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on September 15, 2010
There is a NEWER cable that looks like it can transfer data from/to BOTH old-style OR Xbox360 "Slim" Hard Drives. Search for "Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable" and the cable looks black instead of gray. It also has what looks like an added SATA connector for Slim style hard drives. Last I checked, that new product is here:
Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable


I received the Xbox360 Data Transfer Cable and used it to transfer all my data from my Xbox360 Elite console to my Xbox360 Halo Reach "Slim" console.

Technically you are connecting ONLY the detached hard drive from your former console, hooking it up with this transfer cable, then connecting the other end to a USB port of the console you want to transfer data to.

The cable comes in a box that is branded/designed the way all the new Xbox360 peripherals and games are showing up this year (those green "waves" and such).

The process is very straightforward:

(I did this while the Xbox360 Slim was already on, sitting idle in the 360 dashboard):

1. Connect one specific end of the cable to the detached, non-slim 360 hard drive.
2. Connect other USB end to any available USB port in the slim system (I plugged it into one of the two front ports)
3. A prompt will appear, asking if you want to transfer TO or FROM the console.
4. You can then individually select items to move, or move everything.

One thing to note is that it transferred all my content to the Xbox360 Slim EXCEPT for games that were installed to the HDD (that is, disc games I installed to the HDD before for quicker access times). Not a big deal and it transferred everything else (some 800+ files) without incident.

Remember that if you transfer data you still may have to "transfer licenses" - if you don't, then some content (such as downloaded XBLA games or other downloaded content) may not be playable if you aren't online and signed into Xbox Live. This isn't a big deal for me because I am always online when the Xbox is on. Do a google search for "xbox360 license transfer" and one of the first pages should be a link to the Microsoft page on the matter. This will move the actual 'licenses' over as well, allowing you to play your downloaded/purchased Xbox Live content when you are not signed on to the net. Additional note: you can only transfer licenses ONCE per year, technically. Then you just have to sit tight, or take it up with Microsoft via phone support (I can't vouch for having done the latter :)

Like other reviewers say, once you're done with it... well that's it :( I'll be holding onto mine as I have friends transitioning their data from one console to another. That said, save money by just pitching in for one then and using it amongst your 360-owning friends :)
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on September 15, 2010
I purchased this product as I was upgrading from my old 20 GB pro to the new 250 GB slim. I decided on the cable to transfer over everything instead of using memory sticks as I wanted to get the licenses for my DLC transferred over as well.

Setup was a snap as all you need to do is place the old hard drive on one end of the cable and plug the other end into a 360 with the new hard drive, then follow the prompts that come up.

It took only about 7-8 minutes for all the data to be transferred over, and everything came over intact. I did not even need to recover any account profiles that were on the old hard drive.

All in all, I was very satisfied with the results and now intend to see how long it will take to fill up my new hard drive.
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on August 14, 2010
I Bought this July 14 2010 The shipping was incredibly fast. I needed this to transfer my information from my old xbox to the new xbox and this cable was great it tranfered all my information.
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on October 25, 2013
Things to beware of:
-Amazon fulfilled orders of third party products have the same listing for multiple third party sellers that sell the "same" product, but not all of them adhere to the branding on the product listing. Able Seller in particular peddled a cheap Chinese knockoff instead of the official Microsoft product listed.
-Packaging was in a very dubious looking and obviously fake, non-Microsoft branded box that included a "Lifetime Warranty" logo with no details about a manufacturer or warranty information inside or out.
-Included a dubious "PC Driver" mini-CD also not consistent with Microsoft branding. Real Microsoft HD Transfer Cables do not need drivers for use with Xbox 360.
-Microsoft inset logo and data-plate sticker on the actual product, though convincing, also don't hold up when compared to the real thing (inset logo doesn't have as much fine detail as the real thing).

Do not use this product to attempt to transfer data from a Microsoft HD to a Xbox 360 as it will recognize your HD as an unformatted USB storage device and will want to format it.

And in closing, selling bootleg knockoffs as official branded products is illegal. Shame on Able Seller, but even more shame on Amazon who is just as liable for hosting the erroneous product description. I live near Microsoft Corp. HQ and I'm tempted to report this rather than return the product....
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on July 4, 2012
Well, my old Xbox 360 died and I decided to replace it with the new Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle but I had a lot of old Call of Duty maps and Forza4 cars, tracks, and drivers I didn't want to give up when moving to the new Xbox. This cable was exactly what I needed to get all the files off of the old hard drive and onto the new unit.

It's a very easy process; just disconnect the hard drive from the old Xbox, plug it into the "box" part of this cable, and connect the USB to the new Xbox slim. Fiddle with the software just a bit to move the files over, and you're done!

The price on Amazon is also less than half what they sell it for at my local Game Store(tm) so that's an added bonus. Throw in free 2-day shipping with my Prime account and it's a no brainer to get this cable.

The only bad thing is once I'm done with it, it just will sit around collecting dust. I will hold onto it, though, just in case a friend's old Xbox 360 dies and they find themselves in the same position I was in, wanting to move old files to a new Xbox slim.
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on December 24, 2012
Beware of Xbox tech support!

I was told by them that I could use this cable to play games off of my old 20gb hard drive (from an old white model with the removable drive), but that is untrue. You can transfer items, games and saves to the new Xbox using this cable, but you cannot play any games off of it. I was told my two Xbox tech support personnel that I could so just beware if that is your intention with this cable.

Gave it 4 stars still because it did work as it was intended. Too bad Microsoft doesn't know that.
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on September 22, 2013
NOTE - This data cable is for use with the original Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Elite hard drives only. If you're transferring data between an original Xbox to an Elite hard drive or an original Xbox/Elite to the Xbox 360 Slim, this cable can be used.
This cable cannot be used to transfer data between Xbox 360 Slims or newer consoles.

As the title of my review suggests, I doubt the item was "new." The Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable was shipped in a plain cardboard box with no Microsoft/Xbox 360 logos anywhere on the exterior which, as anyone that uses a MS and/or Xbox product, is very unusual. Inside the small cardboard box were an instruction booklet, a CD and the data cable. Beyond that, the cable worked very well. It took a few tries to get my new Xbox 360 to recognize the data on the old hard drive but after a couple of starts and stops, the data transfer started. (By "starts" and "stops" I mean that the data would appear on the screen with values and then the values would zero out - Not sure why this happened). It took about three to four hours and not everything was transferred but that was because of Digital Rights Licenses. All in all, despite not being new in my opinion, the Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable did what it was supposed to do and did it well. Also, the price being under $10.00 doesn't hurt either.
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This may might be used a once to a feel times. It can be used to transfer memory for a regular 360 hard drive to another one. It can also transfer stored memory to the slim, but can not transfer memory through a slim casing for the 360's. It is possible to un-screw a slim casing to plug to transfer port into the slim's hard drive, which is indeed the same as the regular 360, but with a different case cover. If this is done, you could easily transfer a slim's hard drive memory to another with no problem. It's also important to note, you don't need a slim hard drive for the 360 when you switch over, just take apart the original hard drive case, and stick it on the bottom of your slim. You might even find slim casing online for purchase. It saves you money, if you're already good with memory.


1. Plugin the original 360 hard drive and its casing to the port on the adapter.
2. Make sure you have another hard drive on the console, and plugin the USB to the console's port.
3. Turn the console on, check for a prompt to transfer memory. (If one doesn't show, go to system settings, and check for the transfer adapter, where you could manually select to transfer memory. Otherwise, unplug it, and put it back in, or turn off the console and restart with it plugged in.)
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on February 29, 2012
There isn't much to say. I see Amazon is asking me "How much fun is this game?" Well, I'll give that a 5 star. It was a lot of fun having to transfer all my data from my old XBox 360 to a new one because the old one died randomly for no reason. "How do you rate this game overall?" 5 star, no doubt. My favorite part was watching the progress bar for the file copy. It was super exciting, but I hope there is no sequel.

Long story short, this thing works fine, seems durable. If you need it, get it.
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on May 2, 2012
Hey its a data transfer cable, if you need it, it's cheap and does what you need...transfers your Xbox 360 data (save games, profiles, etc) to your new hard drive. Took 2 seconds to hook up (didn't even need the CD that came in the box), Xbox 360 recognized the new hard drive, then clicked on which transfer option I wanted. Basically all I can say about this product is "it worked".
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