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on June 28, 2014
Update: Exactly one year and three days later, the cable broke down near the plug. For this reason, I take one star down for durability in an otherwise excellent earphone.

Best earphones I ever had. Excellent detail and definition. Good bass, but not too much; it might disappoint some bass-heads that love hip-hop and Beats by Dr. Dre but perfect for those who want a deep, natural bass. The sound is great right out of the box, but it gets significantly better with time. So if you find them a little harsh at first, it is normal; after the break-in period they get better.

Two caveats for Samsung Galaxy S4 owners. First, the volume buttons will not work, they are intended for iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc. The one important button, however, works fine. Second caveat, this earphones have a relatively low impedance. This is usually good, but for some reason the Samsung Galaxy S4 is incapable of delivering the high current needed at high volumes, especially if there is a lot of bass in the music. As other people reported, the S4 will "pop" and it sounds horrible when it happens.

Fortunately, in my case the remedy was very simple. I flashed my phone from Android 4.2 to 4.4 using the update provided by T-Mobile. This means I did not have to hack or "root" the phone, I just used what T-Mobile recommends and offers, and that fixed the problem. Anyway, this is more of an S4 issue than an Ultimate Ears issue.

Compared to other phones, these are relatively brilliant, much more than the Sony MDR-XD200 I also own. I expected the Ultimate Ears to give me more ear fatigue for being so brilliant, but it has not happened so far after long hours of listening. I can give these UE 600 the highest grade, especially at this price point.
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on February 22, 2015
As a 6 year owner of the original UE SuperFi 5vi earbuds I gotta say Logitech has done well (for the most part) revamping these into the 600vi's they are today.

The bass is definitely a lot more defined in the updated version yet Logitech kept the clear, well ranged sound I fell in love with 6 years ago.

The addition of the volume controls is great because the old ones only had one button that was multi-purpose. If you wanted to change the volume you had to do so from your phone. The only down side is the mic/controls on the new buds are pretty far from your face. I don't know how you can talk on the phone without the shirt clip bringing the mic closer.

Only other complaint is the new case is A LOT bigger and doesn't stay closed. I'll probably use something else if I can't jerry-rig it.

Anywho, these are a steal at $50!! I bought my originals for $160!

I definitely recommend these and I hope they last as long as my original UE's did.

P.S. My originals still worked after 6 years but I lost them on campus and of course they weren't turned in to lost and found :(
The old packaging in the picture has the new buds in it to show how it used to look.
review image
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on November 4, 2016
I've had numerous UE IEMs over the years and the 700 and 600's sound great hence the 3 stars. However I've had multiple sets fail in very short time periods, the latest being the cable in the 600's. The cable just gets hard and stiff over time and will crack where there is stress- like the section that loops around the ear. Headphone wires are notoriously thin so even an electronics guy like me can't fix them. I've never had problems with build like this with any other brands and they were definitely built better before Logitech took them over. Three stars is very generous but they do perform audio wise above their price point, but so do many others without the horrible build problems. So in the end I can't recommend them even with the stellar ( for the price point ) sound.

Update, well my 'newest' pair crapped out from the cheap plastic on the cables getting stiff and cracking- left channel went out. Anyhow after Logitech had me jump through multiple hoops for warranty service, the girl informs me they have no stock. So if you buy these and they break, and they will if you wear them over the ear, you won't get them replaced.

For less money you can get sound magic e80 which not only sounds better but has a much better quality cable, not the cheap plastic that Logitech used that hardens with contact with skin oils.
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on July 31, 2015
Easily the best in-ear headphones I have ever used, except for professional ones.
The price for these varies a lot, but if you can get it around 60 USD don't think twice and get it as fast as you can.
I have tested more than 15 in-ear phones from the likes of Sony, Panasonic, Shure, Klipsch (S4A), Audio Technica (all of these I still have with me), and a lot of others, and the UE vi600 are the best ones I could find. With the Foam pads they are unbeatable.
The best all around sound with the most balanced highs, mids and lows. They get the most neutral sound you can find, without lacking any punch for lows and clarity of mids and highs.
I love all kind of music and I hear a lot of Blues, Heavy Metal, Rock, calm/soul, MPB and a lot of other stiles. These phones are simply perfect and better than some more expensive audiophile ones.
The microphone is also a good mic. The volume keys do not work on Android phones, at least not in the ones I have tested (HTC One M7, LG G3 and G4 and Nexus 5). Maybe they only work on iPhones/iPods.
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on July 27, 2015
This is my 2nd pair of Logitech 600v. I bought my first pair several years ago, before they shipped with the Comply Foam ear tips.I had to discover those on my own. I do understand that everyone's hearing is a little different, so these comments are strictly my opinion. So, for my ears, these are probably the best inexpensive (less than $100) earbuds I own. I find the cheap plastic/silicone (or whatever substance that is) tips that come with virtually every cheap earbud, to be extremely uncomfortable. I can barely stand to have those in my ear for more than 10 or 15 minutes. Then, fortunately, I discovered foam ear-tips. What a lifesaver (earbud saver?) for me. I find that the foam tips improve not only the comfort, but the sound of every set of earbuds I have tried. Thanks Logitech for including them. That being said, I feel these Ultimate ears deliver the broadest range of sound. They are neither too 'tinny' sounding, nor too overloaded with bass. They are some of the only earbuds I use that don't require adjusting equalizer settings, or turning the volume above 50%.
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on March 11, 2012
I absolutely love the sound from these IEMs! I own the Audio Technica ATH-M50s as well as the Sennsheiser CX-300B Mk. 2, and the iPhone earbuds as well as some others not worth mentioning. Since getting these I often use them at my PC instead of the ATH-M50s. Comparing them to the CX300 is not a competition. The reason is that these use armature speakers. Look them up. They are full of win.

If you compare these to the Etymiotic HF3, look at the Frequency Response and 50Hz Sine Wave graphs. The HF3 are kind of a gold standard (aside from the Klipsch X10) in IEM headsets. If you compare them with the above mentioned graphs you'll be hard pressed to find a difference, aside from the 600Vi's having about 3-4Db higher in the bass part of the graph. And these are quite a bit less expensive and don't have me worrying about the "deep insertion" style of the Etymiotics. (Yes, that's the real marketing term they chose).

Also, as they are described as analytical IEMs, (meaning that they have a comparatively flat frequency response graph) you'll be able to analyze music better (hence the term analytical). In practical terms this means you can hear the music more closely to what the sound engineer intended. Case in point: listening to the Wall the other day I was clearly able to make out each instrument in Another Brick in The Wall (Part II) throughout the entire song. You know, with some headphones, when the bass notes hit it drowns out the other instruments, not so with these. You also get the sense that the lead singer is front and center, lead guitar is to his right, bass to his left, and drums behind all three. Really crazy, but try them and you'll see what I mean.

The isolation is impressive as hell- I was staying at my dad's house recently when some workmen came in at 9AM and proceeded to do everything they could to make me hate my life. Put the UE600Vi's with the Comply tips in and they literally disappeared. Very impressive considering the noise going on made me feel like I was living in End Times.

Aside from that there are a few negatives.
First is the placement of the microphone. It is placed so low that grabbing the correct wire when you go to pause the music or answer a call is impossible without feeling or looking. Also, because of this, you have the tendency to want to pull the microphone to your ear when you are on an important call.

Second, you hear yourself talking in the IEMs when you are on a call. How this was overlooked I cannot say. But I was on the phone the other day and heard a car alarm in my ear. I asked the caller if that was on their end, and they said no. The isolation was so good that I did not hear the car alarm from a car only about 30 yards away.

Third, the microphonics suck; meaning if I tap the left monitor while the right one is still in my ear I can totally hear it like a 'pop', as well as when you wrinkle around the cables you will sometimes hear it in the monitors.

Lastly, I would've preferred a jack like the Sol SL49/SL99s or the Beats Solo HD have. (Yes I am aware that Beats are Crap and the Sol's are dynamic drivers and they suck compared to these.) I just wish I was a little more confident about the plug. If they are going to go for a right angle plug (which I do prefer) why not make it rugged? As it is, the angle sits about 1/4" above the casing of my iPhone, enough for a pencil to get between the plug and the phone, whereas the Beats Solo HD cable (I have one for my ATH-M50s modded to accept a removable cable) sits flush with the housing.)

So, to sum up, or tl;dr in forum nomenclature:

Once you go armature you are more mature (trying to emulate another saying but it's not working)
They sound amazing
Analytical, without sounding cold.
Isolation with Comply Tips is unreal!
3D Soundstage effect which allows you to hear each instrument in a track separately

Microphone placement sucks
Microphone itself sucks
Microphonics are somewhat annoying
Plug style is a bit disconcerting

P.S. When you get them, hook them up to a source, turn the volume to about 150% of normal listening volume, stick them in a sock drawer and keep them there for about 3 days. (Or do it like I did: when I wasn't listening, they were in the drawer pumping out music). After this, they will sound a good deal better.
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on April 7, 2014
I can't count how many earphones I have bought in the past few years. I would much rather have bought one very expensive, DURABLE set, then all the other pieces of junk I have bought. And I have spent 150 on the "nice" Bose earphones. I got these and have been extremely happy with them. They fit well and sound great. Even after a 3-4 hour bike ride, when others begin to hurt my ears, these still feel great.

Highly recommended....But I will amend this review should they stop working.
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on March 3, 2014
First off I have never sprung for a "good" pair of headphones or ear buds before these so I'm not directly comparing them to any high end equipment like many other reviewers have.

Previously I've used a cheap pair of Sony ear buds and they were good enough at the time with use of lossy quality audio files on my old smartphones and media players.

These are sooooo much better then anything I've heard before! Clear highs and mids, nice deep bass without too much distortion. I heard things in my songs I never heard on other speakers I have. I mostly use my car stereo a Pioneer head unit via a 3.5mm Y cable straight to the back of the unit from my Galaxy Note 3 and, Droid Bionic. Car speakers and Pioneer 600 Watt 5-ways in the rear and 300 Watt 4-ways in sides and in dash stock tweeters. No amp just FYI. Though I praise the quality of this system and love it these little ear buds do an outstanding job of blocking noise and isolating every note they are capable of sending to my ears.

I use a mix of FLAC and OGG Vorbis 240Kbps tracks encoded straight from FLAC played via my Note 3 in Poweramp music player.
I did play some tracks back off my media PC through Winamp (all FLAC) using my Creative Xtreme Music sound card headphone output to see if there was any discernible difference in quality and didn't hear much but slightly clearer.

-Great fidelity
-Great volume range, they get quite loud unlike some cheap units I've used before
-Light weight
-Small and don't protrude from my ears very far (don't seem to snag on anything to easily)
-Excellent noise blocking
-Hold in my ears snugly and don't fall out easy
-Pack easily into the case provided
-Cord has a pause/play button
-Slightly angled jack is a plus while using my phone
-Easy to tell left from right

-Little bit of distortion on some more full range songs in the high ranges (this could be my combination of music choice and equipment etc)
-cord seems a little fragile
-I read that the jack has a tendency to break away from the wire casing (perhaps those reviewers are more rough in their use of these?)
-Though they are not expensive when compared to other quality oriented units out there they still cost more then any pair I've ever purchased. So I hope they hold together well ;)
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on July 15, 2015
Buying this product was a dilemma. I was absolutely frightened by the many reviews talking about how quickly the cord broke near the jack, but I was also attracted to their reportedly amazing sound quality. I decided to buy them and reinforce their build quality as a DIY project. In the end, these headphones were absolutely worth their price, with a few caveats.

BUILD QUALITY: This right here is the first caveat: the cord is almost guaranteed to fray where it meets the jack. There's no rubber supports to prevent it from happening, and it's a problem. However, this can be quickly fixed with electrical tape: just wrap it around the cord to reinforce it. I personally wrapped it until the tape around the cord was about as thick as the jack, and then I wrapped more tape around both the jack and the tape I already wrapped around the cord to make sure the cable bent as little as possible. I've attached a picture to the review. The fact that you have to do something like this to protect the product takes off a star, but it's absolutely worth it - you'll see why a bit later. I've had no durability problems, and every other part of the headphones appears to be durable for the month-and-a-half I’ve had them.

COMFORT AND EAR INSERTS: The headphones are extremely comfortable, and you will barely notice them in your ear. The headphones themselves comes with five sets of silicon earbuds and two sets of foam earbuds made by a earbud company called Comply. There silicon buds come in five sizes and don't go extremely deep like other earbuds, but they're fairly comfortable and let you hear the magnificence that is these headphones. The Comply foam earbuds aren't designed to last very long - the foam wears away eventually - but they do reportedly last several months, and they allow for even better sound quality than the default tips, as you'll read below. You use them by squishing the foam as much as possible, inserting the tips into your ear, and holding the buds in until they expand to fill the ear, which only takes a few seconds.

SOUND QUALITY: In a single word, these headphones sound beautiful. They had a mid-centric sound profile, which means that they emphasize most sounds in the middle of the sonic spectrum, such as vocals and most synthesizers. However, that's not to say that they don't have a balanced sound: nearly all frequencies are represented extremely well, from the bass to the highs. The mids are particularly rich and beautiful, and they sound lush but detailed. The highs are warm and accurate, giving a wonderful crunch to snare drums. The bass may be the headphones weakest point in the headphones, which isn't to say they're bad: they're tight and wonderfully accurate in a mix. However, the subbass in this headphones is the headphones’ second caveat: it's virtually absent, and the headphones need to be turned up fairly loudly to hear it at all. However, most electronic tracks that made us of heavy bass didn't suffer at all. The only music I have that sounded bad because of this was the Interstellar movie sound track by Hans Zimmer, an amazing sound track that especially needs the lower frequencies to deliver. I expect hip-hop would suffer as well. However, this was only applicable to that sound track, and every other song I've used these headphones on sounds amazing. If you need heavy bass, this is probably a bad choice of headphones, but if that's not important this is not a problem. The problem might also be fixed with a good headphone amp.

In other aspects of sound quality, the headphones continue to excel. They have a good sound stage - the sound sounds much closer to being on an actual concert stage that other in-ear headphones I've used, including the Meelectronics A151. The detail is amazing as well - using the Comply tips, the drums in tracks sound almost as if you're hearing them live, and you can hear many aspects of the singer's voice. The silicon tips still preserve a lot of the detail, but not quite as much.

Looking at specific songs, "Pride (In the Name of Love)" by U2 has its alt-rock instrumentation accentuated wonderfully by the headphones - the vocals and guitar sound absolutely fantastic, especially with the reverb, and the bass guitar is strong and compelling, driving the song. In fact, the bass guitar is the highlight of the song on these headphones, despite its small role in the song itself. The kick drum could probably reach a bit deeper, however, but it's perfectly audible and still compliments the song. The bass guitar once again sounds wonderful in twenty one pilots' "Tear In My Heart" - the bass guitar used for most the song sounds amazing, and the electronic lead and bass used in the climax sound powerful and lively. The vocals are presented in rich detail, as are the drums. "Language" by Porter Robinson, an electronic song, sounds great - the electronic bass used in the track is once again wonderfully detailed, as are all of the other synths, and the vocalist's voice sounds wonderful.

NOISE ISOLATION: These headphones, as other reviewers have said, have above-average noise isolation. The statistic they give you tells you it can keep out up to 26 dB of noise, but what does that mean? English translation: I can use these at a normal listening level while using my lawn mower. The noise isolation is fantastic, and if you're looking for a set of headphones that does that, you won't be disappointed at all - however, if you're looking for even more than that, you need to look for headphones designed to actively cancel out outside noise.

CONCLUSION: These headphones are utterly amazing to use and listen to. It's a bad purchase for bass-heavy listeners and needs to be reinforced at home, but don't let that stop you from buying them. These would be a good buy at triple the price, and at this price (and the price for electrical tape) they're an absolute steal. Basically: buy these.
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on December 21, 2011
By no means am I an expert but I enjoy listening to music and have had some experience working a sound board. So I feel like I can tell the difference between very good sounding headphones and average sounding ones. I have to say that I "burned" these in for about 100 hours so far using white noise, pink noise and various frequency sweeps. I also ordered the Klipsch Reference S4i headphones that came out about a month ago and burned those in the same amount of time. Now this is only my opinion and I feel that every person is going to have their own preference on how they want the headphones to sound. Comparing these two made me realize this. The S4i's had a much stronger lower range, that to me almost muddied the music that I was listening to. Hard to explain but it seemed a bit overpowering. They sounded really good but it was much different from the 600vi's. The 600vi's low end was just right to me. Nice and tight without being overpowering. Again, it's gonna be a preference thing.

Let me put it this way, with the S4i's, when I was listening to Bon Jovi's "Never Say Goodbye", Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" or even Linkin Park/Jay Z's "Numb/Encore", the main vocals felt like they were in the middle or at the back of the stage. With the 600vi's, the vocals sounded like they were front and center. It's not to say the vocals on the S4i were bad but will be a preferential thing for people. I enjoyed the 600vi's vocals and can make out each and every word they were singing/rapping. I could also hear all the other instruments very clearly and nothing overpowered anything else. As some reviews out there say, the 600vi has a very neutral sound. Honestly, the best way I can describe the 600vi's is that it literally sounds like your in the recording studio with the band!! I don't know how to explain it and it may be a bad thing for some people but I love how it sounds.

Ultimately, you'll have to listen to them to really decide if the sound is going to be to your liking. To me, the 600vi's are simply amazing headphones. I love the way that these sound. Also, the mic on it works very well. I've used on several hours of phone calls and everyone said that they couldn't tell I was using an external mic. The controls work as they're supposed to - a little smaller control unit then I'd like (prefer the S4i controller), but they work just fine.

Best set of in-ear armature headphones I feel you can get in the price range. If you're on the fence, you should try them out. I'm pretty sure you're going to love them! I tried force myself to love the S4i, because I liked the design a little better, but after going back and forth, I kept going back to the 600vi's. Hope this helps anyone that's unsure about these. I think they're very under-rated and I always seem to find so much more info on the S4i's.
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