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on July 1, 2015
First, note this lens is designed for APS-C cameras and will not fit a full frame camera. I also purchased this for my Canon, so my review will reference Canon products.

This lens is heavy especially considering some of the entry level lenses Canon and others have on offer. Also, the focus ring feels a little rough when manually focusing. The front element is rounded and cannot take a front mounted filter. The lens cap comes in two pieces, a normal cap that covers a slide on cover. You can use the cover to create spherical pictures, or you can remove it to shoot normal pictures. Autofocus is accurate and smooth if a touch loud.
Over all it feels like a quality build.

It is important to know what this lens does and doesn’t do. This is not a lens you are going to shoot your kids birthday party with. With 8mm to play with it is a challenge to fill the frame. The Lens forces you to focus on composition, and really getting up close and personal with your subject. Real estate agents, car guys, and people who shoot in enclosed spaces will get the most out of this lens.

Picture quality.
For an APS-C lens it delivers acceptable quality. At 8mm you will see the corners bend, and you will get a halo effect at the widest aperture setting. I haven’t seen any lens flare with the built in hood, but with the number of elements in the lens it’s bound to creep up.

I love this lens. However if you’re not sure about getting into super wide angle photography and surrealist pictures that come out of it, go with the Canon EF-S 10-18. f/4.5-5.6.
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on July 15, 2015
This is the lens I've been waiting for. First I want to say I'm glad I chose this over the Tokina f/2.8

I got this lens used for $329. I still think it's worth the full price though. Even though it's not an EX lens it certainly is build solidly. Really there's nothing wrong with the lens at all. The only complaint anyone can have is that it can't take filters.

It goes from 8mm to 16mm so when you want that ultra wide shot you can get it but if you wanted to do some normal wide street photography 16mm is more suitable.

It's sharp for sure. I could be at 8mm and take a photo and zoom in and the quality is there edge to edge. At 8mm you get the natural barrel distortion and its expected but everything is still so sharp.

When you buy an ultrawide you want it to be ultrawide. This is the widest rectilinear lens out of all the crop sensor ultra wides. And I hear it's also the sharpest. Only issues it has is lens flare and no filters. I tried the Tokina 11-16 at a shop and it was nice but the build quality felt cheap and it has a small zoom range. If it went to 20mm it would be justifiable. F/2.8 on an ultrawide is nice for low light situations as mostly everything will be in focus still and you can get in a good amount of light. But this sigma seems to do well in low light.

Just turn you ISO up and shutter speed can be slower since it's so wide.
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on June 15, 2015
I recently got this lens with the intention of trying it out on holiday in Europe where I would be doing a lot of landscapes and cityscapes. This lens proved to be a game-changer in opening up the possibilities one has to capture a shot, especially with crop-sensor cameras that handicap this ability from the start. This camera is perfect for capturing very wide fields of view, especially for shots where backing up or changing your position (on a boat or a narrow city street for example) is not an option. The lens significantly opens up your options for taking shots. Even at 8mm, you have to get very close to someone before you get any of the "fish-eye" effect--this lens should not be considered as that type of lens.

The only possible negative to this lens is that the aperture isn't the widest and this will limit your low-light abilities a bit. This didn't' impact my shots at all though.

Great lens and highly recommend it.
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on November 17, 2013
Absolutely fantastic. I was initially a little concerned by the edge distortion at 8mm, but I've gotten over it. The extreme wide angle provided by this lens opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities. I've taken some of my very favorite photographs with this lens, many of them at 8mm. There just isn't a competitor out there on the market. I use this lens almost as much as my 17-55mm f2.8 Nikkor.

The Tokina 11-16mm seems to get more love from others, but I'm not sure what I'd do with f2.8 on such a wide lens. At night, I'd want to use a tripod with long exposure anyway, so f2.8 isn't that helpful there. I've gotten some awesome night shots with this lens. I've had good luck getting very sharp shots with great colors that pop using this lens.

For daytime shots, yes, it would be nice to use filters. I think I will buy the Hitech Lucroit filter system for this lens once I have the money. I am personally OK with this inconvenience/expense to have such a wide angle on APS-C.
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on June 14, 2017
Not top of the line but great for its price. Yes you will have some softness in the corners but not a photo killer. See examples. If you looking to have some fun taking wide angle shots and your NOT a professional photographer/photo stickler getting paid thousands of dollars and need a perfect shot... this is 100% for you. Probably the most fun I've had with a lens. I use a Canon T2i Rebel.

Note: The lens is bubble shaped so standard filters will not work. Also the sun shade tulip does not come off (as far as I know)
review image review image review image
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on May 24, 2014
And paint it in all the colors in the world. I bought this to get shots of Prague. I had an absolute blast taking pictures before putting the camera down entirely so I could see the world again.

Group Photos
Building Close Ups
Dramatic Architecture

Portraits? No, not so much. Flowers? Again, no, except if there's a big field of them. With an angle approximating my peripheral vision (not quite, really) if what I saw was what I wanted then i could get it.

I have yet to print anything, so things may change. But so far it's been a blast to play with.

*A few months later*
Only one complaint at this point. Worst. Lens cap. Ever. It simply won't stay on for love or money. Take your hand off the cap and, shoop, it falls on the floor. Fortunately it's metal, so it makes an absolute racket each time, announcing itself.

The lens is great, and deserves the stars. Great value for money. Gets dirty a little easily, but carry a microfiber wipe and you're fine. Just that lens cap falling off is an astonishing disappointment. If anyone has a solution for keeping the cap from falling off, let me know!
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on September 19, 2011
I just unloaded all my full frame Canon gear and went over to APS-c (7d) bodies and lenses. I was looking for a wide angle to give me something near the image quality I got out of full frame sensor cameras and Canon L series lenses. This lens does it. It's easily sharper than the Canon 17-40 L, and as sharp as most fixed focal length wides - full or cropped sensor. It would be a great lens if it didn't have typical Sigma mechanical problems. I've owned a variety of Sigma lenses over the years and their macros are truly exceptional. However, every Sigma lens I've owned, including this one, has had some sort of mechanical/electrical failure. In this case, the autofocus copped out within weeks of my receiving the lens. It's not too big a deal, because I mostly manual focus anyway, but it's an annoyance. I haven't had time to send the lens in for warranty work yet,but will shortly. Still, the lens is wicked-sharp edge to edge, amazingly flare resistant given the bulbous front element, and the pictures from it just pop. It won't take filters, and the front cap looks/works like it was designed by Red Green. Take Ken Rockwell's advice and buy an extra small Lens Coat hoodie ($13) to use for a front cap, it works great. Vist Rockwell's website for an interesting, albeit ranting, review of this lens, and while you're at it, head over to Photozone and check out their test results - both rate the lens's optics very highly. Despite the autofocus problem, I'd buy the lens again - there's nothing else out there that really competes except for maybe the Tokina 11-16, which is mechanically superior, but not quite as good optically, and has a narrower zoom range. Optically, Sigma has a winner here. Now, if they could only built their lenses as solidly as Tokina...
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on May 17, 2012
Note: I initially purchased this as an open-box Warehouse Deal, but it arrived broken. Amazon was great about accepting the return, and I reordered a new copy that has worked for 2 years with no flaws.

This is an exceptional lens. Not only in the sense that it creates a very high quality picture, but also that it is for specific types of photography. This lens is not for portraits, group shots, or where you're looking for an ultra-accurate representation of a space or scene. This lens, at 8mm, is so wide that anything outside the center will look stretched and spaced, as this is a rectilinear lens and is constructed to preserve straight lines (unlike a fisheye, which will curve objects outside the center).

If you shoot architecture, buildings, subjects that are more geometric in nature, landscapes, and so on, and you're looking for a unique lens that will give you a different perspective on your usual subjects, this is a stand-out lens. There's complex distortion at 8mm, and even at 16mm there's still complex distortion, so it's not perfect, but you'll be capturing so much of a scene that it's hard to notice the distortion.

It's not a fast lens, but thanks to the size, it grabs a lot of light and can be used wide open in most situations without suffering from a short DOF. In fact, I usually stop down to F8 or so simply to cut down the shutter speed, although in scenes where you're capturing a significant amount of foreground, you'll probably want to stop down a bit as well. The focus motor is a little loud, but fast, and since you're not shooting people/wildlife with this lens, it really doesn't matter. It's heavy, firmly constructed, and has the much-discussed "cap and sleeve" design to cover the lens.

I took this lens to the edge of the outback in Australia and hauled it through deserts, and in the US I've taken it up mountains, into forests, and around buildings, and it's handled a lot of different temperatures and humidities with no trouble. Due to the bulbous front element, it's important to be careful when setting your camera down or when you're in dusty areas, as a small bit of dirt on the lens will be magnified in a picture.

I love this lens, and the extra 2mm compared to the other 10mm lenses on the market make me happy that it performs as well as it does. If you're looking to go as wide as possible, this is the lens to get.
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on March 20, 2011
This is my 2nd ultra-wide lens purchase. I use a D90 and previously returned a Nikon 10-24mm.

- Great resolution + contrast over most the frame, less so toward the corners
- Good construction-feels good in hands
- Some barrel distortion, but OK for an extreme wide angle. My 18-105 has more distortion at 18mm than this lens at 8mm.

- AF often not accurate-I have to manually focus using the distance scale for best sharpness.
- Slightly underexposes compared to my Nikon lenses
- Slow f/4.5 maximum aperture and not usable with built in camera flash

My ultra-wide angle lenses often do not auto-focus accurately on my D90. I most commonly use ultra-wide lenses at the widest zoom setting and wide open aperture. After auto-focusing on a subject, I can see the distance on the distance scale is wrong. Upon close inspection, the pictures are sometimes slightly out of focus. To make the problem worse, this lens can focus way past infinity (to allow for temperature extremes per the manufacture). So that means when I focus on a subject across the room, sometimes the lens will auto-focus past infinity. Or to 3 feet.

These focus errors are usually covered by the huge depth of field. But when viewing images at large sizes, it is noticeable.

I do not think this problem is unique to my lenses or camera. AF modules operate similar to a MF split image viewfinder, and there just is not enough movement to nail focus 100%. For best sharpness, manually focus using the distance scale (or live view?). Many people would not notice, but I am fussy.
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on January 4, 2013
First lens I had to return because it had a quality issue with sharpness between the center and the right side of the picture. Return and exchange with Amazon was very simple and fast. The new lens does not have that quality issue although if you take pictures in 8mm wide angle with aperture 4.5 the picture is not perfect sharp already half of the center. Taking the same picture slower and with aperture 8.0 makes already a big difference, much sharper throughout most of the picture. I am using this lens with the Sony Alpha 65. I think it will make a great addition for taking real estate pictures as I am working in the vacation rental business.
UPDATE 4 weeks later: The second lens started after only 3 weeks to have autofocus problems. The communication with the Sony A65 camera came to the point where the camara showed misbehavor and errors. The camera is fine and works perfect with my other lenses. I mailed the second lense for an exchange but instead I got an email saying that they just give me a refund because a 3rd lense will most likely also have similar problems... wow...
Update 2013-03-30: Even the first 2 copies were bad, I updated the rating from 2 stars to 4 stars. Here is why: After I had to return the 2 bad copies of this lens I orderd the Tokina AT-X Pro DX 11-16mm - which had SEVERE purple and green fringing and strange colors. It did not do the auto focus any well. After that I tried the Sony DT 11-18mm. It had less purple and green fringing but the overall performance did not convince me beeing the most pricy lence. I wend back to the Sigma 8-16mm because at has significant less color fringing, if at all. The colors are very nice and it is sharp in mist situations. From all 3 tested lenses this lens comes out the best plus it has the widest angle and the quitests and fastest auto focus. I just hope that this lense will not fail. This time the box had a sticker: Sony A67 A77 compatible... and my camera is the A67. I hope that a new firmware will prevent the lense from loosing its auto focus function like my last copy of this lense did. This lense has a fast, quite and good working auto focus compare to the other two lenses. With the Sony A67 I take allmost all pictures with the setting on +1 exposure, otherwise many pistures are a bit underexposed. Not a big deal. Once learned most pictures come out very good.
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