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on December 5, 2011
I bought this phone because it had the keyboard which was nice, and seemed to have a lot of horsepower (at the time)

Worst phone i've ever bought, (narrowly defeated by the Samsung Instinct actually) so, make that second worst.

It turns off for no reason, middle of a phone call, middle of the night when no one is touching it ect.

When it turns off the battery is at 40-60% and when it comes back on battery now at 4%. GPS never works. Gets stuck in headset mode with no headset plugged into it. Out of desperation what with the near constant failures for it to do anything right, i ROMed it. No change, running just as bad as before. No reason. I hate it, i hate it so much i want to set it on fire. Which i will promptly do upon buying an HTC or something.

Samsung, stop making phones and tablets, they are the worst things you've ever made, stick with TVs.
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on August 19, 2011
This was a pretty solid phone at first until Samsung and Sprint started releasing horrible software updates for them. Android 2.2 has crippled my decent phone. I've had to find many workarounds for a lot of the useful features I would use because they no longer work. After complaining at the Sprint store after the upgrade the manager told me there was nothing she could do for me, after I spoke to a lower level employee he told me there was nothing he could do for me either. After this very irritating response I asked what I was supposed to do and he responded very bluntly, "blog about it." After discussing this event with Sprint customer service they were nice enough to move up my eligibility for a new 2 year contract extension so now I can pick a phone that'll actually work. I would definitely not recommend Samsung, their TouchWiz interface is hideous and they are VERY SLOW with their software updates. Don't put your faith in this phone or company.
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on September 21, 2011
Beware buyers. The epic is a good phone but in todays technology market its all about the updates!!! Htc phones are really quick at putting out updates just like apple. samsungs are already out of date before you buy them. and wait a whole year to get new updates when others already have them. AVOID samsung phone!!!! samsung just poops out phones every month... and dont even try to keep their customers satisfied. Ive waited so long for my gingerbread update that i just went online and downloaded the leak of it. I shouldnt have to do that.
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on January 7, 2012
Currently totaling 2.5 hours on phone and counting trying to have my old number from Verizon ported over to Sprint.

I finally diagnosed for them why they hadn't ported over my number (they were asking ATT and not Verizon). This successfully ported the number, but while on the phone, my device has begun to malfunction (and is continuously depressing '3' despite the screen being clean. Yikes

Now I can't return to AmazonWireless because it is at 32 days old and over 30 day warranty. Haven't been using it much, been waiting for my number to port...

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on September 21, 2010
This is my first smart phone, so maybe I'm not the most sophistcated reviewer in the world, but so far, this thing does everything I hoped it would (and does it quickly and easily) and a LOT more. I've only had it for a couple weeks so far, and I feel like I've only seen the tip of the iceberg.

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on January 24, 2011
* Previous touch-screen smartphones I've owned over the past few years:
T-Mobile Sidekick, T-Mobile G1, Droid, Samsung Intercept

The Epic blows them all out of the water and it's not even close.

My favorite features
*The Screen
--it's crystal clear and the best screen I've seen on any phone (including the iphone)
--it's big.. watching video or playing games or using apps, there's just a ton of real estate.
*The Speed
--By speed I mean the speed of the response time of navigating throughout the phone (apps/games/calls/msging)
there almost NO lag time when compared to some of the other, aforementioned phones that I've owned.
*The Keyboard
--by FAR the best keyboard on any phone i've ever used- both onscreen and physical.
The onscreen keyboard is touchy, but not too touchy and I've been using SWYPE typing more and more
and it's pretty amazing. The commercials make it look like it might be difficult, but once u get used to it
you probably won't type long messages w/out it. Short messages I still just slide out the physical keyboard.
Which is nice because it's got 3 features I love!
----a FULL row dedicated for 0-9 (no more hitting shift keys to get #s)
----A emoticon button (which triggers an onscreen menu to select which one you want)
----NAVIGATION BUTTONS (Menu, Home, Back, Search) ..Makes navigating in web-browsing super slick.
*Android OS of course
--Once you go Android you never go back. Yeah it doesn't rhyme, but it makes sense. So many great apps
with more released daily. Some of my must haves are..
~Where's my Droid (allows you to find your droid if it's on silent or even via GPS)
~Dolphin Browser (best browser on Android -tabbed browsing, easy nav, fast)
~Easytether/PDAnet (tethering apps, which is a great way to use your phones internet if don't want to pay for the tethering data plan)
~ShopSavvy (scanner app)
~Handcent SMS(Iphone like messaging)
~Pandora (internet music)
~Stitcher (podcast app)
~TuneIn Radio (tune into AM/FM radio programs)
~Fandango (movie theater app)
~The Weather Channel (weather app)
~Talking Tom (fun little app where you can get a cat to do some cool stuff)
~Angry Birds (highly addictive game)

The Cons?
-(as of this review) Still on Android 2.1 (seriously Samsung??..cmon...)
- Missing my favorite feature of the DROID contact list ([x] - Send calls from this user directly to voicemail)
- It's sorta bulky, especially if you put a case on it like I did... but just wear cargo pants/shorts and you're good to go :)
- Battery life is below avg -- But there are a few tricks you can use to get this to be extend it (look at some of the other
reviews here for some good ideas such as setting your background to be BLACK, turn off GPS, 4G when not using) to name a few
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on October 19, 2010
1st...these seem to be the low points of this phone, so i'll get this out of the way:
1) gps works fine (now?). google navigation is awesome
2) turn off apps when you're done using them (4g, wifi, gps, location finder via wireless networks, bluetooth, etc.). my battery lasts all day; however, i will admit...i doubt you can get more than 3 or 4 hours talk time.
3) i heard people complaining about the difficulty seeing the screen outdoors prior to buying my phone so i immediately bought an anti-reflective screen protector from sprint (they installed it for me). the only time i have trouble seeing the screen is when it's very bright outside. when i turn on the brightness (which a lot of people probably leave on all the time) i see fine.

reasons i am blown away:
very quick & responsive even when several apps running, touch keyboard is much better than i thought it'd be (especially with 'swype key'); hence, the reason i got a phone with actual keyboard (which i still use for longer typing). recorded video is definitely better than expected (720p). only complaint there is that it doesn't handle moving objects very well while taking still pictures.

reasons i am not blown away...yet:
until android 2.2 is available for the epic 4g streaming video (such as espn3) is not viewable (even with skyfire) and voice command over bluetooth is not available. epic is supposed to get the android 2.2 sometime soon (people have been saying this for months...i'm sure many are sick of waiting). android 2.2 is supposed to cut the browser rendering in half (according to tests with other phones loading 2.1 vs 2.2), speed up the phone's app processing, and slightly increase battery life.
regardless of android OS, netflix's app isn't available...yet and samsung hasn't come out with the micro-usb to hdmi cable...yet.
this phone has been out for nearly a year so i must say that i'm not very impressed with samsung's efforts thus far. it appears that htc (with the evo) is ahead of the game.

the evo already has the above features (android 2.2 and hdmi cable) other than netflix (which isn't available for droid yet), but once the epic has them (in the near future) i don't think i'll be able to imagine a better phone. but then again...that may be a while???
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on November 13, 2010
I've had the phone about 3 weeks. Came from a Palm Treo (a very solid device), and I'm loving the Epic.

Fast, hundreds of useful apps, stable device. Screen is amazing. Battery life was very poor the first few days(wouldn't last the whole work day on a charge) but has improved so it has about a half-charge left at the end of the day (and this is with push e-mail, and other programs running). Love Kindle for Android, Pandora, podcasts, pre-loaded Swype.

The power button is in an odd place, and the slider is very responsive, so I often find myself pushing it slightly open when trying to power off the screen. Found out belatedly that Android 2.1 doesn't support Exchange 2010 server for calendar sync (email and contacts did just fine), but am using NitroDesk Touchdown app for work email/calendar/contacts/tasks, and actually like it better than native app. Hoping Samsung lives up to its promises and releases the 2.2 upgrade before the end of November.

Bought the Epic because of the hard keyboard but like many others, now prefer Swype. Considered switching to T-Mobile and getting the Vibrant, without hard keyboard, but like my Sprint service and plan (current SERO users: note there is a new premium SERO plan that is compatible with this phone if you're willing to go through twelve customer service calls to get it). My colleague got a Droid Pro at the same time, and it pales in comparison to this device. Epic is expensive but worth it.
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on September 3, 2010
I bought one from Sprint because I couldn't wait the extra several weeks to save $50 on Amazon. I've been waiting for this phone for a loong time.
+ Numeric row on physical keyboard makes real note and contact entry much faster. I've used Palm Treo's for years for this reason. Little shifting.
- Buttons are not raised enough to prevent bumping the wrong keys. Hard little bumps like the Treo or blackberry keyboards are as easy to type on as this monster, so the size was wasted due to bad choice of keys. I'm thinking of putting glue bumps on there already.
+ Great display
- Battery only lasts if you are very careful with what you use and enable, and charge often. Phone gets hot when recharging, and once even overheated and shut down due to the back side being on a foam couch (and in a skin) while recharging. For something that needs to be plugged in constantly, the charge connector is finiky and in the wrong place (top). Expect to buy a couple of extra chargers, one for every place you want to park it.
+ Android apps! Yay! Free coolness! Some seriously great stuff.
- Sprint wants $30/Mo to enable the wifi hotspot feature, which only works as well as the local signal strength. For example, don't pick the phone up and use it while streaming music over the hot spot, it will drop out.
-+ Will improve somewhat once they get 2.2 on it.
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on November 9, 2012
We purchased three of these phones about 18 months ago. I am counting til I can swtich carriers back to Verizon and get a new phone with them. From day 1 my phone would not connect to register it. The other two both did. That was just the start. I have had mine replaced three times and it is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever owned. It constantly locks up. I have watched it while sitting on my desk in a locked mode, unlock itself and open an app or dial a contact at random. No virus's have been found and yes I have checked and checked. It cannot fing GPS even when my husbands identical phone next to me can. My daughters phone started doing the same kind of things. SPrint has been the WORST company ever to deal with this. They refused even in the first few weeks to replace my phone with a new one. So I have gotten two factory refurbished phones. My husbands phone (he uses his very little) is now starting to act strange as well. NEVER buy one of these. Everyone I know who owns this model has had the same problems. Buy another model. Samsung has good quality products but they just dropped the ball on this model completely. I also have almost no coverage with this phone while others on the Sprint network near me work just fine.
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