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on October 21, 2016
I just got an AT&T iPhone 7 with unlimited data to use as a hot spot at work since I no longer have a Wi-Fi connection. I bought Wilson's Cell Phone Extender and office kit system because I found out I had extremely limited or no service connectivity which did not allow access to the internet, send or receive email or even text. Deeply disappointed, I just about returned my iPhone but thought I'd give Wilson's system a try. I was very skeptical because it was the cheapest cell phone extender system out there, and even more so since I didn't have access to a window at my desk cubicle, but heck, I thought any service is better than none, so I gave it a try.

I was shocked when I set up the antenna at the top of my cubicle, plugged in the system and inserted my iPhone. I instantly went from no service to three bars. I activated my iPhone Hot Spot and used my iPad to email, text, use the internet and even stream video from my home DirecTV DVR without a hiccup - It was amazing, I couldn't be happier with this system, especially since I didn't even have to mount the system on a window. For less than half the price I was able to use my iPhone as a Hot Spot, connect my iPad to it and use it even better than when I had Wi-Fi connectivity.
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on May 25, 2017
10 years ago I purchased a Wilson signal booster when I moved to a house out in the country where I could sometimes get a text message out. It was amazing. I went from almost nothing to making calls. That device plugged into the audio port of the phone. This was before the smart phone and 4g networks, but still either years later with my smart phone when I needed it. Once we got Internet and a signal booster it was no longer needed.

Again I've moved to a place off grid. It's only 4 miles out of town but there is no electricity or Internet yet. I can sometimes get a text message to send, but generally have to walk a few hundred yards up the driveway to do it. I hooked this device up and nothing changed. I drove up to where I can generally send a text and was unable to send anything. I ended up driving 2 miles before a text would send. That further than I've ever had to go before. If anything this device made things worse.

It came with a teeny tiny little pathetic antenna. I don't see where I should have to buy the upgraded antenna to make it work. If that's what makes it work, then that's what they should sell with it. I'll drive out to the old place, where the old signal booster used to work and try it there and a few other places where I occasionally get signal but it isn't always reliable.
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on December 8, 2016
We live out in the woods and even though we have a landline wifi, it is not good enough to Skype with. I bought this Wilson cell signal enhancer to try to get my cell phone signal up to use my hotspot. My signal went from 1 bar to 4 so I am happy with that and it does what is says. However, it is still 1x not 4G so it is still not strong enough for skype. It will be very useful for when we travel and it was easy to set up and use.
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on December 11, 2015
15 Dec 15 update - Oops! Ordered the wrong one, this is the 3G version of the booster, and will not help your 4g signal at all. You want model #460107 for the 4g functionality, Sent this one back for the "new version" of the cradle now that Wilson has changed their name to "weBoost" (what a god-awfully DUMB name). So I'll be reviewing that in the near future.

This is my 4th one. One at the house, one at the vacation home in the boonies, one at the office and one for Mom and Pops out in the boonies as well. Best thing is that they are all portable and work just as well in the car. Awesome for those road trips to use the phone as a hot spot to keep the little urchins from getting cranky without their on-line stimulant. My oldest one is over 5 years old now and it still works like a charm.
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on March 15, 2016
Fantastic product that clearly works extremely well. Super simple to set up and placement of the antenna is very forgiving. I even use the product indoors (the power is just a typical USB cord that can plug into your cell phone wall charger) and works great.

You can see the cell signal improve by going to the Settings -> More - > About Device -> Status and look to see what your signal strength is and watch it jump right up. This is more accurate than just looking at the bars on the top of the screen.

People state that when it works people love it and when there's not enough signal to amplify then its just junk.

I would imagine the secret on knowing whether this will work for you or not is seeing your strength currently. If its over -110dB it's probably not going to work. Or if you can't make any calls, ever (not just static ridden calls that drop), then it's probably not going to work for you. Otherwise if you shows hints of having occasional signal it's worth a shot!
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on March 9, 2015
This does a great job in going over tall bridges where service is always lost. Like the skyway bridge in Florida. Also helps us get across Alligator alley, almost every time. Regardless of the service. This helps. Helped with Verizon phones, helped a lot with walmart cell phone plan and helps with straight talk now a days.

The sticky part hasn't held up well. But those are replaceable. You can go to the site and buy their replacement or go to other sites and buy stronger replacements from other companies that are used for boats and such.

My husband often ends up in areas of Florida that have little to no service for any cell phones and customers are always shocked that he has 3 bars out there and can talk to me easily enough. That says a lot in my book.
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on December 24, 2015
This thing rocks! But it does get hot. I found a really simple way to mount it on the dash AC vent. Get a small Bungie (Have to find the right size, not to big not to small) , hook both hooks in the dash vent with the elastic part drooping down forming a U then drop the Cradle in the U and put your phone in the Cradle. Forget the mounting stuff it comes with this is so much easier and keeps the thing cool. Well in the summer anyway. Just finished a 3500 mi trip in AZ, NV, NM, and CA, and it worked great. You do need at least some signal though and follow the antenna mounting directions. Here's something I found, you can vary signal strength just by facing the car in a different direction. If you have a weak signal, try driving in a circle and see if the signal increases. Worked several times for me.
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on February 20, 2016
It doesn't seem to make a huge difference, especially if you are traveling. As a truck driver, I've tested this product for nearly 5 months. I just ended up tossing this into a bin, along with the aftermarket antenna that easily snapped in half. I would give it 1 star (0-5) because it was convenient to have my phone at arms length, and easily be able to see the screen to see who was calling. I was using this for my iPhone 6+. I believe it MIGHT help strengthen a bar, but not give you an extra bar or 2.

Edit: Called them up and told me to send it back, and I believe they are going to replace the broken antenna I bought with this product, so I bumped it up from 1 star to 3. Customer service is the reason... so the review is not just based on quality control.

UPDATE: I still don't see any difference, even with the upgrade. I decided to just take this as a loss. Not sure what I'm doing wrong and neither do they... maybe Verizon is just too good, and this is meant for Wal-Mart Towers?
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on September 21, 2015
I was hesitant when buying this as I have purchased others that did not work at all. This item worked very well for me, I have a RV several miles out in the woods, it is 3.5 miles by air from the tower in very hilly terrain. Outside the RV I could get calls and some data but it was spotty and if I wanted it to work well I had to walk to the top of the hill, inside the metal box I got nothing. I mounted the external antenna on my metal roof overt the RV and now I can put the phone in the cradle and get solid 8-9 Mbs data as well as 3-4 bars of phone/data service as reported on the phone header. To talk I simply use a blue tooth ear bud. Texts are what are difficult though as you must leave the phone in the cradle and that for me is not in a very convenient location. Lastly as others have mentioned this thing gets VERY VERY Hot. I mounted mine by the A/C unit so it gets a solid cold air breeze in the summer, winter I hope won't be such an issue.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 6, 2015
20 years ago my mountain cabin had 0-1 cell service. All of our cell phones were equipped with a port to attach a wire to an external cell antenna. We discovered Wilsons TRUCKER ANTENNA. We installed three, one on our Motorhome and two on our cabin.... Life was good with 3 bars. Then in 2006 all cell phone manufacturers QUIT adding ports for external cell antennas. ( OH CRAP ! ). Last year I discovered the Wilson Sleek. I went from 0-1 bar to 2 bars. BUT in a few months of very high temperature in the backing plate,,it quit working. I contacted a Wilson Tech and was asked to mail it to them and they would mail me a new one. I am very displeased that they took 12 days to replace the defective Sleek.AND the new one only produces ONE BAR......ALSO the high heat produced by the backing plate really concerned me for FIRE DANGER. I rate this little Toy as JUNK ! And Wilsons new company gives very slow replacement of defective units.
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