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on August 9, 2013
Even though I am a fan of every rendition of Robin Hood----ordinary people taking back from and resisting oppressive government and returning the taxes to the hard working people who pay them, I watched this for Gisborne more than for Robin Hood.

The first episode, "Will You Tolerate This?" sets theme, and Robin's speech in the last episode of the third season is as inspirational as the first episode. I would have liked to see the show go on for several more seasons.

But Guy of Gisborne is the most interesting character in this series. (Far better the whining incompetent Guy of Robin of Sherwood.) The conflict between Robin and Giy is set well in the first episode without violence.

Richard Armitage does a great job of portraying Gisborne as an ambitious but tormented man who fights on the wrong side but who still has some salvageable aspects to his character. He mistakenly thinks that acquiring power and position will give him what he wants in life, though that mindset is constantly challenged by Robin and Marian living the truth that it is not power, but selfless commitment to serving a greater cause brings happiness, respect and love. He is always subtly struggling between what he thinks he must do to further his ambition and being the kind of man he should be.

Consequently, Gisborne has the most depth and intriguing aspects of any character in the series. So much so that I had to look up his background to find out more about him. He would have been my choice physically for Faramir in The Lord of the Rings or for the character range of Boromir. Gisborne's scenes are the strong point of each episode because while he is the military arm of the irrational and sometimes campy Sheriff (who has NO redeeming qualities), there are always indications that when his ambitions don't get in the way, he has some heart for the ordinary people even if his concept of law enforcement is rather brutal.

Even if you're not a fan of Robin Hood (but who isn't), watch this for the development of the dark and brooding Gisborne, always compelling in black leather.
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on February 21, 2015
I haven't seen the entire series 1 yet, but it is a very enjoyable adventure series. Keith Allen and Richard Armitage are both excellent as the Sheriff and Guy of Gisborne, respectively, exuding menace and greed without going too much over the top. Jonas Armstrong does a good job of Robin, but the best "Merry Man" is undoubtedly Sam Troughton as the ever loyal and whining Much. The other Merry Men have yet to have shown too much of characteristics to really know much about them. My main issue with the show is Marian and the historical inaccuracies. This can sometimes be done well, as in BBC's The Musketeers, but this is not so much the case with Robin Hood. My hope is that the series does improve as it goes on while retaining the action and action.
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on May 25, 2014
I've always wanted to watch something Robin Hood and was so excited to see this!
In the first episode of season 1 we meet Robin Hood with his friend Much on their way back from fighting during the war in the Holy Land. We also meet the Sheriff and Sir Guy, more men join the band as the show progresses and in each episode you learn something more about the characters that you didn't know before.

This show can be brutal at times and the sheriff in this story isn't someone fighting for justice - he's downright evil. He doesn't hesitate to throw a woman and her child in jail for not paying their taxes, or killing a man if it will help him gain power. Sir Guy helps the Sheriff a lot, though I think he can never quite make up his mind whether he wants to be the bad guy all the time or try and turn to be the good one.
Lady Marian is perfect in this show, and always how I imagined she would be. There is humor in the story at times as well which can make the dark times seem a little lighter, and Jonas Armstrong did an amazing job at betraying Robin! I love how Robin is serious at times but can also be very cheeky.
There is also lots of action and you never know what could happen next - lots of surprises happening along the way. Adventure is around pretty much every corner in this show, and there is never a dull moment!!! I am pretty much on the edge of my seat at every moment of the show. =)
This show can also be a bit contemporary at times so it gives it a little different mood, but I really like the difference! Also I love the Medieval time period and they did a very good job at betraying that!
My siblings (ages ranging 5-13) love it as well, and we all love to sit down in the evenings together and enjoy it. Wonderful and a must watch for Robin Hood fans! ♥
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on March 5, 2016
From the BBC but shown on PBS. Music by Clannad. Some of the songs from Robin Hood are on a cassette by Clannad called Themes.
This series includes the God of the Wood which none of the other films or television series on Robin Hood do. Robin Hood like other
films and television series's is the champion of the poor but here he seems to be more compassionate and socially responsible. Writing
and acting is excellent and I watched it each week and enjoyed it very much.
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on June 7, 2015
Love this series, amazing and addictive. Awesome twist on the classic and just an awesome show I still enjoy as a teen today. First watched on Netflix and fell in love with Robin of Locksley and his merry band of outlaws, "Never forget the outlaws!" Said by Robin in the series. 3 seasons in total and that's all were getting. More accurate to the true story of Robin Hood, with UK own twist and amazing tale of this catchy and completely worth it series.
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on July 28, 2007
Take the cheesiness of the Hercules and Xena series, tone it down a bit, combine that result with the seriousness of the Beastmaster series (an under-rated series, if I do say so myself), and add in a bit of Battlestar Galactica grit, and you got the New Robin Hood series.

Filmed in beautiful 1.78:1 widescreen, the screen format really fits this material quite well, from the sets to the wilderness environment its shot in in apparently Hungary. The costuming is very well done. At first it was hard to accept the leather-looking duster that Guy of Gisborne was wearing, but it appears to have changed slightly as the series progresses. Uniforms for the castle guard are also very well done. I really must commend on the sets of the castle and medieval house settings. Very realistic looking.

Casting and acting is also very well done. Ignore the negative reviews concerning this aspect. Very good character development across the series. Some very intense moments for some of the characters as well. Fight choreography is also very well done for a TV production. Much more realistic than anything on Hercules or Xena. But somewhat on par with what Beastmaster had.

If you have any interest in the Robin Hood mythos, I highly recommend giving this series a try. It's a bit expensive though, as its a BBC production, but I really think that if you can get through the first half of the season, then I think you'll find your investment was well worth it.
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on March 5, 2018
I LOVE all Robin Hood movies and can watch 'em multiple times!
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on September 15, 2017
This is a great series for both old and younger. My kids and I have enjoyed watching this series.
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on October 7, 2007
If you are wondering if ROBIN HOOD is anything like the dozen's of movies -and shows- that have been made about this classic story then let me set your mind at rest...

This series is original, entertaining, funny, ACTION PACKED, and leaves you wanting more.
It does my heart good to see a decent depiction of 'Robin Hood'! Every episode is so riveting that you forget you aren't onscreen yourself, fighting the sheriff alongside Robin

It shows the hero side of robin hood (what robin hood worth his salt wouldn't be a hero) but also the real struggles he would face. He's not a perfect hero, maybe... but certainly one that has chosen to make a difference in his world.

And when Robin can't accomplish the task with his ingenious swordplay and/or arrow volleys Maid Marian dons the disguise of "the Night Watchman". Sometimes she dons it anway. Take care, Marian! It's a dangerious game you're playing with Sir Guy!

On the whole, a great show you'll want to see!
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on December 24, 2016
A great cast, wonderful writers and a great sense of fun! This is a wonderful rendition of Robin Hood. Absolutely love it.
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