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on May 31, 2016
Reason for buying:
1. Needed earbuds to plug into things that play sound.
2. Wanted good sound quality, especially at the base end.
3. Previously used and enjoyed earlier version of these for the above reasons.

Results of use:
1. They are, in fact, earbuds.
2. Good sound quality, especially at the base end.
3. Have been using the same pair for just over 3 years.
3.a. For storage, I loosely wind the cord around the my hand and toss them into one of the smaller pockets of my backpack. No further care is taken to avoid damage.
4. Silicone tips are removable, which makes for easy cleaning.
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on April 26, 2014
I've had trouble keeping earbuds to stay in my ears, over the years, no matter what size bud I've used. These ear buds actually fit my ear canals. I have been using over the ear headphones for a while but it is starting to warm up outside and those are too hot for cutting grass. I looked for quite awhile. It seems that many ear buds are just junk. I've read many reviews that say other ear buds lose sound in one or both ears. They sound great. They look cool. All the cool kids say I'm stylin'.

The sound is more than adequate considering the price paid. I'm not buying a pair that costs $100. These were much less than that when I bought them. I've listened to some $100 ear buds and I think I am unable to discern the difference. Not because there is not a difference, but I've listened to loud music for so many years, my hearing ability is not the same as a teenager. I do not regularly listen to my music loudly. But have to admit I turned these up to 75% on my iPhone and I could not take the volume.

I'm sick of reading reviews regarding sub-$20 earbuds and headphones from so-called audiophiles. If you're an audiophile, then you don't have any business looking at sub-$20 earbuds anyway. ;o)

Sound blocking: I used these while mowing the grass on a large lawn tractor. The ear buds cut out about 70% of the lawn tractor noise. I could hear the music clearly with the volume set at 40%. I consider this very good. I have some much more expensive Sony noise cancelling headphones that don't drown out the lawn tractor more than 25%. This is due to the headphones not sitting closely enough to the ears and sound gets in. But we're talking about Skullcandy, they work well.

The cables are very thin and do not transfer noise to your ears when they rub against you like some do.

I could gush and gush about these ear buds. They have truly made me have a little faith in techology in an age when so much tech stuff doesn't actually work.

The design with the monkey by Paul Frank is so cute. My Chinese Horoscope animal is a Monkey so these were perfect for me.
The monkey may not be for you. But if you have a quirky personality they might be just the ticket for you. If so, enjoy!
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on August 18, 2015
I'd ordered these earbuds a couple of years ago and they were great... fit very comfortably and sound was just fine. I lost these recently, so found the same earbuds (according to the picture) on Amazon... same that I'd ordered several years ago. These arrived today and are NOT what is pictured. The new buds 'strain relief' on the base of the earbuds is large and doesn't fit my ear. So instead of just a wire from the bud, it is now a big plastic piece. Very disappointed because I loved the old design.
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on April 26, 2013
This, I feel, is one of the better earbuds that you can buy in this price range. First, it fits well and has good sound. I don't crank it up so it blasts my eardrums out, but they could easily do so. I like the color, something a little different than the standard black cord, although I wish that these came with a solid round cord or flat cord instead of the semi-flat cord.

Second, it has no vents to the outside world, so I can put them in and put the music to a comfortable level, even on an airplane, and I forget that I'm flying, (or that the kid is yelling, or there are sirens in the streets, etc.) I'm happy with them.

UPDATE: I got to thinking about some other reviews that bash these for poor sound quality. I'm sitting here writing [my freelance job] and listening to ChromaNova at [...] which is an ambient chillout station with some great tunes that allow me to concentrate.

In any case, if the function of a pair of headphones is to faithfully reproduce sound, then I believe these fit the bill nicely, in addition to my comments above. This morning one of the tunes featured the sound of a train in the background, which scared the heck out of me, because I live next to an airport, not next to a rail line. It's this quality of sound that I haven't heard from any other headphones, which is why I love the SkullCandy lineup.

I think the problem people have is that they crank up the volume too much. Honestly, when the music is distorting because you've turned the volume up to 11 and people sitting across the table can hear it, you've got some other problem, and it's probably not the headphones. Trust me, no one else wants to hear it, so save your hearing for when you're old and crusty. :P

"There's no such thing as a fool-proof system. Someone will make a better fool tomorrow."
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on October 3, 2014
I had bought the same pair at one of the local super markets in town five years ago. Yes, i had the same pair of headphones for five years. These are the best pair of headphones i have ever bought for the price. The new pair i ordered (couldn't find them in town any more) came early. The braided cord really makes a big difference for me. i used to go though a pair of headphones a month, buying just the rubber/plastic corded ones. Yes there is a bit of sound that comes though the cord as it brushes up on stuff. I wouldn't recommend if you want to like work out or jog with these, i use them at work. An easy remedy for the noise, the cord is long enough to put it in a pants pocket and have it come up wrap around your neck, (i usually only have one in at a time,i work in the warehouse) great sound quality, other than the cord noise. Seriously happy to have a great pair of reliably headphones again.
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on August 18, 2016
These headphones are good but nothing too special about them. They don't sound horrible but they don't sound amazing either. The bass on these are a little heavy for my taste, but everyone has their own preference. The build quality of them are good as well, not poorly made. These are good for anyone that just wants some headphones that don't sound too bad but don't want to spend the money on premium headphones.
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on November 20, 2015
I like these because the give a true frequency response, most under $20 earpieces blast you with bass. Ink'd takes the right approach and builds these with a good overall response and clear midtones and highes. If you need the bass, you can have you device add it. This particular model may be discontinued but I have purchased many of the Ink'd brand plugs. All good. Some of us older folks may be put off by the name Skullcandy, but they are true professionals and make a great product. So if your in you 60s like me, ......... kick back dudes and dudettes, enjoy really good music though these earbuds
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on October 2, 2013
Have always been a skullcandy fan from my introduction in 2008, but never wanted to spend the asking price.

I bought a Phillips pair for about $60 (not from my pocket mind you, lol) last year January, but the cable broke within two months even with the most care and other headphones I've had including the iPhone ones have broken in the same place or shortened in the last year, so was at my wits end.

One of my friends have had a pair of INK'd for a lil. over two years now, and he's not the most careful of indiv. where his things are concerned, yet the buds are still in good shape in spite. So seeing as I hate overheads, I thought I'll give them a try. I like the build of the nylon braided cable and the sound is pretty decent, so no complaints thus far, other than maybe the annoyance of the cable constantly in knots.

We're now at a wait and see. If these don't work out though, I'll have no choice but to get overheads (wireless preferably) to drown out the masses, lol.
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on September 6, 2012
I wear ear buds daily, here at the cube farm if you want to get any work done, you queue up your music and get down to it. CAUTION: this will not be a thorough review, it ain't that deep to me. I got these for like $15, they are so cute, which I know doesn't make them work any better. I go through a lot of headphones, like every 3-6 months I can kill a pair. Most of the time I yank the bud out of my ear by the cord and it disconnects the ear bud and I have no sound on that side. I don't pay big bucks for my ear buds, it doesn't make sense. $50 is possible if there is a kicking guarantee and no negative reviews!

I use ear buds with my Samsung captivate (the SII and SIII predecessor) and normally I go big and buy the Samsung ear buds that came with the phone, or I will buy Koss. I even got a pair of i-home ear buds. When I saw these, I had to try them. I am a sucker for humerous advertising and the name Skullcandy just sucked me in!! I love the fabric cord. It adds something to the look, we will see if makes them last longer. So many reviews talk about the friction the fabric has adds background noise, if you listened to your music louder that wouldn't be a problem, I can sit through a fire alarm and never know it happened. But I also scream when someone puts their hand on my shoulder after the have screamed at me for 5 minutes. It is all about priorities!
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on April 27, 2015
On the positive side- these Skullcandy INK'd Paul Frank Earbuds are superior to the Apple earbuds that came with the iPod Touch.
These earbuds have a lot of kick-ass presence; meaning that that don't require listening at high volume levels to get a decent sound.They are also more comfortable to wear during extended listening sessions.
On the negative side- these really favor the treble end of the graphic audio spectrum. To compensate for the tinny sound, you may have to tweak the EQ settings on everything you listen to. (Not sure if I'd want to master any original Garage Band music with these.) But hey, for the relatively low price of these earbuds, they do the job nicely.
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