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on March 27, 2015
This mouse enticed me with it's futuristic look and the myriad of ways to configure it and customize it to MY needs.

A little over 3 years later and I can tell you the love affair was torrid and bitter.

-It's neat-o looking. Most of the kids on your block will not have one.
-You can adjust the weight.
-You can adjust the dpi.
-It does glide across a gaming mouse pad very well.

-You can adjust the dpi. You'll never get it perfect on the up/down dpi on the mouse. I never saw a way to set the clicks to my preferred settings anyways. I had to always manually do it through the program editor.
-A non-perfect surface for a gaming mouse will cause it to forget to read that it's moving.
-You won't use many of the buttons. The slow speed aiming? Yeah, it works, but it's a gimmick. In the heat of gaming you'll forget you have it so it's not a useful feature.
-The rest for your thumb will end up just giving you pain in your thumb from the way your thumb will rub against it depending on how much pressure you use to grip the mouse.
-It's fairly sturdy until it drops from 18 inches onto carpet. And then it will mess the bed like an infant that doesn't know any better. It will mis-click, triple click, and not click. From an 18 inch drop onto carpet.Carpet. Not a 5 foot drop onto concrete.

The amount of money I spent on this mouse is what kept me using it for so long. I'm cheap and I felt I needed my money's worth. I replaced this mouse with an $11 Sharkk mouse that works brilliantly and fits my hand quite nice. The Sharkk mouse also has adjustable dpi and weights. For a fraction of the cost.

I'll brb.. I'm taking the RAT 7 outside so I can wind up and smash it against the concrete to show it how a drop should really affect it. I'm really going to enjoy watching all that plastic fly everywhere knowing that it's successor was almost 90% less than this gimmick. There's really no reason to bother with this mouse when Reddragon and Sharkk make alternatives at a tenth of the price.
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on March 5, 2016
After 4+ years. My rat has fallen apart. Intense gaming has gotten it's final laugh and I lay my rat down. May it rest in peace.

Could not be happier. It's survived abuse after abuse. The cable was going strong. No issues really until one day it just didn't want to read. The lock down dpi button has earned it's keep and tallied up over 5000+ headshots.

Very durable. It's lasted being slammed in frustration.
Being dropped many times and having liquids spilled on it.
The feel is great. Once one cap was worn down, I just swap it out and it's good as new.

The buttons feel great with a very satisfying click. Price was good for this. Could not be happier.
Also purchased a few other items from MadCatz.

The scroll is very satisfying. And the DPI sensor/sensitivity switch is really the MPV on this mouse. It's the key between close quarters at a high DPI to fine tuned shots at a distance.

The ergonomics of this mouse have never given me hand cramps.

Really don't have many.
Wish I still had mine. It's served me so well and gave me great memories. Thank you MadCatz

Really wish I could give a wireless Rat9 a run since I've switched to mobile gaming on a laptop and not on a desktop after my rat7 died.
Overall; easily 5/5.
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on May 7, 2012
I've had a Cyborg R.A.T 7 for over a year and it finally went nuts on me. I tried updating the drivers, different settings, even using different surfaces but it would get stuck in the bottom half of my 27 inch LED LCD Display and wouldn't move above the mid-way point. If I restarted or disconnected and reconnected it, it would work okay for a few hours. It was doing it so often that I went a bought a new one thinking I just wore the old one out. After all I used it for everything not just gaming. I got the new one and grabbed the most recent drivers and installed it. I was playing Dungeon Siege III with the new one and it went crazy on me after only an hour or so of play. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and it helped for about 20 minutes. It was stuck along the bottom half of my display. I closed out the game and it started working again but I opened up solitaire and it went crazy on me again. I removed the drivers and it helped a little but still not like it should. Overall I really like the mouse since I can adjust it to fit my hand and it's very accurate when working with Photoshop but the crazy movements when playing games has me thinking twice about hooking it up again. Tech support wasn't much help either so I'm back to my old Logitech mouse for now. It's working fine compared to the R.A.T 7. One other thing, I thought maybe the problem was having it plugged into an USB 3.0 port but switching it to a 2.0 one didn't help. From reading other forums there have been some issues with mice and USB 3.0 connections.

If I hadn't tossed out the box the new one came in it would be on its way back to Amazon for exchange.
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on September 2, 2014
anuyone who is interested in this mouse knows the reason why they want it: customization. all the buttons, switches, knobs, interchangeable parts make for a precision pointing device you can make your own. and thats startng with a mouse that is already extremely unique - bring this to the LAN party and you'll be getting a lot of attention. and to those who would claim that madcatz products are unreliable: after 3 years of using this mouse almost every day i can attest to the solid, quality construction of this mouse.

i prefer the absolute precision of a wired mouse over a wireless one for gaming and multi-media applications, but for OCD wirephobes there is a wireless model which works well also.
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on June 26, 2015
I have a RAT 7 and a RAT 9.

I can absolutely say that I love this mouse, the amount of engineering that went in to it is great. Let me just list what I love about it:
1. Metal bottom, but slick feet make the mouse slide over most surfaces wonderfully.
2. Custom weight system for those of us that love a heavy mouse (it's good to feel the weight when you have it on high DPI).
3. As I just mentioned the DPI tops out at what most people would need, and the ability to switch and set your DPI settings is grand.
4. Customization in regards to the amount of buttons, and the feel of the buttons and scroll wheel. Just the perfect amount of mechanical precision for each click and turn.

So why is this mouse getting 1 Star from me? Just one reason, and one reason no one should ever buy this product or most any product from Mad Catz.

The laser eye proven to be utter garbage. I bought my RAT 9 to start when they first came out and loved it, but after a year I started to have problems with tracking. So I bought a RAT 7 while I attempted to get the RAT 9 working again. RAT 9 worked on and off and I had the RAT 7 in the off times. This went on for 7 months until the RAT 7 went through the same problems. I contacted Mad Catz support and they stated that I shouldn't be using a black mouse pad with the devices and advised me to buy a white pad because of the laser eye worked better with white (yea wtf). I did so and got another month out of both mice before the problems became to much.
I then filed for warranty on both devices, which was fulfilled after a week of emailing Mad Catz that I had tried everything. They sent me two new mice after they received the old ones and I continued gaming. Should be happily ever after... but here I am again with two mice that don't track and not even a year after receiving them. I can assure you that Mad Catz will only honor the original warranty from my first devices. So in other words I'm stuck with two RAT mice that don't track that are less than a year old.
Also I am not a dirty person... my pad is clean, cleaned at least once a week, I've taken compressed air and alcohol to the laser eyes, reinstalled software and tried everything. I game A LOT and I game hard, and I wanted this mouse to work so bad because of how it felt, but in the long run a weak laser eye ruined a perfectly good product.

TLDR: This is a wonderful paper weight, if you want a mouse with a laser eye that stops tracking very early into its life, and poor customer service who believe the problem is always the customer, then buy this mouse. If you want a mouse that works buy a Razer Diamondback, the one I've had since 2005 still works which is 5 times as long as either RAT mice I have owned.
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on January 17, 2016
I purchased this mouse in late December 2011. It is now 4 years old.

In May 2013 (the mouse was about 1.5 years old) it quit tracking. From other posts here I assume the laser failed. Mad Catz was gracious and replaced/refurbished the mouse at no charge. My primary issue was the premium price paid and life of the mouse compared to a number of "cheap" mice I have used through the years that seem to last forever.

Now it is January 2016. The R.A.T. has once again quit tracking. Since the last repair/replace it has been about 2.5 years. I guess I have gotten my moneys worth but I still feel disappointed in the product. I like the weight, the feel, the look. Its built like a tank. The body of this mouse will probably last generations but it appears the electronics are good for about 2 years.

Right now I am trying to decide if I want to try and repair this one again or move on. If it had cost 10 bucks I would not feel bad at all about it failing after a year or so. I could buy a lot of $10 mice for what this one cost.

Overall I think I am being generous at 3 stars.
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on March 22, 2011
This mouse is good for gaming and work. I found that using it daily reduced the pain in my hand since I was able to adjust the mouse to fit my perfectly. I work on my computer all day (I am a freelance programmer), and this mouse is very comfortable, and feels solid. Gaming has been great with it. It has to be the best designed mouse ever made. However, spending this kind of money on a mouse, you'd expect higher quality. Yes, on the outside it is great, but on the inside not so much. Not even a year after I bought this mouse I ran into the dreaded double-click problem. That is, the mouse started registering double-clicks sometimes and has gotten progressively worse. I'm now back to my old mouse, sadly. After research, I discovered that this is due to some cheap metal they use in the micro switch that wears out too quickly. It can be fixed if you take the mouse apart, but from what I have seen this is no easy task and you risk further damaging the mouse. As much as I like this mouse, I'd no longer recommend spending so much money on it since it just doesn't hold up very well compared to other less expensive ones I have had.
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on June 15, 2015
TL;DR: don't rely on this mouse long-term.

This mouse was easily the best mouse I'd ever owned. It has a solid build and comfortable grips, as well as limitless customizability. I actually had tuned the mouse so it slid correctly and didn't try to rotate in my grip. I used this mouse for productivity purposes, not gaming. The mouse was paired with a nice steelseries mousepad, which I highly recommend.

But alas a few months ago, the mouse started misbehaving. It started being picky about how and where I pushed on the mouse buttons. I heard a click, but often, no click event would make it to the computer. Eventually, the situation degraded to the point where I either got no click or two click events.

Since I'm an engineer (and the product being most of a year out of warranty), I decided to take it apart and see what was going on. None of the switches showed any signs of wear or breakage inside or out. My only conclusion was that some piece in there was either corroded or had been actuated too many times such that only poor contact was being made. I also noticed they used lead-free solder, making it RoHS compliant... Not that it actually matters.

Aesthetically, the rubberized coating tends to rub and flake off in normal use.

And I'd like to complain about Linux support, but Linux users always complain about hardware Linux support.

I'll give it two stars for now. I'm going wireless next time.
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on November 3, 2012
I bought this R.A.T 7 way back in 11 July 2011 (thanks for telling me when I bought it, Amazon) and have been using it ever since I got it. The mouse takes some adjustment to get used to but once you're used to it you can't imagine going back to other mice. Ever since I bought it, I've received comments on how funky the mouse looks. :)

1+ year in, the usual signs of wear and tear are there...faded marks, worn more-than-usual surfaces, dust accumulation near glide pads...but I have been wiping them clean once in a while and haven't had any issues with the mouse. The adjustable thumb rest does move if you push it too hard but it hasn't given me any issues. I have been playing STO, SWTOR, Unreal Tournament 3, Just Cause 2, Saints Row The Third among others and have found no issues whatsoever. I am the player who does lift his mouse several times to relocate it in the heat of the game but it does not seem to affect the reliability. The mouse sure is sensitive though as my phone's vibration on the desk is enough to make it jitter. Cons of too high sensitivity? :)

I see myself using this mouse for years and years to come until it goes kaput and I'll probably buy another R.A.T. 7 (if they're still selling them) then so if you are looking for issues on reliability, this mouse is definitely reliable. I can understand that most negative reviews are mostly from defects/oversight in the manufacturing process so definitely take those reviews with a pinch of salt. However, since my mouse hasn't given me issues I can not comment on the customer service.

I would appreciate if the markings on my mouse do not fade and the mouse buttons do not show signs of wear but that would be in a perfect world. All in all, 5 stars!

P.S. - I will follow-up on this review when the mouse decides to die so as to give a rough idea of the lifespan of this mouse.

Update - I guess I spoke too soon. I've started having issues with the x-axis and y-axis tracking. Sometimes one of the axis would not track and a complete circular motion becomes squarish. I've cleaned out the laser sensor and used the R.A.T 7 on different surfaces (as well as all the other solutions on the support website) to confirm but I guess it is happening. I have just submitted a support ticket to Cyborg/MadCatz so will see how that goes and update accordingly.

Update 2 - I have contacted Mad Catz with the issue and an efficient Vanessa Frost had my RMA request all sorted out within a day. Now all that is left is for me to send the RAT in. Thanksgiving isn't making it easy however...

Update 3 - Mad Catz/Cyborg did the RMA and shipped it back to me on the 5th Dec. So that would be about 1 week turn time since receiving my R.A.T. I can't wait to receive my R.A.T 7 back and will test to see if they fixed the issue. Stay tuned.

Update 4 (FINAL) - Received not my R.A.T 7 but they sent the newer model! I guess they couldn't fix my old one, but wow. A new one. Thank you Mad Catz/Cyborg! Here is another happy customer. I hope this one will last too! :)
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on May 31, 2012
After owning this mouse for quite some time, I have to say that it's junk. I own the RAT7 wired one. The mouse has started to not track laterally, I have to pick it up and blow on the sensor for it to work again. In a FPS game or even surfing the net, this can get quite annoying and not part of what I paid for! This mouse, innovative and customizable as it might be, is made of inferior parts internally... I should of known better than to give this second rate company another chance. Shame on you Mad Catz!

I'll stick with my Logitech G9X Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with Precision Grips for FPS/General Use & Razer Naga MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse (RZ01-00280100-R3) for MMORPG!
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