Customer Reviews: Samsung Epic 4G Android Phone (Sprint)
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on September 7, 2010
Like many of you, I hesitated in paying the extra 50 dollars but like I read on another review, the earbuds, the physical keyboard, 16 gb samsung card and the AMOLED screen more than justify the 50 dollars extra of the EVO.

Let me start off by saying that Im an avid phone collector sort of speak. My family and friends always criticize my for having different phones once a month. I have been on all carriers. ATT for one day, the worst. T Mobile is ok and great prices, Verizon great customer service, great service and too expensive. Sprint to me is the best. Great service, best value. Customer service can be a lil better.

That being said I have used all OS's and all phone brands. LG,Samsung, Blackberry, Apple, Palm, HTC, etc. I've used the WinMobile devices (does winmo still exist?) Palm,Blackberry, Apple and Android.

Android is the best hands down. I had the first Android phone in the G1 and liked it instantly. But the HTC G1 was like a brick and battery was the worst of any mobile device I have ever had.

Ill stop going all over the place and get on with the Epic.

The screen is the best or one of the best ever on a mobile device. Love the physical keyboard. Super blazing fast. It has 5 megapixels 3 less than the EVO but trust me, the quality of the pictures and the settings available are much better than the EVO.

I've just had it for 8 hours and I'm super excited. I will update more after a week with it.
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on July 17, 2011
I don't know how I did work on the tiny screen of my Treo Pro. My Epic is fun, apps are cool as heck, and I'm getting better at extending the battery life. I think the battery really needs to be broken in before it gets the ability to last more than 6 hours.

I love the multitude of ways to type... slide out keyboard, swipe, portrait onscreen keyboard, landscape on screen keyboard.

Seems like a stable operating system, and I'm glad I invested in a new phone. I was going to get a tablet and keep my old phone, but I'm pleased with my decision to just get a new phone with a big enough screen.

*Update 08/25/2011*
Still love my new phone!! It's got it's quirks, but with all the fun software I'm loading on it, I don't blame it for getting kind of sluggish. A battery removal to reset it usually does the trick. I love all that I can do with my phone.

I HARDLY ever use the Qwerty keyboard, which is surprising to me. There are much more efficient ways to input your text.
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on June 9, 2011
Got this great phone for .01 on, same phone with upgrade discount at Sprint would have cost $161.61. That much of a saving alone should lead you want to try this phone, but if that's not enough than lets talk about the phone, Screen is the most clear and best I've see, the phone has all the bells and whistle anyone from a texting freak to a email got have news junkie would ever need. I'm just so glad I found it at this great savings and it works just the way I would want it, Thanks Samsung and thanks even more nothing but BOO'S AND THUMBS DOWN to phone sale and there inflated prices.
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on June 8, 2011
This phone could have been super awesome. The keyboard is incredible--its big, roomy, and responsive. The screen is amazing. And i found the call quality not too bad (ok this is partially from coming from a 2 year old blackberry)

The phone itself had some bizarre quirks that didn't bother me too much. Then, after the update to 2.2 froyo, the whole thing went to hell. All of the notifications are wacky and pop up randomly and repeatedly. It opens programs at random all the time. It repeatedly plays one particular voicemail on speaker phone at random even if the phone is locked. To complement programs randomly opening, I get several force closes a day on the most basic of programs. It turns on chat clients while I'm sleeping Then upon searching these issues, I'm finding people on forums all over with the same or similar (sometimes worse) problems. Even if I went back to android 2.1, it asks you if you want to update at least once an hour (this is how I updated--i clicked it by accident and then there's no going back).

I returned it--it wasn't worth it to me to jump through all these hopes just to get an expensive phone to work semi normally.
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on November 27, 2010
The phone itself is great. It's a bit bulky, and the battery won't last you more than a few hours if you're constantly using it for music, the web, etc., but it's otherwise wonderful.

However, Amazon Wireless (and to some extent UPS and Sprint) really has a ways to go. First, I couldn't get a definitive statement about when the item was going to arrive. I was told three different things (one from Amazon customer service, another from a UPS customer service rep and a third from the UPS website). Amazon turned out to be right (how could UPS not know its own shipping date better than Amazon?), but they told me they wouldn't do anything to investigate the shipping date confusion until after the estimated shipment date was missed.

Second, I ported my number from AT&T, but Amazon set the number transfer date to about two weeks after the estimated shipment date. I guess they wanted to build in a cushion in case of shipping issues and that I could just call Sprint to switch the dates, but it would have been nice if Amazon had told me beforehand I'd have to do this.

Lastly, and this is entirely on Sprint, when I first called the rep after the phone arrived (about 6 pm EST), they said the number was in the process of porting at that moment, and that I should call back in three hours once that finished so I can complete activation. Three hours later, I called back and was told that the activation date was actually in two weeks, and that I'd have to call another department (this was my fourth of fifth department) to change the date to be that same day. After about 10 minutes of waiting, the rep came back on to inform me that said department was closed (but was opened when I originally called). Because of the Thanksgiving break, I wouldn't be able to get the phones working as phones for a couple days. I pointed out that I paid $36 per phone for activation and that my activation clearly got screwed up. I asked for a refund of the activation fees, but he said he couldn't do that until after activation occurred. He promised he'd put a note in my account.

After activation a couple days later, the next rep told me there was no note regarding the refund. She also said the refund couldn't happen until after I was billed, not after activation.

All in all, the experience was awful, and it could have been solved with a just a little warning from Amazon about when they said the number porting to happen.
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on January 9, 2012
More of a ramble across a number of areas.. the phone, the service provider, the content provider... critiquing cloud products almost induces rambling... so if you don't like that.. you might want to skip this review.

The good new is that the phone runs Android. On Sprint, the current version at this writing is 2.3.5. That gives you decent Android services which you may already be familiar with. The other good parts are the full keyboard, the amazing display, the wifi/4g sharing option, the dual camera (front/back) and reasonably good external speaker, and excellent internal speaker. gps/bluetooth are almost givens. Portrait/landscape tilt are fairly responsive. Removable battery is great for sharing batteries with others in the family, as well as having extra on hand when traveling (which I do 40% of the time - I have 4 batteries, which gives a good 2-3 days service while commuting 10,000 miles between airports.)

The bad parts of the phone - software - filesystem - the file system is painfully slow. Sprint / Samsung chose to go with a file system format that is not designed for speed. This decision is what really kills the performance on this phone. There is noticable lag when you use the phone and switch between apps and the desktops. You must be selective and streamline what apps you run on the phone. This leads you to becoming a guru at moving apps between your SD card and the phone memory, and also loading/unloading apps.

The lag also induces double tap annoyance errors - did it accept my input? or did I miss it? Since the touch capabilities on the android platform aren't 100% accurate sometimes the lag / tap makes you wonder if the phone accepted your input, and you tap again, leading to undesirable results, or if you are cautious, you wait, and then you are annoyed due to additional lag as the phone processes your request, or you discover your tap didn't actually get recognized.

GPS - Sometimes just stops working while in use.. you need to exit out of nav, and back in.. good times when driving in traffic. Sometimes, that doesn't work. You have to reboot the phone. Even more awesome... Good thing we have 2 phones. :)

Bluetooth - sometimes the phone will 'see' the remote device, but doesn't actually 'link' until you have redone an entire cycle of 'syncing' this is rare, random but does occur.

Battery life - you will either tether constantly or buy batteries. Buying batteries from Sprint stores is nearly impossible, and the market is flooded with low cost cheap imitation (pirated?) batteries. I have found only 1 reputable dealer who sells the battery + cradle + usb power supply that is Samsung OEM NIB Retail.

I have been to no less than 3 sprint stores from Portland, OR to Jersey City, NJ and none has ever had the retail package available. Given this is their 'best phone' as the one is Portland, OR said (both Corporate and non-Corporate owned stores have said this btw) you have to wonder why they aren't offering additional batteries in stock?

Other service problems are that the phone runs on 2.3.5 - Sprint is painfully slow in updating and you will not be happy to find that the built in bluetooth service won't work with external devices as of this writing. Additionally, the small screen and lack of USB video driver support means you won't be able to use an external display just yet. Once Sprint and Google deliver updates to the software to support both of these features, you are looking at a fairly stable hardened platform that can deliver mail, web, shopping, banking, movies/videos, social, games, phone, SMS, GPS, navigation, mapping and for the unix guys out there SCP/SFTP/SSH in a small package.

So, if you're in it for the long haul, aren't prone to hopping service providers, and want a phone that is reasonable decent that you work around with Google then you have selected a good option.

For the price of the service contracts, coverage of 3g/4g, version of the app and ooh, ahh factor for the screen/flip keyboard it's 'good enough', which seems to be what sells in most markets these days.
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on January 25, 2013
If your calling plan provides for an annual upgrade, then this is an absolutely fantastic phone. All positive reviews are accurate, I was deeply in love w/ my new phone. After a year it is another matter, one problem after another & in scanning various user sites I find I am not alone in any of them:
- phone (& clock) freezes & can only be reset by removing battery
- phone turns off & on by itself for no reason
- phones turns off by itself (fully charged battery)
- usb connected message keeps flashing after disconnected

Soft reset is virtually impossible as you must press recessed on/off button, volume down & camera all at once. After just over a year the phone eventually turned off & showed indications it no longer recognized charger or battery, just acted like a paper weight. Now back from repairs - has yet to turn off/on by itself, but all off the above have happened just hours after reactivating, including the start of the usb message. User lists seem to indicate the this indicates damage to the "charging port".
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on April 29, 2011
so i had originally planned on ordering a evo because i was IN LOVE with that phone. but then my mom went and bought herself a samsung epic. i was skeptical at first, then i got to playing around with it and i fell in love with it. so i ordered one, and im even more in love now. this screen is so big and bright, by far the best screen ive ever seen on any phone. and the moving backgrounds are great! i absolutely love this phone ! *oh and im a 16 year old girl just to let you know my point of view.
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on February 15, 2012
Below is a copy and paste job of an email I just forwarded to Sprint and Samsung. I have spent literally (in the real sense of the word, no hyperbole intended) over 24 hours of my time speaking with customer service, advanced tech support, going to local sprint repair stores, etc. to address issues with this phone. I highly suggest that people think twice before purchasing this phone. I am on my third one and am waiting for a fourth. I hope this helps.

This is not an inquiry, it's a statement. I have a Samsung Epic that is the bane of my existence. This phone is almost as frustrating and inconsistent as my HTC Hero. Here are the issues with the phone: multiple "connection lost errors" despite active wifi connection, GPS DOES NOT WORK (not in Philadelphia, a major city, not in Tucson AZ, a major city that is totally flat with no mountains, not in NYC, and not in my home area, Scranton PA, even right next to my girlfriend who also has Sprint but has a Motorolla when her GPS worked fine, the phone seems to prefer to give me an endless "searching for GPS" message rather than doing its job, I lose data connections like it is the primary function of the phone to do so (this requires a soft reset to fix, which it does not always do and which drains the battery significantly throughout the day), data won't send with active 3g connection, charger port has bad connection, and recently phone calls and texts won't go through even with full bars. This is my third Epic since I purchased the original and I'm waiting for my fourth. I'm not sure if it's the service or the equipment, but the whole experience is pitiful.

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on September 6, 2010
I just bought the Samsung Epic 4G and have no complaints. I will update this review after more usage. But in my opinion between the Evo 4g and the Epic 4g, hands down the Epic wins. I have smaller hands and this phone is not too big. At first I was scared it would be too big for me, because of the dimensions, but you get used to it. The only thing that sucks is that there are not a lot of accessories for it.

I have had it for about a month now and I still don't have complaints. Battery is not great but if you take off gps wifi and 4g options it will last longer. i can go a full day with this and be fine. Talking, texting, navigation. Swype is AWESOME. it predicts what i want to say. Took my phone on a weekend trip and took great pictures. Love the flash feature. Still looking for a case for it. I bought the Zagg Invisible Full Body shield for maximum protection.

Another great thing about the Epic is that you can buy an extra OEM battery and seperate charger for it!!! According to Sprint only Samsung products like instinct and EPIC have this option. The EVO does not and will not have that.

Hope you enjoy your phone as I am. :-)
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