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on January 21, 2012
I've had this gizmo in place for about one month and I thought I'd provide a report for those who want some details on performance.
1. This unit does NOT have a light sensor; that is, it still turns on/off even in the daylight. The product description is silent on this point, my bad for not noticing.
2. The light stays on for about four minutes after activating; NOT adjustable.
3. Despite these quibbles, I am pleased with the key factor: does it reliably sense movement at a reasonable distance? YES.

I needed to light a 3-car garage with a nine-foot ceiling. There is already a duplex outlet in the ceiling; to test this unit I bought a simple adapter Leviton Mfg L10-00061-00I Ivory Outlet Adapter Bakelite Slimpak and plugged the whole thing in, hoping the weight of this unit plus a bulb wouldn't simply fall out of the outlet. So far so good (although I will admit to a safety string in case it comes loose).

So performance: the light works reliably at a distance of 15 feet..... the situation is such that I can't test to see if it works any further away than that. Interestingly, it does not ALWAYS detect my German Shepherd, but it triggers on humans of every size who are vertical. The nine-foot ceiling may be the problem here.
One other piece of info you won't find in the description.... the detection pattern is not completely circular .... it's shaped kind of like a figure-8 with a fat middle. This unit is marked with two arrows, 180 degrees apart, indicating the direction of the longest range. My experience is that this unit triggers at 15-foot distance, regardless of which way it's aimed.

So now I'm going to install a permanent socket and get rid of that string. Hope this information helps you.

UPDATE: OK I've determined that the unit DOES reliably detect the German Shepherd, but the range is about 10 feet. Installing the permanent socket moved the light about 18 inches... so that may be what fixed the problem. I'm also reasonably certain the range would be greater with an 8' ceiling.
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on January 9, 2017
So I was trying to light a portion of my hall area near stairs leading to the second floor. I had to improvise the light fixture but because there is no switch near the light I really didn't want to have it on all the time. This light was for my mother to see as she walks up the stairs in a dim area. I saw the First Alert PIR725 Motion Sensing Activating Light Socket as a perfect to solution to saving energy. Without the sensor the light would have to be on most of the time. I just screwed the unit into the light fixture socket and added a 30 watt florescent bulb. the light fixture is still powered but with the PIR unit in the socket the bulb you screw into it will only come on when there is movement in the area. For me it is within about 9 feet of the unit. There is a 360 degree motion sensor in the middle of the unit that will not trigger if you are above it. Makes it great if you are on the 2nd floor and don't want to trigger the light. The unit screws into a regular light fixture to make the fixture motion sensitive. light will only come on when motion is detected. Works as stated for a great price.
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on March 12, 2017
This little light socket has been amazing! We have two light switches in the garage, one that controls this socket and the garage door opener and one that controls all the other lights. The switch panel is in a very awkward location and is right next to the breaker panel and it has happened several times that the wrong switch has been flipped. Not any more! When you open the door, this baby lights up and no one has to touch a switch at all unless you need all the other lights. The light stays on for around 4 minutes or so, unless you're anywhere in the room still moving around, which, in that case, it just stays on until you leave or stand perfectly still for 4 minutes. Definite problem-solver for us! Very happy!
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on July 8, 2014
It's like being a WIZARD!!!!!!!You wave your hand and the light comes on, like Harry Potter. And then you go away, and when you come back again you get to do it- again. Because the room is dark. Lovely. How fun! Plus, it saves energy, if for some reason SOMEONE (who will remain nameless) in your household is willfully UNABLE to turn off a light when they leave a room. Here we are, warming the WHOLE PLANET with our nasty emissions and still there are people walking around who feel like they 'deserve' to leave the lights on all freaking day and night. Entire species are going extinct, but "you" say you were "coming right back" (three HOURS ago)!

So yeah, save the planet with yet another gadget- right here! I didnt do the math, but if it doesn't break it may even pay for itself eventually. Not like we ever ask any OTHER thing in life to "pay for itself". When was the last time a car "paid for itself"? What is thet line of reasoning even about anyway, sometimes something that costs money is just the right thing to DO. But if you have a BAD repeat offender in the land of endless light, this might help. If it doesnt reduce your electric bill, try going solar. And enjoy playing WIZARD!
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on April 21, 2017
I have installed it in my garage and it is working as expected. I have also added a Y splitter to run two bulbs of this and both the bulbs are working with no issues. In fact when i open the garage door, the light turns on due to motion of garage door which means i get a lit garage even before garage door is fully opened which is what i need. The bulbs turn off after 4-5 mins of no motion.
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on October 20, 2015
Installed this in my garage overhead light socket. Super easy, no adjustments needed, works perfectly.
review image
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on August 18, 2015
Well - it works sometimes. The problem is that I was hoping that this sensor would work every time. I installed it in the garage in the overhead light bulb spot. We leave the light switch on and then when we walk into the garage - bing the light goes on. Well that was the idea. One in three times we have to turn off the switch and turn it back on - first we try waving, dancing to no avail - then flip the switch and the light comes on. One in three times the light comes on as expected. The final one in three time the waving and dancing does the trick. So as you can see it does not work well enough to give it a good rating. It may be the install location but how do you account for the one in three times it works when I step into the garage. I plan to seek another option. Hope this helps and you have better luck with this product.
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on January 14, 2017
This is exactly what I needed for the basement and installation couldn't be any easier! I put two of these on the unfinished side of my basement where we store things. I often found myself either struggling to find the string in the dark or trying not to drop something while pulling the string. As soon as I open the door, both lights go on and I can walk out knowing they'll turn off in a few minutes. I have to take the strings down as my family keeps forgetting they do not have to turn off the lights anymore. I'm hoping I can install these in my attic. My husband loves to leave those lights on too.
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on November 23, 2014
I've had 4 of these now, 2 old type (no CFL bulbs) and 2 newer (CFL OK). None lasted longer than a year. One of the worst products I've ever had. Worked fine for that first year. Thank goodness they were cheap. Wouldn't buy again.
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on August 26, 2014
Did not work in garage ceiling.
Tried on a indoor lamp and was not very effective. I had to get within 3 feet of the lamp for the light to turn on.
I have a three car garage with 2 overhead lights with a switch and the garage door opener light that turns on automatically when the door opens. The garage door opener light was not bright enough at night, esp when trying to take a baby out of the car.
UPDATE 8/30/14 : Tried this: Lutron MS-OPS2-WH Maestro 250 Watt Single Pole Occupancy Sensor Switch, White - from Home Depot to replace the light switch that is next to the door that leads to the garage. Replaced the overhead lights with 2 - CREE 100W equivalent 5000K LED = 18Watts light bulbs and so far it seems to work well. The switch can be set to 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 30 min ... I have it set to 5 min. I can also turn the light off manually when I exit the garage into the kitchen as I have always done. The light turns on when I open the garage door from the car so it must be sensitive enough to pick up the motion of the door. Total cost about $63 + tax. So far so good.
UPDATE 3/27/15 the Lutron MS-OPS2-WH Maestro 250 Watt Single Pole Occupancy Sensor Switch is still working great!!
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