Customer Reviews: Panasonic KX-TG9322T 2-Line DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone, Metallic Black, 2 Handsets
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on February 12, 2012
Got this to replace a 2-line 5.8Ghz Uniden phone. Read every review on every website I could find. Ideally I wanted a wired phone base that I could use in the event of power outage. But I couldn't find one with the features I needed. For a wireless, this Panasonic KX-TG9322T 2-Line phone seemed to fit the bill, and have the least negative reviews.

I had terrible problems with static with my 5.8GHz and previous 2.4 GHz phones. Always figured it was the phone line itself - I was wrong. Thanks to DECT 6.0 technology I have clean, clear sound for the first time. Since I have Verizon voice mail I do not need an integrated answering machine, and did not want to pay for one, so the absence of this feature works for me. A previous review mentioned the lack of distinctive ring support and I was most concerned about that. Distinctive ring is a separate phone number that piggy-backs onto your regular number. It rings slightly differently so that you can immediately determine business calls from personal calls (or calls to person 1 and person 2). All the other 2-line phone reviews were so bad that I decided to try this model despite missing this essential feature. As it turns out, it does work with distinctive ring (for me, anyway). Home line rings a regular ring; business calls have two short rings. This was a great relief.

Handsets are pretty comfortable and have belt clips and headset jacks. But the headset jacks do not accommodate standard cell phone earbuds with mic. You'll need a separate headset with the tiny plug, or an adapter.

There's a "night mode" if you want to program the start and end time for the phone not to disturb you. It also has an alarm mode. I won't be using these features, but they may be helpful for others. Another feature I won't be using, but others might like, is a privacy setting that prevents others from picking up on your call. There is a designated intercom button to call between lines. You can store your voice mail access number and password in the settings for quick message retrieval. Phone base and handsets tell you which lines have messages.

Huge flaw: there is no speed dial option with this phone! You have to use the programmed numbers in your address book, which, although a shortcut of sorts, is nothing like pressing & holding a number 0-9 and having the phone automatically dial the number you want. Also, you cannot assign specific ring tones to people in your phone book. It's great to be away from view of the phone and still immediately know if one of your special peeps are calling, but you can't do that with this phone. In my view, that and no speed dial are serious oversights. And as previous reviewers have stated, the ringtone options are few, and pretty bad.

The highest volume setting is only 4 bars. My hearing is very good, and at 4 bars the calls sound normal to me. Volume should be able to go a few notches louder. Finally, the directional arrows and menu/select buttons must be used repeatedly - I wonder how long they will last. I've only used the phone for a week, but despite its shortcomings I'm satisfied with it so far.

Easy set-up.
Clear, static-free DECT 6.0.
Supports Verizon's distinctive ring.
No answering machine (a plus for me).
Intercom feature with designated button.
Main phone base blinks on the line(s) with voice mail messages waiting.
Handsets also tell you if you have voice mail messages.
Voice mail access number and password can be programmed into settings.
No phone jack required for 2nd handset.

No speed dial!
No ability to assign ringtones to people in your address book.
Poor selection of ringtones.
Limited volume.
Headset jacks are not compatible with standard cell phone mic/earbuds.
Base phone is not wired - cannot be used during power outage.
Slightly expensive for what you get.
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on June 24, 2011
This system is as advertised. Operation is intuitive, features are robust, and I like the locator feature and the sound and volume range of the ring tones. The handsets are attractive and light weight. Note that the speaker phone feature is not full duplex so that like most speaker phones, only one party can talk at a time. From the other party you are talking to, they say that the sound is a little low level and sounds better on speaker phone mode if you speak directly into the handset instead of on non speaker phone mode. So, I wish the transmission quality was better. The sound on the receiving end is great with no static and great range. Battery efficiency is great. So, because of the outgoing sound not being as good as it is on speaker phone mode, I have to take off 1 star. I'd like to see a cordless system that transmits as good as a good wired handset, but it isn't. For the money, I'd still reccommend it especially when you need a 2 line system.
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on April 25, 2011
I received this little jewel a few days ago and couldn't be more pleased. I've used a couple 2-line phones for years, so I had a very good idea of what would work. This one meets the bill for all my needs and expectations. It serves one land line and one VoIP line. The handset has a volume control, the sound is clear and loud enough to hear other parties over background noise, and (very important for me), the sound quality when used with a headphone set is very good. I haven't talked long enough to test the limits of the battery, but I can tell that I probably won't reach its limits even after several long conversations. I also like the menu system, the ability to group memorized numbers, and being able to select the ring for each line. Overall, this phone excellent, and I've haven't finished exploring all of its features.

Added 8.26.11: Since the original review, I've now used it on long enough conversations to test the battery. I have no idea how to run down the battery. It stays at an almost full charge no matter how much I use it. Highly recommended.
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on November 24, 2010
My Panasonic KX-TG2480 2 line cordless phone has an internal short, so rather than pay for shipping and out-of-warranty repairs, I opted for the Panasonic KX-TG9321. Comparing the specs of the two phones, they look pretty similar. BUT, the TG9321 does NOT support "Distinctive Ring". Distinctive Ring is offered by the phone company when you want a virtual phone line piggy-backed onto a hard phone line. In my case, line 1 is my home number, line 2 is my work number and the virtual line is my fax number. On the older TG2480, Distinctive Ring is supported and even offers a ring tone different from either line 1 or line 2. A call to Panasonic tech support confirmed that TG9321 does not support Distinctive Ring. So back it went to GizmosForLife less a 15% restocking fee. Otherwise, TG9321 is a good two line, cordless phone that I would recommend if you do not use Distinctive Ring. Because Distinctive Ring is not supported, I rate this phone 3 of 5 stars; I like the phone, but it is not usable for my needs.
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on December 18, 2011
The phone is easy to use. The menu and display are bright and keys sized well. Speakerphone volume is very good. The biggest drawback is the interference/crossfeed from one line to another. I have other 2-line phones and they don't have this problem. Obviously this is only an issue when 2 people are on each line. We have a real estate business and are frequently using both lines, so it is a concern.
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on January 28, 2012
Forced to replace our 10+ year old Panasonic KX TG2480S, we were faced with inferior quality and/or every unit having a built in answering machine (and who needs that anymore with voice mail). Finally Panasonic comes to the rescue with the KX-TG9322T. Seems to be a perfectly fine phone with some great features. Menu items are clear and easy to understand, sound quality is great but this user would prefer just a few improvements.
!. The ring sound is horrible - tinny and very digital. One can set separate rings for each line so that is helpful but all still take some definite "getting used-to".
2. To access caller-ID list takes an extra button push or two and a menu selection instead of just a quick push of the scroll down arrow. We are getting lazy with all this new technology - but Panasonic should know this!
3. In-call volume adjustment is on the earpiece so to adjust one must move phone away from ear and miss what is being said on the other end. Side buttons would be much easier to adjust as before.
3. The phone is smaller and lighter than the old version, and though quite solid, still would prefer a little more umph. I'm quite sure soon enough I will appreciate the lighter, smaller version. We'll see!

All in all a much better option than most.
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on January 15, 2011
Until Panasonic offered the KX-TG9322T, replacing a 2-line phone meant having to buy a new unit with an answering machine. Luckily the KX-TG9332T does not have an answering machine, saving me $60.00, which was helpful as well.
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on October 10, 2011
Two-line phone systems for small or home business are something I've lived with for about 20 years. This Panasonic system replaced a similar (AT&T-branded) two-line phone system that was about 10 years old. I had read mediocre and negative reviews for just about all the 2-line phones I've seen on Amazon, so I was a bit nervous, but finally took the plunge. And I am so happy with these phones!

First off, reception is great, features are great, and I really don't have much to complain about. These phones are used around many wireless networks, cell phones, and other interference, and I've never had any issues. I've also been able to walk surprisingly far from my house and still get reception.

Maybe I'm impressed because my old phones were on their last legs, but I am so glad I finally upgraded and purchased these phones.
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on December 18, 2012
I was looking for a relatively inexpensive alternative for a 2-line cordless phone system that DOES NOT have a built-in answering machine, or bluetooth connectivity, neither of which I need (I use Verizon's home voice mail service instead of an answering machine). This fits the bill well; it is relatively easy to use and the clarity is excellent. Two minor annoyances to note (which is why I cannot give this a 5 star rating):

1. When trying to turn the speaker phone off, have to press the talk button -- not the speaker phone button. This is counter intuitive and unlike any other phone that I have owned. Annoying at first, although now getting used to it.

2. The phone extensions are numbered, and there does not appear to be any way to name them (such as, "kitchen", etc.). So, one must remember the numbered extension for a room when using the intercom feature. I have 6 phones attached to this system, and I am getting my children confused!

Despite these two minor annoyances, I give this system the thumbs up. Amazon Prime delivery was terrific.
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on October 12, 2013
Given the cost of most phones these days, this one is tremendously overpriced. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find a two-line phone without an answering machine.

The voice quality is what I have come to expect from Panasonic. Just shy of excellent.

The range is very good.

The weight of the receiver is reasonable.

The display is nice. Nothing spectacular but easily readable.

If it's like my previous Panasonics, the receivers will ultimately die a slow death. Probably, the displays will stop working.

I like the Do Not Disturb / Silent Mode feature but, unlike my previous Panasonics, I am able to tell that I have selected the feature, but not when it's actually engaged.

As other reviewers have pointed out, the ring tone selection and quality is so-so.

I find it very cumbersome to use, especially if I want to look up an incoming call (let's say one that came in on line 2), and then return it from the other phone line. Most of the menus are worse than my previous model. The Mute soft-button is sometimes on the left, and sometimes on the right. Crazy.

The operational buttons (i.e., not the dialing pad) are much stiffer than they previously were; and, ironically, have to be used more frequently. My previous Panasonic could execute a couple functions without requiring the press of a menu button.

In short, from my perspective, this is a thoroughly unimpressive phone.


EDIT (DECEMBER 11, 2013)

I previously noted finding that Panasonic receivers typically die a slow death. I stand corrected. These receivers died within months.

From the very beginning, people told me my phone had problems. They were on their cellular phones, so I always figured the problem was theirs. But, it became undeniable. The Panasonics randomly cut out. Sometimes, I could hear the other caller, and they couldn't hear me. Other times, it was the other way around.

Over time, it became worse. Now, I have two unusable receivers. Great job, Panasonic.

Even better, the Panasonic website does not provide service for this product. I have to contact a repair center. I'm in California. Guess where the closest repair center is. Texas! Also, they won't repair the phone; they'll send me a refurbished one.

So let's summarize: Panasonic charged a third more for this phone than was reasonable. Now, after a few months, I get to pay shipping costs and wait a couple weeks, for the pleasure of getting a refurbished phone.

Guess who will never be buying another Panasonic product.


EDIT (DECEMBER 26, 2013)

Never heard back from Panasonic's customer support department. Clearly, this is a company that simply doesn't care about the consumers.

In stark contrast, I have a couple Sharp TVs -- obviously a much bigger and more expensive product to repair. My 65" developed a problem when the set was outside of warranty. I wrote to them, one evening, and noted that it seemed a little unreasonable for it have the problem. Literally, the very next morning, they called and took care of everything. The repair shop even found another problem, and Sharp handled that, as well.

On one hand, there's Panasonic charging more than they should for the original product, and then doing nothing despite how easy it would be to replace ($10 postage). On the other, you have a company that produced a TV that was hundreds less than the competition, and then paid hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket to a repair facility after the product was out of warranty.
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