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on November 12, 2017
Decent for the price. Pictures are correct, but the belts look wider than they really are. I worked in a butcher shop with a 2" wide belt sander looking knife sharpener in the 70's. That thing would sharpen a knife in no time.
I was thinking I was getting something about the same, but on a smaller scale. It a lot smaller scale.
Belts are maybe 1" wide and very thin. You just glide the blade over the belts with no pressure. You will wear the grit off the belts if you put any pressure on the knife at all.
Light weight. Easy to store. Easy to change belts. Works well with kitchen knives and scissors. Works especially well with fillet knives. It left a beautiful sharp smooth edge on all my kitchen sized knives.
I about wore out a set of med. and light grit belts just sharpening my pocket knife, which has a titanium blade. It is tough to sharpen. This machine did the trick, but it takes a lot to get it sharp.
I would not use for anything else bigger than a butcher knife. I bought this thing after reading reviews and reading the questions/answers on Amazon.
Some people answer yes to anything. Some people answer these questions and rate without using it.
Great for the kitchen only. Do not buy if you are thinking about sharpening anything heavy. IT is not a "Tool" quality sharpener. It is a kitchen knife and scissor sharpener.
Not very useful for things like shovels, mower blades and machetes. Nothing with a thick dull blade.
If it wasn't for the "Tool" sharpener wording, I would give it a better score. But it isn't much of a tool sharpener for things such as a screw driver, chisel or mower blade. Get a good quality belt sander for "Tools".
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on January 4, 2016
I cannot see how anyone could give this a negative review if they use just some basic common sense and follow the instructions.

I think it's all about having correct expectations. If you're expecting this sharpener to give you the same edge that a professional can give you, or if you're expecting the same edge that you can get with 30 minutes on multiple stones, then you might not be super happy with this. With just a little bit of practice though, you can get a really nice edge on your knives in less than three minutes.

That's what this was about for me, time. I had five kitchen knives, and about a dozen pocket knives in a box that were virtually unusable. They had been sitting in a box (except the chef knife which I used regularly) that I'd toss them in with the "I'll sharpen them later" mentality. I started working my way through them all this weekend and by the time I made it to the end of them, I'd gotten pretty good with this tool. I can't get the 25 degree edge I'd like quite yet, but when using the 20 degree guide I can spend three minutes and get a usable, paper cutting edge pretty easily.
review image
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on February 1, 2018
I cannot explain why I never purchased this before, just trying to be cheap I guess. As it turns out, I wasted a lot of money, time , and effort in trying to make my own knife sharpening systems from grinders, strop wheels, sharpening stones ....etc. After a review of the instructions and 10 minutes of practice on a crap piece of an old knife.....I got it. I can craft a razor sharp edge on any of my numerous outdoor knives or my wifes' kitchen knives in about 5 minutes each. Excelent buy and well worth the price if you use your knives a lot.. I still take a small manual carbide/ceramic sharpener with me camping.....just in case but do not think I will use it unless desperate measures are needed. This is great !
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I bought this originally so I could tear it apart and review that it was nothing but a fanboy product. I got so tired of hearing how great it was from all the tacti-morons. Well, I'm eating those words, because it actually IS great. Learning curve is very small, and when you use the right belts for the right blade, and realize to let it do the work without forcing it to, it works very, very well. It puts an edge on a dull knife from 420C to D2, S30V and CPM154. It polishes that edge. It hones it. I strop it anyway, and it makes short work of sharpening. I love using stones, but I do that for a hobby mostly. If I want a fast and sharp edge, I have this thing ready to go now. You don't need the more expensive Ken Onion edition unless you have knives that fall out of the general category, the regular workshop will do fine. I've done outdoor knives up to and including a BK2 and small as a pocket folder. If you get the diamond belts, you can do ceramic knives as well and remove chips or hone the edges perfectly. Takes no skill to operate, but that's assuming general intelligence and the ability to read instructions.
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on May 4, 2017
I am the guy that cannot sharpen a knife, no patience. This is the best sharpener I have ever used. Watch a few videos online, try it with a 'junk' knife to practice, that 'junk' knife will be better than brand new very quickly. Once you get how to use it,, its fastest, easiest sharpener you will ever own. 10 times better than those boxed electric grinders they call sharpeners. I live in Michigan and hunt and fish.
Starter pack of belts has done over 80 knifes of all types, fish knife is a bone slicer now, 4 axes, 3 hatchets, 9 lawnmower blades, and a few scissors. Hooked my brothers up and sharpened their stuff, they are buying me new belts. and the old ones are still doing the job.

Amazon has replacement belts that can fine fine hone blade to razor. Even a diamond belt for ceramic knifes. I have razor sharp axe and hatchets now, had them for 20yrs and wish i did this a long time ago. Lawnmower blades can be sharpened w/out taking off lawnmower. Grass cuts clean and yard is amazing,, really never thought a sharp lawnmower blade would make such a difference. Old butcher block kitchen knife set is better than new now. Steak slices like butter. Yes I am a big fan, and don't think you need the variable speed unit,, this base model works fast, and does the job. did i mention scissors, hunting knife going thru deer skin like a scalpel, .... get it.. stop lookin'.
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on March 16, 2017
I just had this delivered two days ago. When I received it I read through the instructions to get familiar with its operation. A grinding belt was installed on the sharpener so I plugged it in and ran the motor. It immediately froze up and the belt wouldn't turn. I manually turned the belt a bit and tried again and smelled a burning odor. It was then that I could see that the belt was almost sheared in half. I removed the belt and I saw a small piece of plastic that had been wedged between the belt and the pulley wheel. I'm still not sure where that came from, but I replaced the belt and it ran perfectly. I can only assume that the belt had not been properly installed and caused it to abrade the knife guide.

I called the company the next day to let them know what happened. I spoke with a very nice lady named Andree who said she would send out a new belt the next day. The next morning she sent me an email asking me to take some picture of where the damage occurred, stating she wanted to make sure there was nothing more wrong. I took the pictures, sent them to her and she immediately said she would also send a new cassette along with the new belt. This what I call OUTSTANDING customer service!! You just don't find that with very many companies these days. I love the machine and it sharpens almost any knife or other cutting blade of most any kind within minutes. I have bought many different sharpening devices over the years, but this one is the cats meow! I don't think you will be disappointed if you decide to get one.

Update 3-19-17

Just received the parts from this company...and not only did Andree send me a new cassette, but an entire set of new belts as well. And, it all got here within 2 days. Wow, these folks continue to amaze me with the wonderful customer service!!!
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on October 15, 2010
The Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener is exactly the sharpener that I've been looking for! It quickly and easily makes a good convex edge on most blades, and it only took me a few minutes to get the hang of it. I profiled and sharpened three kitchen knives in five minutes, and a brush axe in ten minutes. The brush axe took more time both because the new edge profile was a lot different, and because it took me some practice to deal with the curving blade.

- It takes me an easy 35sec to change a belt.
- The belts are lasting well.
- It takes about 5 passes each side w/medium belt to put a convex edge on a typical blade.
- It takes 1-2 passes each side w/fine belt to sharpen a typical blade.
- Works for most any blade, even my Benchmade folding knife with thumbstud.
- Sharpens hard knives.

- The instructions are not great. You may round the tip or ruin a blade's temper if you follow them exactly.
- It would be easier to draw through true if the guide extended to either side 1/2", and was solid above the belt.
- Will only sharpen the flat side of a serrated blade. You'll need something like a tapering round sharpener to get the other side.
- The thumbstud on a folding knife may get in the way unless it is near the handle.
- The fine belt is generally good, but sometimes I want finer. I searched online, but couldn't find any.
- There is no 15deg knife guide.
- The WSKTS quickly gets hot; you're not supposed to use it for more than 20min.

- Practice drawing the blade through with the motor off.
- As you draw through, change the angle of the blade to keep the belt-to-edge contact uniform.
- The belt will conform to the knife tip as you draw it though, which will round the tip of the knife. I avoid this by drawing through the same, but turning off the motor just as the tip of the knife reaches the belt.
- During the initial edge re-profiling, be careful that the knife doesn't get too hot, which will ruin the temper. I worked with three knifes at a time to avoid this.
- I alternate sides every pass, both to help keep the edge symmetric, and to minimize the number of passes.
- I only use the downward side of the belt; this seems safer and perhaps the belt will last longer.
- For a curving blade like a brush axe, I work in sections, being careful to vary and feather the sections each pass.
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on June 5, 2016
Just bought this, along with a small 60x microscope (http://www.amazon.com/Carson-MicroBrite-60x-120x-Microscope-MM-300/dp/B00LAX52IQ). With the microscope, I can confirm that this works better than I can achieve freehand sharpening with 1000 and 6000 grit Japanese waterstones, which I've been doing for more than 15 years and on hundreds of knives. It also outperforms the spyderco sharpmaker, the apex system, and the wicked edge system, at least in my hands. With the just the base kit plus the leather strop, I can get most any knife to hair-popping sharp, and I've only put maybe a half dozen knives through this thing so far. Very easy to use, and impressively sharp, every time.

The ken onion version adds adjustable angle settings, but for $50 more on a $70 item, it doesn't seem worth it.
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on December 29, 2015
Watching tv the other night and this product appears on the screen. Small little "buy this" ad during a hunting show I watch. Looks like a good knife sharpener, and I needed a gift idea for my husband anyway. So I ordered two, one for hubby and one for dad.

Every knife in my cupboard is now sharp. He even threatened to sharpen my butter knives (haha). He's enjoying this sharpener immensely. Was the perfect gift this year!

The package itself is pretty nice. The box shows all the uses, includes a disk to make sure you're getting the best angle or use of the sharpener. The booklet, I was told, details everything so you can't mess it up. Tells you what angles all your standard blades are. Very good item for the $$. It's not that pricey, really. Especially when it can be used on more than just your kitchen knives.

I was nervous it'd be too complicated, but after seeing my husband's excitement and then realizing he'd sharpened everything he could get his hands on, it's obvious this isn't complicated at all, but rather very easy to use and fun!

This was a great purchase!
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on April 17, 2015
Update 05-19-15: this is a good idea. But it will chew a blade up. Before all the "experts" get started on it being all my fault, I have followed instructions to a letter. No amount of care will stop it. I have several knives that, while not ruined, have been scarred badly. It's a handy little tool, no doubt, but I'm going back to the old way of sharpening. Now if you have a machete or other tool, it will work good enough for that. But I don't believe I'd put my cheapest knife on it. About a week into using it, it started squealing. There were no maintenance instructions. So I silicon sprayed the wheel on the top which seems to help a little, but it keeps coming back. I found out there is a sharpening cassette release button not in the manual either. Scared me at first because seemed like it was going to fall apart. Took chance, it's to remove the cassette from the body. Then you can air blast dust etc from both and use your spray lube wherever you guess might be effective. Back to knives, on knives that have a defined lip where the edge ends at the heel, that can be a problem. You have to be real careful because the guide & belt do not auto line up with that edge. Basically the same for say a straight edge like Mora, because the handle is tapered at an angle, your gonna have a messed up edge (uneven) or messed up handle from being chewed up by belt. Thick blades do not do well either they hang up & cause you to wiggle them to move it thru the guide. So now I have an expensive ax, scissor, machete, tool sharpener. I might have offered $20 for it. End update/ Not for lefties unless you have dexterity & a little ambidextrous. The guides are made for right handed people, only! It's a juggling act for a left hand person. Also,
I feel they should have put another 2 bands in kit stepping up from the medium grit to the polish (220-6000 is a big jump). If you're getting it & trying to decide which extra bands to get, I'd suggest the polish 6K grit. Seems they use up faster because there's not much to them. Pay attention to the guide, make sure you keep the blade flat against the guide on the side against it, keeps the angle of the edge constant. WARNING!! This thing can chew up a blade before who'd a thought it. Don't start with your favorite pieces, use junky ones 1st until you get it figured out.
On rotating the head (?) there are 6 notches on the belt side, one of them will loosen the belt piece, it's okay, it comes off so you can brush dust etc off. That is in the manual, but I didn't read it that way. There are no maintenance notes, none. Mine started squealing, couldn't tell exactly what it was, I sprayed silicone on moving parts where I could, seems to help.
It does the job, if you can do it right.
Works real good as a grinder for tools, machetes & axes, the scissors works well also.
review imagereview image
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