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on April 18, 2010
I reviewed LCD 26 and 32in TVs for weeks looking at specs and design and I finally decided on the LG350 for our master bedroom. So far I'm very pleased with my selection. It came down to the Samsung 26" C450 and this one. For the money and options the LG was a better pick for sure. I must say the sound is by far best on this TV than any other LCD I looked at. The TV turns on quickly (2-3sec) some delay much longer. The blacks are black and the colors look great, even on standard def channels. Some LCDs look horrible on SD channels but not this one. Very pleased with the menu setup and the remote control. The only thing I'll say I don't care for is the picture wizard setup. It's almost easier to just use the standard pre set picture settings and make only minor adjustments to fit your room. The stand swivels smoothly which the Sony and Samsung don't. I also like that it's not a glossy screen with lots of reflections. I see very little blur when viewing fast moving options. You see it, but not like some other 60Hz TVs. So if you are looking for a great LCD for under $380.00. I highly recommend this model. Oh, and don't let anyone tell you any different. If you are looking at 32" and below. 720p is just as good as any 1080p model in this size range.

only way this TV could be anymore perfect is for it to have a built in Blue-ray or DVD player.
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on May 26, 2010
We delayed upgrading to HD to let the dust settle a little, and we didn't want to give up our current entertainment center, so finding something under 27" was imperative. This fit the bill for size and price. We have no previous experience with HD and had to upgrade to HD on DISH Network, too. Now that everything is operating, we are very pleased with this TV. We might want to fine tune color a bit after we're more familiar with the TV, but it is meeting our expectations and hopes and we've high-fived several times today. I ordered this on 5/21 and received it from Amazon on 5/25. Typical great service from Amazon. We had our stereo hooked up to the old TV because the sound wasn't great, but the speakers on the LG are clear and we'll probably not hook up the stereo to this one. We're still learning, but happy.

Update: the matte finish of the screen is wonderful. I have reflections on the frame from my window blinds that cannot be seen on the picture. After watching it last night, we've decided the color settings are perfect -- no tweeking to be done. All wonderful.
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on December 12, 2010
So many helpful and comprehensive reviews have already been given for this wonderful TV, so I will keep my comments to those things which aren't often stressed.

For me, the Clear Voice audio option has made it so that I can actually hear voices clearly, and not have to use closed captioning and subtitles. At first, I didn't realize that there are actually different levels that you can set the Clear Voice to. When I set it to the highest level, it was a revelation. You can also keep the Clear Voice on, and at the same time have it set to Music, Cinema, etc. And the power for the speakers is 14 watts, which is higher than most TV's of this size, making the audio quality even more impressive. It also has a feature which limits the sound of commercials relatively equal to that of the programming, another terrific feature.

The four holes for attaching the stand to the TV are deeply recessed, so when setting up the TV, have a screwdriver with at least a 4" handle ready, preferably with a magnetized tip. Do not screw the screws in too tightly. The heads of the screws are soft, and strip easily if you need to unscrew them.

The one serious drawback to this TV is that it is an energy hog if you leave it on standby after you have shut it off. The bright red light that remains on must use at least 20 watts. The solution is to put the TV on a power strip, and turn off the strip after you've turned the TV off. You will not lose your settings. The reason the TV did not receive an Energy Star rating is because of the high "vampire load" it carries when it's turned off. If you use a power strip to turn it completely off, it's actually more efficient than most TV's because you can use energy savings settings, including a no picture option when you are just listening to music. Please be kind to our planet (and your wallet) and use a power strip.

26" is a completely adequate size for a bedroom (mine is 12' x 14') and makes it easier to set up and haul around, a good choice if you're not very strong. As has already been stated, at this size 1080 pixels will not really improve the quality of the picture, and may actually cause increased trailing.

The only other comments have been already stated by others- picture and sound blows away the competition, at an excellent price (a steal at $300 through Amazon.)
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on July 2, 2010
After returning 3 HDTVs (Samsung, Sharp and Sanyo) I'm sooooo happy with this one. A perfect picture and great sound. I barely have to raise the sound to hear it, which is a problem with many other HDTVs. There's no distortion of the images and the color is perfect. I was almost going to buy a 22-inch model, but it looked small in the store, so I went for the 26-inch and I'm glad I did. A good size if you're about 10' away from the set. The on-screen menu is a little difficult to figure out ... but once you get the hang of it ... it's ok. A definate buy at a very good price. Also, it's always good dealing with Amazon - trustworthy, efficient, competitive pricing and good quality products.
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on January 3, 2011
There aren't a lot of choices in 26" TVs, so finding one that was reasonably priced (on a special deal from Amazon) and does this good a job was doubly impressive.

What's to like? Great picture, easy to operate controls, terrific sound (it's better with the HDMI cable, still OK with analog audio connections). Also, it looks good, with a relatively small bezel -- some TVs have too much surrounding the screen.

Both HD and SD content looks great using HDMI or component connections. I thought the image was a little soft when using the composite video input, and I couldn't get the colors adjusted the way I prefer. I didn't try using the coax input, because the FIOS DVR doesn't have that option. But there are enough adjustments for my needs using HDMI or component video (I'm using component to connect to the DVR -- it connects faster than HDMI, because there is a short communication lag -- didn't bother me, but annoyed my better half).

Really, the only flaw so far has been the set-up instructions. Instead of a colorful, one page "Start Here" poster or flyer, as I've seen with Vizio and Panasonic TVs, the LG comes with more complicated instructions. Not a huge deal, but considering this is a top tier product, I expected a friendlier package. But if that's the only negative, I'm happy. More important, my wife is happy.
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on January 26, 2011
Yes, the LG is more expensive than some other cheap brands. While I would not pay the suggested price, the Amazon price makes this a terrific buy. You get one of the best pictures from any maker. You get a built in easy to use adjustment system that approaches what an expert calibrator can do. You also get a solid stand, (if you're not wall mounting) unlike the junk that I have seen and read about for some cheap models. The sound is way above average for a TV of this size, no problem with volume, you won't come anywhere near turning it all the way up, again unlike what I am reading in other TV's reviews. The "Clear Voice" feature really works, it makes the dialog really stand out if you have some problem hearing. While turning up the base only adds a little, the sound is not tinny, certainly not like many small TVs. It has several aspect choices, and several inputs. (TV ant, two HDMI, one Component, one Composite, one Computer) I have had a 46" LG of a very similar model for about a year and half and it has performed perfectly. They both have a contrast setting that when combined with other settings correctly makes the picture stand out like almost no other TV, yet look realistic. It has some type of a matt finish on the screen as does my bigger model, that really does a good job of diminishing reflections and supposedly adding depth to the picture.

I can not think of a downside for this TV. This is a case of you will get what you pay for, those cheap brands are not in the same league, do yourself a favor and try this set.
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on February 18, 2011
Just set up this 26" TV in my living room replacing a 19". You might not think 26" is big, but compared to the 19" it's much bigger and just right for us. Without yet making any adjustment for type of picture or sound, it works just fine. Picture and sound are great. We don't have cable and use an antenna and hook it up through the old VCR.

One hint if this happens to anyone else: When attaching the base we found that the top of the cylindrical protrusion from the base was "twisted" so the arrows didn't point in the right direction. I almost had them send me another base but figured out that I could pry up the cap on this cylindrical protrusion, loosen three screws underneath, twist it in the proper direction, retighten the screws, replace the cap. Very easy.
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on January 7, 2012
I purchased the LG 26LD350 after months of research for a bedroom TV. I was going to go with a slightly cheaper brand/model, but found that some of those had terrible viewing angles, which is a huge factor for a bedroom TV that will most likely be up higher or off center. That is not the case with this TV. It remains crystal clear from whatever angle you throw at it!

PROS: Clean look and simplistic design. Wide viewing angles. Sound quality. Remote.
CONS: For it's use as a bedroom TV...none

I've had the TV for a year now, and no complaints. It exceeded expectations as a bedroom TV. For general channel flipping and the occasional DVD/Blu-Ray, it's perfect!

LG makes a fine product that I have recommended to many and will continue to recommend. I've lead friends and family to the purchase of a 42" and two 55" LG TV's since buying this one. I highly recommend the LG 26LD350!

8/15/12 UPDATE:
We've had this TV since December 2010 and it's still perfect for our needs. It's excellent for channel surfing or the occasional movie. No doubt, a 5 star rating.
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on December 23, 2010
I don't usually write review for the products I purchased, except when I experience problem with the particular product. I bought LG 26LD350 online at amazon in May 2010. It had excellent picture quality, good sound and amazing price. I bought it mainly for PS3 games. That was before.

Lately, I have been experiencing problem with the LG 26LD350. In the past few days, after watching TV programs for about one hour or so, it shuts off by itself and would NOT turn back on. A red light keep flashing at lower right-hand corner. Then about 30min later, it turns back on by itself. I knew I should have bought Japanese brand when it comes to electronics, ie. Sony.

I will be contacting LG customer service to get the TV fixed. Hopefully, it won't be much of a hassle. For sure I will update my comment later.

Update 12/28/10:
LG customer service told me to do something called "hard reset"; unplug the power cord, press and hold the power button for about 1 min, then turn TV back on. Well, so far so good. It has been a few days and it does not shut off on its own. I am not sure if this problem is fixed for good; fortunately the TV still under warranty.

If any other people have experienced problem with LG TV, please share comments.
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on February 3, 2011
Great colors, good viewing angle (I'm used to plasmas excellent viewing angles, but this one is good for an LCD), and the best sound you're going to find in a TV this size (More of a statement about how horrible the sound is on other small TVs then a compliment of this TV's sound).

The only knock I can think of for this TV is that you can get the 32 inch for just a few more bucks, which is obviously worth it. I hung this TV between my master bedroom closet and Master bathroom, though, and all I had to work with was exactly 26 inches.

Don't be turned off by 720p vs. 1080p. At this screen size you won't be able to notice the difference!
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