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on December 30, 2014
The large flashbender was a dissapointment to me. It did not carry the light very far when I had the diffuser off, and with the diffuser on, it barely carried any light and was nothing like a softbox. Get the XL, it is like a totally different product. When the diffuser screen is off, the silver coating shows and behind that the white coating. All are attached by velcro. When the diffuser is off the XL, turn the head of the speedlight backwards towards the silver coating and it acts like a very good reflector. Put the diffuser on, and you have a very good softbox. I do not know how the size difference can make such a big difference in how the two work. The XL can be put on a speedlight on a lightstand or on your camera's speedlight. The only negatives I could find with the XL is that when it is on the camera it adds a little weight, and it looks like a sail so it is a little bulky, but you can bend in the sides. I think this is why the XL's sold out almost immediately, and the larges are still available.
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on January 24, 2013
The short answer: I like it and I would buy it again.

The longer answer is, well, longer.
- It does provide for lots of latitude when shooting in improvised studio-like conditions.
- It is very well made although I did get a stain on the white side that I can't really get rid of (not a big deal).
- I use it with or without the diffusion panel (Rogue Photographic Design ROGUEDFPLG Large Diffusion Panel (Black/White))
- It is quite expensive for what it is.
- It is too heavy to really use on your on-camera flash while mingling in the event you are shooting: unless you are committed to keeping your flash head straight up, and even then it is heavy enough to bend the flash head to 90 degrees (canon 580 and 430, Yongnuo 560 although this one I use for background).
- When the flash is on a stand, then you have much more latitude to position the head (assuming ball head, Justin clamp or equivalent) so that it is already in its end position and won't go further, nixing the problem.
- It can be used for a snoot or a rimlight in a pinch, but I usually have a grid that will do a better job, so this point is moot for me.
- I allows for the gels I use which are the Rogue gel.

All in all: well done, too heavy, quite expensive, useful in many situations, not a panacea.
I might not buy the diffusion panel again although I use the one I have:
It is not as practical as one might want, and is quite expensive for a simple piece of fabric (and some gizmoization) that becomes one mor thing to lug around. If you are in a studio environment, you can get decent small soft boxes that are bigger and better for the half the price of the flashbender and the diffuser; if you travel, the flashbender alone gives a light that is not much harder than with the diffuser and that you can direct more efficiently to your subject, thus saving batteries (since TTL will adjust the released power).
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This is a handy light controller, although a little pricey for what it does. In combination with the Large Diffusion Panel from the same company, it makes a very large (for a hotshoe flash anyway) softbox that stores flat. Even by itself, it can either provide a larger light source (which is softer for being larger) or can fairly well point the light to a small area. The flat storage makes it easy to keep this with you in a backback pouch, since it adds virtually no bulk, even if you also have the diffusion panel. I'd be happier with it still, if it sold for half its current price, though.
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on March 14, 2017
Strap broke in the shortest possible time when snap button ripped out of counter strap and made it useless. Haven't used it since and find it a really big waste of money unless they fix the strap with velcro to hold on.
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on December 15, 2013
What I like most about these light modifies is their flexibility and how they have allowed me to do some creative things quickly and easily (once you learn how to use them) for the many forms of images I've taken. I've used them in the studio for product photography just to add a little light to the background or focus light onto a product to add just a little light where I needed it. I also purchased the Softbox kit which is decent for headshots and also worked great as a kicker light for an outdoor evening wedding I recently shot. When you need more control over your light-source and are looking for Direct light, these FlashBenders are perfect (I have a Gary Fong adapter for when I need light all around). They shouldn't be the only modifier in your bag and my suggestion is you work to understand what exactly you want/need from your light before you slap any modifier on your flash or monolights (I've used this there as well). I recommend them for their portability and their build quality. I own a large and small Rogue both with soft-boxes for when I need to soften my light source. If you're going to purchase them I recommend picking up the softbox as well. I'd purchase these again, and again; great tool.

Pros: Portable, Flexibility, Size, Accessories, Cost
Cons: Small Light Source, learning to use them correctly takes practice/time.
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on February 1, 2011
I got this mainly for Macro work to use with my 430ex and OCF cord. I'm pretty happy with the results so far. The Flashbender is built well and works as described. The bend-y pieces inside the material seem like they'll last a long time. It folds in half lenghtwise without bending the bend-y parts so it fits in my camera bag well. As others have said, it is a bit heavy for some speedlights. On my 430ex if I point the flash head 45 degrees up there's a good chance the flash head will fall to horizontal. This isn't really a big issue because you can just point the flash straight up and bend the flashbender.

This is the best portable light modifier I've used and it's not terribly expensive. I've taken a few shots of my daughter and it helps soften the light quite a bit. Not as good as bouncing, but it works well when that's not an option.

I've done a little bit of macro work with my 100mm 2.8 1:1 and this works well if you can get your flash off camera. You won't get that "ring light" look but it works well. In relation to your macro subject this makes a pretty big light source so the light is soft.
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on January 11, 2015
Made of quality materials but that isn't the problem. The light is too harsh. It is awkward at best and weighs too much. I shoot multiple angles and this only lends itself to point and shoot in my experience. Used once but waited too long to return them (2 of them). Same experienced by the second shooter. Waste of time and money. Have also tried the Fong set up. Two overheated flashes that ended up in costly repairs from that "investment" per the repair tech. Too many gimmicks not enough results. The name implies more greatness than experienced by the two of us. Selling them asap to see if someone else wants to try them. Not a fan.
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Just got my Large Rogue Flashbender. Awesome! I had been saving up for a Gary Fong Whaletail (hatches and reflectors and gels, oh my!). Then I discovered this at a third of the price. The Rogue FlashBender is a true winner because:

* No instructions required (or included). Just stretch the velcro belt around your flash and it's mounted, then start experimenting with how to bend the reflector and position your flash.
* Great wrap-around flash fill effect. You'll bend the top of the reflector differently depending on the proximity and color of the ceiling, but I was immediately able to get truly great flash-wrapped product shots and portraits
* Works perfectly with a Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash. The flash had no problem supporting the weight.

My two applications are "portraits on the go" and product shots, both with a single on-camera flash. This is all I need for both. Five stars.
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on February 10, 2015
I bought this because I'm a huge fan of photographer, Frank Doorhof (who's photo is on the packaging). I've always wanted to emulate his work and style. The photo I included is straight-from-camera. I used the flashbender as a smooth on a Yongnuo 568 flash triggered by Neewer radio triggers. Shot with T3i using a 24mm 2.8 lens. ISO 100, 200, 2.8. I used a red transparency as a gel on a 430ex flash.

Product is heavy and can drag the flash down. Tip: Turn the flash 180 degrees and place it on backwards so the flash doesn't fall.
review image
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on September 4, 2014
Works well but a bit bulky even on the large Canon EX 600-RT speedlites ... it works as advertised providing great diffused/bounce light ... even the light throw is very good with the flash bender pointed forward ... but it is a bit too bulky even on a Canon 600 EX-RT mounted on a Canon 5D MK III and tends to tilt the flash head with moderate shake. Bought it 2 years ago, but I haven't used it in the last 9 months are so, due to its bulk which tilts the flash head ... on hind sight I'd have gone for one size smaller ... however, the material and the quality of the product are top notch.
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