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on July 3, 2013
If you want a portable media player this thing is great. Just drag and drop from your pc to the device. No drama, no complex media convertions. It just plays the files.

Other stuff it is ok. The browser is difficult but will work. I haven't had connectibity problems that others have reported. I use a fixed IP with it and that may help. Apps? No complaints. I know it's not the latest and greatest but---I wanted a decent media player. The rest is a bonus for me so I am happy. I have used the radio app that it can get and that works fine.

Real issues--(1)I received the device and it was DOA. Got a new one from Archos. Great, but it cost me ten bucks shipping it because no one bothered to check the #$@% thing before they sent it to the retailer. That's not good. On the other hand they were very responsive, easy to contact and didn't give me any BS about it. That's all a plus (2) I haven't used it enough to be sure yet but I think the battery life is poor. Keeping in mind that my usage hasn't been heavy yet it goes through a charge in about an hour+ with video. Just audio is better but I am not sure how long. Perhaps the battery improves with age.

Oher stuff-(!) I tried an aftermarket usb cable for a usb stick. I only cost about $1.50 and it works ok. (2) The larger usb sticks I have don't work with it (16 & 32 gig. A one gig I have works fine.

Would I buy it again? If the price was low enough I guess I would. I really don't want to spend much money on a tablet. I just need a media player to have with me during some sports activities. Keeps me from being bored to death.
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on December 6, 2010
The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the A28 is that it REALLY REALLY lacks some RAM to work as a tablet. Basic functions like playing mp3 and looking at the calendar / contacts work smoothly. However, when you expect it to do more - surf the web seamlessly or watch a simple video it is either barely able to keep up or it simply hangs.

The screen could do with better resolution. Such a tiny screen with such poor resolution makes web surfing a pain.

However, for $99 it is still excellent value.

Like I said, think of it as an mp3 player that can also (just barely) work as a make-shift tablet

Unbeatable value
Android 2.2 with (hackable) Android market
No complaints about mp3 / video playback quality

Simple multitasking or eve single apps like web surfing can cause this to hang easily
Feels like buying a product that is second best.

After looking into ebay for a few minutes I have realized that I could have picked up a lightly used 2nd generation Ipod touch for $120 or a 3rd generation Ipod touch for $160. If I could go back in time, I would have simply picked up the former instead of this Archos 28.
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on November 19, 2011
The Archos 28 is a dirt cheap Android-based PDA. To a certain extent, because of the price, I'm loath to criticize it, it's certainly value for money. But at the same time, to get to the Archos 28's price, Archos had to cut some fairly major corners, and it's questionable how much more useful the device is in practice to, say, a lower cost MP3 player.

The 28 is approximately the same shape and size as a very small smartphone. The entire surface of the device is touch sensitive, covering a screen and some buttons. The system runs Android (Froyo), and has Wifi, USB, and stereo audio connections. There's a built in speaker and microphone. The device includes an accelerometer, so the screen changes orientation depending on how the device is held, just like your smartphone.

The Android OS is complete - that is, Archos hasn't cut it down or reskinned it. That said, "full Android" isn't what people think it is - the Google applications, including Android Market, are not available. This is because those applications are controlled by Google, who makes them available only to device makers who produce devices according to their specifications, and unfortunately, the 28 lacks certain functions Google wants implemented. They're not important for a glorified MP3 player, but they're not there, and so there's no Android Market. Instead there's an alternative app store, and Amazon also makes its App Store available to download too - although contrary to the ad above, you can't use it to install Amazon's own (regular) store app.

So... what's the downside? Well, the major issues are the touchscreen and the screen itself. Put bluntly, they're awful, and they make the device an utter chore to use as an Android device.

The touchscreen is resistive. This means it measures pressure on the screen to determine where you're pointing. This is the same technology that's been used in touchscreens since the Apple Newton and the Palm Pilot, where it was considered usable because the devices were designed to be used with styli. Modern touchscreens are usually "capacitive", a technology that is more accurate and forgiving. Resistive screens need as small a point on the screen to be "pressed" as possible, otherwise they rapidly lose accuracy, and the 28's is no exception. The keyboard is virtually unusable if used with a finger, and is barely usable with a fingernail. Using a finger to touch other user interface elements, larger elements like icons and menu items, isn't much better, with "misses" frequent. With no stylus bundled, and nothing to hold a stylus even if one was included, it's an infuriating input system, especially for anyone frequently switching between a normal Android phone and this device.

The screen is the second problem with this device. Low contrast and low resolution, it's not big enough to show both the device's keyboard and much of the UI, meaning you're frequently typing blind. The resolution makes the "web" features (it's advertised as an Internet tablet after all) barely worth having.

In all honesty, the number of uses for this device are very low, and if you're considering getting one as a media tablet, you're probably better off getting a dedicated media device. As an Internet tablet it's... it's not. You might find it useful if you plan to use the Android features for something a little more off-the-wall (I'm investigating using it as a SIP-based cordless phone), but don't get it as an Internet tablet. You'll find it more trouble than it's worth.
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on March 25, 2011
I don't usually review items on Amazon, but felt compelled to do so for the Archos 28 product, which I had purchased from Amazon. BTW, my daughter recently bought an iPod Touch 8GB, 4th Gen, at about twice the price of the Archos 28, so I have been able to do an informal side by side first-hand assessment. I own other Archos products, and the iPod Touch was our family's first Apple purchase, so I have no prior bias towards or against Archos or Apple products.

First, the Archos 28 is compact, with a 2.8 inch screen that offers comparatively poor resolution. Screen icons are very small, any webpage that I managed to bring up was so tiny as to be unreadable, thus requiring the use of a clunky on-screen magnification feature. Also, any on-screen menu or webpage text seemed unevenly lit -- and rather dim to my eye, even at max brightness.

My house is equipped with wi-fi in a central room, and the Archos 28 received the signal as "Fair" or "Poor" as I moved around the house. I had very slow response when attempting to access the internet as a result. To compare, my daughter's iPod Touch gets a decent connection from a neighbor's unsecured wi-fi signal several houses down our block. With the iPod Touch, downloads and response time for most anything, including Skype video calls (a definite wow factor for a hand-held device), You Tube videos, etc., have been impressively fast. I cannot fathom the Archos device ever making a video Skype call...

Perhaps due to the wi-fi signal strength issue, Android limitations, lack of plug-ins, or some internal flaw, I had difficulty accessing internet sites like Yahoo, Google, Pandora, etc., with the Archos 28. For that reason, I do not feel the advertising of this device as an "Internet Tablet" is totally truthful.

On the plus side, MP3's on the Archos 28 sounded fine, and the sample videos supplied with the device played OK. Unfortunately, there are cheaper Sandisk players with same-size or larger screens that do this fine also. Even an Archos 404 player of 2006/7 vintage that I own has a larger screen that performs better for both audio and video than this device.

Bottom line, for audio and video playing, this device is less than stellar, and expensive if you use it only for that. It is supposed to provide internet access, and for me that involved some significant waiting, tapping, magnifying, and frustration...many websites were just not designed to be viewed on a 2.8 inch screen.

Comparison of the Archos 28 with the iPod Touch may seem unfair, but I think some buyers (like me initially) thought that this little Archos device could give what the iPod touch promises, for half the price -- a Poor Man's iPod. The iPod Touch seems somewhat fragile, and is more expensive, but it does everything I've tried extremely well. As I see it, the iPod Touch deserves all the hype, and is what I now think of as the new paradigm of a pocket entertainment system. As others have stated, I agree that for the extra money, the iPod Touch is the much better deal.
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on December 18, 2011
What a piece of garbage! I spent forever (more than several hours... DAYS) trying to download APPS. They set you up with APPsLIB, which apparenty isn't affiliated with Android (and took forever to update because the one installed is non-functioning). They show apps and yet theres nothing to install (no install buttons). The manual states you have to download the apps to your PC and drag them into your Archos... NO DICE. If theres no way to install them to the PC, then HOW CAN YOU DRAG IT. Finally after several days of total frustration it no longer turned on. Sent it back to Amazon. Now the gift for my granddaughter is up in the air, less then a week before xmas. Don't believe the other reviews, they must be employees. Oh yeah, APPS LIB also has you sign up with your PAYPAL account info. Don't know why since you can't buy anything off their apps page. ARCHOS is trash!!!
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on May 12, 2011
I bought this primarily so I could send e-mails from wifi hot spots while on vacation and I wanted an MP3 player. I did not want to spend a lot because I will buy something bigger and better later on. I do not care about applications.

The battery life is pretty good.

The MP3 player is great.

The wifi works good.

But my main problem is navigating; during scrolling I usually "select" something without wanting to. Also, when typing an e-mail I often get the wrong letter, even when using a sharpened wooden dowel.

So, my only problem is the touch screen. I have improved, but still have constant problem "selecting" while trying to "scroll".

But I am glad I bought it. It just takes me longer to get the job done.
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on September 16, 2011
Alright so i purchased this huge waist of money about a month ago. Ill list some pros/cons below.

-It played music
-very portable

-the batter would only last a few hours then it would die
-randomly turning off
-random freezes while listening to music or entering password
-screen very easily smudged
-touch screen was horrible and stopped working entirely after about a month
-back came loose after a week and a half
-can not play audio books (I travel a lot and listening to an audio book while working is very relaxing)
-very small storage space with no way to upgrade it
-keyboard so small that it was nearly impossible to type
-didn't pick up wifi well even when i was standing over the adapter
-head phone jack seemed loose or something. Headphones very easily unplugged
-nearly impossible to see if your in any kind of direct light weather that is a ceiling light or the sun.

I could see some of that stuff going wrong if i had dropped it or gotten it wet but I am very careful with all my electronics. I treated this thing like my baby. I was and still am very dissapointed in this product. I will never be buying any kind of Archos again. I love Android but Archos products i will never trust. I sincerely suggest investing in something else. I am looking for something right now and will update if i find something that is actually worth buying.
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on March 24, 2011
The Archos 28 is an amazing little piece of tech. If you're looking to fill the right niche, there's nothing out there with better bang for the buck. But if you're looking for a do-everything media player/tablet, look elsewhere.

The negatives are many. The screen is tiny. It's good for a resistive screen, but still not as nice as a capacitive screen like the iPod Touch. The resolution is too low for much web browsing, video, or reading. The battery life is extremely weak if the screen and/or wifi are in use. It's bearable if playing mp3s kept right on the device.

All that said, it's exactly what I was looking for. This is an inexpensive Android device. A simple hack gets you access to the Android Marketplace, and even the stock Appslib library has enough apps to be useful. Those apps can turn this little tablet into a music powerhouse. TuneIn Radio for thousands of music web streams and internet radio stations. Slacker and Pandora for music channels suited to your personal preference. Pogoplug, for access to my entire mp3 collection from home, not limited to the local 4gb of storage. All the same stuff you can do on the more expensive players, at a fraction of the cost. You may not get the big, bright screen, but you'll get all the same music.

If you want an iPad, or even an iPod, this probably isn't the device for you. But if your use is mainly music, and you can stick close to a place to charge it, nothing else out there will give you access to so much music for such a great price.
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on December 21, 2010
I'm giving this item a five star because it works well. I'm not going to degrade or down talk this product just because it's not an Apple Ipod, as with others have done when reveiwing the product throughout the net. The screen resolution is excellent, but when scanning a page on youtube or google it's difficult to upload the entire page due to the size of the merchandise. IF YOU WANT A LARGER SCREEN UPGRADE IT TO ARCHOS 32 or ARCHOS 5. The price is smart since it doesn't do as much as an Ipod. However, it can LIVE UP to it's listed functions accordingly; you can play games, listen to mp3's, check email, download pics, and movies etc...Parents who want to buy this item and not risk and financial burden to their pockets, this is a must have gift for a family of destructive kids.(If they break it, it won't be a huge loss.) LOL! I was happy with this item all and all. Thanks J&R.
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on April 9, 2011
The Archos 28 may be small, but very powerful as a Music/video player, internet device for a quick lookup of your email and all around WIFI device. It's very small and this might be the reason a lot of people are commenting that this should not be considered an "Internet Tablet", but it gets online quick and easy with a lot of Android Apps to make you very happy with the product. I searched for an Internet Tablet and went through 3 of them 3 times more expensive and they did not stand up for the cost usage ratio that I was looking for. If you want something you can stick in your pocket and watch movies, music videos, listen to music, check your email or just settle an argument as to who was in that show you like, then this is for you. If you really want to get online and do serious computing, then spend the $800 and buy an IPAD. I've had NO troubles with WIFI connecting and screen freezing has only happened a few times, but my mini computer has done that. This is a great bang for the buck and it's less than $90 shipped.
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