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on September 19, 2017
absolute worst product I have bough in my lifetime, from the day I bought this it has been nothing but trouble... steps on top of steps to try to get it updated, customer service is terrible and after installing a few different programs to get this to just upgrade... it works worse than prior to the upgrade that was supposed to help illeviate the problems... My suggestion is to stay away from ANY AND ALL MIONIX PRODUCTS.... too expensive for a company that wont backup their product or help their customer find a solution.
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on November 19, 2010
Extended Review:

I was trying to find the perfect mouse for my machine. I went out and bought a Razer Deathadder, which is a very nice mouse, but I figured if I'm spending 50+ on a mouse I might as well shop around. I also went to Best Buy and bought a Razer Imperator. That mouse is pretty incredible too, with 5 way custom dpi switching and an easy profile button on the bottom of the mouse to swap between load outs on the fly. I was happy with both but stayed with the Imperator because of the on-the-fly dpi switching (incredibly useful). I was content until I found out about the Naos 5000. There are no Imperator vs Naos 5000 reviews on the web, so I had to pick one up to try it. I'm so glad I did.

The Imperator is a comfortable, more traditionally shaped mouse. The thumb grove takes a minute to get used to, but I found it very comfortable. The ability to change the placement of the side buttons up and down is also useful. The downside of the thumb grove is the shiny plastic it's made of, which makes your thumb very sweaty. 5700dpi, 1000hz polling, 5 way dpi settings and multiple profiles make this a great mouse. Also, the scroll wheel on the Imperator is superior to the Naos. And that pulsing blue glow is trance inducing.

The reason I decided on the Naos is because of one thing: comfort. This is the most ergonomically designed mouse I've ever had the chance to land my hand on. The entire mouse is covered in that matte rubberized plastic like Razer mice (no shiny sweat-inducing plastic). The feel is akin to the SteelSeries Ikari but better. This is a great mouse for those people that prefer a heavier mouse because of the custom weights included with the Naos 5000, I personally like my mice light so that was a non-factor in my decision. The dpi light indicator is great mid game for reminding you what setting you're on, although it's only 3 way switching. The sensor is a little less capable (5040dpi vs 5700dpi), but you will honestly NEVER notice the difference. Anything past 4000 dpi, even at low sensitivity is too fast. The ability to change the light color is really cool, it'll keep you busy for weeks.

The difference really comes down to the comfort level. The Naos 5000 is simply the most comfortable mouse money can buy. I wish someone would have written this review so I wouldn't have spent around a month and a half with a tight budget testing mice, but it was worth it. The Razer products are great, but I'm taking as many precautions as I can to stop Carpel Tunnel, and this mouse feels incredible.
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on August 31, 2013
This has to be the best mouse I have ever used. I have large hands and use a palm grip and this mouse fits like a glove! The DPI switching is awesome for ingame tweaking, and I love the feel of all of the buttons - it's a very sturdy and solid feeling device, well worth the money!

I had a deathadder before I got this sleek mouse and the three biggest problems I had with it were: my fingers were longer than the buttons, I couldn't grip the sides because it was slick plastic, and there was nowhere for my ring finger and pinky to rest so it would drag on the mouse pad. The naos fixes all of these and more!

If you're worried about it being totally rubberized, don't be; this is the best material I have ever felt on a mouse: slick when you want it to be and grippy when you need it. The added weights on the 5000 make this mouse feel a lot sturdier and heftier, but it's up to you if you like that. It goes without saying that this mouse tracks like a pro, and the software you need to download works very well and is easy to use. (Make sure to download the latest software AND firmware for the naos over at

The only con's I have are really minor gripes such as: when it arrived, the feet looked a little scratched, it's kind if easy to get the mouse dirty, and it took me the longest time to figure out how to open up the weight covers. For anyone else having issues, you have to push hard on the switches all the way until the covers pop open. If you feel like you have pushed far enough but the flaps aren't open yet, keep pushing, I used my fingernails to coax it to the end.
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on April 20, 2012
Previous Mice: Microsoft Intellimouse, Microsoft Wireless Lasermouse 5000, and the Logitech G5.
Current Mouse Pad: SteelSeries SX.
Current Mouse: Mionix 5000 (have owned an used this mouse for almost 6 months)
Grip Type: Palm


Build/Construction Quality (7/10) - Everything lines up, joins are even and the base is level. The backlighting for the logo has started not working for some colours after less than 6 months of use - not essential but makes me wonder whether the mouse might soon suffer the same fate! The weight system requires a bit of effort to use and the locking mechanism is a bit crappy, however most people won't keep changing the weights..

Materials Quality (6.5/10) - Some of the plastics used feel cheap i.e. the base of the mouse and the weight system doors and locking mechanism. Also the DPI and Side buttons feel cheap (quite clicky and have a tiny bit of lateral movement even when the buttons are not depressed). The top of the mouse is a nice rubberised plastic although this starts wear where the palm and fingers rest on the mouse (this is probably expected).

Comfort (9/10) - No radical changes needed here... Ergonomics - shape of mouse and location of buttons is perfect. I think simply improving the quality of the plastics would make this 10/10 for comfort. The scroll wheel is wide with a nice rubberised grip, it is nice to use although it has recently started squeaking when it is turned.

Software (9/10) - Software is reasonably intuitive. The Mionix is very customisable with the ability to setup up to 5 different profiles. Creating and/or recording macros is easy and these can be added or removed from profiles.

Price (6.5/10) - This is an expensive mouse, I don't mind paying top dollar for computer peripherals but the quality has to reflect the price and I simply don't think this is the case here.

Other Features:
- The mouse has four decent sized gliding feet, which no doubt improve glide performance and allow mouse to accelerate evenly across the mouse pad.

Wish list for future revisions of the Mionix 5000 mouse:
- Improved weight system and ability to add more weight. Suggest use of a cartridge system similar to many logitechs.
- Improve quality of buttons (Side & DPI buttons only) - use logitech G5 as a reference.
- Retain existing Scroll wheel design although ensure this remains squeak free!
- Improve quality - LED shouldn't stop working after less than 6 months, this could likely be the result of a poor solder joint.
- Improve some of the materials. I think that the base should be made of a thicker higher quality plastic and the left and right sides should be made of a a thicker texturised plastic. This will add to the base weight of the mouse which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing.
- Retain existing shape of mouse and the location the buttons - this is already perfect.

I bought this mouse primarily to be used for playing multiplayer FPS (Battlefield), but it still had to be usable as an everyday mouse. Does it achieve this, the short answer is Yes. It is an excellent mouse for FPS and is also quite capable as an everyday mouse. It's definitely one of the most comfortable mice on the market, although don't be surprised if it takes you a while to get used to it! If this mouse stopped working tomorrow, I would probably buy another one.

Overall, I think Mionix is on to a winner with this mouse! I look forward to future revisions of this mouse...

Please let me know if you have any specific questions regarding the mouse and I will try and answer asap. Thanks.
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on February 17, 2012
I replaced my Razer Mamba with the Naos and will never go back. Not only is it more comfortable, and reliable, but it also has more features. This is very nice, and well designed high-end gaming mouse, and better than anything else I have tried in the $70+ price range.

The Good: Extremely comfortable, I have never used a more comfortable mouse short of an ergonomic trackball. Very customizable you can adjust almost anything on this mouse to fit your exact needs- optional independent x/y axis, lift distance, 5 profiles to set, 24 different led colors built in. Weight system, and high quality feel.

The Bad: Software could use some work. It is difficult to 'lift' the mouse because of it's design, this is a problem when playing some FPS, you are sacrificing better lifting for comfort. The current firmware has an issue on boot up, the computer will not detect the mouse unless you click some buttons on it before you enter Windows. Unpluging it also fixes this form within Windows. No wireless mode.

Overall: Best high-end mouse I've used. Unparalled comfort, and extreme customization. Some technical issues that can be dealt with, and poor lift ability keep this mouse from being perfect. Better than the Mamba.
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on January 12, 2012
Here is what I will say right off the bat, just to make things perfectly clear: This mouse is COMFORTABLE. There's really no way to describe how it feels in your hand, so if you get the chance (see it at a shop, etc.) I highly urge you to try it out. That said, I think palm-grip users will find it slightly more comfortable than claw-grippers, but overall the difference is negligible.

Now, why would I call this the most comfortable mouse I have ever handled and at the same time give it an average review? Because mine came defective. If you explore the product you will notice that it has two compartments on the underside into which one can insert weights. Unfortunately, the open/close mechanism for these compartments is very poorly designed, and on my mouse one of the compartments did not close properly, sticking out beneath the pads (meaning it dragged on my desk).

That may seem like a trivial complaint, but when the product costs over eighty dollars, that is the sort of thing I should not have to tolerate.

As for the other features of the mouse, they are top-notch, as you would expect from a top-end product. It works right out of the box without any software installation. All the buttons feel nice under your fingers and offer satisfactory resistance. It comes with three pre-set DPI settings, which are, roughly, Max, Medium, and Low (Low probably being what you would be accustomed to from an average mouse).

Unfortunately I did not attempt to download and try out the software Mionix offers for customizing the mouse, but it goes a long way towards describing the overall quality of the product to say that I didn't need to. I plugged it in and it worked with my games. Simple as that.

I read a number of other reviews citing that Windows would not start properly if booted with the mouse plugged in. I am satisfied to announce I experienced no such problem with Windows 7. I unfortunately did not have the means to test XP. And if you're still using Vista, a new mouse should probably not be near the top of your list of needed upgrades.

So, overall, this is a fantastic mouse. Unfortunately, I do not think Mionix can justify the price tag on this one--even the Amazon discounted price is a little more than I believe this product is worth. However, it is amazingly comfortable and works well right out of the box. Amazon's return policy is very gracious, so if you have the eighty ducks to drop on a gaming mouse, go for it. Chances are yours will not be defective and you will love it like you've loved no mouse before.

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on February 10, 2012
I really had high hopes for this mouse. The reviews online have been stellar. I really loved the shape and feel of it- I have smallish hands, and this mouse is an absolute joy to hold. It was a perfect fit. When the mouse worked, tracking was very accurate. The software loads up fairly quick and is easy to navigate and understand. Unfortunately, that's where the good ends. The first Naos I received had an issue where the mouse would still track almost a full inch off of the mousepad (Propus 380, and SS 4HD); switching to a cloth mat seems to alleviate the LOD issue, but the cursor would jitter like crazy when on a cloth pad or my desk. I tried using the 1.16 and 1.17 software with the same result. I returned the mouse and tried another, thinking I just received a defective one. The second mouse started off working like a charm (though the LOD was still really high), but at least the jitter was gone. A couple days later, I had the same problem with the second mouse. I tried using the mouse without the software, and still had the same issue. Odd, since the Xai, which uses the same sensor has no issues on my computer. I sent it back, and decided not to try again. If this mouse works for you, and you use a palm grip style, it's an absolute dream to use. Mine just didn't seem to work out that way, though I was really hoping it would.
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on December 24, 2012
I'll start by saying my only complaint is that the mouse software sometimes glitches and resets to the default settings except the dpi. It only happened Couple times in a month and takes less than 5 second to fix. Because every other aspect of the mouse is so good I couldn't take a star away for this.

Here are the places the mouse excels the most in my opinion:

-perfect ergonomics
-customizable in nearly every way
-very well built
-no fuss with gimmicks
-excellent tracking

The reason I moved away from my beloved razer mice is because they have no good right handed mice. I decided to move to a right handed mouse and the mionix caught my eye. I was worried about the finger rests on the right side not being appropriately sized but it is literally perfect. I have decently large hands as well.

I'm now a big fan of mionix and will buy again.
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on April 10, 2013
I have finally found my perfect mouse. I have medium to large hands (size 8 surgical gloves), and a wider palm. This thing feels like it was molded specifically for me. Long gaming sessions and ZERO discomfort. I love the rubbery texture. Feels near identical to the Razor material...which is a good thing to me. I like it better than the hard plastic Logitech uses.

The sensor is amazing. I was kinda bummed about not getting the 8400, but I already have to bump back the sensitivity with the 5000dpi sensor, so I am glad I saved the money for this model.

I don't use any macros or anything fancy on any mice, so nothing to review there. I am a weirdo in that I use the thumb button to crouch (counterstrike), and the placement is perfect to not throw off my aim (some mice it is harder to aim while depressing the thumb button due to location).

I have only had it about a month, but I will only be buying Mionix mice with this shape from here forward. Nothing is even remotely this comfortable.

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on May 11, 2016
I don't have experience with another gaming mouse so I can't compare to something else, but for me this mouse is great. It did not come with the weights, but everything else (at least so far) works. I have not had any problems with the software, it has plenty of features for me, and the feel is wonderful. I have a small hand and was concerned it might be too large, but I adjusted to the size very quickly and find it extremely comfortable for my palm grip.
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