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on September 29, 2010
I belong to the part of the population that CANNOT wear ear buds. We're the minority and it is getting increasingly harder to find outer ear head phones that are not connected to themselves by a headband. I was very pleasantly surprised to stumble across these and besides the fact that they meet all the criteria I was looking for they also have that extra punch of unique that I like. An added bonus is that the foam padding is more durable than ones I've had in the past so I expect these to last awhile.
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on September 21, 2010
I have yet to find any headphones, earbuds, or earclips of any form that work for me like Phillips Adjustable Earclips. My ears are a little small for earbuds, so I often feel pain and irritation when they're in, and at least one if not both sides continue to get pushed out of my ears and fall out, even when I'm sitting or laying down very still.

I'm on my third pair of Phillips Adjustable Earclips. The first two pairs were a slightly different model, but the same make and design. The first pair I was really upset to lose when a friend's car door got slammed on one of the ear pieces. My second pair was with me for over a year before parts of my music (vocals or certain instruments) started fading in their quality or altogether from songs I listened to.

Earclips are the best choice for my ears, but most of them are too tight or the clip is made of a tough plastic that doesn't adjust to my ear. So once I saw and wore these with the adjustable and padded clip I knew these were the only things that would work for me. They look like they'd be heavy, but I often find it comfortable to sit with them on my ears even when my music is off rather than hang them around my neck, and forget about them until someone points them out. I can turn my music up as high as I want, and people tell me they hear no sound leaking. The only bonus would be a volume controller, so people may feel the need for that small push. I highly recommend them to anyone who is sensitive to wearing different headphones, but I think they'd be great for anyone unless you're really partial to earbuds or other.
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on December 4, 2012
***Quick Sonic Review***

half decent sound, good bass, semi-comfortable headphones that will stay snug when working out.

***more intoned review***

1) Sound:

Not too bad. The bass is the best feature. Overall, it's OK. Nothing that will blow your mind. Because of its design, you CAN hear noises/sounds around you. I don't hear any major "buzz" or foreign sounds except once in awhile.

2) Comfort:

It claims that is has super-soft ear cushions for hours of comfort flexible rubber earhooks. I wouldn't call these super-soft. I wouldn't call the ear-cushions super-soft. It is the same as those $10.00 headphones' styrofoamic pads. They are actually kinda "harsh" against the ears. The flexible rubber earhooks could be SOFTER as long term wear does lead to irritations.

The hook doesn't swing out to more than 35 degrees so putting it on takes a little bit of effort. Once it is on. It is snug. Which can be a double edged sword. For going to the gym and working out. I like it snug. For sitting down and relaxing, I would prefer something a bit more relaxed and a lot softer.

3) Fit:

To me, the fit is a bit small. I would've like for it to be about a 1/4" bigger. The hook does wrap behind the ear almost fully giving it a nice snug fit. I took them to the gym with me as well as jogged with them and they do NOT bounce. So they are good workout clip-on phones.

4) durability:

I haven't had them long enough but I am not expecting much for a cheap pair of headphones. The material is like those of other cheap headphones. But I cannot complain for I snatched these during the lightning round for about $9.00. I will update as I put them to the test.


I also own a pair of a higher-end Brookstone earclip phones (about $60.00). Those are a lot softer including the ear clips. And it does sound better. But they are not as snug and not ideal for working out with them.

These Philips ear-clips are great for those of us that do NOT like earplug/earbud phones. They offer decent enough of a sound for those that are active.

During lightning rounds, I have seen them dip under $10.00 sometimes and sometimes even less. I think it is worth it at $10.00 or below.

Would I wear them for any long durations at any one time? No. But for workouts and active life style, these phones are definitely up there.

As far as durability goes, I haven't had them long enough yet but considering the materials, I doubt they will last a long time if I am not careful with it. I also suspect sweat along will wear these out sooner than later.

Overall, for the price, I would say that it is worth it.

One more thing, as with all other headphones, it doesn't escape the "makes my ears itchy" syndrome.
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on June 20, 2016
Let me preface with this...I do not take good care of cheap electronics. At all. They're cheap, so that's the way it is. Any electronics pricier than your average AAA videogame on release day, I treasure and keep from harm's way - but headphones like these? I don't coddle them at all. The cords get yanked and twisted and stuffed in small, hot spaces when I'm on the go. They get dirty, they get wet. I can murder a tiny, cheap computer mouse once every few months, and I expected that to happen with these, too. That's why I went as cheap as I could. But that's not what happened.

I used these day after day until the plastic casing fell apart 2.5 years later...and they still worked! None of that "wiggle the cord just right and the sound will play sometimes" business. They work just as well as they did the day I bought them. Buying another pair today to replace my old ones. I hate earbuds, so these are a comfortable, quality choice for the price. I just can't find clip-ons in stores anymore, so I'm happy I can still get a pair of these.

I don't give 5 stars for just anything I kind of sort of like. 5 stars means "exceeds expectations." These headphones earned it.
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on April 18, 2017
Not a bad set of headphones. I like the freedom of the separate earbuds, but hate the feeling of those buds in my ears as either they're too big or make me feel like my ears are plugged up. Granted that's because they are, but I find it uncomfortable. These provide the best of the buds and an over ear.

They will eventually wear out on how secure the clips are. That's where half of mine get replaced, the other half usually get changed out when the cable at the base of the ear clips gets weak and cuts out for me. I take them everywhere, use the daylights out of them, so I could be speeding up that process.
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on May 1, 2017
I was so happy to find these! I had a pair a few years ago, but I lost them and never found a good replacement. I can't stand earbuds, other earclips pinch and hurt, and big headphones hurt my head or can't be carried around easily. These are so comfortable, the sound is good, I can wear them with my glasses and even when I have a migraine. It's too bad they've been discontinued, I've never found anything else even close.
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on October 8, 2016
I've owned countless pairs of these over the years. I personally cannot wear earbuds, they aren't comfortable to me. It's an unpleasant experience. I picked up a pair of these at Target when I had first gotten an iPod, I was 10 or something like that. Since then, they've been the only headphones I use, which means I've been using them for a good ten years. When I found out they were discontinued, I was so incredibly bummed. Thankfully I've still been able to get them on Amazon, I don't know what I'll do when I no longer can.

These can take a beating. I used to sleep with them on all the time, now I only do so occasionally. They're certainly comfortable enough to sleep in. The two main things I've found after many months if not years of wear: the little plastic piece will loosen up after a while and the headphones then don't really stay completely on your ear. I have one pair that's done that that I just keep to use in bed, as it's not a problem unless you're upright.
Second, the cord eventually wears thing. The music will get spotty, I've lost sound in one side before, or it just fades. That's when I'll order a new pair. They still last quite a long time, and if you're not as rough on your headphones as I am, they'd probably last even longer.

Overall, if you're someone who doesn't like earbuds, these are perfect.
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on June 12, 2016
I've used these types of earphones for many years. My ears are super-sensitive to the touch, and I can't wear the big ones with the headbands because they put too much pressure on my ears. Earbuds also severely hurt my ears and they never stay inside. These are very comfortable, compact, and fit easily into a small backpack pouch or even your pants pocket. People ask me all the time where I found them, as if they had never seen anything like these before. I wouldn't blame them, because I can't find them in any store. I wish their design was more popular. They offer great sound, incredible comfort, easy to adjust and are also quite stylish. They also don't break if you accidentally drop them. They last a long time, too. My last set worked for 3 years, maybe longer. But it's time to get another set, as things do wear out over the passage of time. These are great for exercising as they won't fall off your head or pop out of your ears while you're running or at the gym. Obviously, they are not good at outside noise reduction, but that's a good thing. If you are out running and wearing heavy earphones with great noise reduction, you won't hear those tires squeal and horns honking... These also have the tendency for others to hear what you are listening to if your volume is REALLY high, but if you're like me, jammin' to Metallica, Nirvana, Paradise Lost or Manowar on the bus, you wouldn't mind sharing your excellent tunes with others, anyway. LOL!
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on November 20, 2015
These are so hard to find and these are AMAZING! I cant use ear buds because of my ears so I wanted this type. I looked at all the stores near me and no one had them. I was skeptical about these but I am absolutely satisfied with these. I have had them for years now. I have 2 pairs, my husband and I both use them. He wears his all the time and even to bed most nights and they hold up great. He even likes to chew on them so they no longer have the silicone sleeve on them, but they are still functioning and working just fine. For the last 6months I have kept mine in my purse and they get beat up in there and they still look and work like the day I bought them. (We are not sound snobs and probably will never own $100+ headphones but we do have some standards and these exceed those.)

I will honestly be purchasing more of these as a stock pile for the future. If these are the only headphones I use for the rest of my life I will be more than happy. Although at this point the only reason to replace is if we lose them because after owning at least 2 years they still sound , work, and look like the day I bought them. I know it sounds like someone is telling me to write this, but that's not the case. I honestly LOVE these!!!
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on February 4, 2017
The headphones work as expected. There are two issues 1) the lines for each ear piece are not the same length. One is much shorter than the other, however, this does not stop anything from working, but it looks odd. 2) the over the ear piece is uncomfortable for me. There is a comfort piece, but that does not seem to help. Thankfully, the arms are moveable, so I just have them adjusted away from the ear, but then I am not able to hear the sound as well. I will use them for now, as my other pair are falling apart, but I would not suggest buying them.
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