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on September 29, 2010
I just became a T-Mobile customer. The first phone i had was the Samsung Gravity 3 but traded it in for this phone, before the 14 days. I like this phone alot but i do agree that the touch screen is too touch sensitive (is that right?), but i have gotten use to it and figured how to get past everything. Some of the bad reviews on here are awful, you cannot compare this phone to a smartphone because for one, these are different phones. The samsung gravity T is NOT a smartphone it is a messaging phone made to look like a smartphone. This is for those who want the smartphone look but don't want to pay expensive fees just to get a smartphone. I do not want to pay $70+ for a data plan getting a smart phone when i do not want to use the internet on the phone. I like the features a smartphone offers but do not want to get a data plan (req. in most plans) just to get the phone, that is why phones like this are made. If you want the features of a smartphone then get a smartphone. The other thing is many of these functions can be turned off, such as the Auto-Lock on the phone. Just go to settings in the phone and they have it where the settings can be turned off. This phone is pretty good for the price in my opinion, especially $10/mo. You can't beat that. I just think this phone should be given a chance, get use to it like i did. Its pretty simple really. Oh, and since it did not come with a usb cable, buying one from ebay would be A LOT cheaper than buying one from T-Mobile in my opinion.

I think the camera is pretty good for it to be 2 mega pixels even the video. Also, the web on the phone is pretty slow but i don't use it as much so it does not bother me. The one thing i dislike is i can't delete any apps and trial games that are on this phone. They are useless and it would be nice to be able to delete the stuff that takes up space.
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on June 25, 2010
I got the phone yesterday. At first I was unsure how I felt about this phone. On the one hand it looks great, but I having trouble deciding if I really liked it. After a full 24 hours with the phone I love it. It takes some time to get used to all the different functions, but what new phone doesn't have a learning curve? The curve was easy and within a few short hours I was texting, calling and checking my Facebook status along with a number of other favorite websites.

For the price it is a great deal. I had always wanted a blackberry, but was turned off by having to purchase a data plan from T-Mobile, with this phone I can get the data plan for only 10 dollars a month, and they gave me the first 30 days free to see if I like the web features enough to keep them. Certainly I do at that price. I would recommend this phone to anyone in the market.


I have now had this phone a little over a year. Actually I have had two of these phones. It appears that they are only good for about six months. The first one crapped out on mean right around the six month mark. It would just randomly turn off without cause. TMobile replace it and now just abour 6 months into the second one problems are again arising. I am constantly having to reset the phone to get service, the touch screen seems to be stuck more often that not and the internet has slowed to a crawl. Look elsewhere for a new phone.
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on March 5, 2011
Possibly a lot of the positive reviews for this terrible phone are from cell phone users that have not owned a phone that works well and is designed properly.
I will not go into a long ramble, but the touch screen on this device is really terrible. One example is just scrolling through the contact list. You will be scrolling, getting close to the one you want, and all of a sudden the list starts scrolling fast, out of control. Another annoyance is the screen lock. Before I purchased a bluetooth, I liked to use the speaker phone, and since the screen locks quickly, you have to (after getting the call), unlock the phone with a side button, then hit the "keypad" button, then hit the "speaker" button! What a royal pain. Also, the phone is slick like a bar of soap, and if you have to use one hand and push the buttons on the bottom row, the thing can easily end up on the ground.
The worse part of this crappy attempt at a touch screen is that fact that sometimes you will push a function on the screen, and it beeps to let you know you pushed the button, but it does not activate the command. This is a common occurrence on this "cracker jack" device.
FYI, I took it in for a replacement which functions exactly the same. Save yourself some aggravation and stay clear of this phone. I have owned numerous cell phones that worked well... this is not one of them by any means.
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on December 29, 2010
I am now on my 3rd Samsung Gravity T. The first one froze and wouldn't do anything even after a master reboot, the ringer and speaker gave out on the second one and now this third one is freezing up too. All of these issues happened after only a couple of weeks of having each phone. I rarely make calls and never drop or abuse my phones in any way. Needless to say that I dislike this phone but am stuck with it for a while until I can afford to upgrade.

I initially purchased this phone for the slide keyboard and the fact that the data plan is only $10 per month. I agree with almost everything all of the other reviewers have said.

- The touch screen intuitiveness is inconsistent and very slow. You end up pressing something a couple of times and then find that it takes you somewhere else or it only moves the icon around the screen.

- The memory on it is junk. I find that I can't keep more than a few texts in the inbox before it tells me that I have to delete msgs. Tmobile keeps asking if I have pictures stored on the phone and I don't for this same reason. I haven't purchased a memory card and won't as I don't intend to keep the phone for a long time.

- The screen has a lot of glare even with a screen protector. Don't even try to look at it out in the sun.

- The keyboard is ok. I wish the buttons were rubberized and raised a bit more.

- There is no external light to indicate when the phone is charging, done charging or to alert if you have a voice/txt message.

- The internet is slow and you can't see many sites.

- You can zoom in and out to better see pages which is a good thing, but it's sometimes activated when you don't want to if you simply tap on the screen.

- My biggest issues with the phone are the inconsistent tap sensitivity and the freezing. I really want to like this phone, but I can't given all of my issues.

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on July 24, 2010
I've had this phone for about a week, and its a pretty cool phone, however in the attempt to be a "smart" phone I think its too smart for its own good and the execution becomes quite cumbersome. Like many of the other reviews, I had similar problems with the phone. I will provide three different examples:

1. The touch screen is too sensitive and makes it difficult to navigate the phone. For example, scrolling my contact list, it would either over shoot and scroll up/down too much, or if I slowed down, it would open one my contacts, instead of scrolling. Here, the iPhone and myTouch are vastly superior.

2. Phone makers should make every phone as hands-free ready as possible. Unfortunately, for the t669, after making a call, you have to unlock the phone by pushing and holding down the unlock button, then chose the option for speaker. Or, you have to first slide the phone open (thus unlocking it), find your contact, make the call, and then touch screen the option for speaker. Again, here the iPhone is superior because there is only one step between making a call and putting it on speaker.

3. There are three screens available for apps and such. However navigating through the screens can be annoying when apps keep opening up while you are trying to jump from one screen to the next, or vice versa. On a side note, I put a post-it note reminder on my screen, and still haven't found a way to remove it.

Not everything is all bad however. Once you can get around to it, the speaker phone is great. Its loud, clear, and the other party can hear you quite well. The qwerty keypad is a bit small, but is responsive and user friendly. A neat feature of the phone is its "smart unlock guide." You simply motion a "C" on the touch screen for contacts, "M" for messaging, etc.

I would rate this phone as mediocre overall. Compared to regular cell phones, its a bit too complicated, however, stacked up against other smart phones like iPhone, Androids, and myTouch, etc, it falls rather short.
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on December 19, 2010
It has a lot of features for a non-smartphone but there are some glaring issues.

1) The touch screen is not very responsive. It often misinterprets what I am trying to access when touching the screen. Scrolling through menus is a pain using the touchscreen as well. Never know which way the screen will go when trying to scroll.

2) Another issue with the screen is that it scratches way too easy. I had the phone in my pocket once with 1 key in the same pocket for a couple hours and it caused numerous surface scratches on the screen. I've done the same to an ipod touch more often and with more keys and no scratches on it so the screen on this phone is definitely lacking when it comes to being scratch resistant.

3) Screen is nearly impossible to see outside during the day

4) Internet is so slow it's beyond useless

5) Doesn't utilize the micro sd card very well. I put a 8 GB microsd card in there and getting tons of memory full messages even when the card is nearly empty. Also, won't let you remove the crapware on there to free up space, such as the game demos

1) Can check email but tmobile changed the lowest setting on checking for new emails to 30 minutes. One of the few non-smartphones that I know of that can sync with exchange servers for email. Fortunately you can set the sync interval to 1 minute
2) Nice keyboard for texting and email

Decent phone as long as all you want to do is email, text and make phone calls. Just make sure you are careful with the screen, never plan on using it outside, and extremely patient with the crappy touchscreen.
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I have had this phone for 5 days. I don't have data enabled so I cannot comment on that.
The Good
-Screen is clear. I'm sure the resolution is printed but I think you get what is advertised.
-The camera is listed as 2 MP. I think the picture quality is just fine for a cell phone.
-Videos adequate for what I want, which is very little. Frame rate seems smooth and as with picture mode there is are a few editing options included.
-The sound quality is reasonable.
-Bluetooth worked well for me and was simple to set up.
-Music functions require USB headphone as near as I can tell. Not mentioned in the manual.
-Good volume and vibration options. Variety of settings.
-Voice recognition mode helps negate some of THE BAD below because you say "CALL JOHN DOE MOBILE" instead of having to navigate the menus on the phone. Great for driving.

Note: it is easier for me to focus on THE BAD because these things stand out.

The Bad
-The touch screen sensitivity cannot make up it's mind if it's sensitive or not sensitive. Often I when I want to scroll I end up selecting a icon on the screen. When I want to select an icon I end up scrolling. The problem appears to be that when I select an icon on the screen, removing my finger from the screen creates just enough friction that the phone thinks I want to scroll. To select an icon you must remove your finger. You cannot just press an icon on the screen to have select it (in some menus like contacts). This is really annoying in the contacts list. I end up using the arrow keys on the slider keyboard a lot. Note: I have tried calibration and I have average sized fingers.
-The speed of the processor isn't that great. Sometimes the phone gets a little hung up "thinking" even when you just select menus in the phone. It's not too common, but it happens.
-When texting multiple people, the check marks by the names do not always update when you select a contact to message. You feel the phone vibrate indicating a name was selected, but a check mark does NOT appear after about 7 names. This is just a software bug. So you have to look at another menu to see the full list of names after typing the text. Or create a groups list.
-When sending texts you cannot always easily see to whom the text is going to or to how many people while writing the text if you choose CONTACTS first and then write the text. Don't put MOM and Mary, your girlfriend, close together in your contacts list. It requires going to another menu or saving the message as a draft if you want to be absolutely sure your message is going to the right person. However, one can type the text and THEN choose to whom to send the text in order to see the list of people to which the text is going to be sent. Also, when selecting names you can, for example, type "J" to skip to john and avoid a lot of scrolling.
-Some of the icons in the main menu or widgets cannot be removed. For example, I don't have the data plan but the web browser icon cannot be removed from the menu or the widget menu.
-You can move all of the icons in the 3 main menu screens, but it is a right pain to swap the "unremoveable" icons around from one menu screen to another. Most icons can be moved easily, but about 5-7 take serious patience if you want to move the WEB icon from the first page to the second page.
-The screen size isn't as big as some of the larger touchscreens. Therefore not too many icons, lines of text, or buttons can be on the screen at once. For example, you can see 2 contacts on the screen when the phone is horizontal and 3 when it is vertical. The smaller screen size coupled with the touch screen sensitivity issues have resulted in a few expletives. I think the smaller screen size is why there are 3 main menu screens that can be scrolled through with a simple swipe of the finger.
-The printed manual for this phone is just about useless. Most things can be figured out, but the information you want, like what some of the symbols at the top of the screen mean, is missing.
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on May 27, 2011
I own this phone since October 2010. I so regret I bought this. It's not such a nice phone to begin with, and then T-mobile turned it into an absolute piece of crap. I wish I could give it zero stars.

Do you know that you will not be able to install any single app on that junk? Only the pre-installed apps that it came with from T-mobile - you gonna be stuck with those. Do I need to tell you that apps that are installed here are THE utter crap? No good browser, no planners, no calorie counter apps, no .. whatever else you might have wanted - forget all that. You can download the app and run it but the internet connection is blocked for anything that wasn't pre-installed.

This information is not on T-mobile website and I spent over two hours on the phone being transferred from one tech support 'specialist' to the other before I got it. It's also not in here and presumably you have the right to know what you are getting.

Having said that, I have to point out obvious flaws of that phone, like crazy scrolling that feels like playing slot machines and sluggish response to typing.

It is not worth your time and money. There is nothing here that you would want.
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on January 14, 2011
The Gravity T is an excellent phone that fills an important niche in the cell phone market. This is one of the few touch-screen, smart-type phones for which one does not need to spend a fortune to own. T-Mobile offers this phone without the requirement of buying a costly and needless (for many of us) data plan. Even so, users still get a very feature-rich experience with the Gravity T.

The Gravity T looks and feels like a quality device in the hand. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard is sturdy and smooth in operation, with plenty of room for those of us with large digits to hunt and peck their text messages. The keyboard is also set up in a very intuitive manner. The screen is bright and attractive, though it is a step down from the super-vivid screens that you'll see on the iPhone and its high-end competitors. This phone isn't as large as those phones, which has both good and bad aspects. The Gravity T doesn't have the screen real estate of a Droid, but its smaller size also means that you don't need an attaché case to carry it. In fact, the Gravity T fits very comfortably in a pocket. The touch screen works very well, with good sensitivity and decisiveness. The phone is Bluetooth-capable so that you can easily transfer files from your computer.

The user interface is intuitive and attractive, though nothing special. Overall, it has all the features that you'll find on any other cell phone. Call quality is well above average, and I've had many people comment on how clear and vibrant I sound on this phone. Battery life is also good. As with all LCD/LED screens, any extended use of the screen will kill the battery within a few hours. Battery life is a lot better if the phone is just allowed to sleep between calls.

I personally love this phone because I refuse to acquiesce to the $100/month tab that the smart phones carry. I get everything I need out of this phone and a little more. What's more, and this is not to be discounted in business, this phone *looks* high-end. Not that I personally care that much about my phone's appearance, but when you're dealing with people in various business circumstances it is usually beneficial to appear to be prosperous. Having high-quality tools and accoutrements (laptops, cell phones) can really help to give you the appearance of being a serious businessperson. Not a big thing, but presentation does count for something in life.

Bottom line: if you want the full smart-phone experience (endless apps, serious web capability, etc.) get an iPhone. If you want an excellent phone with a smart-phone feel but without the $100/month price tag, the Gravity T is really the best choice that I've seen on the market.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on January 29, 2011
I've own this phone since August of 2010, and I love it. It acts like a smartphone and very much resembles the Samsung Highlight. Its touchscreen isn't like the IPhone/IPod Touch/IPad's touchscreen. It requires just a normal press. Not too hard not too soft! a nice tap will solve your problem! It can be slow sometimes, and it tends to freeze where you can't hang up regardless of how many times you press the hang up button, but if that happens just slide the keyboard and slide it back and that will solve your problem.

Great Battery Life (6hrs of Talk)
Fantastic Keyboard (depending if you like it flat)
Social Buzz (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter)
3 Customizable Home Menus
Calling Quality
Sound/Audio Quality
320 X 420 Resolution Screen
Dolphin Web Browser
3G and 4G compatible (4G Internet Only)
3 Way Calling
Hold Feature
Black, White, and Light Blue Color Scheme
Smart Touch Unlock System

Slow Response (30% of the time)
2MP Camera (Could have done 3 or 4)
Easy to scratch (Do buy a Screen Protector) (Buy a Case! "Not from Amazon")

Hench, This is quite a phone. Its recommended for people who are buying a Cell Phone for the First Time. If its your first time buying a Touchscreen phone. I recommend the Samsung Highlight because of its easier responding touchscreen.
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