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on May 3, 2011
I love my phone! It is one of the easiest ones I have used and I love the number of applications I can use on it. It was a "best buy" and I will make sure to enjoy it for the next two years :)

I do wish a person could get rid of the bloatware on the phones. I will not use them and they just take up space. That is very annoying.

Overall, it is a great phone!
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on January 26, 2011
Well, first off i'd like to say that this phone is alright. All of those reviews out there about major bugs and all that jazz are wrong....unless you get it from some random 3rd party seller. It has an amzing amoled screen meaning that the screen is aligned with the buttons (integrated for short) the swype texting a fun and also the internet it fast.... im on this phone from a samsung eternity.. BUT i've used my friends iphone 4 and not impressed with it. The customizable freedom on the captivate is amazing and the calls are clear

My main cons are:
1. SOMETIMES the phone wont mount to the computer therefore making me take the sd out and putting it an adapter(problem fixed)
2. There aren't that many good, sleek (protective) cases out there, but don't get me wrong the ottor box defender case is ver very protective (and what i have)

SO, overall i still am giving it a 3/5. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a highly customizable OS.....hope this helped you!
*Update* 11/15/2012- I have recently been through a handful of phones prior to my purchase of the Captivate. Galaxy S2, S3, and finally an Iphone 5. Now that I look back on the phone, it may have seemed powerful at one point but now it is a shadow.
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on August 14, 2012
This is my first smartphone, and I must say that I prefer the reliability of the old brick phones. This one freezes all the time and requires the 3G to be turned on to receive simple picture messages. The old basic phones did not consider picture messages to be media/data. Very annoying. I hate the touch screen... it is too sensitive and it always looks dirty. It is scratched easily, so you have to buy a protector if you don't want it marked up. It feels much more vulnerable than other phones and I drop it more because it is so long and thin that it flips easily or slides out of pockets/purses. It is oddly shaped and not easy to hold. The phone easily unlocks itself and things get turned on without my knowledge (like Bluetooth or apps get opened, etc.). Also, you cannot rest the phone on your shoulder while talking to someone because your face will turn the mute button on or hang up on people. The horrible service provided by AT&T is probably what really seals the deal on this being the worst phone ever. I almost never have reception, so the phone turns itself onto flight mode to preserve battery power. Every time I pull it out of a bag or walk into a new building, it shows no service and after about two minutes, it will finally say "Auto Update of Date & Time" and then allow me to make calls.

I realize this was an early version of an alternative to iPhones, so I hope that a lot of these issues have been corrected in newer models. I love Google, and have been impressed with their other products, which gives me confidence in their later models.

My advice: Get a newer version of these phones and stay away from AT&T.
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on December 16, 2011
This is great phone but has its disadvantages. I've noticed the software has gliches from time to time. I usually have to reset it once a day, and it freezes when I'm trying to make a call.
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on November 10, 2010
After breaking two iphones, I knew it was to delicate of a phone for me. So, I switched to the Samsung Captivate, as the battery is easily removable (to dry out in case of water spillage). Now I can't remember what I miss about the iphone. The apps are great, I love speech to text. My hotmail account was able to be set up as an emaiil app(had problems with the iphone and windows phone) Driod is user friendly and you can arrange applications on different home screens. I did learn that you cannot set specific text notifications tones to specific contacts. Tip* you can change the text notification tone from messaging screen under settings, instead of going through the settings application function.* I am sure most people could figure that out, but I had the chicken dance song stuck as my text alert and couldn't figure out how to remove it. I did install samsung kies, and when you work around it, you can store your contacts and import music. I am not a techy so I hope the I used the right terminology. The phone just needs a flash. Good Luck !
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on January 21, 2011
This is coming from an iPhone user for over 2 years and thought there was no phone better than the iPhone. I was also being told by my fellow "iPhoners" that I would find nothing comparable...WRONG! This phone WAY passed ALL expectations! I have only had the phone a little over a month and have found so many more useful apps on this phone! The camcorder made a BEAUTIFUL video of my nephew's 1st Christmas. Picture quality and sound quality were wonderful without me even trying. I loved the Navigator...the phone uses the whole screen and it is a very clear picture and volume is very clear so the directions come through loud and clear even with other people in the vehicle talking. YouTube video quality in my opinion is so much better than the iPhone! I could go on and on! It was a very smart move on my part and well worth the switch! I am so glad I gave it a try! In my book, an iPhone killer definitely! The only thing I do miss on my iPhone is "Words with Friends" but I will get over that! I will never go back to Apple!
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on November 23, 2012
I've had this phone for 2 years and thought now would be a good time to review it. At first, this phone was awesome. It was fast, sleek, and built sturdily. The only complaint I have about the physical features on the phone is the lack of camera flash.
The phone is built like a hockey puck. The back case is metal, and I've dropped it several times without a case and it's just fine.
Now that I've crossed the 2 year mark, things have gone a bit downhill. There's definite lag when opening apps or even switching between pages of apps. Its' new habit is turning off randomly. It also runs pretty hot. The speaker likes to crap out randomly while streaming music, and the only way I can find to fix it is by going into my settings and previewing a ringtone. Since I use it as an alarm, this can be a bit of an inconvenience.
Overall, it's been good to me. But, I am ready for an upgrade. I will, however, miss the sturdy feel of the phone.
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on February 25, 2011
This is my first touch screen phone. I wanted the larger buttons that touch screens offer. At first I wasn't that impressed with this phone. But after using for the past week and getting use to the where things are at. I can finally say that it is a great phone. The reception is good, sound quality is good. I wished the blue tooth would connect up on it's own instead of me having to turn blue tooth on for connecting. I had upgraded the Android system to 2.2 and it was very easy to do. Just a couple of clicks and waiting for the download to finish was all it took. The only suggestion I would have is to have a larger capacity battery to give it longer battery life.

March 10: Let me add to my review now since I've received the phone. After I've gotten to use and remembering where things are at I really like this phone. In fact I'm going to give it the full 5 stars. This phone is easy to use. Switched over from a Nokia which I've always liked. I just had to go through a learning curve with the Captivate. I'm pretty comfortable with the phone but I know I will still learn something new about the phone in the future. As mentioned in my original review I wished the battery in the phone had more capacity. It's not terribly short battery life but my just wanting something perfect. I've seen others complain about the GPS, but for my phone it has been good for me. I've only used it for tracking and it seems accurate. WiFi works just fine.

Aug 13: After looking over some of the comments about some of the problems I guess I must be lucky to not have any of the problems that others have had. The big thing I would agree with is the rather short battery life. I just top it of nightly after daily use.

Oct 3: I did end up having to replace my phone. The problem with random shut downs showed up in my phone. The replacement phone has been working fine for the past 5 months. Went to the local AT&T office and they replaced it without any problems. Great service. The biggest problem I see so far with this phone is the lack of software connect to my computer. The program Samsung program Kies doesn't seem to connect to my phone. After much use I do have to complain about the battery life. After one call the battery uses quite a bit of the battery. If you talk a lot with this phone you will be need to recharge frequently. I have changed my rating to be 3 stars now and it is due mainly to the poor ability to connect with a PC. This is why I bought this smartphone.
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on March 10, 2011
I'm annoyed with the phone right I'm going to start with the bad things.

All touchscreen makes it difficult to text like a normal qwerty keyboard that you can feel. I can't seem to buy apps on m phone. AT&T transfers me to Samsung who tells me to call Google who has no phone support. I look on their support pages and find that tons of people are having the same error that I am getting trying to buy an app. One would think that a marketplace that allows you to buy things would be good.

I often touch my face to the screen accidentally activating or deactiving something. If the phone gets hot, I might pull it away from my face making it difficult to hang up (since it's reliant on the touch screen). What I mean is it detects when it's against your face and shuts off the display to save power I guess. But when you pull it away, the screen will shut off too. And since you won't be pulling it away from your face, it won't activate the screen easily to allow you to hang up. I have to hit the power button to get the display to come up again.

AT&T blocks you from buying apps outside of the Android Marketplace. And since I can't buy apps in the Android Marketplace...that means no apps for me...except the free ones.

I do like how android phones have a bigger marketshare which means there is the potential for greater variety of apps available. I'm being optimistic that someday I'll be able to buy one.

I have good phone quality. the MiniUSB connection or whatever could stay in the phone better. It seems to fall out easily. Especially if I don't use the exact one provided in the a car charger.
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on July 12, 2011
Man...I am an iPhone hater, but I gotta agree about the Captivate. It has very poor battery life (less than 12 hours without talking). I probably use 500 minutes a month, and use the phone primarily for e-mail and Apps, and I cannot go 24 hours without charging the phone. That's about 20 minutes on the phone a day, and the phone cannot stay charged. Bear in mind: I have an auto-killer that kills everything hourly, so I don't have data or battery sucks, though I can't imaging how long the battery life would be otherwise.

The phone is quite buggy, and has displayed the following behavior on a regular basis:

1. Apps like Pandora with cause the phone to hang, and not allow you to power down. You need to hard reboot by removing the battery.
2. Pushing the power button does not light up the screen when in power save mode.
3. Screen brightness jumps to full after being manually turned down, and the auto-adjust option disabled.
4. Going into power save mode while downloading apps will cancel the download.
5. After switching to the camera, you cannot return home and need to reboot the phone.
6. Phone stops receiving data. This happens with no warning, so you will go hours without e-mail, decide to check manually and then realize you need to reboot the phone. In the meantime, you may have missed an important e-mail.

Oh, how I wish I hadn't sold my 3GS for this. I thought, Android 2.2 solves a bunch of problems, so it can't be all bad. How little did I know.

A little background:

- I have been using the phone since March 2011.
- The phone is not rooted, and using Android 2.2
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