Customer Reviews: Samsung Gravity T t669 Phone, Steel (T-Mobile)
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on September 3, 2012
I made the mistake of selecting this phone 4 months before my 2 year contract was up. I was previously using a Gravity 3 and the voice quality was like talking through a Jack-In-The-Box drive thru intercom.

Typical call: "Hello....what? Say again? Did you say you wanted me to....what? What was that? Uuugh!!! Text me, I can't understand a #©king word of what you're saying!"
TEXT: POS fone, eh?

Of the 2 choices they could offer me (Wow! What selection), the Gravity T Steel was the better voice quality...but still not very good. I still have those times when I ask the caller to text me instead. When swiping to scroll through contacts, it regularly will just start dialing a random number that my finger touched while scrolling. So now I only use the toggle buttons on the side to scroll. So for some things the touch screen is ULTRA sensitive. Other times you virtually have to hammer the touch screen with your finger to open a text message. GOD I have soooo wanted to chuck this phone against the pavement, but then it's not worth the $200 early termination fee. I just have to struggle with this retarded dip-shiit of a phone.

Oh and here's another little T-Mobile treat...don't know if this is a phone issue or t-moble service issue, but when I'm talking to someone on a land-line, there must be like a huge delay on the other end. I will say hello like three times before I get a response. Then we spend the rest of the call saying things at the same time because each of us encounter these long pauses, which really aren't long pauses, but 2-3 second lapses in satellite transmission. It's like talking on a radio call-in show. I never had that problem with the Gravity 3, so it seems like it's a phone issue.

Anyhow, DO NOT get this phone. I had to give it one star otherwise Amazon cannot process my review. But that single star is an over-rate, IMO.
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on June 25, 2011
At first, I got his phone and was unsure if I liked it... It was kind of tricky to get a hang of, but the manual was very helpful. After about a half an hour of the trial and error process I had the hang of it!It is a really nice phone, I've had this phone for 1 day! And I have sent and received over 200 texts. Other things I don't like is, when you call, this phone automatically locks... and I don't have the choice to put it on speaker or do anything, and its kind of a tricky process to get it unlocked. I also don't like the memory, I took five 2-minute videos and the memory was full. Otherwise, the camera is really nice, and takes nice pictures. Also, DO NOT get this phone if you are REALLY picky, because there are a few annoying things. This phone is not for everyone, but I would recommend it to anyone who wants a simple, touch-screen phone. It truly is a nice phone! :)
1 year later-
I wrote a review on this phone a day after I got it, and I didn't know much about it. Now I have much more to point out about this phone, I am even changing my rating from 5 stars to three... Let's start? Haha.
SCREEN- The touchscreen gets very un-responsive after a year, sometimes I will have to restart the phone because the screen won't pick up me touching it. It does get kind of annoying, but I can live with it. (I have been using this phone the whole time for a year!)
KEYBOARD- The keyboard is pretty annoying, I have to say right off the bat. The keys are almost flat, and after a while some of the keys on the keyboard stopped working so I have to use the on-screen keyboard (which I hate)
CALLS- The calling on this phone is pretty nice, it will lose connection without signal, which happens with most phones. Well one thing that I didn't like was that the screen when you're calling automatically locks, which means no acces to speaker, hold, mute, bluetooth, checking your inbox, composing a message, and more. Eventually after looking through the settings for awhile I found out how to unlock the screen permanently.
WEB- I don't use the web much on this phone, all I know is that it can be VERY slow.
OVERALL- Overall, this is a really great phone. If you are one of those people who wants a very advanced phone, that's great on the web, and you can get apps. Get a smart phone!! Those are really nice. So I would probably recommend this to someone who wants a simple phone. Thanks for reading!

Any other questions? Just comment!
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on July 5, 2011
On paper, this phone looks good. Consumer reports ranked it as #1 in its category. I deeply regret having bought it. It died after 3 months, and I have to pay T-Mobile $20 for processing the warranty. Even before it died, it performed very poorly. The downloading of mail is excruciatingly slow. Very few applications are available. The worst aspect is the poor response of the touch screen (as compared with the iPhone or iPod, for example). It is difficult to move between the three available screens, and attempts to do so often result in activating a function I didn't want to activate. Until I receive the replacement, I am using my old RAZR, which is a pleasure in comparison despite the limited functionality.
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on August 11, 2014
I love my phone. I brag about it all the time! The only thing that is a downside is that you cannot use it in the rain, as that freaks out the touchscreen. (If this happens then turn off the phone, wait awhile and then turn it back on.)

I've had this phone forever (it's now August 2014, and I bought it from T-Mobile when it was new), and I don't want to part from it.

The brag: I drop this phone every day. I drop it on concrete sidewalks and subway platforms, and in the street. It's fine! The back cover and battery fly out of it when it hits the sidewalk, but I just snap it back together and I'm good to go.

Oh, I do wish the text was larger when I'm receiving text messages so I didn't have to put on my reading glasses.

But, the keyboard is fabulous! And, I have not replaced the battery yet!

I only use it for texting, phone calls, and as an alarm clock, since I do not pay for a data plan and they discontinued Web2Go.
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on June 9, 2011
This phone is terrible in every sense of the word! Internet Sux, Sound quality Sux, Touch screen Sux, Everything SUX!!!! I had this phone for about 2 months before trading it in... can't believe they even manufacture phones like this, Samsung ought to be ashamed to claim this garbage on their product line... Makes me never want another Samsung product! I told the guy at the T-Mobile store (they had a gravity T on the shelf) how much this phone sucked and he even agreed lol
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on January 14, 2011
The Gravity T is an excellent phone that fills an important niche in the cell phone market. This is one of the few touch-screen, smart-type phones for which one does not need to spend a fortune to own. T-Mobile offers this phone without the requirement of buying a costly and needless (for many of us) data plan. Even so, users still get a very feature-rich experience with the Gravity T.

The Gravity T looks and feels like a quality device in the hand. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard is sturdy and smooth in operation, with plenty of room for those of us with large digits to hunt and peck their text messages. The keyboard is also set up in a very intuitive manner. The screen is bright and attractive, though it is a step down from the super-vivid screens that you'll see on the iPhone and its high-end competitors. This phone isn't as large as those phones, which has both good and bad aspects. The Gravity T doesn't have the screen real estate of a Droid, but its smaller size also means that you don't need an attaché case to carry it. In fact, the Gravity T fits very comfortably in a pocket. The touch screen works very well, with good sensitivity and decisiveness. The phone is Bluetooth-capable so that you can easily transfer files from your computer.

The user interface is intuitive and attractive, though nothing special. Overall, it has all the features that you'll find on any other cell phone. Call quality is well above average, and I've had many people comment on how clear and vibrant I sound on this phone. Battery life is also good. As with all LCD/LED screens, any extended use of the screen will kill the battery within a few hours. Battery life is a lot better if the phone is just allowed to sleep between calls.

I personally love this phone because I refuse to acquiesce to the $100/month tab that the smart phones carry. I get everything I need out of this phone and a little more. What's more, and this is not to be discounted in business, this phone *looks* high-end. Not that I personally care that much about my phone's appearance, but when you're dealing with people in various business circumstances it is usually beneficial to appear to be prosperous. Having high-quality tools and accoutrements (laptops, cell phones) can really help to give you the appearance of being a serious businessperson. Not a big thing, but presentation does count for something in life.

Bottom line: if you want the full smart-phone experience (endless apps, serious web capability, etc.) get an iPhone. If you want an excellent phone with a smart-phone feel but without the $100/month price tag, the Gravity T is really the best choice that I've seen on the market.
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on January 29, 2011
I've own this phone since August of 2010, and I love it. It acts like a smartphone and very much resembles the Samsung Highlight. Its touchscreen isn't like the IPhone/IPod Touch/IPad's touchscreen. It requires just a normal press. Not too hard not too soft! a nice tap will solve your problem! It can be slow sometimes, and it tends to freeze where you can't hang up regardless of how many times you press the hang up button, but if that happens just slide the keyboard and slide it back and that will solve your problem.

Great Battery Life (6hrs of Talk)
Fantastic Keyboard (depending if you like it flat)
Social Buzz (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter)
3 Customizable Home Menus
Calling Quality
Sound/Audio Quality
320 X 420 Resolution Screen
Dolphin Web Browser
3G and 4G compatible (4G Internet Only)
3 Way Calling
Hold Feature
Black, White, and Light Blue Color Scheme
Smart Touch Unlock System

Slow Response (30% of the time)
2MP Camera (Could have done 3 or 4)
Easy to scratch (Do buy a Screen Protector) (Buy a Case! "Not from Amazon")

Hench, This is quite a phone. Its recommended for people who are buying a Cell Phone for the First Time. If its your first time buying a Touchscreen phone. I recommend the Samsung Highlight because of its easier responding touchscreen.
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on August 22, 2011
Phone has a lot of features for a non-smartphone, but they are rendered useless by an awful phone.

Huge Negatives

The touch screen is inconsistent. It either is not responsive, or overly responsive. It also misinterprets what I am trying to access when touching the screen.
So every time I use this phone I am always jumping in and out of areas I never intended to be in. And when then phone becomes unresponsive, I cannot leave the areas I never wanted to be in the first place.

Another issue with the screen is that it scratches way too easy. Even after getting protectors, it's impossible to see the screen in any sunlight at all.

Internet is so slow it's beyond useless and I have cancelled my data plan after just a week of use

The phone also will occasionally just freeze up. Like on a call and you want to hang up .. but the phone will not hang up (had to pull the battery)

TMobile will be glad to replace the phone with a new one, but the same problems persist. I can't wait to get out of this piece of junk.

UPDATE 1yr later
Still the worst phone I have ever owned .. I hate it
I have called TMOBILE every month for 12 months trying to get upgraded .. or anything to get a new phone and got nothing except buy a new phone at above retail prices. I gave up dealing with the phone and TMOBILE. So much for being with TMOBILE for 10+ years.
I am counting the days to get out of my contract and will switch to Verizon and iPhone or DROID as soon as I can.
Without a real smartphone .. your really missing out on some of the best technology and apps around.
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on February 9, 2013
I absolutely hate this phone. I bought it in July 2011 as an "upgrade" from my old Samsung Gravity. I actually ended up taking the SIM card out of this phone and putting it back into my old phone because I hate this phone so much.

The touch screen is completely unresponsive. It will often misinterpret what I'm telling it to do. The screen moves different ways and it pretty much presses buttons for me. It even deleted all my contacts in my pocket.

Please. Do not buy this phone.
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on July 24, 2010
My father upgraded our T mobile plans and brought home these phones. I was a bit nervous due to my DYSLEXIA, to see if I could USE the phone. After switching out the SIM chip and a half hour, I was in LOVE! Easy to set up and use. Within a half hour I had facebook set up, E mail, and mobile banking up and running. All I can say is WOW! I have tried out a few similar phones thru a friend or two, but this one is much easier. The camera is very clear as well.
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