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on May 31, 2013
I managed to get these from Amazon for $28.80, with free shipping. These buds are just excellent! The other reviews that said the mic portion was too heavy are for the MX 680. The MX680i comes with a fixed length cable that is fixed to the mic. The mic is small and light. The call quality is good and the controls work perfectly with the iPhone and buttons are easy to use (bare hands). The earphones work well when jogging, sounds great and have no issues with sweat (they are water resistant). I sweat buckets. The ear buds come with 3 sizes of fins and 4 sizes of ear sleeves/air pads. They fit perfect and don't come off while running. You need to take the time to try on the different sizes and combinations of sizes for the best fit for your ear. You just need a little patience and you will get the perfect fit. Try on different sizes of sleeves/airpad combinations as well as the angle of the fins. Strangely, I use the large fins on both sides, but with different size ear sleeves/air pads on either ear (right side L ear sleeve and left side S air pad).
I fully recommend them especially if you run with an i-device (and at the price they are going for now).

Edit: I have to change my rating to 4 stars cos the mic stopped working after a few runs. Too much hassle for me to ship back for warranty claim, so I will live with it. The rest of the functions still work fine (touch wood).
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on March 9, 2012
These headphones don't do it all -- as with most products tasked with meeting a very specific need, there are trade-offs, so I'm surprised to see so many negative reviews, considering. If you want them to stay in your ears, there may be comfort or convenience trade-offs. If you want them to be priced a certain way, rugged and portable, they're not going to sound like your $280 noise-cancelling can headphones. Period.

This is also not a plug-and-play product. Sennheiser includes about 5 different variations of each little component for a reason -- the user is meant to test them out and customize for the best and most comfortable fit.

The one complaint I've read here that I share is that the bass could be better. Not sure if the price point and investment in the design caused them to skimp on price, but I would have payed the extra $$ for better sound. If I could have rated these 3.5 stars, I would have for the sound.

All that said, in all of the reviews of athlete-targeted headphones, I've not found one model that receives consistently good feedback. I do believe that Sennheiser has made a good effort with these headphones, and it's on the user to spend the necessary time to customize to get the full potential out of them.
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on November 13, 2013
Awesome active headphones with a couple of small qualms. First off, the good. There are multiple sizes and options for fitting to your individual ear included with the package. I figured out my configuration pretty quick, but there are instructions/recommendations in the booklet. With that done, they fit very well and I haven't had a problem with discomfort or them falling out on runs. I've done runs ranging from 3 miles to 11 miles while training for a half marathon and haven't had any discomfort. I am not an audiophile, but the sound quality is good especially for a pair of active headphones.

The only two things I want to point out are small things that deal with the remote box. The box is located where the two cords come together from the ears, and it does have some weight to it. This means you will need to use the included clip. I found it best to attach the clip right below the remote box and then clip it to my shirt. This will keep it from bouncing around too much, which can be distracting or can cause the headphones to fall out. The second is about the buttons on the remote itself. It's one big rubber piece for all three. The volume buttons are large and there is no problem pressing them. The middle button for pausing/skipping/rewinding is significantly smaller almost gets lost between the volume buttons. I occasionally press one of the volume buttons instead of the middle button while running.

All that being said, these are great active headphones and the best I have used so far. Highly recommend for runners.
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on April 11, 2013
I purchased these to use with my iphone 4S (knowing that some of the button functions wouldn't work) and because regular ear buds refuse to stay in my small ears and I'm not going to lay down $150 for Boses version of these. I was pleasantly surprised when I got them and all of the FF/Rewind/skip etc. functions did work. "Score!" I thought to myself. But then reality set it. After about two months of using them I still cannot get them to stay in my ears. I've tried every possible combination of fittings and then the buttons all stopped working. The microphone still works, so I still use them grudgingly because they sound okay. But I have to adjust everything on my phone. (Difficult to do while working out) and I removed the extra little wings because they stay in for 2 minutes without the wings as opposed to 1 minute with the wings. The cord is also sized for someone who is the same height as Andre the Giant. Good thing it has a clip to keep the microphone closer to my mouth than my kneecap--which is about where it dangles otherwise. Not in love with them. Will probably save up for Bose.
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on October 12, 2013

Great, snug fit for running.
Decent sound.
Handy volume control (when it works).


Mic dies within two weeks.
Expensive at full price.

This is approximately my 5th set of MX 680i headphones but there's only one reason I continue to get them: they stay in my ears when I run and they don't fall out. I've spent a lot of wasted money on other "active" and "workout" style headphones but they either fell out of my ears or the sound was horrible. The 680i headphones are the only ones with a customizable fit that stay in my ears and still have decent sound.

Don't get these if you're expecting to use the built-in microphone for phone calls and Siri inquiries because the microphone will die. In the case of my last two sets of 680i headphones, the mic died within two weeks of purchase. What made this defect more palatable the last time around was that I was able to purchase these headphones from Amazon for around $30, approximately 50% off what I've normally paid.

The volume control is handy, but that eventually dies, too, usually after about a year of use.

I'll continue to get these headphones, but only because they stay in my ears.
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on July 23, 2012
This product works well for running. The volume/switch controller is a little heavy but I figured was needed for a running app that I wanted to use. Overall the earbuds stay in fine, be sure to orient them the right way and tuck the tips into the front of the ear. It sorta clicks into place. Unusual but effective. The bottom line is this, the volume controller is going to hang. If you get this product, you are going to have to deal with it. The pluses are that you get to controll your music or apps with a minimum of fuss but you end of living with the dopey thing hanging, that you need to clip into your shirt or tuck in.
The sound quality is okay, better than the stock ear buds. It lets outside noises in which is what I wanted - some environmental awareness.
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on January 30, 2012
Overall the quality and sound is good. HOWEVER, I could not get a fit trying all the earpieces and fins. Eventually, I tried different combinations in different ears. I got a decent fit in one ear, but I could not match it in the other. When just walking around or listening to streaming audio or YouTube videos, these were fine. The sound was pretty good, and I suspect if I could get a better fit in both ears the sound would be even better. I found the mic and volume control to work pretty well even with running gloves on. Thicker gloves might cause a problem for some people. While running in the cold with a headband to keep my ears from freezing off, the ear buds physically stayed in my ears, but they were bouncing around in there, and I had to turn up the volume to an uncomfortable level to hear any music over the noise.

The cord is a bit long, and I had some trouble wrapping up the cord and getting it out of the way when using my iPhone on my arm. Using the included clip was helpful, but it will not stay connected to a long sleeve Under Armor-type shirt. I clipped it to the collar, and it helped. When at the gym using the treadmill and elliptical, the cord was just a bit too long and a bit too short depending on the position i was running on the treadmill and the brand of treadmill. I suppose this averages out, and the cord length is adequate for most users most of the time.

In sum, the quality seemed pretty good, and I have just ordered the Sennheiser around the ear type as a result. I just could not get the ear buds to stay in well enough to use. The fit was even worse as one might imagine when sweating heavily. I can't knock these on any other reason except that I could not keep them in for any level of activity more that walking. Thus, to me they are nearly useless. However, I gave them three starts based on quality of sound and workmanship...when sitting or walking.
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on January 31, 2013
I bought this product for use with MP3 player during exercise--don't risk your money on this product!

There are two parts that may be interchanged, both help to fit the ear buds to your specific ear size. While the sizing options are helpful, they are not pieces that stay in place either during use or in transit.

Exercise begets perspiration, and it appears that the microphone and one of the earphones are not particularly suited to getting in the slightest bit wet. Additionally, the buttons for volume up/down and the talk/play/pause button in the middle are poorly positioned and no longer work well enough to rely on them--I have to touch the device it's plugged into, making these controls rather useless.

I expected more from "Sennheiser"/"Sony", especially for fifty bucks.

Terrible purchase experience.
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on October 30, 2013
I recently got back into running and the earbuds that came with my iPhone fell out of my ear while running. I searched around for a while for something that had the volume/play/pause control in it, came from a known brand and didn't cost an arm and a leg. At $35 these fit the bill.

When I got them it took me a second to figure the "ear hooks" out but they do a good job of keeping them securely in my ear. They're not too heavy either so I can wear them for a whole workout without them starting to hurt my ears. The sound is great (to me) good amount of base and clear levels. I'm no audiophile but they sound better than my Apple earbuds do. It comes with several pieces to adjust the fit based on your ear, so you shouldn't have trouble getting them to fit (unless you have super tiny ears, maybe). The color is nice, subtle enough but the yellow cord makes them easy to find in my bag.
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on December 14, 2012
My primary reason for this purchase was to have earbuds to wear when running. All others (iPhone earbuds, Skull Candy, Yurbuds) have failed me for various reasons (sweat causes them to fall out or blocks sound so that I don't hear music). This Sennheiser model seemed to do the trick - no problems with slippage or noise blockage. The 'fins' occasionally slipped out of their spot in my ear, but I'm not sure sure they were all that functional, so that didn't pose a problem. What was a problem was the Play/Pause button. After a few minutes of play, I had difficulty forwarding (double-click) in the play list, and it was nearly impossible to go backward (triple-click) in the list. I purposely chose the "i" model so that I could control the iPhone, so I didn't want to do without this functionality, despite everything else working just fine. Fortunately, I was able to return this without any problems. The odd thing is that I asked to exchange this for another set, but instead, they refunded my money. When I have time, I may order another pair to give them another try, hoping it was just the item I received that was faulty.
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