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on December 14, 2010
This is my first Android phone, and I really love it! The fact that I got it for a penny (yes, one penny) through Amazon Wireless is just icing on the cake! I haven't had this phone for very long, so my review is based on what I've experienced so far.

The big, beautiful screen is wonderful. The colors are so vibrant.
I love being able to enter so much information for my contacts.
The keyboard is great, if not a bit sensitive. However, a stylus helps with that. I'm still trying master the Swype keyboard. It isn't as easy as the videos make it look (big surprise).
Being able to store so much information on the phone is great. I've downloaded lots of music, plus folders, and still have a ton of memory left.
Love the variety of Android apps. I download them when I have access to WiFi, so that I don't use up my limited data plan.
Unlike some reviewers have indicated, the GPS worked fine when I tried it.
I actually don't make very many phone calls, but when I have done so, the caller's voice was very clear.
This phone pairs up with other Bluetooth devices very easily.
The pictures and videos I've taken, look great.

I'm not happy that many web sites haven't caught up to the Android, yet. I tried to access numerous free TV sites only to be told that none of them support Android at this time. I hope this is something that will be rectified soon.
After having dealt with Sony-Ericsson support people, I've been very disappointed with Samsung support. Their web site isn't very user-friendly, and they keep apologizing about their lack of information as to when this or that will be available. Also, after a very long chat with a Samsung person, to no avail, I finally got the help I needed from an AT&T tech.

I've had this phone for seven months now, and I'm not as crazy about it as I was in the beginning.

I will not be buying another Samsung phone because Samsung support sucks. When they came out with an update that included a Flash Player, I had trouble downloading it, contacted Samsung, and they never answered back. I've been too frustrated to do anything about it, but plan to call AT&T support to see if I can get any help from them.

Ending a phone call on this thing takes forever. Sometimes I have to press "End Call" for a long time before it will end, and I have to watch very carefully to make sure it doesn't stay connected.

Making a phone call isn't that easy, either. It's hard to explain exactly what this phone does, but it sometimes seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to making phone calls. I'm just glad I don't make that many of them, or I would probably have thrown it against a wall by now!

The phone has become very difficult to turn off. I have to hold the side button for a long time, and then I have to press on the "Power Off" button for what seems like forever. It shouldn't be that hard to turn the blasted phone off!

I still like it for surfing the web, and it picks up on WiFi pretty easily so that I don't have to pay AT&T for data usage. However, when my contract is up, I will be choosing another phone, probably from Sony Ericsson or Motorola.


I finally took my phone to an AT&T repair store, and they agreed that it was "buggy," so they replaced it. The replacement phone, with its upgrade to 2.2, works much, much better, so I'm a bit happier. That being said, I still want a different phone when my upgrade time comes. I've been looking at the HTC, and have added it to my list of phones to consider.

BTW, when I was at the repair store, I overheard one of the reps tell someone that the Pantech phones were the most trouble-free phones. I don't know if they make an Android phone, but if they do, I might look at that brand as well.
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on March 15, 2011
This phone is great when it's working properly. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen. I exchanged this phone twice, but when the third malfunctioned, I gave up. I had each phone for around a month and they were treated well (no damage, no falls, no water).

Phone #1
This phone arrived damaged, but I didn't realize it. First, the charger didn't stay snugly in the phone (I thought it was a quirk of all the phone). Second, the phone would randomly shut itself off. I did a search online and apparently this is a common Samsung Captivate issue. So I got a replacement from AT&T.

Phone #2
This phone worked about a two weeks then decided to stop connecting to wifi. I got a replacement from AT&T.

Phone $3
This one lasted three weeks. Then a white line appeared across the screen and wouldn't leave. This also seems to be a fairly common Samsung Captivate/Galaxy issue. After this phone, I opted for a different phone entirely.

All in all, I loved this phone during the brief periods of time when it would work properly. But going through 3 of them, all of which lasted less a month, sours a person. There is clearly a quality control issue at Samsung and I will never purchase another Samsun phone.
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on February 17, 2011
I had an iphone 3g and didn't like having to go through itunes for everything. I wanted to be on the open I switched to Android. Well..there are some good things about this phone. Namely that you're seamlessly linked into Google services. However, after having this phone for a few months now, I have to say that I miss my iphone. The reason for this is that the keys on this phone are sticky..something that surprised me given that this is supposedly the fastest processor (hummingbird) that you can buy right now and on the quadrant score, it was off the charts. Secondly, the gps is rarely accurate and kindof slow. I am in Manhattan a lot of the time and used to rely on my iphone's gps functionality quite a bit. No more with this I miss that. Third, when I'm typing into it, the interface just isn't as accurate. I used to be able to type into the iphone really fast and then when I looked up at what came out, it was almost always accurate. On this phone, not so. I always have to go back and change word spellings and stuff. I've tried all sorts of input methods and nothing has worked quite as well as my trusty old iphone did. Fourth, the camera is good but clunky. its slow to load up and take a picture and I really have to focus on the thing and make sure I"m pushing the right buttons and orienting it the right way. With the iphone, it was dead easy. I just pulled it out of my pocket, went to the camera, and snapped away in no time. On the upside, I do like the widgets. The iphone never gave me the ability to have a page with useful widgets like weather,, and the news. This is a great feature that I really like about it. There are some minor annoyances here and there that have kindof added up and over a few months of having it, have begun to frustrate me. I get a lot of texts and with the iphone, I could see the text on the screen without having to open the phone or do anything except look at it. WIth this phone, it tells me that I got a text and I don't know from whom or what it was. I have to move this silly puzzle piece to open the phone and then it loads up the conversation. This kind of thing sounds like such a minor issue but I have to tell you that over a few months, it has really made me start missing my iphone. Unfortunately, I'm not up for renewal with AT&T for another 2 years so I'm going to have to hope that they change a lot of things about the software on this phone in the meantime, but that has yet to happen. I just miss the overall ease of use and simplicity of my iphone...and while I enjoy some of the high tech features on this thing, I'd rather have a simple, easy to use device that seamlessly integrates into my fast-paced lifestyle.

Here's a list of my issues with the phone:
- sticky keys when typing
- doesn't recognize words correctly (often but not always)
- clunky interface; lags a lot, even with Ryanza's lagfix
- GPS rarely works; even with the GPS update
- camera is poorly designed and clunky
- texts are sometimes not sent..I have to "resend" often. There is no auto-resend on failure like the iphone
- the background screen always scrolls when I move from one screen to the next but I wish there was an option to hold it still
- the touch interface (touchwiz I think) is just plain clunky in comparison to the iphone
- After having an iphone 3g for 2 years and this for 4 months, I can honestly say that this feels just plain clunky clunky clunky. However, towards the end of its life, my iphone had a lot of the clunky issues too (sticky keys, etc.) but something about it was just ...don't quite know how to put my finger on it...but it just felt better somehow.

Things I like about it:
- Jailbreak and tether or turn it into a hotspot (yay)
- voice entry is pretty awesome. I can speak into it and its usually accurate.
- The ability to have a widgets page
- Can change the battery and add a microsd card (but I haven't figured out how to expand my music capacity yet even though I put a 8GB card into the thing)
- open platform is the future (once they work through all these human interface kinks).
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on December 22, 2010
I just don't get it, I have had this Samsung Captivate phone now for at least 3-4 months and I play around a lot with it everyday.

So far it has never shut off by itself whether its charging or not charging.

Also after seeing these few comments from others about GPS not working I made a test.

I installed Google Maps along with a couple of other name brand GPS apps and again I must say that not only the GPS apps which come with the phone but the two others I installed ALL works just fine. GPS almost instantly detects/finds my exact location and all these tests where made inside my house with the phone on my computer desk.

As far as the battery being weak I also must say that at least for me after a full charge if I turn off wifi and gps and only use it as a normal phone, no game play and so on the battery lasts at least 4 days for me.
Also I must have installed 30 or more apps and games already and I have not had any problem connecting the usb cable to computer and transfering songs, videos and pictures.

I have both Windows 7 and Windows XP and when I first got the phone and plugged it into the computers I did not even need any drivers installed at all. Both computers reconized the samsung captivate phone right away.
After reading the handfuls of people complaing about these problems at first I was afraid to buy the phone but I am sure glad I did!
Don't want to write a book here about how excellent the phone works and what all it can do so if you want to read more details about the phone before buying it then just read all the 5 star reviews here on amazon....... I have a hunch that at least half the people who are writing reviews complaining about random shutdown, gps and battery life must work for some other cell phone company and are paid to write these bad reviews.

I am certain that there are a few people who actually do have problems and I am sure that AT&T is either doing refunds or replacments as needed. The phone is super excellent!
P.S. Just remember that AT&T sells and sold thousands of these phones but way less than even 1% of those who purchased it leave reviews here on Amazon or any other place on the internet.
If there really were a lot of people having the shutoff/restart, GPS and other problems
then AT&T and Samsung would have had a massive recall on these phones a long time ago.
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on July 22, 2010
Picked it up Monday. Most impressive. Very responsive and has a slick design. Very pocket-able.

Let me tell you about my experience at the ATT store. This proves so well the love relation between Apple and ATT.

I went to check out the phone in store before I bought it and guess what. The display Captivate was not working. They stuck it in a corner turned off with a broken power plug; it was like on purpose. While the Apple stand was bright and shiny, with 3 impeccable phones and a big iPhone logo under a colorful projector.

REALLY !!! Really ATT, this is how you sell phones on the first week of release? I'm SO glad I got rid of my 3G. I was sick entire of the ATT-Apple shenanigans.

My impressions about the Captivate... 5 stars. But I'll still start with the cons (I'm a critic by nature)

- no flash on back camera
- the plastic on the back ( not the metal cover) feels too cheap. I would prefer a matte plastic.
- they removed essential apps for me like FM Radio. And they put the ATT bloatware
- touch buttons are hard to spot in the dark. I got to get used.
- GPS takes a long time to lock. This is a fixable software issue.

- Gorgeous screen - AMAZING !!!
- Fast and responsive
- Awesome design ( i just love that metal battery cover)
- Replacement battery (costs like 30 $)
- Android is generation ahead of iOS. You gotta try this.
- Open Android Market.
- Over the Air backup and OS Updates (hopefully ATT won't screw this).

OK. I'm gonna drop the rating to 4 stars until ATT/Samsung decides to fix the GPS lock issue.
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on July 20, 2010
Was in the market for a new smartphone and stumbled upon this little beauty on CNET just one day before it was released. I had one year left on my AT&T contract and after seriously considering the Motorola Droid X on Verizon I ended up buying the Captivate instead (paying full retail price), and I honestly couldn't be happier with my decision. I'll try to condense this as much as possible since I have so much to praise about this phone so I'll start by listing some of its shortcomings.

First of all, this phone has a lot of design flaws that could have easily been corrected but instead needlessly hamper the user experience. This is a very common and frustrating trend in consumer electronics and is also the same reason why companies like Apple have been so successful since they know how to keep their products simple and useable. Things like having the headphone jack on the top of the phone (incredibly annoying when you're listening to music and have to flip the phone around every time you pull it out of your pocket) or, conversely, placing the power/lock key on the side of the phone when every other phone on the planet either has it at the top or on the front. The worst offenders by far, however, are the four touch-sensitive shortcut keys that Samsung insists on using for all their products. Why on earth would you use touch keys over physical keys when physical keys are more visible, more tactile, more responsive, and arguably look better too (touch keys in my opinion look tacky and uncomfortable to use). I can't tell you how much time I spend fumbling for the back and home keys either because the backlight only feels like staying on for .6 seconds, or because they don't always respond the first ten times I tap them. Touch keys are stupid and I hope manufacturers stop using them unless they provide some specific benefit or need. Lastly, the camera is pretty mediocre (my 2-year-old Sony Ericsson k850i crushes this in terms of picture quality) and the screen is also just the slightest bit lacking in the resolution department.

Having said all that, this phone does many, many things incredibly well. The super AMOLED screen has a real wow factor that's particularly evident once you fire up some videos or start browsing the web. Browsing itself is a joy thanks to the roomy four-inch screen and screaming fast Hummingbird processor that makes everything just fly. The Samsung TouchWiz interface is very solid I have no complaints and the Swype text-input feature that comes preloaded is amazingly fast and accurate. I'm very surprised it doesn't get more attention given how intuitive it is. And Android, what can I say, it's completely blown away all my expectations. The level of customization is unreal and makes the iPhone OS look like Windows 7 Starter.

All in all, I'm in love with this phone even with all it's design quirks. It's nice that AT&T finally gets not just a worthy Android phone but a supremely capable one at that. If you're interested in a new smartphone and aren't totally enamored by Apple, I encourage you to take a long, hard look at the Samsung Captivate. It truly is a sight to behold.
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on November 8, 2010
I have had this phone for about a week now and I am having to send it in for an exchange. The phone has awesome features, but like many other people, I am experiencing problems with the phone shutting itself off. Any time the phone goes into sleep mode, it automatically powers itself off. I have downloaded an app that helps keep the phone on, but I believe it also wears on the battery, because I can only go for about a day before having to recharge...even with minimal use.

All of this being said, I am exchanging for the same model, because I have friends that are not experiencing these issues.
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on July 19, 2011
This is my first smart phone. I love its potential and I love the swype keyboard, but the phone does not perform as I expected. I cannot update to Froyo 2.2 because I have a Mac, and no access to a PC. Reception is bad in my small rural town. That is partly AT&T, but other phones pick up a signal when the Captivate will not. Battery time is very short! The vibrate function has quit working, and it's out of warranty. When my contract time is up I'm likely to quit AT&T, and will NOT get a Samsung.
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on February 19, 2011
I've owned the phone since it was released and have been severely disappointed by the lack of an OS update to Froyo. Especially now that Gingerbread is out. So SAMSUNG, why can't we get an OS upgrade? I was told by AT&T that an update would be coming shortly for Froyo and bought the phone in good faith based on that information, but it wasn't true in the slightest. Now with Gingerbread coming out and no update in sight, all I can say is I will never buy another product from SAMSUNG again due to the lack of support.
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on July 15, 2011
So much is great with this phone it could have no peer:
1. Screen
2. Memory
3. Apps
4. Service

But they threw it all away with a horribly defective GPS. I have owned six Captivates and they all have the same issue.
other things that could be better

Camera clarity and lack of flash
Battery life is marginal
Laggy response
Flaky Bluetooth stack connecting and disconnecting

Maybe they'll test the devices before the next phone launches.
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