sound quality of these is excellent and at a price of $28 cannot be beat.
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