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on January 6, 2015
Got this to help me maintain my yoga mats (multiple). Love the scent...just be sure you don't directly inhale can make you cough! :) I felt that my mat was much cleaner after using this, and some of the slip that had previously developed was gone. A couple more light spritzes, a short wait, and another wipe down, and my mat was restored. Will definitely keep a bottle of this handy go-forward!

I have 2 Aurorae mats and some rosin bags, and am just super-impressed with the products. The most recent mat, I got as a gift, and I received an email from Aurorae with care instructions to help me ensure that the mat performs as intended. Very impressed with that attention to detail and collaborative approach.

In addition to my own experiences, I have heard only fantastic feedback about the company from others as well. This is a smaller company, and it's not uncommon for folks to talk to the central Aurorae leadership when calling for help. This is exactly the kind of business that we need to support - and it really helps that they are so approachable and stand by their products the way they do. They know yoga, they know their products, and they are super-friendly and helpful!
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on December 27, 2010
I've been washing my mat in the tub with Dr.Bronner's peppermint soap and a scrubbie, and hanging over a rack dryer till dry. Still smelly... and how could that possibly be true! My next step was to chuck it in the washer. Then I was reading about mat wash products and I thought it sounded a big waste of money. But I had to do something to un-funkify the thing.

I have an Aurorae rosin bag so I thought I'd give their mat wash a try before I resorted to the washer. I had to spray my mat twice and scrub it down with a cloth. That cloth was really brown from all the grime I rubbed out, probably all that rosin I use. E[...]

My mat is now soft and clean and smells wonderful. I thought it might be sticky or greasy after the wash but it's not. Now I don't have to risk sticking the mat in the washing machine. I said this in a review of their rosin, I trust the products this company makes. And when my mat goes, I will be getting one of theirs to replace it.
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on August 10, 2014
I use this after every yoga sesh. Works exactly as it says, no more and no less! I do Bikram Yoga, where it is hot, double sweaty, double smelly. Using this wash takes care of all of that as if it were child's play. I bring home my mat with no smells or foul odors to be detected anywhere. Not once has this wash failed. What's more, the bottle never seems to end. Hmmmmm..
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on March 3, 2015
I started taking CorePower's heated yoga class... and knew it was time to invest in a mat cleaner. This product smells good, works great, and keeps my mat clean and fresh. I especially liked the personal touch, with the CEO's emails after you purchase and then receive the product... I truly appreciate when a company goes above and beyond to ensure their product(s) satisfy the customer. Thanks Aurorae, I'll be back for more!
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on October 18, 2012
I have always been old school with my mat - clean in bath, rinse until sopping wet, hang over shower, padded with towels to soak up moisture, and wait DAYS until dry...i bought a second mat so i could switch off...= annoying, messy and time consuming....
Then recently, i needed a yoga mat for travel - which i love Khataland YoFoMat® - Best Travel Yoga Mat, Extra Long 72-inch, Foldable to 12"x10"x3", Eco Friendly, Free From Phthalates & Latex, w/ Eco Travel Bag- and there was this product as an also bought - since reviews on the travel mat said it initially smelled and i didn't have time to mess about, i got this product!
Talk about life-saving! Fast, easy, it!!!
Incidentally for my trip, i had also bought Teva sandals - Teva Women's Zirra Sandal- and the reviews for that one said the rubber started stinking after wearing them all day! So, i applied the yoga mat cleaner to my rubber sandals - and ta-da! No smell even after trampling the hot, humid streets of New Orleans...
Brilliant product - i have never tried another yoga cleaner - and never will!!!
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on February 28, 2013
If you're like me there have been days when you turn off your phone, grab a towel, and a big jug of water. Then you prepare your mind for your yoga experience, only to gag as soon as you unroll your yoga mat. And this smell that assaulted me was not because I didn't clean my mat. Quite the contrary, I used to spray it down and wipe it off after each use. I'd even leave it lay flat to dry. And still that gross rubbery smell got stronger and stronger. So, when I was in the market for a new yoga mat, I stumbled across this little gem of an item - Aurorea Organic Yoga Mat Wash. It's easy to use - just spray in on your mat, and wipe off with a damp-to-dry towel. It has a light scent - not overpowering or nauseating - which was a pleasant surprise. No more stinky mats for me! Hooray!
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on March 14, 2013
An honest review by a clueless man (please be kind):

A while back a yoga instructor gave a pre-practice chat about keeping one's mat clean and how to do it. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear much of what she said because I was looking around the room and I think mine was the only mat that was noticeably unclean. So I took this an indirect communication, as I had never even thought about this before and I don't often work up a sweat in yoga class. I tried washing the mat with soap and water, which didn't really work. So I bought a new, dark mat. Looked good for a few months, but not so much over time, even as I kept flipping it to the cleaner looking side. I went to a yoga place that sold accessories, and they were out of cleaning cloths and referred me to Amazon. I picked the Aurorae product based on positive reviews.

I used it for the first time tonight. My first impression was that the fluid had a nice smell, not quite aromatherapy, but pleasing enough and the neighbors did not complain. I wiped the mat and it looked virtually new. About 5 minutes after application, the mat was still slightly wet, but not distractingly so, and once the practice got going I did not notice it at all. Balance was not negatively affected. This is a good product. I recommend it.

- Yogi Trying to Clean Up His Act
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on July 4, 2014
Love this purchase. Bought the Aurorae Mat wash when I purchased the Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga Mat which is a great mat and reviewed elsewhere.

The Organic Mat wash is easy to use, smells wonderfully and is safe and healthy. I admit to a bit of "healthy perspiration" (which we in the South call sweating) when I practice Yoga, so every few sessions I wipe down the mat with this wash, then hang it outside to dry. Simple, easy, and effective. These products have made me a real fan of the Aurorae family company.
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on March 6, 2014
I used my lime green yoga mat outdoors this past year for yoga in the park. There wasn't always grass to practice on so the yoga mat was need and did get dirt and sweat worked into it. I had tried washing my yoga mat out in the shower with Dr. Bronner's biodegradable soap. It really didn't do much but I didn't want to use any harsh chemicals on the mat to clean it since those might get soaked into the mat and surface when I was practicing yoga on it. Wiping my yoga mat down a few times with Aurorae Organic Yoga Mat Wash got out the grime easily. Great product!
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on June 2, 2014
I bought this spray before I even owned my Aurorae yoga mat. I bought it to use on my old yoga mat which I had been cleaning with alcohol after my workouts. I got this when I wanted something more conditioning to the mat but also something natural. You don't want to spray something with chemicals especially when you will be laying on your mat. This stuff smells wonderful. I wet a small rag with water and I spray the entire mat with this spray and then I wipe it down. It leaves the mat smelling and looking great.
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