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on July 25, 2012
I'm a big guy, 42/44 waist. It's difficult to find a pair of pants that give me room to move around without feeling like I'm going to split my seat if I squat down to tie my shoelaces. Several years ago, the trend seemed to be moving towards "relaxed" fit, and it was nice... plenty of room in the seat and thighs, but not so much as to make it look like a clown suit. Now, with all the straight-leg and skinny-fit pants, I was ready to switch to wearing a kilt but I could never figure out what I was supposed to wear underneath.

I digress. These pants fit me great. Not only is the fit great, but I really like the fabric - they are indeed "cool" pants. Given my bulk, one would assume that I would be a big fan of adjustable waistbands. To be honest, I really don't care for them... they can be bulky and more often than not I find that they encourage my pants to fall down (even with a belt!). These slacks do have an adjustable waistband, but it's not as bad as other pants that I've owned. In my perfect world, they would make a version of these exact pants with a fixed (?) waistband, but they don't and the positives of these pants far outweigh the not-so-bad-but-still-adjustable waistband.

I've had one pair of these pants for several months and it has held up well in the wash and so far hasn't needed ironing. I would say that these pants very appropriate for a business-casual work environment (w/ shirt & tie, or button down, or polo shirt). I don't know if I'd wear them out to the bar on a Friday night the same way I would a pair of 100% cotton khakis, but that's just me.

Anyway, if you're on the stout side and you're looking for some versatile, comfortable, and affordable pants, I suggest you consider Haggar Cool 18.
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These are absolutely great pants. I have gone from a Size 38 to 42 in one year and really needed the adjustable waist until I lose the new weight. I as very surprised at the quality of the material, color, just absolutely perfect. I do a lot of leg exercise and consequently find the leg width a bit narrow, but hopefully after losing a few pounds that will not be an issue. Still a great fit, just not a relaxed fit. Will definitely purchase again, hopefully with a 38 waist!!!!
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on November 13, 2015
I love these pants. I originally. Bought a pair at DXL for $75.00 and would have bought them again at that price until I found them here on amazon.

A few things that I think are great.
1. The expandable waist is the best invention in pant technology ever. I at one time was 280 pound. When I would eat some of my pants would get tight, not these. A simple loosen of the belt and I was good. I still enjoy this feature after losing 50 pounds.
2. These are very wrinkle resistant. I can take them off at the gym and half hazerdly fold them. When I take them out the next morning, no wrinkles. Never any wrinkles after coming from the wash.
3. These are fairly stain resistant. Everything I ever got on them easily washed out.
4. Very nice fitting pants. These are not tight fitting or loose, just right for me.
5. They stay cool in the summer and keep me warm enough in the summer.

Will be purchasing these many times in the future.
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on July 25, 2017
Waist fits perfectly. Built in hidden elastic is the best of any of expandable pants I have ever had. PROBLEM=Returned the pants because they ran tight in the seat and legs. Also too sheer for the climate where I planned to travel.
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on January 13, 2017
The fit and finish of these dress pants was as expected. Waist gives about two inches of expansion as needed. Color is a shade grayer or muted than what is shown in the picture. I was disappointed to not see a second inside panel with a button or clasp like what is offered on nearly every other pair of dress pants I've purchased over the past few years. If the waist button pops on these or the thread unravels you are simply out of luck until you can get it sewn back on. I've had that happen on a business trip. No fun. Overall, satisfied with the price, fit and fast shipping.
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on April 21, 2017
My husband loves them. He has put on a couple of pounds (I asked if he had considered giving up ice cream. He said he had considered it but decided not to :) and these pants look nice and are comfortable.
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on October 27, 2017
The fit is as advertised. I like gabardine trousers, so these work very well, they are cool when necessary and do not wrinkle easily. Cuffs or not is a personal choice, which makes no difference to me.
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on May 21, 2017
Bought these for my husband. Wonderful fit, soft/smooth material, little to no wrinkling which makes ironing a breeze. He looks good in them and is pleased with the quality of product especially for the price. He now has 4 different colors in this style. Wish they would add a light blue color.
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on January 6, 2015
I bought a pair of Sears "perfect pants" by Covington that just happened to fit me perfectly, but after a few years are now in dire need of replacement (and Sears Covington brand no longer makes these). As an ex-rugby player I have what appear to be larger than average thighs based on the multiple different makes of pants that were very tight or cut me in half whenever I tried to sit down. I bought 3 pairs of these pants based on reviews from others who don't fall in to the so-called "modern fit" category and they did not disappoint - very comfy, not excessively baggy or loose with room to breathe when you sit. For the money, they are exceptional value...hopefully the 'slim'/'modern' fit craze will die off soon (it's usually all I see on "Clearance" so can't believe many people are buying clothing in this style) and we can all go back to normal clothing shapes again. If you are not the male equivalent of a stick-insect - give them a try!
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There are great the stretch fit is the only way to go covers one size down and up from normal or current weight maybe even two on the upside . I wear them year round cool in summer and in winter long johns make them work . I have black ones for black pants and white long johns for my white . Polyester or polypropylene thermal underwear is the only way to go forget the waffle thermals made of cotton . Yes they cost more but fit better are more comfortable and just work better then the others just like these slacks . I wear these to Church with a sports coat .
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