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on April 7, 2012
I really loved this phone when I first bought it. It was my first smartphone so I was very excited to be able to use the smartphone features and have all the apps. However, after only owning it for roughly half a year, it started messing up on me, A LOT. First, it started force closing everything on my phone, even my text messaging. I would have to factory reset my phone just to be able to use anything on it. Then, it started to turn itself off. It's not that it didn't hold a charge; it would just randomly turn itself off, especially if I hadn't interacted with it for awhile. Next, the screen decided it did not want to work. The phone was on and I could hear it working, as in I could hear if someone texted me and I could even interact with the screen. If I knew where the button should be to accept a call, I could answer the phone. Eventually, it started working again. Lastly, and the final straw, was when the power button stopped working. I had thought that the screen decided to stop working again since I could still hear my phone working. However, when I popped the battery out and back in, I realized that my power button wasn't working. Now this wouldn't have been such a big problem if my phone would stay on because I could just pop the battery out and in whenever I need to use it. However, coupled with the fact that the phone liked to turn itself off, the phone has become completely unusable and worthless.

I have had more problems with this phone than any other phone I have ever owned. I am not even writing about the cool features that came with this phone because I have had so many problems with it that they are pointless to mention. Since I am not up for another upgrade until August and there is no way I want pay for a new smartphone, I am forced to buy another phone just to have one. I would also like to add as a closing note, that I am not harsh on my phones in any way.
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on February 19, 2011
I've owned the phone since it was released and have been severely disappointed by the lack of an OS update to Froyo. Especially now that Gingerbread is out. So SAMSUNG, why can't we get an OS upgrade? I was told by AT&T that an update would be coming shortly for Froyo and bought the phone in good faith based on that information, but it wasn't true in the slightest. Now with Gingerbread coming out and no update in sight, all I can say is I will never buy another product from SAMSUNG again due to the lack of support.
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on December 22, 2010
I just don't get it, I have had this Samsung Captivate phone now for at least 3-4 months and I play around a lot with it everyday.

So far it has never shut off by itself whether its charging or not charging.

Also after seeing these few comments from others about GPS not working I made a test.

I installed Google Maps along with a couple of other name brand GPS apps and again I must say that not only the GPS apps which come with the phone but the two others I installed ALL works just fine. GPS almost instantly detects/finds my exact location and all these tests where made inside my house with the phone on my computer desk.

As far as the battery being weak I also must say that at least for me after a full charge if I turn off wifi and gps and only use it as a normal phone, no game play and so on the battery lasts at least 4 days for me.
Also I must have installed 30 or more apps and games already and I have not had any problem connecting the usb cable to computer and transfering songs, videos and pictures.

I have both Windows 7 and Windows XP and when I first got the phone and plugged it into the computers I did not even need any drivers installed at all. Both computers reconized the samsung captivate phone right away.
After reading the handfuls of people complaing about these problems at first I was afraid to buy the phone but I am sure glad I did!
Don't want to write a book here about how excellent the phone works and what all it can do so if you want to read more details about the phone before buying it then just read all the 5 star reviews here on amazon....... I have a hunch that at least half the people who are writing reviews complaining about random shutdown, gps and battery life must work for some other cell phone company and are paid to write these bad reviews.

I am certain that there are a few people who actually do have problems and I am sure that AT&T is either doing refunds or replacments as needed. The phone is super excellent!
P.S. Just remember that AT&T sells and sold thousands of these phones but way less than even 1% of those who purchased it leave reviews here on Amazon or any other place on the internet.
If there really were a lot of people having the shutoff/restart, GPS and other problems
then AT&T and Samsung would have had a massive recall on these phones a long time ago.
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on October 29, 2011
Well I finally decided to write a review about the Captivate, which I've owned since launch.

First, I bought the Cappy from Amazon as soon as it came out, not one week later. But later, had to return it because of the GPS issues. Unfortunately, those were never fixed.. but I've kept my 2nd phone since August 2010, pretty much a launch phone. It has treated me well, in general. However, there are a lot of issues, which is why I want to say its a 3.5.

Now on to the actual review.

The Screen on this phone is amazing. I still admire it after having stared at it hundreds of hours. It is so saturated and vibrant, with amazing viewing angles. Its hard to look at any other screen really.
The Phone quality is decent. Not complaints, but I have no praise.
The body itself is an interesting mix. The glass is incredibly strong, I haven't used any sort of screen protector and I've dropped it and put it in my pockets with keys and there is only 1 little scratch, which is unnoticeable unless looking for it. The back plastic is very easily scratched though, so it needs protection.
The Camera is good, however at this point, it sorely needed a front facing camera. Its hellish to take a picture of yourself on this phone, because there is no dedicated camera button and yet you can't see yourself. Also, you cannot Skype or anything with anyone very easily. All they would see is what you see, since theres no front cam.
The Battery life is decent. I don't think its any worse than other android phones. I bought 2 spare batteries from ebay and they work well.
The GPS is just bad. It doesn't work. Sometimes it says it gets a lock, but no, my location freezes. The phone only can tell where I am by triangulating wireless and cell phone towers. This is a fatal issue because I use maps frequently, so its down .5 stars for this.

There are a lot of issues with software though. My phone would frequently freeze up, lag heavily, or shut down, or even not turn on. This hasn't been a big issue as of lately, and I can always remove the battery and turn it back on, but its not really acceptable. So down a 2nd star for these issues.

However, I recently updated my phone to Android 2.3.5 J3 firmware, which is a leaked version from Samsung, but it works extremely well. The phone is VERY fast now, at least 2x as fast as it was when it was on Android 2.2. It seems a lot of bugs were eliminated. The internet seems to be quicker too, I can load Google Reader much faster. However, the GPS is still bad.

Overall I say it is a decent phone. The best part is essentially the Super AMOLED screen, and its quite fast with Android 2.3.5, feels almost like my dual core tablet, despite being single core. The major issues are with lack of a front camera for webcam, GPS, and forced shut downs/restarts/etc, which happen every so often.
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on June 11, 2012
I've had this phone since August of 2010. CANNOT WAIT TO UPGRADE.

I was in love with it for the first few months. Then it started with random lock-ups that could only be relieved with a battery-pull. And, the phone is S-L-O-W with everything it does, although I make sure I have nothing running in the background. It really is not a pleasure to use at all.I've upgraded the software twice (it came with with Eclair and I upgraded to Froyo and now Gingerbread). Samsung does NOT make upgrading the software easy either.

I use this phone for work, and it has proven extremely unreliable with the lock-ups. The reception is very weak as well, compared to an iPhone 3GS and 4S and because of this I use an AT&T M-Cell, which gives me 5 bars.

The screen on this phone is stunning and the size is nice, but I can't tell you how many times I wanted to throw it against the wall due to these irritating lock-ups and slow response.

This is what I get for trying the FIRST version of hardware. I'd like to think that Samsung has ironed out the bugs with this phone with later releases, but think I'll try HTC next.
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on November 1, 2011
I've had my Captivate for just under a year and am very pleased with its performance & functionality. I did have to return my original Captivate for a new one because the first one kept shutting down by itself which was a known problem about a year ago. Today however because it lacks 4G connectivity and a dual core processor it is not competitive with other current offerings. In fact AT&T has a replacement Captivate that does have 4G & a dual core processor about to be introduced to replace this model. The new one will also have a slide out physical QWERTY keyboard.

While as many reviewers have stated this is an excellent smartphone the rapid pace of emerging technology has in my opinion made it outdated in a short amount of time. Since I tether my phone to my laptop the dual core processor & 4G connectivity are important features.

Many Captivate owners have had a big problem with the GPS function being accurate. Fortunately I've never had that problem, my GPS is accurate.

I use my phone for business rather than entertainment and one point worth noting is if you use Hotmail Windows Live allows auto synching w/ Outlook (contacts, calendar, email).

If I was rating this phone before the 4G dual core processor models were available I would probably give it 5 stars but today I really don't see why anyone would choose it. It is also worth noting that shortly there will be 4G dual core processor phones available using the Ice Cream Sandwich Android platform (version 3) which is the latest version (some may already be available). This phone uses Froyo and will shortly be updated to Gingerbread.

There's nothing wrong with this phone it's just not currently available state of the art technology.
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on March 14, 2012
It is truly my fault for buying this phone. I accept that. And it may be that I'm just not cut out for Android. I accept that as well. I'm used to upgrades that don't fail for no clear reason and kill your phone. Maybe that's such a 20th Century attitude. My first over the air upgrade did just that, and utterly bricked the phone. Luckily I was within my 30-day purchase window and was able to exchange it. That's right: about a week into owning the phone, it died. Having gotten another one, thinking this a fluke, I was able to upgrade to the next level of Android, 2.2, only to have that kill my ability to get a decent signal. I have had 3G and five bars and been *unable to send a text*. And now trying to upgrade to 2.3 in hopes of fixing my issues, the phone bricks itself again. With no error message given. And I just spent close to an hour with Samsung Live Chat where they weren't even paying attention to what I was telling them was happening and thus giving me erroneous problem determination info.

This is a great phone if you like to tinker and mess around and not get things done. I would have loved it and seen it as a challenge back in the day when I didn't have better things to do. If you need a hobby, then this phone is perfect for you. If you need a phone, however, then stay away for your own good. And if you own one of these and it hasn't made you so angry that you want to punch kittens, then consider yourself lucky.
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on August 22, 2011
I like that there is a system to go head to head with the IPhone. Unfortunily I miss my Iphone (as much as I distain using ITunes). I am on my 3rd phone from AT&T due to a recall on the captivate and hardware issues I am still having the "new" phones sent to me. The main issues with the phone are: the phone randomly stops recieveing and sending texts, calls and it has many issues trying to send picture messages, the sensor on each phone sometimes to not lock up the phone while you are on a call.

With each phone where it does not randomly the phone will not send or recieve messages or calls but everyother function of the phone still work (email, time updeates, other applications instaled on the divice). The only way you know the messages and calls are frozen is because you see an hour later the message or call still sending the text or ending the phne call. To fix this problem you have to turn off the phone and pull the battery out because simply turning off the phone does not fix the issue. This is a reaccuring problem with each new phone I have recieved (recalled or not).

The sensor on the phone sometimes does not work either and you end up in some random screen after making a call. You're either in a game, notes, changing your settings. etc. without your knowledge of the actions your check was doing while you were holding the phone against your face.

The other little tid bits I have had isses with are sending picture messages where it fails everytime or can't send to more than one person at a time. I like that putting music on the phone if fairly easy but setting up rigntones and changing you Text tones is troble-some or not possible.

This software issue is witht he new version of firmware 2.2. I liked this phone to start out with but these presisting problems with each phone i get are troublesome I am getting an new phone regradless of being 6 months from getting a new phone plan.
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on March 12, 2012
I've been stuck with this phone over a year now, it's so bad that I can't bring myself to upgrade, instead will be forced to leave AT&T in the hope one of the other carriers will give better service; couldn't possibly be worse.

This "device" is a horrible phone, sound quality of internal and external speakers is very poor, reception is very poor; it really barely qualifies as a phone. Think tin cans and string here.

Software has been buggy from the start, and often renders the device unusable as you can't clear the search screen quick enough to use any other functions. It is impossible to upgrade to a newer version of the OS because not only is the installed software buggy, Samsung's upgrade software in non-functional; 2 major Android upgrades have come and gone for most users, but this phone is stuck with eclair.

Neither AT&T or Samsung have rushed to roll out any updates for this device, which would have been nice if the were installable. AT&T's over the air upgrade never ever happened.

The drivers are so poor, even the last resort of modifying this thing with a custom OS is not an option because nothing Samsung works on a Windows computer.

This phone is so bad that I am currently using an old flip-style RAZR while this Samsung is given to my 4 yr old to play angry birds does that OK, I guess. It's too bad that I have to pay data charges for the term of the contract that I signed, but AT&T and Samsung are not required to supply me with a working device per the contract that they "signed"
I for one will never use AT&T for any service once this is expired, nor will I ever buy anything made by Samsung again.
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on February 27, 2012
This is a very nice phone - if it only worked.

Folks, this is a "Smartphone" that can do all kinds of applications, BUT somehow, Samsung's own computers do not recognize this "Smartphone". That's right I can neither register or update this phone becuase Samsung does not recognize it and will not permit updating. So, the expensive smartphone I have had for three months with the pretty screen they are so proud of, cannot be maintained...or take advantage of the registration "beneifts" because ... Samsung's main computers aren't smart enough to recognize thier own product.

I have spent over ten hours dealing with this Samsung problem. I refuse to send in a 3 month old new phone for an ATT "refurb" which was already someone elses problem. Why would I want a rebuilt problem from a company that cannot get the new one right?

Samsung customer support's solution was to try three things and then say, wipe the phone, if that doesnt work, send it in. (After an hour of messing with it and support.) So, either I get to wipe it, lose data and spend more time restoring it and MAYBE it will work and/or I get to send the phone in and get a rebuilt problem that someone else has already returned. What a choice.

ATT - well, they just passed me on to Samsung customer service in the first place, but I really didnt expect anything different from ATT. I mean ATT is just that kind of company.

For those who love the Samsung products good luck, keep drinking the Kool-Aid and I really, really, really hope that yours doesn't break down - you are on the Samsung trapeze - it doesnt come with a net.
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