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on October 25, 2010
The phone is hands down the best phone I have owned thus far. Battery life is somewhat iffy, but compared to the EVO it is good. I can go an entire day of medium use with a full battery. That being said, having an extra micro-usb to charge on the go is recommended. The phone doesn't have froyo yet, but it is amazingly fast as is. The build of the phone feels strong and the screen has already taken some punishment with no visible wear (I dropped it face first on a hardwood floor).

Getting service on the phone wasn't nearly as streamlined as I thought it would be. It is not explicitly stated that it will take 2-5 business days for amazon to contact you with the information for setting up the account, if they do at all. I had to contact Amazon after 5 business days to obtain the proper information to set up my account with Sprint. It was cut and dry after I contacted Amazon, but waiting that long with no heads up from the company had me worried.

Overall, good phone with a good interface. Email Amazon if you have waited over the 5 days to get them to expedite your service setup.
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on October 2, 2010
Phone PROS:
-Great screen
-Amazing GPU, the Hummingbird + 540 graphics chip are a very impressive combination
-Physical Keyboard, great for emulators, and hopefully an upcoming GameGrip product will attach to it
-Call clarity
-Great reception in my area (19333,19460,19406)
-Amazing speeds over 802.11n
-Very easy to Root

Phone CONS
-Can't have Wifi search and 4G radio enabled at the same time
-GPS is buggy
-Back button fails to register taps in certain application menus (actually a hardware issue, am exchanging my Epic for a replacement to fix it)
-Battery cover is a bit of a pain to work with, had a creak when pressure was applied to it near the camera button (am exchanging my Epic for a replacement to fix it)

Carrier PROS:
-Unlimited calling nights (starting at 7PM!) and weekends
-Phone usable right out of the box
-If you work for any major employer, you can probably get a discount (I got 23%, and my place of employment does no work with Sprint)
-You can roam on Verizon Wireless for no extra charge (roaming fees apply only outside the US)
-Plans are cheap, and good *in the areas I primarily reside*
-WiMAX. This is the pseudo-4G that Sprint uses, and is actually rather fast when you can get it (7mbps down)

Carrier CONS:
-4G WiMAX ends about 100ft from my house, which is sort of unfortunate, but not an inconvenience as I use 802.11n 35mbps Wifi at my house

TIPS for new owners:
-Do NOT buy the "Body Glove" phone protector in the Sprint stores, it is a horrible plastic product that scratches the phone
-For the first few days you will think the battery is the WORST on any phone, but after a couple charge cycles it gets a lot better
-There is a configurable shortcut menu in the Android Main Menu that allows you to set hotkeys (like Search+B on the slide-out opening the Browser)
-Seidio Products are very nice, and they are releasing a 3200mAh battery soon (from the 1500mAh that comes with the phone). This does not mean your battery life will double, necessarily, but you will probably be seeing 12.5+ hour battery life with it.
-Buy a case from Siedio [...]

On "Rooting":
Rooting is the process by which you can enable previously locked down capabilities of the phone, either due to carrier restraints or concerns by the manufacturer. In the case of the Epic 4G, you can root the phone to enable Wifi Tether, Wired Tether, and other apps like SetCPU, Screenshot, and more. Rooting also allows you to load different versions of Android. There are versions of Android 2.1 (same version as the Epic by default) that have removed certain features (like the DRM scanner) to improve battery life GREATLY. "Tha Boss ROM" is one such version of Android 2.1 for the Epic 4G which can get you 2-3hrs+ in battery life.

Lost a star on:
-bad back button on first unit
-bad battery cover on first unit
Why to buy from Amazon:
-Quick exchange if there is a problem
-50$ cheaper than Sprint stores
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on October 5, 2010
The phone is fast and responsive - definately a step up from the G1 that I previously owned.
I am not happy at all with the Amazon pricing. The phone dropped $50 in price 7 days after I ordered it (4 days after I received the phone). Amazon is unwilling to refund the difference or do anything at all to my satisfaction. Had I known the price would drop, I would have been perfectly willing to wait the 7 days.

Had a ordered from Amazon wirelessly rather than Amazon they would have been willing to help me.
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on October 27, 2010
Over the past few years, in my humble opinion, Samsung has really become a powerhouse of quality. I am slowly changing every piece of electronics I own to Samsung, and I believe with the exception of the hard drive in this computer, this phone now completes my plot.

In short, this phone is an excellent device. The screen is AMOLED (a fairly new technology...before now I have only seen it on my Cowon mp3 player) and is just breathtaking. The slide out keyboard is a huge pleasure to use. A few of the early problems with the software in the phone have long since been fixed and all of these phones are now shipping with the latest updates, etc., and everything I've tried (ventrilo, yahoo messenger, google sky, Clayton Bixby soundboard LOL!, etc.) is just great. My wife at the same time got the HTC EVO 4G, which is a similar phone with almost identical functionalities except that the Evo does *NOT* have the AMOLED technology, nor does it have a keyboard. Compared side by side, the Epic's graphics are better, both in the screen technology, and in the frame rate (e.g., scrolling is ice-smooth in the Epic, and just a touch jerky in the Evo which you notice when they're side by side).

There are two things to point out however:

1) The wi-fi (i.e., to your home router) functionality in the phone is mediocre. The signal strength is not even close to what you'd expect in a device like a laptop. But of course, there's hardly any antenna in there for wi-fi, so what do you expect? Any place in your house to which your wireless router BARELY reaches will be unreachable from the Epic. (e.g., I can't get wifi in this phone on my back porch, and the laptop just barely makes it). This is probably true, uniformly, for any smart phone like this one, so I don't personally count it against the Epic 4G. My wife's EVO might be slightly better, but it's close.

2) The HTC Evo is a SOLID, DENSE piece of equipment with a metal case all around. The Samsung Epic is *NOT*. The Epic merely has sturdy molded plastic. There is a distinct difference in solidity when you hold both of them in your hand, and the Evo is NOTICEABLY heavier as a result.

But overall I'm very happy with this device. All of the complaints about "battery life is too short" seem ridiculous to me. I used the phone all day today on 3G and 4G networks and had over 50% left when I got home. It's 100% that this phone will last a normal person all day long without needing a charge; I have NO IDEA where all these battery complaints are coming from. This is the premium Android experience. Do not hesitate to get this. The marginally smaller screen than the Evo is barely a consideration in my opinion, especially when juxtaposed with the far more awesome AMOLED screen technology and outstanding pull out keyboard.

NOTE: Sprint is ridiculously optimistic in their 4G coverage maps. Do *NOT* expect to get the widespread coverage that they seem to indicate. I'm supposed to get EASY "in-home" 4G at my location...but there isn't even a WHISPER of a 4G signal in here. ZERO. When I go outside, I get ONE BAR and spotty signal. According to Sprint's street level maps, I should have been PINNED even inside the house. But, whatever, this didn't surprise me, and I am sure coverage is improving every day.
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on February 6, 2011
The phone is fine. It's fully functional and the screen is amazing. Major problem I have is with the software. No Froyo 2.2!!! Cmon how long is it going to take to upgrade. Anyway with out 2.2 you are stuck without flash support and saving apps to your SD card. We were promised an upgrade and never got one. Last time I buy a samsung phone. Blah!!!
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on November 16, 2010
This is my second android phone (first was the HTC Hero with Sprint) and the best of a long line of smartphones I've owned. A friend of mine has the Evo which I loved but when the price on this phone dipped to $150 I jumped on it. Overall I'm happy that I chose the Epic over the Evo but I'm still not sure I use the keyboard enough to offset the fact that I think the sliding mechanism takes away from the "solid" feel of a phone that doesn't have one.

Pros: Size, weight, screen, performance, and layout are all about as good as they could be. And if you have realistic expectations of battery life for a phone that basically replaced my laptop there's really nothing to complain about there either. Yeah, I have to charge it every night but that's to be expected.

Cons: The biggest issues I have with this phone are still pretty minor, like having to press two buttons to insert an "@" symbol in an email address or having to set an unlock pattern to prevent the phone from waking in my pocket as the keyboard gets slid out part way. Samsung doesn't have the best reputation for rolling out updates in a timely manner (I'm ready for Froyo anytime guys!!!) but the other things they bring to the phone like DLNA and the fantastic screens they put in these phones make up for some of that.

I'd sum it all up by saying that every phone has fanboys and trash-talkers, but I can really see myself living with this phone for the life of my two year contract and being happy with it.
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on October 29, 2010
I am very critical when it comes to my phone. I have been using smartphones since the days of the HTC Tytn. I couldn't go back to a regular phone knowing that the world is available for the same monthly fee on a smartphone.

THE EPIC: From taking it out of the box, powering it up for the first time, and marveling at the beautiful screen. You can tell right away that this phone wasn't just thrown together as a shot to get in the 4g market.

PROS: The 4in screen is truly amazing,the colors,clairity,and size all contribute to an enjoyable visual experience.
The 1gig Hummingbird processor is fast as you could want in a phone, even faster than the snapdraggon in the evo, desire, and motorolla phones.
The slide-out keyboard is big and easy to use with your menu,home,back,and search keys on the sides.
The fit and finish has to be mentioned as well. Not a cheaply thrown together phone. the weight, rounded edges, and sturdy slide make this phone feel strong in your hands.
Android flies on this little machine even with 2.1 for the time being.
The 5meg camera seems to take very nice pics and has plenty of options for the enthusiast. It does have a forward facing camera for video chat, but haven't used it yet.

CONS: Still looking for something to complain about. Some say the battery is very bad, but mine has gone 18 hours off the charger with normal use. I did notice on the first day I was playing with it constantly and it ran down in about 6 hours. But with normal use you shouldn't have a problem making it thru the day.

This phone is truly on the same playing field as the evo, iphone 4, but with a sliding keyboard for those who want everything. I would have to say that there are just a handfull of awesome phones out there and the EPIC should be placed in the top 3. In my opinion it has earned it's name!
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on November 9, 2010
I bought the Epic with some hesitation. I had read that the battery life was bad and some other stuff. Honestly, I don't even remember what I was hesitant about because this phone is great. Still waiting on the 2.2 update, but its not that big a deal. I had a G1 Dream with CM6 before and I don't feel like I'm missing any critical features. Actually, there are some things on this phone that I like that weren't on CM6 like swype and the lock screen that lets you go straight to texts or missed calls.

As for battery life, I had to charge it constantly when I first got it because I was using it constantly. If you play Angry Birds for 4 hours straight, your battery will last about 4 hours, shocker! However, now that the newness has worn off (and I've beaten Angry Birds) I have no problem getting through the day on one charge.

In short, I like this phone. Its nice size, nice keyboard, nice speed, nice carrier.
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on January 1, 2011
We carefull when buying this phone, Samsung is shipping phones with a bad master image, I got my Epic back in October and there were 3 updates over the air (OTA) but neither Samsung nor Sprint can manually update my phone and after 6 nights and two trips to Sprint's repair center, they are tryng to replace my phone with a refurbish one after paying for a brand new phone not even 3 months ago. Sprint customer service is a disaster, they will give you mix informtation just to get you off the phone.
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on November 17, 2010
Unfortunately, bad support and well documented GPS bug hold this phone back.

Froyo or Android 2.2 has been long delayed for this phone with the timetable being constantly pushed back until it seems that Gingerbread will be out by the time Froyo appears for the Epic. Samsung software support is extremely slow or nonexistent especially compared the the like of HTC or Motorola.

To cap it off there is an extremely widespread GPS bug present on ALL Galaxy S type phones (Epic is in that family) where the gps cache is buggy and the phone can't achieve or is extremely slow to lock on to GPS satellites. You'll still be able to get a general idea of where you are (30 meters or so) through the cell signal, but forget about navigation and accurate readings. The only way to get around this is through convoluted system settings which should not be touched and only help with the problem, not solve it. The new Froyo coming out so far does not seem to address this issue.

Search around and you'll find a ton of people complaining about this with Samsung refusing to even admit there is a problem.

Other than that, the phone runs great, which is a shame..... The screen is gorgeous, the response is snappy. Its too bad that such a great product is held back by poor support.
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