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VINE VOICEon June 15, 2011
I've owned at least one of almost every model Flip camcorder since they came out, and I've been very happy with all of them. This one's the best I've used - I bought a couple of them to bring along on a trip I took with other people. The ease of the camcorder meant I could let people (including kids) borrow them and take footage where they liked and when they liked, and it all ended up at good quality.

The video is slightly better than the last generation Mino, and the stabilization is a very nice feature, that improves the quality slightly but noticeably. I have better camcorders, that take better video and have more options. None is as simple as the Flip. Just turn it on, point, and shoot. Then when you're ready, you can trim and upload the footage using the included software, or you can drag the video files into whatever editing program you like (e.g. Windows Movie Maker on Windows or iMovie on a Mac). Some would say that with video capabilities on smart phones these are obsolete - and maybe that's what Cisco thinks and why they decided to discontinue the line. I disagree - since there's something nice about a very simple, dedicated device. Plus, the video quality on this camera easily matches or exceeds that on any phone I've tried, but the sound is superior here.

There's no zoom here - apart from the digital zoom that cuts down on quality. So the thing you have to think with the Flip is that your body is the zoom. You move in closer if you want to zoom. That means that the Flip is best at capturing reality you're a part of, rather than situations you're standing apart from. A party, a gathering of friends, a walk, a baby's first steps, a child's first day at school. Those are the kind of things you might not be ready for with a tripod and a camcorder - and if you pull those out some of the intimacy is lost. You pull one of these out and nothing changes, you're still in the situation, and you can capture it with ease. I'm sad that the Flip line is dying, but that does mean that the price is right for those who get them before they're gone. (At least, right now the price is quite a bit lower than what I paid for this model when it first came out).
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on April 13, 2011
I had received an "alert" email from Amazon regarding this item as being "on sale". I had never even heard of the Mino before, only the Ultra. I read most of the reviews, good - bad - indifferent, and decided what the heck. I was packing up for a trip to Death Valley and decided to go ahead and get it. I did not use it as much as I should have but I was NOT disappointed in the video that I got with it. Or the stills I was able to take from the video.

Some complain about the narrow field of view, I like it. I've got two VIO P.O.V.1 units with both the 110 and 70 degree camera heads and for most of my situations the 110 is WAY too wide so I use the 70 much more. I liked the narrower fov because, even in the expanses of Death Valley, I was able to focus on my subject and not unnecessary surroundings.

I've had this unit less than one month and have already strapped it to an RC car and chased my bitches (5) and queens (3) around the house. Fun stuff! There is no way I could do that with my VIO's or my Sony camcorder. It has recorded (in short segments) my rain/ice/snow/flat tire in the snow trip to Death Valley, Death Valley and my windy return to OrEgon.

I do like the Ultra feature of the removable battery pack, as it's sometimes a pain to get the laptop charged up when you're 80 miles from the nearest pavement. It would be nice to have a replaceable battery pack or a car charger available for the Mino.

I would recommend the Mino to anyone looking for a small, easy to use, video recorder. It would be great for recording children as it's small and would fit easily into a diaper bag, pocket or purse. And with the 60fps recording you can grab some awesome, crystal clear, still photos from the video.

Well, that's my two cents, take it or leave it.
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on December 23, 2010
I have several nice cameras and camcorders but anytime I ask my wife to take a picture, I have to go through a minor training program explaining what this is and what that is. By the time I get it all explained, the photo opportunity is usually lost. I have given up buying her cameras since even the simplest ones seem to baffle her.

I have a smart and very high tech friend, who has many excellent cameras, but often uses a Flip Ultra and loves it. When Amazon offered the Mino HD as the "Deal of the Day", I read a few reviews and went for it. I frankly find it to be an amazing and unique piece of equipment. In this day of cramming more and more features into smaller and smaller packages, Flip has taken the "Keep it Simple" route and I applaud them for that. There is no choice of several video formats, just the one that many of us consider the best. There is no separate still image feature but the software allows you to grab stills of pretty good quality quite easily. Essentially, there is one button to turn the unit on, one button to extend the USB connection, and a large red button to begin and end recording. There is no memory card and no battery, instead, an internal battery and built in memory that will give you two hours of HD recording. It has an image stabilization system, probably electronic that does fine. The LCD screen is beautiful and adequate in size.

In short, this is exactly what I wanted for my wife, something that turns on, takes videos, and turns off. The videos viewed full screen are very good. The sound is excellent. This camera is exactly what it was meant to be, fast into action and good HD quality with good sound. Videos are simple to get on the computer and play beautifully.

The Flip software loads right from the camera, no disc to keep track of. As soon as I loaded it, I was offered a chance to update the software and did. One of the new features allowed me to import my contact list for email. The email program, for the most part, is excellent, but more on that in a minute.

The software is excellent and very intuitive. You can shorten videos from either end and save the new video separately or replace the original one in your camera. You can take stills from the videos with the click of one button. A couple of times my videos were a little jerky, causing a dialogue box to appear that said something like,...."You seem to be having trouble playing your video from the camera. We suggest saving it to your computer and playing the saved copy" That was a one click operation and worked perfectly. I have tried stills, shortening, etc, everything except making a movie. I'm sure that will be easy.

emailing is a snap. All you do is click the email symbol. It lets you drag and drop any video or still and emails them easily. There is no sizing or changing of anything required. I love this feature! Although the emails do not appear in your sent mail file, the Flip software has it's own sent mail file. You can always find what you sent to someone.

So, why not give this Mino HD five stars? It is what it claims to be and it exceeds my expectations. I'd love to give it five stars but I find that the emailing feature, one of my favorites, is mishandled by Flip, at least in my opinion. The person receiving the email will feel that is has been sent by Flip,...and there are ads and invitations to click on this or that for more. It is very easy for the email recipient to find himself in the Flip store with many items offered for sale. Really now, Flip, should you attach your ads to what you call privately shared email? I don't think so. We all get enough spam without it being attached to our personal email.

Anyone wanting something small enough to have with them and simple to operate will love this Mino HD. I'll probably check back after my wife tries it Christmas day. I'm betting she'll love it.

Flip, if you see this, please consider changing your email presentation. You really don't need that with the excellent products you have. It wouldn't surprise me if people found your email ads more offensive than enlightening.

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on July 21, 2012
I was always interested in owning a Flip camera. This seemed to be the cheapest of the models, and it was the perfect size for travel and for quick video shooting. The box was pretty beat up though, which concerned me a bit, not sure why the seller gave me a used box for a new item, but otherwise the camera was brand new (along with the accessories) I love this Flip camera! Very handy, easy setup, ready to use in minutes and since it has 4GB internal memory, it's ready to shoot video out of the box, no need to buy a SD card. The video quality is very good for 720p, it's not so great in dark conditions but every camcorder out there has trouble shooting in the dark. Outdoor shooting is very nice, nice colors and clear quality. Flipshare is a nice program, I did have trouble in the beginning of using Flipshare since it wouldn't create movies or save them, I called up Flip support and the guy helped me through the process of fixing it, so flip support is nice. Overall, it's a very nice camercorder for the price, good video quality, good audio quality, and the reason I gave it 4 stars is because the focus is fixed focus, and there's no way to make it auto focus or nothing like that, so if you want close up shots the focus is pretty bad. I recommend this camcorder!
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on July 28, 2013
I bought this camera through Amazon Warehouse Deal the beginning of the year for a great price! I used it for a few weeks, it recorded HD just great, easy to use, easy to download, easy to create video for YouTube. Tobe fair, I guess I got my $60 some use out of it. Then I put it away and took it out after several month. Unable to charge it, went to online instructions, tried reset button, and every option I could find online. Still does not charge. The company does not make these anymore, so you are being left without any customer support from Cisco, no warranty, nothing. Please consider carefully whether you want to purchase a discontinued product and a camera type that is not being made at all anymore. I am reading online there a lot of people have experienced similar problems.
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on November 27, 2017
Well, I like it while it lasted. Gave to Bro as Xmas gift. He used it but then the company fell apart. Thought it worked well. But GoPro flipped the camera on the daredevils out there. Selfie videos, reactions became what people wanted to see. Great while it lasted. Even GoPro is struggling while competing with cell phones that shoot high quality video.
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on May 20, 2012
I was looking for a compact HD video camera I could keep in my diaper bag to have on hand for daily life with my baby boy. The Flip Mino HD camera has filled that need perfectly. Now when we are out and unexpectedly have a moment we would love to preserve, we just reach in the diaper bag and pull out our small camera. Given the size and simpleness of the camera, you do not spend more than a couple seconds between pressing power and recording. You are still able to enjoy the actual events going on instead of focusing on videography.

There is no light with the camera so videos taken in low light have low quality. Videos taken outdoors or in a well lit room playback beautifully on our 50" HD TV at home.

This is a small HD video camera that is relatively inexpensive. It is NOT professional equipment. Be realistic in your expectations.

UPDATE: I still love my camera, but see that the current listing is $299.99. At the time I purchased it, it was selling NEW on amazon for $80. The product's quality and expectations are reasonable at the $80 price point. I would NOT buy it today at the current price of $299.99.
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on December 6, 2011
I realize that this product has been discontinued by Cisco and have read here in the reviews that they will stop supporting it as of 12/31/2013 (2 yrs from now). Even though I understand that eventually this product will no longer be supported, for the discounted price that it is currently being sold for, I feel like it's the best product available today.

The main strengths are:
- 720p HD Video
- Flipshare, which makes it easy to post videos online (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
- Image stabilization. I can't stress enough how important this feature is and to get an inexpensive HD camera with this built in is phenomenal.
- Size. This thing is a lot smaller than I imagined. It's smaller than my HTC Evo phone and even a bit smaller (narrower) than my iPod Touch, so it's easily pocketable. I feel like I could carry it anywhere.

- Since it's so pocketable, you would think there'd be a lens cover or something to prevent you from smudging or scratching the lens in your pocket, but unfortunately, there isn't. I will have to research carrying cases for this to ensure that I don't damage the lens.
- No ability to expand memory with an SD card, so you're limited to the on-board memory size. There are a lot of cameras with an SD card slot, so if you think you'll be recording more often, it might be worth paying the extra money to buy a different camera.
- No 1080p video

This camera, at the price is a good option, but if I were going to buy something to use more frequently or outdoors/underwater, I'd probably buy the Kodak PlaySport (Zx5) HD Waterproof camera (2nd generation).
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on December 20, 2011
We have a 5.5 month old baby girl, and we both work full time. I constantly feel like I'm missing out on everything with my daughter- and I HATE it. We are lucky, because our grandparents babysit- and they take tons of pictures for us- but I felt that still shots just weren't enough. If she starts to crawl I want to be able to see it! So for christmas we decided to give this little flip camera to our grandparents so they can record our little girl, and so we don't miss anything. I was a littler nervous at first, because, they aren't really 'techy' people, I was worried this was going to be too complicated & confusing for them. But, this camera is so simple to use. They were able to figure it out with in about 5 minutes. The only thing that I think we should have thought about first was where the USB slots on their computer are, because it just plugs into the USB outlet to charge & upload, I should have made sure the USB outlet was easily accessible. Not a big deal, but their USB slot is in the back of their PC- so we just ordered an extra USB connector off amazon for about $5. This product turned out to be a great little camera (it is little, easily can fit into your pocket), and although it was a gift for them, it is a gift for us too, because now we won't miss a thing!
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on April 13, 2013
I really really really wanted this product to work. I bought this for my boyfriend who wanted to make music videos on a small scale. This was for his birthday a few weeks ago. The package came on a timely basis. The box of the camera was a little bent, but I didn't think anything of it, and I still don't know if I do. When he opened his present, he was REALLY excited. The camera, however, refused to turn on. We charged it for hours. We even reset it multiple times and still nothing. It was quite a shame, really. The concept of the camera is way better than the camera itself. After a week of trying, we finally gave up and decided to return it. I had even bought the mini tripod for it. Guess that will also be returned.
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